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Nov 10, 2010|

Brian Billick joins D&C to talk Pats/Steelers, Wade Phillips, Thursday Night Football and 18 game schedule

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Getting ready to hook up with Brian Billick former NFL coach and now the and at all analyst for fox. Network. What do you think the biggest spread on the board is this weekend boy days meter I think you know -- -- -- yesterday and -- and it's not even close Dallas. And the giant it's thirteen and -- points. Oh my goodness you obviously the one we gonna go. Johnny and he hasn't had to -- -- out in the open wheel and then thanks to fourteen joining us on the AT&T -- -- it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible. Our good friend the NFL analyst for Fox Network Brian Billick O'Brien -- aria. I just there are days that you still long to coach and compete. You know when you see and Eric -- -- an underdog Brown's team rise up and beat the New England Patriots in the upset of the weekend. I gotta get a third days when you know the Brad Childress is dealing with egos and divas and maniacs. And Wade Phillips doesn't slept in a week and a half. You vacillate between generally like that experience that again and no thank you with more than I really wanna deal. Where you're you're writing it it is -- and and you have got to have to order to deal with oh latter well. Which just talk about you are still have that fire in the belly and more importantly better have the right people rapture if you could although beacon street speak and take a page if you like to people. Can -- park and you wanna take on that child so. Yeah that that's really what it comes down to look to difficulties at the talent and my biggest topic -- miracle network to -- -- for production -- -- Jim Mora coached short worse. I'd look at certain that the people there are or you guys steal your chops -- Wrote that we have coming up on -- -- was something that just just you don't play it right there. Will changing head coaches in Dallas changed the culture and changed the results this year Brian. No no all you hope to do Arctic. What jury chose to participate in any. Jason Garrett obviously keep more aptly to bypassed -- -- coaching jobs he had designs for trees and dirt. What he's got to look for news can't indeed under the most difficult circumstances and probably. A good test. Probably choose which. In terms truck -- in this -- to keep GDP approach to this is about as tough situations like. Coming to -- but it's gonna tell us Jason Turk and -- can at least eight K is gonna note I have had -- Europe. Conducted its first circumstances. And more importantly there. Our first course Gloucester criteria and expert Michael barrios -- DA like 62 -- what would you look warrior. To determine that ER 200 jobs and you'll find out. If they continue to lose and we think they will -- this week there at the giants. What do which direction do you think Jerry Jones will go and -- get one of the big names you know gruden era. Or even -- or do you think he needs a guy there that you know we'll let him. Medal as much as he wants the medal. Well you need to decide that despite going into our of course I'll -- due process first. I think he changed -- Usual suspects pregnant -- Our guys took it war -- would you -- -- -- -- like when you statistics. And gore would have wondered you pick as the best picture. About a way to approach is to stroke it this is what we watched yours criteria. Here's what we're looking for -- division street we have been this cheap Alec school financial wanted matches. And and that it therein lies the rub. He's done well is double would you say with Dave can't pull on one end and and Bill Parcells on another well what do you. Very you get very successful bowl that's exactly right you got to settle at and saying okay. This is what I think organization needs to be. This is what looks like. Now collect Alphonso what. Can give you would like to completion it is cheapest sort but that's our point church protest site what is that I actually walked sort situation. A bright and here we are three days later after the browns upset the patriots who were stroke trying to determine. And again I hate -- who were trapped gamer human nature but I'm wondering in your mind how much of an impact on the outcome of a football game can potentially be determined. By the human nature aspect of one team. Wanna get so bad they can't even see straight and another when approaching it like it's another day at the office I mean clearly from the top of that browns organization. The head coach -- -- -- coordinator for the defensive coordinator down of the tide in. This was there -- Super -- to knock off the six and one patriots the patriots that seemed took it as just another day at the office does that impact the outcome. -- -- you know and and and I don't know but I really believed. Trapped -- But -- two concerts -- out there appears to trot it concept and it's also reflect well a -- quit which she struggled so that she quit. I think it opens -- -- to keep wanna access to happen to go to keep the National Football League you have four and prepare. We at a unbelievably. Focused. Its when he died naral are. -- total solutions high energy local TV in less than that. He had a failure to do it's hard to distinguish between during that and not there's quite. And certainly in the pitchers to discuss what -- to -- Chris -- and -- you -- but what they're -- do you realize. Focused determination to week. Which normally have which have a huge victory like to contrast which one want so I think that tends to be church. You believe in in blueprints. Brian if if it could the Steelers take with the browns did the patriots Sunday. It just look at and say we can put -- what people are defensive players and IDB's linebackers. In the same places and we can confuse Brady as much as the browns to -- they got better players better. Personnel can they go with a similar. Game plan and and we expect similar results. -- lead in the that's okay now we have. Out of UT. You may find some. Weaknesses you need to find some matchups in the -- that's all she's okay do we need to collect. This player because he struggles with just type out orchestra -- or maybe it's dramatically. You know because. Don't get the transcript shot port look so to all we were all horrible district that they can we. Need to adjust. And don't have the people we see -- -- knowing where wondering when Randy -- on Wes Welker still not a 100%. If they can. Exploit the teams in a defensive backfield the -- the past defense can Brady. You know move the chains can get it down field the way he he once did or it is it gonna take time for these rookie tight ends for. New you know new running back for everyone to come together or do they have to find -- new deep threat a new guy who