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Nov 9, 2010|

Keyshawn talked about Randy Moss and how the Patriots receiving game has changed since Moss was traded, if he would have Moss on his team, what makes people say Moss is a smart wide receiver, who he believes is the best team in the AFC, how bad the situation is in Dallas that Jerry Jones was forced to fire Wade Phillips, what he thinks about the NFL's Top 100 Players list and if he believes he should be on the list

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Our next guest made a seamless transition. Our great NFL football career. And now as part of the stable of analyst sunny ESPN museum on FL Sunday -- Sunday NFL countdown and Monday night countdown. Former wide receiver Kee Shawn Johnson as with a ski Shaun dale on Michael again how are yet. -- And aren't even though Tom Jackson talked about addressed -- -- almost stopped Jack he had. He had picked -- -- at a he had the -- fashion tips from TJ what's not any. Yeah I had to get our strategy from -- TJ that's a burden. -- break Brady -- me. Or is it does give you tips. What's her head he he he tech can't tell me what actually every day because. -- -- Achy generally are just cabinet discussion here about. The patriots offense in the four games with Randy Moss in the patriots offense. In the four games without Randy Moss what's your take on what it means to the patriots with his departure. Well you know offensively. He has the most dangerous. Football where -- receiver in history at the National Football League in terms of the deep ball. When you know. Ingredient to your mix. Of the effect all faced -- The vertical stretch game that the patriots had a year ago. Incorporate these entries the record breaking -- Even with -- You know two -- three -- paying the game. Where that you completely different. Which strikes fear it could -- April 22. -- in it would keep ticket you'll keep defensive. Coordinators are all right well what -- that -- right mail bomb because -- possibility. He's not lifting of coverage so to speak for a Wes Welker. Four. The key here and there. You know it in would be our branch who a barrel rather and it read in law obviously. Not -- it's not as tall. But you're used to being doesn't strike -- -- one -- could be a -- passing game now it's more of think back to -- winning Super Bowl. -- playing really -- -- there -- the stuff that they were doing and -- the individual at Mayo -- -- Ike -- -- something different because of what you're seeing over the last couple of years. So when you look at. This thing this year. Outside of the running game. It looked like -- bowl championship patriots team that don't talk about the need -- talking about the -- That's what it looked it looked like. AA and air ready ball club we usually go who may have missed it will go. I think on the -- for what it looked different take. Now with dignity YouTube because he's got bigger so you can't take it mare it ship it back to the patriot wittingly. -- Record breaking news football like I don't do it for you. -- grand. The people that follow the patriots just mobile connect probably. But if you ran you've been empress -- -- -- allusions in psychology of mrs. This is very impressive what happened in nineteen I don't know laughed -- him and anyway. I believe me -- take a look at them but if you need to. -- can't tell the federal. Prop went out liked Charlie yeah -- About telling you what they say on the podium -- a copper out that getting what they won't immediately say easily deliberate but it. Who got their freedom immediately connected out of lack the -- -- Eight I think you know a little bit about. Well a little football you know political -- that. It's a pain stopped that there aren't doing. A global only indeed it would differ. -- -- -- -- -- What would you rather have a can we -- lots of debates about Randy Moss over the years I think if a guy who can do what you just described. Every guy can do that to defensive coordinators I think that guys are great players yet. There are some people here who I think probably go 5050 some people say hey Randy Moss he's great he's and incredible allowed to have some people say. You know -- -- -- cotton candy but I don't necessarily need Randy Moss on my team. Where do you stand on Randy Moss would you have when your team and a. I personally. Would have Randy also marching because I can do certain things -- as a coordinator. Where I don't need him to do they have -- it. I don't need him I think everything it can only typical box some are not -- in the you think you -- out like this victory grocery store and out because we we orient. Often in part Tokyo could be grocery there'll be what you look it -- walk I'll. In a grocery story you pick up some -- you read the back bark when you -- familiar with beating UC what it is being greedy is that what you gonna give you goal. If these ultra Hitler Reggie -- your -- your 08. Are you need to know which again. In the and Barack. -- I run pretty well -- -- going to certain pre. He's going to say what sort of buy into -- okay -- -- you wouldn't believe the UK. If you don't -- -- it if you don't our coaches like Brad Childress -- -- the ultimate. You can't live with it because he wanted to pay that off it is very smart football players of their football where -- Or more in which -- you know. That all the time about -- -- is Google what does that mean like people always say -- smart. 