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Minor Details Ep. 1 with Mike Hazen and Jim Callis

Nov 10, 2010|

The Minor Details Podcast is a regular look at the Red Sox farm system. In the first episode, Red Sox farm director Mike Hazen and Baseball America Executive Editor Jim Callis join the podcast to discuss Baseball America's list of the Top Ten Red Sox prospects. Players discussed include Casey Kelly, Jose Iglesias, Anthony Rizzo, Anthony Ranaudo, Drake Britton, Garin Cecchini, Lars Anderson, Ryan Lavarnway and Ryan Westmoreland, among others. Music by the Porch Cops.

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You know. Thanks to the courts costs for that absolutely outstanding introduction to. The first podcast edition of minor details. Rob what do you think of the introduction. My thought that was maybe the best podcasts introduction of all time Alex I enjoy the performance of irony in the fact I'm not in fact on the radio. But I'm impact on a podcast right now I'd like I enjoy any performer aspired to be offices delightful that you should come back to minor details on a weekly basis where it will be right. With a formidable it's right -- the Bradford file size see no reason light on him podcast central Siberia where minor details where will be taking a regular look at the the Red Sox farm system. Talking with some of the key players and -- will discuss minor league batters in the Red Sox this episode -- it this week. Riveting view of the podcast it was we're talking about baseball America which came out with a top ten rankings. Of the Red Sox farm system familiar with a publication artists yes it's an outstanding publication is like very good writers to -- heat -- in terms of but in terms of their top ten list. So -- the top ten minutes ago rather it Portland. Casey Kelly number two Jose Iglesias number three Anthony Rizzo number four -- -- Five straight Britain six Reagan went to S seven just -- eight -- -- Bryant's nine still need him Intel and ten. -- -- KG -- I've been I've been working very hard on pronouncing that correctly because I keep getting it such. Near what -- -- be well ahead of the game when you makes it arrival of boxes and no one else can come close to pronouncing -- 43 seeded red -- in -- -- -- surprises on that as well the -- it turns -- sound obvious is Lars Anderson and this is the guy who is that. Music topped the list and you go back to last year in some categories that they identified him as being tops the organization that and it's -- real cities yeah I thought he did okay when he was called up to the major leagues. Team ways in which in my mind probably made him deserving of being on this list. They went was a lot of potential let's list and as I know that you'll get into the gym callous later on this podcast. But that was the one that jumped out to me Benedict maybe. As well then the you did you looking. Go -- say his name again Karen -- anger -- America -- you see here today so they go with him instead of phonetic which I don't know volume with that might have been a little bit surprised. Well I think they they like to emphasize upside netstat again as you point out will be talking with Jim Talent the baseball America guy -- simple let's. Slater of the podcast but you know you're talking about sealing that maybe you would look at it -- -- -- a guy who could be you know you know more of a more well rounded offensive threat a guy with you know with major power potential. In who also is really good approach at the plate. -- I think is that there's a pretty hot high probability guys for being someone who you -- who you think. You know there's a really good chance that he's going to be very solid above average major leaguer is who is maybe All-Star rather than. You know -- and superstar. Now part of -- might be you know because he's. He's intelligent high school I always have a bigger ceiling almost in the college guys -- you're drafting with one of the first three picks in the draft or something you're always going to find that those -- the guys you can dream big on. Because you have seen how they grow up as baseball players. But I would say that there is some surprise to you. You know into debt you know part of that -- -- is also a bit. Phoenix for whatever it's worth didn't have an outrageous debut in in pro ball that he was okay but there's a little more swing missed and people -- were expecting. Yeah well I think that it's always -- easier to say hey these guys can be great. When you haven't seen him do anything yeah and you convict OKE -- for a couple months and he did okay well he didn't play for a couple months he probably on this list yeah and so. Yeah immigrant like Anthony -- they thought if you have it open and -- to represent you know to put him on. That's number four on this list in terms of the Red Sox minor league prospects. Without even throwing a pitch it's it's. Going down the road that you exactly what you said which is they're going off of potential and and that's fine and I wouldn't want to make this list and we all look forward to this list coming out. It's -- -- we can go back to former lists of baseball America when it comes the Red Sox and look at the top guys and -- both. Then so you go -- here. Some song I think is is the one that really hurts from these sudden saw their best prospect in 2002. At a time when they had you -- in the system. Not to mention Freddy Sanchez. Handley was already in the system at that point. Some other guys have had pretty darn good mutually careers that probably is the one that hurts. Whoa whoa particularly -- mayors who won its readers in a row. Yeah yeah it's perfect example what you're talking about off a potential -- remember remember. The the final years that he was in the Red Sox minor league system is that certainly -- This stuff for a good -- played in differently and he was thought of I remember Jeff Bailey used to talk to you once I had a conversation with him about. Beyond the same double -- team is handling in 2005. -- dailies that I used to swear or try to beat up -- every day because that guys assisted -- with how we approach the game Derek does your organization you hated him he was really young and so. You know perhaps that was a bit unfair but. But nevertheless you know you you see why you guys can move all over the place on these lists are a year earlier you're -- Oh look at this I mean Lars Anderson was their top guy in 2000 that's two years ago. And drop support last year and then he's off the list this year yet in this than the fact roses that you drop before last year. And really he probably shouldn't be -- talking about. The level where you should have been on his list he should have been lower last year and maybe you'd be a little bit higher this year because yeah he wasn't. He wasn't anything great this year certainly but he was probably better than the year before. He was written Portland at the start of the year for what that's worth you know was he was at 22 year old double play and he led the league -- -- yes. At that at the time that he was promoted -- rocket man finished the year pretty strong so I would say that that was a