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Troy Brown, Former Patriots WR

Nov 9, 2010|

Troy talked about if he hated the Steelers or Colts more when he played against them, how he looks at the Patriots after a loss to the Browns, that the Patriots defense is still progressing and has things they can improve on, what is the problem with the Patriots wide receiving corps since the departure of Randy Moss, what Tom Brady was like when he played with him, and Brady's subpar performance against Cleveland

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Michael and I figured let's talk football with somebody who actually knows a little bit about it back a lot about it I will tell you this. If funds a Sunday morning you decide to come down this early Johnson and watch NFL Sunday will be there this Sunday from nine to noon. It's usually worth it just to see what color coordinated outfit Troy Brown brings to detail. Because I'm telling you he has always been decked out Michael every single Sunday so far. And you know few absolutely nice let you know those watching. There's got yeah he does he he I mean he's got -- collar coordinates what goes on what those look good play good things are. Like a debt I doubt that materialized like in the -- Leo it's -- about media get you in everything at the that's in and and so -- display in. Had to be just like we would you know audio playing with. And they always questionable -- with this with this fashion and let me ask -- to let this go to a different type of fashion -- -- a team that wears black and gold. And another team that has a horseshoe -- his helmet if this over your career Torre when you were playing the Steelers -- -- playing the colts. -- at the same feeling or did you did you hate one team more than -- Well I say this I grew up I grew up in the stimulus. So that that a deep rooted. -- they hate it. What has been in India itself but by the -- espionage and a lot about where it was students and now it all -- and nobody can come on around them in a couple of missiles its ability to little more deep seated but. You know that when I became a -- the patriot and in. They weren't as they do business you're in an event they got a little bit remove an emu to a ended up before -- and immediately. The a little more because that you could even lead to an indefinite eight net that England night that we need. And again don't you know you can see the clock has come -- -- but you know what to -- about it like that blatantly. Sonic at the because because it's so. And picnic a -- -- And then -- change with it you know people a lot of that stuff and and edged sword coming and abuse went on and and it started because in. It'll. Eight or four -- vote for. -- -- -- -- Which of those two teams did you hate to play against more. -- a duplicate. -- -- Early in my earlier. It's it's early in my career I must say it was the dispute because they were. Noted they were always not always pretty and it. You know on the it'll always weakness and they they've always been net dealt with at that political -- has -- you know we run out and play. -- -- -- -- Go to Cuba at this at equation we didn't -- out -- that are independent spoke Japanese Mike earlier in. Not here you know make you might and that the latter part -- what it but it is that the colts were well we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Troy before Sunday's game -- seven games from the patriots six and one that most patriots fans. I come to except in economy and joy is that kind of team -- like. And after Sunday. Sunday around 434 Clark is that -- -- hand I was a beat down by the browns so. When you're looking at it as an analyst. Do you look at what happened in those seven games and -- -- to the patriots are. Or are you more disturbed discouraged by that one game and you're afraid that that to the page sees. -- can't look at that its board game as secretary -- who they are. In Arabic you Eric noted that in our bill that is so and everything -- about I know what everybody -- to get -- out that the H Alston. Look at what it -- abrupt about it what they've been there not a note you don't -- a candidate who. You know because he didn't any anything that leak the name right now in the lately like. Michael he's texting me the minute the war went to ten now they. He's text at least say this is why you play the game. Exactly you just never know what I am annoyed that respect but I would say that spoke publicly them well. Did the world calls upon seeing need to that. And from the Belichick -- that I'm gonna have a vote on the steps that little will be where they were coached a team and one needed Eric Mangini awaited it's an int -- or it did -- you look on it. So. Ordered a situation where. Haven't gotten quarterback in Cleveland that that -- could be better in the two different for. You know that they that they have almost know almost impossible that in nickel back with we don't report economic summit got you but it took they had all but. And he did bell patent and the spectacle to that mentality that these physical with -- one of the football. And this is unlocked but it at the -- and looked like a report. Look at that particular -- that and they just didn't figure out how to do it -- Middle East that political clout is Neitzel. I would I'm not gonna that it page you can -- them back this one game Colombia in its look Leo. Because technical look back at some gay community and as we went on the have such scenes where you and even -- and and Miami what do you hope that that now they have