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Kevin Garnett, Celtics Forward

Nov 18, 2010|

Kevin talked about how he always loves seeing Gino at the Garden, if he has enjoyed Shaq lightening the mood around the team this year, how his health and confidence is there after he played through injuries last year, if the entire Charlie Villanueva Twitter situation affected his play at all, that it is sad that trash talking on the court became public and it is absurd that nobody checks facts, and how he is not going to deal with nobodies

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Joining us on the AT&T hot line find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Our Celtics player of the week this week. Is Kevin Garnett Kevin -- on Michael again how are you also -- -- the man we're pretty good deal and that's the real question. -- And so was the highlight of your night. Teaching Shaq about geno last night. You go you probably blow conduct occurred. You know yesterday's that would do it must be glories of light. Where people blows the cradle to studios citizens. Assume you doors are good very would you don't industry citizen -- -- -- -- -- you who predict how the lakers. Did you know Rios who so you Dawson watches. -- -- restore storm's -- over the -- more those -- Campbell but the personal go to -- so. Don't we're back to some little boy 80s70 days. So the classic days but it ludicrous so news crews could be right there was. Until now watching sometimes on on -- And you laugh every time -- you've probably seen it a hundred times today it cracks you up every time doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I you know Doc Rivers and allred and dockers and Paul rivers I don't know Paul rivers went with it no Doc Rivers -- Paul Pierce. Both told me separately that Shaquille O'Neal has had an effect on you this year. That that you list until on that he lightens the mood lightens your mood do you agree with that. Unfortunately do. I don't satellite -- to relate to most you know -- have a better its military to rule. Click it is certainly -- do well with wouldn't do the satellite not a well Dawkins. Sort of concentrated. The block. To myself as a threat. I don't wanna be -- -- like auto club this actors Steve Jobs like -- -- you liked to left in -- mood to be right. The pic dot perspective of where it advised respective state -- it took particular to reduce its -- to not understandable it. Advancement America to smaller items -- -- before -- Has got to this point. And -- elected anybody -- personalities -- so it is it is movement disorder. KG I don't think I had a real feel for what you were trying to play through last year until I saw you play this year. Is it fair to say that you feel so much better physically this year and could you look like. A it's a completely different kind of body for. It bears but he go rest is very pretty and held be healthy is. Russia. And other light speed -- about bio personal held because everybody delete -- so that the deal with the knows no different for the publisher you can see the difference in the play. Ago looked up to must. On the belt some. But it feels good you know allowed slash. It was clear. Support -- they were -- or did Bobby do have different cities to wear a boot that follows the producer. No way -- of these Latin. Go home much. You know so blessed. Some to -- with every day. You can see the difference you can you can you can see the difference in the competence is very don't you just -- -- is that government at the battle was. Deal with health issues to wear it -- Susan -- -- coffins. But very competent person. -- -- -- -- -- well reliable sources say it touched me but I maybe a strong possibility. You don't these -- do we you know -- defeats that you don't -- that you can do and still be able to called mysteries. Still you have you're forced to. -- -- -- oh time in the late applaud of the year dispute but I of course to America. A triggered awaits who -- -- soon and it is this is a lot -- priest officiated in the past. Arguments in those sub par guys. And you didn't name names obviously this. What album was on the court last year everybody had a nice game against you last year and had a lot to say. Not so much last night I'm just wondering KG. When you're. You're dealing with that last year you had had games that you knew. That that that were -- that were beneath you how to dad. Affect you did you go -- just ask questions to yourself what did you reach out to somebody's whether it was Doc Rivers or teammate taught them about. -- charged off Oakland their just due disrespect just gave -- called but he by Leo. You know -- play the beacon service in this New Year's -- 2.2. You that you. Established themselves. But I -- have a lot of -- it was total so those load gust as well as a lot of guys who are brigades it is about you know Michael taking the -- to do is gonna put the ball in the basket they did that take anything away but. If you trigger -- -- to most of it is. If you think your advice. Well you -- -- -- -- -- the -- most disputed known as you just moments out by a World Series -- motivated at all also got like. Noted there was about a percent -- their health laws could move like award to a still had a heart. The -- the blood scored mostly. To put logged in you know what apartment out DR Hibbert you'd heard about work. So irritated they're much more likely worked it worked at. And -- lead -- that board. In the past what these actions of them split between together and Michael always. It. This -- This was go -- government a government call it god at least. The sort of people so applause. While people there I'll tilt was traits like -- -- you're -- to do. I feel free to come from way off base with this analysis to them off base sometimes. -- -- it happens that -- that was right. I I was very interested to hear you talk about. Your disposition and played basketball -- you gotta be in a certain zone got to have a certain mentality to give you that edge. And after the hold Charlie don't -- -- -- in Detroit the next game was against Milwaukee and I'm watching you. And I said he seems. Restrained. Early in the game in the late in the game you seem like yourself again I was wondering. If all of the flap all the hoopla of the Twitter thing was getting into your head and affecting your game. But I didn't affect me. Whether you know obviously physically you're -- but it was discovered cent of just what we ought to society. And even the victor in first off though that the false statement in which side. You know do -- process. They'd probably -- affected sort of bring it up -- -- -- because nobody these days about for the international bodies about to -- About who give nobody's in the top of it easier -- laced a little so. And Rome. It was just it was just what they that I had to deal with that they know we ought to do different things at the very. Deposit on my list to do it. In Iowa and it was to assess this as it is sad world we ought it is society which. I don't know what it's been partnered. Set to regain schools. You know if you don't -- -- -- the blacktop and we. You know we chop it up that we discordant you know you should choose two Russert. You -- just to be well for the squad trash talk in the distance future god spoke with and its. In the story everybody you do -- that you -- Japan gorgeous cigars even if you practiced. -- only bad about it. Trash talk gods who don't you play basketball. But to sit here and make appointments he's just to give would call it follows I don't know what Twitter is check probably could go to to his followers to get people to hear you. Because no you're not hurt well two reasons people use BP. Some reason people you know -- you. You know those things -- these to people what door to get attention these days but it'll top of that. -- know what checks -- suitable. Noted it is so whatever you wanna say do this reality. Which of certainty. So you villa which this -- more polls more. It is locked gated home. Nobody nobody. But -- -- -- nobody teased boom boom boom boom boom truck to focus to what I gonna do with -- you know so mr. Mueller is suppose there. -- wish we have more time I know you -- get to practice it's always fun talking with -- nice to see the old KG back out on the court again. This could syndicate that they -- -- so you know you just he rocks and dugout got the other showed the -- -- -- keep -- cooler than. There's just and appreciated. And took it feel free to talk trash to a little bit tonight I. A little trash -- and actually forward to over the each other -- you know -- and every now and even if you only got thirty seconds like that was stupid and simulated. You don't work there also been blown utilized sit out serious somebody's save -- without due to. I appreciate it Kevin thanks -- you take care. That is Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics.

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