bigger surprise to me and frankly you know if you're going to -- it. On performance than you know to my mind -- had a better year. And showed a greater likelihood of preaching is suing him for immediate job Redick. Who struggle for happier than you know became insane out of the end of the year -- it. But nevertheless you question whether or not that aggressive approach to the -- is going to lend itself to office. And I say this about Lars is that you know I've I've always been kind of skeptical of them of this house to -- spring training in song a little bit tomorrow league's. Just because of the power attacks on the I thought their biggest flaw in last year's list of baseball America. Was putting him as them -- best power hitter in the young organization which. I think that we who follow it somewhat say hey you know what. A couple years ago shore you know this guy may be perceived as that. But certainly he he isn't kind of developing the power that a lot of people -- that identifying him with with a market share stuff went down right. So I've been I was always a little skeptical of that I had you being the -- back the bobs up six it drove him back -- big guy who never really gets firm very much power and the fact is that they're comparing him to mark -- always set up a red flag. But I will say this is when he was called up I like -- I I was impressed with the way you play. Really get on base you know he had good plate discipline you know got on base a bunch. Threw rocks at the Major League level which is saying something I realized that he did not hit that elusive first Major League home run. But nevertheless you know you give guys time and you just look it is overall approach and I thought that. It himself pretty well the plate certainly better than I've ever seen in the field while he was up in the majors and so. For that reason I think you know it was a pretty decent developments here. But these are the questions that we're going to get into it does a minor details. -- I appreciate your dropping by from from -- our podcast where students at nine what you're 32 runs and I can. Not my I was leaving the driver files off -- summer will luncheons. And a minor details offices right on the way what we're gonna do on this inaugural sort of thought of minor details. His visit with Jim -- of baseball America's talk about the top ten most but not until after we've had a chance to talk with Red Sox farm director Mike Hazen. As many of you know Mike has been in charge of the Red Sox farm system since 2006. During that time the resort casino host of guys come up and really deliver an impact of the Major League level. Mike was kind enough to sit down with me in a Fenway Park undergoing construction and to discuss some of the players who appear on the top ten list. Some who don't end generally. Generally some some thoughts on the state of the Red Sox farm system. So without further -- here's my -- for the inaugural interview on minor details. Thanks very much for joining on the inaugural Red Sox finally podcasts everybody it is an -- that you leave no inaugural broadcast. There was there was no other person we want -- on the -- -- is available all right I'm gonna make you uncomfortable to start with by talking about have I thought that we should talk bad about your own baseball career. And how that's kind of played into. Into what you're doing now so. You were undrafted out of Princeton zone -- of those. Drafted in the in the 31 round I mean very brief career. That's what happens and not very good you don't have a lot of talent. I was one of the throw in players that they use to fill the rosters and and then summarily I was let go as soon as -- -- wasn't needed anymore so you know my my playing career is very brief and and I don't think you offered at some of they did offer some perspective on the other day in the life of of of a minor league player for that brief period of time going through a couple seasons but. Yeah certainly not those you know the breadth of experience that. A lot of the guys that we have. For coaches in our system that -- that -- the coaching you know the guys that have been in the system. That have played 1012. Years in major leagues along with. Try ten other years may be in the minor leagues and you know those -- those sets of experiences that that's the true experience that we want our players feel left to be able. You know gain information and insight from those guys that not only grind it through maybe the minor league career portion of their career maybe they get a quick. But also had to come up in the big leagues and then and go through what they're inevitably hopefully or I should say hopefully not inevitably going to go through when they get up -- for the first time so. You know my experience fulfilled doing very well to that. As much as -- like Gary geese are seeing a lower court Tom Goodwin are put some the other guys that we have coaching in the system. Have you figured out a plan B if you hadn't contracted this what you're gonna do out of college I I had you know I wasn't very motivated student by the end. I was a very motivated interviewer. It kind of fell in in my lap. Really by the end I had no idea that this is even gonna happen are. Be available coming go into a small school and I'm not a really a baseball school. So you know it was it was sort of interest in the way it also has fired -- luckily it hasn't you know it's it's helped lead to -- -- very. Bavaria rewarding career so far that's that's -- it's a live on like 850 bucks a month or whatever whatever scratch you're making -- primarily really not that's -- Yeah it's really not it's not glamorous good. It's it's it's really not that tough you know you you don't get to go -- all the new electronics and things like that -- -- he certainly have enough money to. They pursued him. And maybe some alcohol -- But that's about it actually you're 22 -- rookie league teams so how much were you testified here for your younger teammate you know day to it was a it was the -- nearly back then was more like the New York Penn league doesn't rookie league it was it was at Penn league type -- -- the -- the entire team was. Was college aged players -- not two loss they couldn't have like bonus babies paying for your beer. Not not too often though you're hit a time in your first year I think you're him like thirteen times and about 150 plate appearances something like that. Do we try to seek any advantage tight. And -- to get on base the only way you can get on base is getting hit by Vincent. I would stand up close of the blades that you you grow up like observing Don Baylor around here and really admire that exactly yeah overcharged amount. But denied. -- -- like Amanda is headed rehearsals times yes that in that in dollars and around long enough to ever get angry at a maternity me and they -- -- an unintentionally I don't think. So you spent a couple of years there and then and then moved into into the kind of player development side of things pretty quickly with the Indians who was there. A lesson of being a minor leaguer gets most stuck with you. In inform the -- -- -- you -- prospects for player