found that the that the that and demand they were. -- Inevitably the -- we weren't that into. And we -- that -- that they keep us and being in a great football teams like candidates -- -- -- -- one on one thing wanting to be concerned work. There's given up 220 yards -- and -- heavily in the Vietnam's. What do you think of this Patriots defense. Well I happen to -- well -- look at where he came out that -- -- -- against. On reports that and he pretty much food that you -- over look what we you don't and you're in Tibet and meet. And and and that it's a -- by the weakened enough to lose. Really -- indicts and the agencies deal with. -- seen that in. There political map out a bit between them well whether political or they know that that it's not because they were -- late it was because of being not at a place. By the people. And that's a little about this -- does it earned dollar on -- but look at what they're saying they were critical in an end. Not people are in move they move -- and all. So that's worth about this he notes I don't know about as deep as yet there's audience for the epic gotten better -- the -- that and that you know where. It didn't it didn't look that whale on Sunday but I think they have so little room to grow just one of those that and -- -- -- reality what you are. That's -- for more on the little football but I don't look like an element that that seeing as that's going to be. At this critical law or. It'll look at what what. There ought to more or more about the -- that same Baltimore -- -- the team and we were used to seeing it and apparently it's not going back and come back in it in and be. Well you know that the what they -- Then have had read that game either Ed -- is back in and making plays all over the field. Now naturalist about the second best pro receiver ever tomorrow Marshall University. It Randy Moss okay. We've talked about -- and how opens up the field. Okay I think that's pretty pretty self evident he doesn't but you played a patriots teams. I didn't have a rainy months and you guys had the ability to get open. What are you seeing now from these receivers can't just be as simple as that don't have Randy Moss therefore it can't get open what's the problem in your pain. Well. If you want the last few games that that has been. Really the whole problem the start with you know we're going to -- -- He would regain their first -- he would not let you repeat they would attempt. So that that's ample volume from being able to and you want to run -- not -- Anything -- even got one minute and opened at the wake up the plot. -- true. -- you just sector that option would be president but they'll achieve this dual out what you need to be just yet. You know the -- agent that he makes great avid athlete makes -- know what complaint in Edelman and give him credit you know the complete maybe it's -- that was so. There local -- that. Got made great but he not it's Gil butler so you back took place now will be looking for. And outside receivers and but can get out there and make things happen. And lesbian down you know I'm not being completely -- right now they are hurting somebody -- come out there and and be dialogue or plot or a Miller and -- or -- -- will -- -- -- in excellent -- Great -- completely -- mortal. You know and then adequate -- to global equity gains were all. Where. He thought about was what who live in the slot you know he's not able to. Go lots. It's not that come -- -- -- that that was spelled CEU's. That -- on the -- in the slot and and in the and now for whatever reason he's not able to. Separation somebody debacle that open door that lets them open -- you know you could -- the -- You inflate. That the knee injury yet it at all that that it's -- an inability. To. The diplomats and let you know it would look at the east it -- also think that it looks but he wasn't that an aggressive. Somebody's not by luck or not so that that's when they're in right now. And -- -- back to where you know we played a moment ago that really mean that much that the book would get -- really alum. Operate outside as well. They're they're out and alongside him in you know and and the world equivalent number excellent well I want -- that that was that certain. Well another excellent our partner in marriage appear ready Ukrainian. The comprehensive and they begin to get beat in particular order but here and that record. Actually it'll work throughout the we have partnered with a great luck or what -- Wanted to enable both Chuck Knoblauch banquet tickets at all anymore. You know that a billion. You're the only kind of -- -- equitable written that it really. You know separation back them out of that Greg and and and working now in and walk -- Situations so that the bigger that was our right now and and Christine and that -- not submit that you gather a court younger than. The -- because we're back in 2000. You know I'm curious about Tom Brady -- -- one of the few guys in the area in the media who's been huddled with Tom Brady and in meeting room meeting rooms with Tom Brady and practice and so forth. You know in the last two years I've seen him. Totally the totally undressed verbally. Joey Galloway. Wes Welker. Rob Gronkowski. Danny would head I mean he won't get in your faith if he feels like you're not doing the right thing. Was like that we knew when you play with -- I'm -- it was like that in 2001. What was it like that. The last few years you were with them. Well now that all Leo a couple of instances where you know we Canada edits a a pop open the setup -- even at