88 doesn't always do smart things in and always say smart things like I -- It benchmark being according to view -- According to do. But he had the right Alpert. Benchmarking -- that's what you want it to. Are you do you ought to let you -- called -- smart why do you think he's smart. Because the -- today. He'd know the -- fourth and youngest and concept. Not only that he can see it. Before. The co -- can company which means. He realized that the patriots were not a pretty you know. He's smart enough to understand that he reluctantly walked in the locker room -- -- per -- -- Brad -- egyptians well curbs were. They need to repair work and yet. He was with a better situation in the league. Any realized that you'll get swept. The greatest coach in the modern air. To. Something -- -- recognize that. With everybody else it's rather try to act like or. Or use real smart he's the genius. Play caller. Marxism. -- -- -- You might think that he does something that but everything that he doesn't calculate the. We. -- under. He would never have an effect on you but if you had a team with some young wide receivers. Would you be concerned about the role model aspect of his game. No because. Before I would require you know. I would I would probably let both young guys though. He does start paying that's okay -- -- which you can do. You can't don't need. You can't do it can't believe that'll work. And at that site you you'd probably. You have to be straight up and -- yet to be real. Can't get their point game details straight out. You can't nobody knew it because I you know not practiced today and I kept their vehicle. You don't try. It and -- it and everybody street department. Everybody treated they're opaque Brady if it -- to -- printed. Mark Walker. Three different. -- people what made it. -- The -- culture authority figure and budget. They tell -- who's who. Was the best human AFC now he's got the patriots -- six -- -- -- -- the jets is six into the Steelers won last night the colts lost but there's still hanging in there who's who's investing. It's the Pittsburgh Steelers. In orbit in a patriot and I like what they think that'll you know like probably. The organization elect a lot about. Doing in the market or in England. As a street partly to vote -- and quarterback. What. Well look I'd -- -- instantly. Defensively they're not pick that. We -- of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a too kindly to -- quarterback. In repeat it looked like out. The Baltimore Ravens have a defense that wiped out. And the quarterback that it's okay. Okay made good broke it. Pittsburgh Steelers without the Iraq is -- beat Charlie back. What would you start it is number eighteen Indianapolis. They have you know what will start to break the bell. Good or have a quarterback edit it noting that between apple. Activities to get Gigabit ethernet. But when the common denominator -- support. All the other team in the agency. They are quarterback or. He's started. You look at young -- he GP I got everything else. Except war. You know they got everything out except orbit yeah I indeed it does weird bats fly Colorado book of what. Bookmark throat thank god back castle. Didn't make all the world. And you needed a pro football and a tight situation. He can't make it broke. Egypt's -- -- and make the pro. I love Belichick say yeah if so flooding look at coach Belichick. We do go back over the years it's like he's an auctioneer. Yuriko. -- -- -- Via bridge for five with three to vote you out you look -- you won't want Soviet Union -- -- more and more port to overrated like what worked eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Obama offered it 20 look pretty I'll take that. In any it's the retreat from Minnesota but I'll -- it. Is it -- certain players. It though it continued to have success. Teach on Bill Parcells brought you went to Dallas you led the team in receiving yards and you tied for the lead in touchdown catches when you got there. You were a locker room leader as well. You know what it's like to be on the Dallas Cowboys. How bad is it in Dallas right now the Jerry Jones has to make this coaching change. What they did you know what it's inevitable book and -- worked so. You know they obviously -- have adhesion and walked into training camp this summer. They figure hey we. We will play in our home state. For the simple. Things start to fall for very -- You know they used up everything from the players only meeting -- too -- -- by the coach -- A mile and a coach are abused. In eight utility rubble in you're it is you know it will look forward not party that. Well it went back when it's needed because it was just looked over at that point. -- -- Arctic. You know and cheer need to make it because he had -- in -- -- -- you know the big. -- in the need to feel. Every single Sunday. He has more complicated. Yet look where. And yet he's -- that he needs to chart that. So you have to do so -- -- some -- for -- things that it'll put everybody on notice. And make people like it or political optics -- win the football game and -- they have displayed. What we agreed their -- which is flat out quit. Quick -- vehicle quit he would challenging just quit or are you cargo occupied Tibet -- the bat. In value make