development or anything like that since now I'm not not really you know I think good I think the one thing. You get when did any level of baseball I think that that's played our bosses and -- the perspective sometimes that we have we've watched the game stances. That the game looks a lot easier in the stands you hear a lot would be talk to scouts believe what you you know -- ex players. Days it seems the common theme you know event that the players what they go through is it extremely challenging what they're trying to do this is a very difficult and you know they know that in there they're trying artist and you know and when they talk about people saying no this guy can't make an adjustment this guys this is -- saw this does that. You know it's it's it's just not that easy it's not that easy brought -- you brains beat in four -- five times in a row and be able to have them you don't wake up the next day feel great about yourself. It's it's challenging there's a lot of pressure there's internal and external pressures they get put on the players there's expectations that. Players have to themselves whether their Stanley has and other agents have them or they're wise and her girlfriends have them. They're real and the players have to the players have to deal with that on a daily basis and be able to -- -- performance it's just not that simple. So today was a big day ostensibly at least for in terms of those who follow the system because baseball America release. -- its rankings of the top ten guys in the Red Sox. In the Red Sox minor league system Casey Kelly with the number one guy on the list I think that probably doesn't come as much its prize. Do you were to anyone else's accomplishments for us and then you know we hear about behind that number two was Jose Iglesias number three was Anthony Rizzo. Do you read that top tens when they come out especially when they're about your system in itself. What significance if any today have. -- your system whether -- -- you know the way in which you might you guys -- kind of interested to hear how other organizations might be thinking about. Guys your system or if that's a question of well what is this going to mean for the value of our players as potential assets that other teams are talking about this great idea I -- And there's so much media of their own players I don't think there's a lot of secrets anymore you know I I don't think from a value standpoint those those. Those lists and add value within most organizations I could be wrong I don't think they do internally for us I think we've we've. We try to stay pretty consistent and how we feel ballplayers. And how we feel about -- -- players. Specifically -- -- of their external players you know ourselves and -- there may be a statistical analysis our caller we view them internally we try to stay consistent with that. Certainly read them their interest in the -- since the other's perspectives on your players. Others thoughts where they may place them that we it's very little stopped them in terms of re affirming our opinions and trying to you know it's our job to have strong opinions and and they've been right more than we're wrong and how we feel about players not to -- there are the -- -- that we may undervalued or overvalued to field players from particular reasons but you know that. There into single don't put deli in terms of the list being put together we're involved in that process and into Dallas involves us is that he does every other and in his research into those lists I think he's -- -- is -- he talks to other teams that the talks are front office and and so we're we're we're involved in the process. Got to know how things are gonna shake out. And then. They -- be quite honest he would. Maybe there's some surprises here -- there but it's it's there aren't really got bigger surprises them. And if there are we don't put stuff into it anyway so. More than anything else they're adjusting to read and Jim does a great job -- researching our players and men and putting the time and effort into it really trying to get it right and as an impossible job we've -- you know we can we on the phone for 34 hours talking about. The list in just thirty players and we probably could go on for another two or three just debating this guy that guy or upside versus you know now productivity being close -- the big -- being sixteen year old sixteen years old golf closely you know. What we're we're how can you possibly put all those variables together and then getting one. Perfect you know comprehensive lessons probably impossible. Is there a category of player that's most difficult to evaluate for the purposes of that for instance. You know a guy like Anthony Renato who has been drafted it was not pitched a single professional -- at this point. But obviously comes with it tremendous pedigree and it was great and occasionally so we played against fairly high level competition. Or you know it is that a guy who has fairly limited professional experience and is very young. I mean Jose Iglesias got to see some -- but he's still -- you know early in his prospect curve there are other guys on that list too. I mean you know a guy like Jose Benicio there's no one's even talking about who's you know sixteen years old just performed in the GCL. The guy as you know probably didn't you know. -- he's probably you know about start -- for the first time in his life to your mind. What category of players most difficult to get a proper. And along that that category the last one. You go to Benicio as the Bogart's. The Sergio Gomez is. You know those those players that played at sixteen years older -- war. Younger in the in the Gulf Coast it. It's feeling that you I think when people look at those lists they being in this that's in the top ten at C located ten biggest. The ten most impact -- prospect that -- system. It is. Immediately sets up an expectation. Which was you know Lars Anderson coming out able with a look -- half and double play it's becoming the number one prospect in the system. You know Casey Kelly becoming number one number two prospect in the system out of -- after pitching 200 innings and professional -- the level of expectation that it's sad. That they're never going to meet the younger players the high school player of the year and I don't have a chance to meet those expectations. Because and there are more advanced player they're more polished player but it started a higher level they're gonna be seen more frequently. -- they have a better chance to succeed. Because of the -- and maturity. Where's the other player maybe see like an -- to hit and they go through some periods of struggle and and invariably those fears of struggle lead to the word failure. And that's not fair I think if they had they had -- plus had they. Dawn of the progression of those lists based on there maturity and readiness or closeness of the big leagues they would have been allowed to go through. The development cycle. Has the 32 best prospect when they were in the Gulf Coast League and then the twenty ninth best prospect -- so politically and expectations would have been far lower. That's our house put together