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Nov 10, 2010|

Sean Casey talks about Dustin Pedroia as one of the most interesting people in Boston sports and what he thinks the Red Sox should do this off-season

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As you -- up might know we are in the midst of our. Identification process although it's interesting person in Boston sports. So he's no longer Boston's sporty doesn't qualify if you work he would -- our old friend Sean Casey from the Major League Baseball network hello Shawn. So -- so you won. Chaos coming out those pictures that we -- about bot not what it -- cookbook -- like the population people. Do you do you miss you miss Boston you missed the whole. -- You know I don't mr. grinder here but I do it was to take a lot plant near impossible -- -- -- -- and you know living next of Chevrolet and those guys -- tremendous. About being able -- plant that would does stand overnight it was awesome it was possible strategy yet to -- this summer that's up yet documents. You're you're out all about introducing our third most interesting person on our list to by the way will be on the big show this afternoon that would be Dustin Pedroia that was the interest thing in the club off or is -- a pain in the ass in the club I'll show up. I think the only boat I. I don't know why he's -- one remote fishing captains have ever come across in my -- Michael here's the big Republican bacterial. It's just sixty character -- is a great teammate. Get a video into other guys and in the in the -- about it is to be a pain in the but some aren't. But he he's he's off from the beer parties either catalog that little lot you know he's. You know are entitled policy chops a lot to allow that -- that he was so young but it's still so popular not. You know rely -- -- -- care crosses past. It could and it allowed the -- re back it up so you wanna look. Dustin Pedroia and no doubt in one of the most interesting guys in Boston sports and probably in -- to. Shuttle what -- your mind makes a leader in the club off the specific things that make a personal leader and can there be different types. Share opposite government actually -- -- -- together that you know lead -- lead by their closeup like he's a -- got. He'd like it -- by rebel leader put. This guy a leader for me in the -- brings everybody and they got -- got it. You know it doesn't differentiate. Rates expected this if you will love us Pedroia you know everybody you know everybody from the old. That the that the cricket players American players and Japanese guys everyone welcome you know I think that's a big thing about. -- -- -- that -- the guy that -- when you look at exotic about the leader you're tracked it to make just. You feel like part of the team that was good that was pretty. If if Varitek leaves then is a good chance he will will Pedroia be the next captain here. You know what I what I would I think so. Are really troubling aspect -- personality you know obviously the cancer -- -- because you know the -- played became a guy goes -- there -- every employee and accept these -- but like I said god but club got sloppy and they -- him because. You know what he brings that table you know -- -- early -- it. He is not local themselves as far as don't speak any better than you. He's an SE is the mall in the northern part of the -- fewer and fewer suck if you get if you stuck next to one long flight or longer bus -- Would you talk -- I think you -- and nowhere is different than life. Very blog log in your area I think that there's there's -- could put -- what talked anybody -- I try to be like. I didn't -- or are you guys you already tight talk about baseball they'd probably tell you -- the reds are in the late you know it -- be a little lawyer at first. And -- start talking right idealist that's pretty cool not excite everyone who want to relate to that -- a guy that spotlighting. He could be a circus -- -- -- really game if our barely came into. You -- -- they could use victorious at the circus it. KL will to win we hear about this all the time and and my guess is that most people in Major League Baseball. All the professional sports are competitive people and have a will to win -- -- people and in in sports that you're you're aware that. Don't wanna win you don't like to win the don't have the will to win. Sure put you up there the other will India under. Then there is a lot of guys that that that. I've -- our system is apparent where. Your regular every year that thinks some clarity you know see guys mr. -- and August you know they'll come down -- discussion -- Companies big injuries like BQ and these guys are. I know -- point five games certified under U remains our number one starter but that. Garbage can be yours in the next you know you go on the roster in the air so yeah CNET -- guys. But will the wind comes spring training and then at all let's stop and then come August when in doubt -- -- -- -- games got our ballot casting. I guess that's not lost on you that with Pedroia in the lineup this year the Red Sox were 45 and thirty with him out of the lineup they were 44 and 43. Says a lot to a contribution I guess. -- looked out there's no doubt precedent. Like I said when you see him in the lineup there's -- cops overcomes that team anchored just feel like you're never out in their -- You know why could he make one more batter. Barack. I mean at all hardly go to the other guys that that that that is like that -- twelve years and the big -- that never played with a guy like as a guy that. You know -- back kind of presence that it was so ago. That was so small but it brought some courses table and -- he's he's -- and he is well discussions got to come along and wants the law. Before we -- -- Goshen on if you were the red sucks again a hundred million dollars to spend this offseason would you spend it on. Crawford world or someone else. Cropper where yeah. I don't know means a lot to your question. What do -- look closely OT good direction and I kept. Yeah I guess it probably cost -- 150 million. Hey you know what I mean I personally think. Call Crawford hit it if I'm of those got a -- -- the -- that just the total game changer in what he does you know you put Ellsbury across. Dispute that -- mean they'll be something special but I the other he's the I like coming Jason -- obviously the big right -- -- -- power bat probably beat bigger Fenway -- so. Big part of last but I think Carl Crawford to game change. If the New York Yankees and you have 200 million dollars has been alarms are you do. Most of your neck of the Derek Jeter basket for the Cliff Lee basket in the offseason job. I -- Derek you're electable back quote unified Beers and material audio book or buyer people buy -- -- -- restaurant. They'll do whatever you want but we -- you go to Chris we write about whatever our patient that -- locate you but not like point five Linear yes. Psychological obligation to mr. Yankee Derek Jeter but you're not willing to make a gigantic. Years and dollars. Does not know what else they -- -- -- per -- ago. -- Sergio Garcia I can't irony -- understand that it is still I think he tramples some you'll like bell -- Ticket base salary they rod Wright because we're gonna recruit forty and then if we get -- we're gonna win more chip -- that's gonna make it bigger bigger. Let's assume they -- -- a three year contract does he play all three years to shortstop. There's still can be an idea that we lose them oh we lost to. Could answer that question you know what he's going to be talking for fifteen minutes we're -- that would not. Drag him out of his shell drug case you -- league baseball network.

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