the change taking your will may or may not -- yet. With a deep in some -- -- -- -- -- they can probably in six of the last eight or are disrupted that make all okay. Okay maybe this -- be -- throat because -- -- -- coached. You know definitely echo you don't -- that you walked or -- allow ankle area. Now all that when you war in April. -- from the if if -- -- or do you could maybe. You know put amber -- -- in here personnel Alamo and -- lead with just looking at -- silent in the office coordinator. -- -- -- Reaction would be he's got the after the echo. Our -- John. -- competition not your direct competition not you personally put your networks competition. NFL network came out with the top 100 players. Of all time -- from guys you played with on the list. I played against including Randy Moss and LaDainian Tomlinson. Who who else is on -- Marshall Faulk as a journalist. What do you think about the top 100 and you feel like you should've been. One of the top 100 players of all time. Note that those restore -- meet our our -- of -- should be limits are wondered whether or I didn't play well -- first of all. Operating revenues. We play let me use the leader from -- but not loan and not use some liberals sport of individual actually. You know do I deserve the -- be what they had a hopeful all right well nobody got quite -- if if I had to play. Fifteen years of fourteen years. If they're trying. Because I want what television. Again I probably would deserve the beautiful all right because might numbers statistics will back data. You know you lead the game with 111000 receiving yards in that year's pursuit. 141014. Years so the longer you play the bigger numbers. So a lot of these individually. You're going to accomplish. Lol what you must park -- -- -- But would bet it should we be happy with our career would trade for England. You go to pro -- if you went to quote make it for the money you're like you tricked transaction will be from the football field for the number one. Sports. Network in the world in Europe and the pregame show respect. I would trade my career or any -- At all. Would -- it. Both guys all deserve. In my opinion. Could be in the top one -- problem I have a problem and that was in whipped them like she. -- -- -- -- -- In all old guys have numbers and record as being that features so. You know regret that it acts are available in you'll probably still playing. EPO you look at you operate in east Oakland. Eagles couldn't keep it you know replay of the board nobody would it's so everybody else -- it will fall further behind. Deion Sanders with 34 he said he was he couldn't believe he was only 34 felt like it was a smack in the face subpoena for 34. But Schwarzenegger -- -- -- number what was Jerry Rice and I know you know receivers. You know all football players -- really -- receivers we think about Jerry rice's number one reading about beyond it as number 34. Well Jerry being number one. You know. I would that supplies the means he's the only guy. Yet at a position. When you pick the ball position he should talk argue which will mean of the rules sports sports. He's the only guy at a position that there's no argument. -- It will. They're Gibril although about -- because walked straight with better warmup period that -- -- can do -- that. Wouldn't that court well such -- such and such right about that and if you could who'd been a problem. -- well. You could -- -- -- because like you can argue that all people. Which you you look like a full trial org but then you're right partly. It didn't support the -- 34 in the you -- in this. The in. Due course all -- next summer should work out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now that followed. By an out. And so are pumped -- yet be affected -- now -- who I am regardless to what. You thought about -- -- You know outside. Whatever -- let -- walk away I would sure you know it's rated -- you have built it. But it's it's about it from. Let it would be 34. Are you gotta. What what they're coming back here we did that we need to serve some time with -- in studio deal lot of fun. You know what notre status or -- or he's right now let's welcome. Are the West Coast. -- 75 degrees a clear. I just glad that it Elway. Got a slight cold -- -- because it will woke up at the board should not. You got the called bullet -- well. -- -- the plane slammed for them to happen on the plane that you keep it -- that's definitely -- -- Keep the Celtics. You can keep. All right also easy when you're registered students before you go to take a shot. Because you're LA guy -- lakers right. In the -- supporting. Okay so elaborately we're gonna talk about the Celtics were talking about the weather in just had a 21 shot. At the Celtics this entity. That's -- like rated cage you all forward Lamar neighbors aren't that good. But keep the Celtics keep the cold -- -- there are you'd keep on the -- Boston College. Armored and we got effort argue we're okay which you keep all that stuff. The web. He shall we really prix -- at Indian military itself -- -- are watching her on Sunday. Can't look at all Jackson and smiles more I know he got like. 380. -- to operate. I'm doing great thanks -- -- You take care that is a -- Shawn Johnson from ESPN's. Sunday NFL countdown and a Monday night countdown.

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