I seem to challenge what to try to do which is in other top ten prospects and balancing -- what we -- before the factors that go into that and it is upside and and and and -- tools that blend in with the you know now productivity. Or or or you know. More assurance that a player may get to the big leagues you don't guy like a rival foreign way -- -- -- back. See those challenges including -- together but but just but the sixteen year old player to seventeen year old player that's in the top ten that hasn't played in the Gulf Coast League yet I. But I always bothered me go to John collier ranked player -- some plays and big -- -- double and just because of the ceiling and I think that the challenge becomes a year over year. Those players looked more like the failures on -- -- when they go back two years there what have another guy that was right well my opinion is they probably shouldn't be ranked seventh. In the in the system when they've never even played professionally in the United States before I just IC does the job to see the reason why it's done. But I see that being the biggest challenge and really plug in these states. -- may even categorize. The State's -- on the. So what of the other interesting guys whose side he's been moving around the prospect with -- slot for you guys wasn't in the top ten this year and that was Lars. Even though you know he was wildly successful and double -- this here. You know in AAA seemed like you know the numbers weren't as outrageous they weren't double -- but it certainly there was a strong finish there before he got. His first Major League call up in September. You know and then in September. Get on base numbers. Certainly put up competitive at bats even though. You know I'm sure you -- through the -- throughout the window most of those first trials in the major leagues. How do you evaluate -- with him. You know does it make sense to you that he's moved all over the lists or is that a case. In which. You know in which the way in which people are valuing some it is not a cyclical and the you know development where they are on. -- a normal progression but instead kind of taking misleading snapshot of a single moment. Well I think that's why we don't you. Well yes that's. As they're instructed to. However the valuations based on evaluations on the players I just. It's it's dangerous a lot of -- ties certainly to one expectation resident of the industry things that player and then to. Performance and and player development and use you can't. Jump off on performance you just can't certainly you get excited about your performances their performances that you know you do. Have to go back to the drawing board hope -- Kind of help the player out performed better than it is all about performance but you can't just take the unilateral stance that the players' performance. I don't know life was around when you add to our minds he has but that car list again. Mars the way we look at had a phenomenal start double play. Said this before had he been kept in double a for the whole season I'm very confident at twenty years old still one of the young players in the league he would have dominated that -- We chose not to make 72 more aggressive level we're struggled initially before really has hitting his stride the second -- and -- that maybe the numbers work. Exactly where everybody expects sluggish is always -- to end up but he -- he's pretty productive year mean to come into the point in the time. 365 days removed from the year before. Terry Francona is putting lies in -- in his defensive replacement late big league game. We would even talking about W reform. You that we -- crossing the line that was a huge area development that results. The numbers you know they they -- they are about -- -- -- upon those numbers continue to you know dominating. Sure is well aware of the first baseman -- power the power production ABC -- was playing that position certainly that bars interrogators can be very big leader and you know I I don't. I don't -- too much why he bounces around -- mean what goes into those lists you know certainly when you start throwing the upside guys and from the draft and have never played before. It's hard to make those comparisons those arguments there's a guy that's trying to do the first four years of his career and we think it really started take off you know just. How do you balance that's -- thought and that's that's for baseball America -- drugs bronze. But we'll talk about a few guys that the and as it was before I do not permit you to two -- that -- don't jackhammers. And Casey Kelly number one it's actually an interesting list can bet the guys at the top that are very young the last two years really. It's been almost all high school guys are international guys which is interesting and don't -- to me but Kelly so. You know he is ranked number when it's expected performance just the numbers alone should weren't that eye opening but you saw a pretty eye opening stuff from him. Yeah we did you saw the growth of that stuff you know I'm I'm I don't think we saw eye opening consistency I don't think he's you tell you that either. But we saw we saw stuff the stuff grow which is what we're looking for another development we're seeing. Another fastball velocity sustain itself well above where did last year were seeing the tightness of the breaking ball seeing the ability gets things in his. See the body grow the size strength. Not a physical maturity all those things and and all the develop he's still be packed into that he has moved fairly aggressively very quickly -- system. Of getting up to an advanced level against advanced hitters. We're gonna be some bumps in the road there's certainly learn and I'm sure he's done the same thing. But there were there are also a ton of opportunities to grow that and and and learning experiences in and around those and those outings where. You know he's given up some runs given up some hits. I don't think we have the expectation that everything's gonna be completely Linear for this guy that is going to be domination after you know what level after the next and easy looks from -- Next you -- as he continues to grow up but very very much feel that that's where he should be an analyst. You know I I think the the list itself Hollis. I was sort of evolved with -- systems are just some sort of vault no we haven't spent this is a first year the last. Five years that was spent a significant number six in the top one to two picks. Including the sale throughout their college players you know -- -- -- -- -- brilliant you know we have had some sprinkled and they are there but. We've invested a lot of money in the and then made a lot of selection of high school players I think. Natural to see that and I also think that's where. The system gets knocked down a little bit that you know you're talking about guys everybody wants to talk of the number 123 prospects sitting AAA ready to take over in the big leagues well. That's not a system the cost of the two guys last year for an -- right Wesley and and and Casey and I think it was the right you guys put -- the top of that list that just happened that