constrict he would Moscow on. Yeah you gotta be clearly you know you've got to find some to take to topple the piece. On guys deep. But can you get a tool it will catch. Perhaps compliment you've got to do all those other legs are so creative adjective. High efficiency to operate -- -- to -- -- expect defects Hossa said what they can we can't back out. And if you -- DC got all. And while it looked like social well right now the one secure -- -- that they may have it is they don't have that I acerbic take topple geezer. Right if you're playing a team you're the coach of the team that you're about to play. Is an equal footing with you record wise talent wise expectations all those kinds of things. Would you prefer that team lost the week before they -- you or one week before you. Or does that matter. I do it doesn't matter it really doesn't. Because you concede the motivation to restrict teams that are waiting in this week. And teams that are losing actually have this same problem work we should focus com. The plots against a particular focus away fuel to prepare yourself -- -- -- back and rest big proponents also bureau. Person might well seek a chance of succeeding whole. Let's -- peripheral always. Whatever takes away your focus dot -- which compete so what you're motivated by having lost. What I expected he needs to lose ordered people. Well you -- we talk about a losing streak where things are starting to go badly but -- with the Steelers. Might have preferred the patriots had not been embarrassed in Cleveland but you might have a little more focus in the film rooms down -- Gillette this week. But it might have a big money on blown out the browns 453. Know that that's my point -- -- -- in England patriots. Needed to get beat by Cleveland yeah retain the proper focus to or Plavix they're the sports do -- -- run your desktop and go well so. Yeah I don't typically it is what it is to to play -- -- pretty good. -- give them the Steelers are the best in the league against the run by far no one can run against them if you were. Plan I'm going in the Pittsburgh this week would you try to run anyway. You know outplayed Steelers all closures those all want -- it is -- to -- -- effect -- tried in the picture now balance if you let the global and you troll like flack on one side or the other 100 trying to pass. Out. Well apps news apps Olympics like you. Ray Lewis said he is not a fan of Thursday games the quick turnaround is not a time for bodies to deal. He certainly has appoint you agree with them. Absolutely. I don't think it's good for the players. People try to there was leaking games sketch -- talking about. Just understand what do -- there's there's -- -- toward entertaining. Off but at the end of the date to put players on shall we he's not in the district of clips. You can check -- -- on -- -- he analyzes the NFL for the Fox Network and from foxsports.com. Coaches speak it's our friend Brian Billick Brian thanks for the title talk you down the road. Rise and delicate Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline -- what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible seniors face and -- -- -- -- -- the blueprint they're just sort of current tearing up. Just a bit but -- may -- it's a bad -- -- Why do they look at the film then you know does nothing to be learned. And I hope this goes scouting -- look at their own film a look at say -- will Pittsburgh look at the clearly on New England game. Probably to see that on like seven different kicked off the patrons didn't seem to have a clue as to what they ought to be doing -- and if there is no blueprint I'd like to know why I guess because you can't surprise in the way Cleveland surprised them but. There's a limit to that to this finite number of things you can do it just. What was effective against the patriots in Cleveland would be effective. Against the patriots in Pittsburgh probably not. No on non thinking you'd be easier for limitations Wilfork and Jerod Mayo out of the game that was the Cleveland. It is scary and I I note that the Pittsburgh is an immigrant offense. But they don't you can't run the ball against him and they have a much better defense in Cleveland and half. We not learned the lesson of what your success was last Sunday. Oftentimes has little to do -- your success this Sunday. Consider how the patriots ran the football against the Minnesota Vikings BenJarvus green Ellis rushed for a lot more yards and Adrian Peterson. Now that was the same New England patriot team I think by a large but couldn't run the football at all last week against again. The brightest actors get believed -- -- what you go up to enough then you can relax in the other team has to press and throw and hasn't run. What you look at that team Monday night. That went up 27 to seven on the road in Cincinnati you say. I can't even envision a scenario where they grind out in all fifteen play drive Williams did with the rich not just an ordinance. Besides quarterback and right now it's not that overwhelming accord that. -- and good question meter. You stop me I guess -- all the injuries on the Pittsburgh offensive line you don't know and on defense by the way but. I guess that's a good question looking at the page is versus the Steelers instead of the browns versus the Steelers because the patriots struggled so much for Cleveland's hard to imagine. They go into Pittsburgh. And move the ball against that the it is the Steelers at three concussions and again against the Bengals at right three calls have yet to be evaluated again on 11. While he has probably image and true. We'll always policy came back he left it senate put it in senator and -- I mean he walked off like he had broken his leg ailment. He says he's done he came back I don't rules are working here three concussions on one team one game. No -- -- -- the same doctor a look at the guy from who looked -- Todd -- to go back -- say let me look you know you typical in the same direction if they if they don't and if they are missing guys it's just hard to imagine the patriots lineup and and just going -- man enough and smash and miles with a one of it seems like you'd have to trek can detract Dick LeBeau of your if you patriot offense. As a metric in years as a metric in years. The producers have put a pull up on the producers blog WEEI dot com Dennis and Callahan page and it is of course what we're talking about in large part today. Girls soccer players at Needham high. Allegedly blindfolded freshman. Let them around unleashes jurors to drag him through broken glass until the skin off and threw pies and their faces. -- school officials correct to call this hazing and suspend the players will have the -- votes for you on the Dennis and Callahan producers blog poll. Later in the broadcast 6177790850. We will be right back.

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