they were. Near the lower levels -- system so it looks like -- five years away which I mean we don't really believe that we believe he's got the really aggressively for high school players when you look at the normal curve development Chrysler guys but they're so high school players facilities -- time. Jose Iglesias is number two -- -- he was just named to the rising stars team in Arizona I'd take it that you had a chance to see him in the NFL I was even looking and how would you evaluate his. First professional or personal professionally here in first full year putting in the United States. Yeah very impressed very impressed with the season he had certainly to hand injury where he broke is broke his hand. I was very unfortunately hit by pitch early in the season and he only missed about two to three months of the season which. Welcome to left quite clear and very happy -- is progressing well offensively and defensively he's got such instincts and -- -- Yeah. There's little car and they had to shorten the swing that this is good call for the game. He knows very impressive and and and -- we have got to just. With a hand injury which is unfortunate but. You don't get those at -- back fairly quickly and be right back about. Anthony Rizzo missed a year this player development while he was well who's recovering from cancer he had. He was a twenty year old this year -- more than twenty home runs in double -- is this he says you know someone who's moved aggressively through your system just out of performance level as good as anyone that you've had. I think so you know we we we've we haven't seen. You know that this type -- power production really from a player. In the last five years and I've been here especially not from high school kid. You know it's not is not really something I think that we've we've focus as much on. In the early part of that five years -- the lotteries and Ellsbury got a I've got so it's it's nice to see is that there are track is involved as well in terms of teams and these guys -- some higher upside ceiling on on the power in the NC some of that power play out he's an exciting hitter you know that the numbers speak for themselves I think. You know to do that at that age at that level is is pretty impressive and it's tough league. You know you're your -- -- six point seven year old pitchers the only for the first time as a as a twenty year old and not night in night -- -- this questionable -- not they're a lot of little things that -- -- guys small matching up lefties and they can present a challenge but he held zone and he did really well. Lester got two more guys have pretty quickly covered not a what did you get a chance to see from him. Yeah nothing. I saw play catch -- -- standing and everybody. You know we've we've made the decision I think once we want the job. Based on what that god what he'd done this morning and not take any chance. Don't need to be involved -- few innings it anymore. Stress on his arm allow it to go all the way to spring training where he was gonna have the chance to -- Fully recover get stronger without the wear -- going out there pitching more. You know we we worked on just continuing to push and get stronger and -- and focused on really that the strength phases of of our programs. Other than just letting him play -- so great kid seems extremely intelligent very Paul -- Everything that we heard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Based on how you've had college guys into the system especially higher rounds it's fair to say that he would be IA guys -- -- -- expanded -- him that he'll -- could be -- that -- yeah. And lastly. Obviously -- -- the curriculum is that your Bryant was more. How's he doing what was it like to get to see him taking -- BP and any instructs and you know what's he doing on the field you how's he. Doing a guy he's doing great you know overall it's been it's been extremely excited. Every time you put out for viruses get. Florida -- she's always she's a mother a little small steps that he takes that he wasn't doing before and you know is getting stronger he's getting in better shape cardiovascular. Stretching. In the active warmup stuff we do he's certainly I don't really sought bunting because he's not gonna -- -- BP you don't want to. Sort of feel -- -- we don't wanna destroy try to do it on top of baseball activities so he is doing some throwing he's he is swinging the bat every day but most days it's T and soft toss and twice a week yeah. We live taking BP but it's -- -- encouraging to walk to work it's putting it helped that he wants him back in the public at all this wanna see them. Succeed knowing that kid and and knowing what he's putting into this Wendy's old so he's a tremendous person he he is he's. An unbelievable competitor and I genuinely believe he's gonna he's gonna find a way to figure. Figure this out get back on the field I do a you know it is hard not to bet on a -- like this and who knows. President's territory here so who knows -- -- -- right so we tried to -- you know. -- too unrealistic expectations going down the talk talk about. Before you leave I want to point out that as a twenty year old in the Frontier League. You did hit over 300 within which will be here for 400. Good to know yes over 900 so you can look at the car factors in the finally I did promise you that we had a little that'll help. From the altitude a little bit of help from the -- well at least there's fear that -- message. All right Mike thank you so much for -- I really appreciate -- yeah. So that was my -- in on the baseball America top ten Red Sox. Prospect rankings -- it after talking to my guy I got in touch with -- house of baseball America the person. Who's responsible for putting together that top ten list and in fact the Red Sox top thirty for baseball America. That the conversation with Jim was great. Unfortunately I've butchered the names several times. One of the people limitless gearan. -- guarantee Ekene the the number ten prospect. On the baseball -- top ten list I have agreed to a difficulty with the rules surrounding -- tell -- pronunciation with. When C versus two and that sort of thing so my apologies to Guerin but that aside I think it's a pretty juicy conversation Jim. About how they came about these rankings so. Here is. Jim thank you so much for joining it is a great pleasure to have you on. How much that -- -- somewhat controllers. I think that we just need to jump into the most obvious question right off the start. -- -- hate Lars Anderson. -- But hey it's funny because the top sort of top thirty this roster. Which comes out of -- that is she. -- -- -- -- Like that that too. Talk about our decision to software. It. Is a list that's a surprise such likewise it then she actually -- it was. Sometimes or can I got a list. -- listed to stop American style story. I was right up by that aren't and number that she spent starter right in my. About it -- road and street. Still like to test the tower here. As bad as some people. To could be or double -- east -- action and start right. How. Oh last year's and pushed it still has developed a lot optimists. Which restricts how church that would edit out those political. Write about it got seats tested. First in the minor. The average color. To protect properties. Such and so want to switch -- last -- -- -- -- people to stop -- Red Sox seemed surprised at its. Not like about each while the 2010 draft is. It likely culprit yeah. Oil export it -- it was just eat. Or tries to lot of the guys are so what Humberto. Which doesn't say more about -- progression in the minor leagues or the red -- depth kind of of those guys who made me you know -- jump jump off the charts. You know prospects with no tools tripping across the board to match their performance. I'm a bit instead kind of that you know could be a Major League everyday player guide to -- seems you like they have. A wealth of those types of guys you know who could be every day regulars but it falls short of superstar status. -- -- Your dad there's our system. -- -- -- -- Struggled. For most of the cease such or lot of guys without. Numbers. Got some -- -- On the -- actually sad fact when it that way the -- action. So let's have. Our system that spoke this year such attack. Particularly. -- the last five it's. It was -- -- he should definitely consistently youngster to the states. -- still have a number of players I see it but the system. This -- Yours or strip out the draft to elect this site is -- Palestine shall professional standards and other key. I have so -- ordered to ask is she really. Expo lot of respect players in different ways are. Like this the law to discuss. She's. Now she's. President Robert fashions but it to system that allow players to vote for -- wants. I think after next year or that was something -- -- press. Better I think they'll sort of out excuse. -- isn't send I was talking to him earlier for the podcast and he's sending you basically wore out his cell phone minutes you meant -- recession. Just you know suggesting that your talked to him. At some length about you know about just dozens and dozens of dozens in the system. I wonder what goes into making -- these valuations how you draw the list who all you end up talking to obviously not by name but instead. Just like kind of you know what looked but the Brett is of people to whom you -- in order to come up with with the top ten of the top thirty. To talk to people inside and outside or it is. Organization. Actually several people I talked to. What this time it's like -- art director talked about prospects and cut its -- -- Out years. Just click it or not much -- prognosis is. Side. She asked -- So much. Almost twenty some technical. I spoke to people who. It over so that players is -- In pocket but he didn't take itself to budget -- or letters based. But I'll say -- here. Prospects. It's look at exit. TJ it's special the just stick to the world should have talked people toward it is. More -- perspective such as the players but they also tell someone you know that. Well it -- about it that should. A directory it is for our guys start. Calls Toronto. Based nickel back to roster. Thirty Red Sox prospects that -- -- -- just got to have -- -- -- Collector. -- -- hard -- To deter it it's. Got to watch players received it should. Or. Hold out or or baseball America which is. Set -- Doubt. About players -- players can stressed out and help out. Or -- and should dress act and start my. Mister parker Turkey -- through. -- is secure -- play a forty players and others to. -- out so it is the top thirty guy. Shores has to do more to it she's here. -- first call but I talked to at least George Noory in which at least to the tourists -- Scouting directors and other organizations. To crush a picture -- -- so she got. Most players this as a top -- Saturday. -- that's been on the players or is it. Step -- Two eyes to draft can. Have a lot more outside. Is. Food price octave at scouting directors. Got -- The draft so cut geek should. The drastic -- draft -- what you try to talk to your. Organization about it. -- must be really tough getting getting the guys were recently drafted him and especially don't like Renato he has zero professional in gaming experience at this point and yet. You know he's still emerges as the number four and with good reason I mean the guy has over a significant. Track record of performing. In a very competitive college level in the SEC and the college World Series you know you have a guy. At the same time you have other draftees like. -- the -- who actually how to pronounce that. Ekene we know how difficult is it to is -- to factor in those guys who were. Basically new professionals. In figuring out how to protect them I mean last year for instance you had like -- David renfro who was a big money signing. And you know I think -- adamant about fourteen or fifteen. And that this year he had a really difficult first full professional season. That I would guess replied knock him out of top thirty consideration. -- -- how difficult is it to figure out. You know to figure out how to -- experienced. And statistical performance in the minor leagues versus what you heard about these guys in the draft typically when they've been performing against. Far inferior competition. I don't find it started. Bit -- -- lot. So that would. Struggle about the time I got the I should. Get -- a look at some. Double. Better prospect in this way -- The ball -- play. Or not. He's just. He's our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An auto. It is so double A -- play into a house very. I just don't want it is just as difficult to. -- -- It has -- larger impact the start part of it. Quote -- speed -- you're about ecstatic said she did not meet and so you get to double play. It requested it basically. If you're turning your production. Problem is there's a it is too -- -- my list and it's just these numbers. That seeks to even silently this year. It is it's really excite me but you can put in context based tools excuse -- first easier coming out Porter dope. So that. The draft what were not a -- -- professional pitcher or two. -- -- the story. Some extra. -- percent from -- too much -- such. A subject that he didn't. So I will be detoured plate or -- -- search. -- prospect orientation. Can do you want. Or it's. Or it's not that they can prospect. That Renato. -- -- Part is also has some medical questions out faster. Switched. To -- case. I -- guys. Canister to. -- -- That it. Just to detest your editor assistant. It. There's this system just to -- it's really cute. -- -- our -- in the east much as she -- sometimes others team in Cupertino. I adequate access to disguise it double it in -- ultimately comes down to offered these. Here's an -- I was double. Especially I stopped decision to. Record again. With Casey Kelly how how much you know that I -- it kind of insisting the conversation surrounding. Surrounding him over the course of the year because you know he was. And lose a guy who we were told over and over look at the stuff. Past the -- make it's and the kind of you know some of what we're talking about although wasn't in the Dudley is certainly come to what degree was in a mitigating factor just that this was his. First full professional season in so throw the stats out the window just look at you know look at the look at the stuff look at the tools look at the makeup kind of thing. Part of discussed prospect is -- is -- five years. Dick -- is. Is that teach com. It. -- -- -- About. A lot of people -- Really want part of the staff. Steps are steps to push -- -- best asset write off and not noticed too. Do it to. Keep your -- your kitchen so much for this year. So it's not like -- it it to rest can't. -- or you're under about mr. Alex. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Actually. Tried it. Numbers can succeed and -- Which was pretty trusted. To destroy. -- but -- Numbers. -- Just Austria. -- how is that prospect is right. And actually people. Didn't credits were dead -- Track what. Was it powerful any disease which. -- The key is. -- -- last year was stitched. I play like it's. Twice as it's cut high school kids not -- prestigious. As to why he should. Step up process uses very exciting which web two years. Secret agent this happens when your -- -- Different. -- -- To protect its spot especially the stuff was better that -- just -- -- -- -- -- And -- is it. Just fastball topping out around five. He's got a question about what it's great exception to. It's. Still on that ought to ask our. It's possibly scurbel take us isn't expected to dispatch. -- the pitched shall -- floor. To. Double. So. It. -- he has actually receive up sister. Com. Learn how to throw out or exclude it -- eight. I distinctly -- salute to the we go out numbers and should. Focus on those numbers are decidedly ago. This question. For such. There is heterosexuals -- for some. Time ago. -- -- We are there any guy in the Red Sox system who who surprised you whose late where he ended up in it in the conversations. Ended up. Taking off guard I mean I think it. You know I've been interested by Terry Britton for some time. I'm not sure that I would have I think that was a bit of an eye opener for me to see that you guys had him. And at number five a lefthander who has really good stuff but who had come one kind of limited full professional year under his belt. -- I think that I think it's -- was also someone. Yahoo! when you started tuchman him as the best pure hitter in the system. You know that was that was kind of eye opening -- opening to me but I wonder you know what you viewed as the biggest surprise. That you came across in putting together the Red Sox rankings. Just kept at this list that we -- the -- except perhaps thirty streets are. Much. It was a surprise from he has -- -- last assist. A lot of money to school is such a thousand dollars for the cup 2007 pitch. Dispersal -- To surgeries and well it -- and this was your -- tell me the extra mile Howard struck a the topic on. The torso or get from Scott -- issue is. Pretty. Let's -- a lot of people actually keep. With this group upset fighting. On the classic it. Throughout history it is first useful without too much. Particularly. Off next year. I do I covered accurately -- every bomb detection. Tirelessly to crisis. That is he should is marched critical law which is. -- minister. -- -- -- -- It's. It'd -- -- Red Sox to two overall first. This external auditor to -- -- and -- to their first trip to extend. And a team USA team if memory serves I mean granted it was like a very brief period of time it. That -- and in that limited sample of their international competition he didn't outperform harper or -- things. Prosper our garage com. Types. -- up to two. To two risks. The rest of the guys that on the top security it just stick it. -- -- ordering exactly tribunal. Rivals partly. 626. Inch. -- -- you know that's interest. Actual option is up to double OK so that the -- -- to ask. Pretty close to adhere to -- typically used to but he -- -- stitches. Since he's architecture still. -- have a hard time. Are people out. It could be asked to catch him this is -- -- -- -- well that's a machine to cash. Still -- -- people actually gone from past house called. This can't catch in the weeks to. Discuss tricky this year. Such an exceptional. Yeah it is my mind that. I think what we tolerate much. The it's easier when I started working on it. It is Bogart stuff about what he. -- -- -- On the Red -- -- succeed. Like. Last year. It's -- to get it right. I talked to say you -- just so I think what the US which is very cursor key -- -- It our. These approach is -- -- it on capitol. Staged or stopped by about security he can't buy these death -- they should -- -- -- still -- six. The -- that really wouldn't factor that. Worst option. If you your. Want to spot in the top thirty knock at his side. In your time covering the Red Sox and doing these top -- about the Red Sox. And I we've we've done the most dramatically whether you overprotected him or under project for them. -- -- Against. Started analyst -- in the well it is now is it system. -- it very well. It's -- that that first top ten list was bad. And -- steps. Territory blocked so did he Fossum. But as these are sought re still are at Crawford safe to -- which is -- It's amazing in retrospect that they were able to leverage that into -- valuable pieces together elsewhere because. There hasn't been a whole lot of me doing performance from any of those guys. Those guys -- them to. Believe. That. Artist what they're a contract or fiction com. Like. It's just went on missile test to bottom and it is about five actually present. Expect to insert -- -- -- certainty. And it shouldn't just. It. Straight pitches to it was because -- an editor. -- -- He's actually respond back. It. With respect to create a lot more -- Like it is now that the way it's yeah. Yeah. Stick -- Or just. -- exercise where -- success -- do we protect what it'll just or years to help. The second. That was done that it's strange. Stuff Michael Holmes in got it settler who did that to insist upon -- Crist I know. -- -- There's like -- but couldn't keep up for that site for kids with. It -- -- -- it out to be some sort roster and she. Said he did you. You've got to right. And a and especially -- sister it is so much -- that was just outside countless stood. That worked out. Prospect that was the most up to sort. Such. Wanted. -- -- I would just article we want people is it seeks out and traded him to start you want mr. roadside ditch school on. He's prospect is just superstars. Who is. God that he's. Surely is the one it was within the number one overall in. Overall corporate adept at not just prospect -- trying to. The most. Topped that much. That remark -- overall cost actually has been such. This -- was tried to draw it com. -- Leaks to the stage to center. Percent average. I just I. I just -- -- -- -- -- should every time square ball -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Acquisition. At least that is where she can. Which is that -- is. Still square ball Upton didn't get system exception. It was a lot better special clothes and other guys -- Averaged just ready. He's. He's he's got. Out of such steps at least. Well received here. Keep it -- its interest in. Doctor sort of two exceptions I want to put those guys. To. To -- blazers. Come. Stars. So that's so given you know given the the state of the Red Sox organization how would you describe their system right now was. I think as you pointed out earlier this in this conversation. Do you it is something of a down here for them because when you look at a lot of their top prospects what they're young into a lot of them didn't have. You know jump off the page statistical years I think it you know you had a guy like resentment huge offensive year. You've got a guy like me became if you put up big numbers minors but he doesn't qualify for the prospect status anymore so he's not on the list. How how would you view the state of the Red Sox system in kind of be you know of the projected potential superstars. That they have versus the kind of depth at they have in their system. And as you know and it's kind of their abilities potentially you know address a number of their weaknesses. Basically you're are in a position where you no longer have to scramble and wonder. Who their everyday person would be if this one guy was treated. Jack -- -- position that it is still a question. Catcher it'll see the market is back. At leopard we teach I don't I talked to people. -- sister and best prospect in the system should. Partly I actually. Well liked what -- Suspect that comes up to election dictator cat rescue system now might -- Partly bad. Center. Protection. That it. -- -- A lot of hockey players that mr. Lipsky out for two. Rocket -- to compete you. Won't. It. -- -- I can take. Our systems I think bloggers. Here -- levels. We talked about dispatch and I expect you to post from the -- pretext to get to editors this action. That actually. Show. Kristi is it is good to have two providers -- I think it has some options there. Dealers -- -- -- have a -- but. You have. Got to basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctors restore -- to oil up traps at the spot it'll -- these -- -- we talked about. -- -- an election that certainly have to. You can battle. On the borrower can keep that. Option to date Spanish dissenters field. Solicitation. Just -- -- -- proper -- that established to clear distinction. -- I think he exceeded my expectations. That the Major League level of you know just his. Initial ability and it took track balls in center doesn't work on this like really sweet somersault move in in center field it was pretty unique. That -- About a it's sort of the best defender also scored -- energy outlook express to -- that there that's got. And and number. Usually applies to talk to challenge is not two you prostitute equity. And other key starter written. That just -- character that's. Surprise to. Outlook activity. You guys. Out Wilson's war and Tokyo while on. Robert you lot of side to it to Crist out could Miller extreme action try to get it actually. Military to -- -- -- ready to -- system. -- -- Actually that through all thirty iteration by his own district that bare essentials such studies say there's our sister outrage. Capacity. From. Out our support to shift key to stake their -- case. You get the numbers I think it's upside. Risks still averaged -- -- Teams. Out there lists and text excited -- upside. We talk about prospects you -- The Red Sox may be getting ready. So loaded for bear in terms of the number of in terms of what they might be trying to do this coming draft just getting. Potentially a ton of supplemental -- Steve thinks it do you do you agree with that do you see the Red Sox. You know trying to make a you know tried to trying to take advantage of the current draft system as it exists one last time. Before there's potentially some major change on the horizon. Or do you think that that's just what they do every year and it. And then there are going to be that dramatic changes to the draft system I'm going forward beyond this this collective bargaining agreement. It's -- it's funny that it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's slotted to draft. It wrecked -- rules in place -- although I don't think. This is -- -- on is this some electricity. Can. Actually. Actually strongly against the the Todd salary with. Archer talks. It -- an extra two dollars. -- -- -- -- actually yes it's yours but what are eligible. -- the top players and owners ought to be just like increased salary. For. It. So she. Not just to the current system got a miners. The sharpest it's easier. Should I can't tell the World Series is by holding. Buster Posey in the minors and. That protects -- While the -- Special needs to. Ask we have CDA. Draft which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Too soon or slotted to act like she last year. We're players were bought slide as the rest extracting it its attempt to six dollars. Last year. These holes and suddenly dollar but to cut. -- dollars in bonuses. -- Is to keep direct yeah. The wreckage after aspect. -- eleven point lead but it this year I would be surprised if you talk to portraits actual be retouched the most aggressive seat she spent. At. Six dollars to harper. Trapped. In that seat it's. There's been a lot of draft or fifteen million. -- -- -- -- -- Start. -- -- -- not disprove. What exactly yeah. But it. Like to last -- draft this year. Society. Ought to sooners of course like to get out. Ultra extra optical -- last T. First tee shot 6%. To the first round and -- I believe sixty. Players psychiatry or million dollars in the absence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Each. Bottle or some sort of deadline there's a sixty side deals well slot money. -- At -- price is he trapped. It is it's -- These are slots that. Are in dollars or -- -- million dollar this week. Well I ask you direct extract. Some of these scientists say. The opposite order signed. Were not. Besides he. As apps to try Acer. Will look at law. So obvious cast -- Excuse as digital last year sighed heavily watched it lost. Want that to. -- Get all the rest extension to keep those pictures. We -- to be saving I guess August 15 there's always a good -- to be Scott Boras in does this week was -- could we be talking. To Jim callous with the with the Red Sox top tens. Being released by baseball America very very interesting stuff. Jim thank you so much for joining the minor details podcast. It. That's it for this edition of minor details many things so the also policy that made this possible. Tonight he's in for meeting even laws might really step was dispersing. For different corners of the earth did you tell us for coming out these Salman Rushdie's Ohio state of exile there results annually from fan backlash to his prospector you kids. Thanks to rob Bradford for stopping by on the way to the Diet Coke machine. And of course dates to the pork chops for allowing me to fill the ambition today passed the age of five. To enjoy your personal theme song for the first time in my life I can imagine how awesome. It must have been to be Richard Roundtree. We'll do this again soon please pass along your feedback ideas for show topics and guests and invective. Either to my Twitter account that Alex here or by email to ace fear at WUPI. Dot com. Thought maybe tune style off Peter is saying to you well.

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