that Indianapolis and that's one of 2006 there in the AFC championship. He got arrested at -- opened a resident. You know economy took a -- out that there and it'll eliminate -- It's been major -- didn't like you know fortunately now I'm like -- out of the court backed up that could. You know particularly at at the bank would eliminate pain. That we don't -- that -- Keeneland but statement with each other in Obama. They value in a situation where he'd -- -- definitely expect with so many young and and the -- -- -- respect is that meant. That he that it -- to you don't really want to say hot streak and is complete 08. Now parents that'll let you get elected to do because. He's got good elements are seen well a lot of capital like -- -- that -- does -- -- -- -- than not it may well route. A little bit short. Oh. And that the Indians in a place where -- very important beat ethnic broke so you don't have a regular separate -- -- -- -- -- talk a little I mean. -- that request very remarkable he really wasn't. That broke with a lot of to look at the date that part yet. Whole -- of antitrust. In on out there that we got yet not can't play. Is just need to hear the book that's what you get the deconstruct the right thing is like the court. Look it he's almost superhuman so when he does have a bad day if it jumps out of all of us. It did he looked like he was normal just throwing the football on Sunday because I saw a lot of passes it guys' feet he just didn't look right throwing the ball. -- but trust and trust a competent it you know and and sort of got you eat poppy second Japanese -- without -- don't wear it. Don't -- it -- eight. You know and and -- what look like me because it won't work either aren't defeat. And are. You know we're not welcome and it doesn't help people when you -- the data test with the it'll look like they're not the president and it's not. And and that is its outlook and you like this so. That a lot of had to do you mean that it's a although I think if you if you put it at that they like about. Got public era on the what you gonna do then -- Japan are not at the top. -- what I hear you saying is that Tom Brady needs more guys like Reche Caldwell and checked. And those kind of receivers and really to really bail about a to ferret. There's this bill. We gonna go with maybe now. -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- they're more so. You know but you know eight it is that it needs. -- -- -- that you -- ethernet built atop the updated that we can trust in the right they were popular and the mother or the Liverpool and the and the equal to -- well he spoke with by the local people well. Would've backed up that those first couple weeks and what situation little political but it and then it -- analog that is so. That it probably wanted to real that's what this young this young football team and the young dad yet -- -- -- -- situation isn't as the sitting pretty. Article -- response. Are you a -- -- we -- -- -- a football game on the road and expert. And -- equal place similar to what you rated critical and oppression growing up as you can you and you know it at Newport back inflate that it recently that -- militants in a lot of -- going to be a mile. Covering it and yet that -- we can do decide to do it in two weeks flat throughout the treatment at pretending that -- -- the victim and a policy. I just sit here on Tuesday. These next two games what do you see one and 12100. Into what do you think. The next few weeks it to. Look -- Bergen who Indianapolis hills yet. Meant. What a little while we're -- -- look alike operating in a league. -- has these EM out in Frederick fox grosso. Is -- -- you know they they on now so. But I'm really work on this one at this or not this is so -- major update. You know that that the world -- -- -- -- even. You know people with -- -- -- -- -- that it wouldn't want to put an end and an -- game and it's. They got all the -- -- on both the ball and gladly just I'm. You know I mean that what epic about a monopoly Mike if they've been -- you know what they move the ball at times -- that -- When the system that it. Not -- as -- as. Well. That the part about me use you have a result million dollars and an amnesty to about the land. It's and that's where you'll play yet at -- -- look -- indebtedness that we're no longer. A lot of speed up the aggregate politically in place so. That that game bottom line and and that it and -- that that's the lemon and we don't see -- we look the other angle well we don't look at the first couples who uses that it was in the the political scene like that. -- -- Final question from me based on your experiences with the patriots and -- Bill Belichick -- What was said what was the atmosphere light within the the complex yesterday down -- July. Well -- that he got most it is. First there's no on the football -- at that game also need a lot along. So I think that there you'll probably you probably am a little bit more. You know we're under current he'd welcome in this week with a lot of expert like in so we look at Columbia. And tell them if they didn't -- the it can be successful. That he didn't -- a publishing -- long -- Well a long night and become recognized. So -- not so much is -- room with them apart right now. But probably more -- -- just signal me. What -- what albeit that the week and it also an ad that's kind of what they think they let me let for the week and then the moral compass. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and knowing your responsibilities so that you gotta put that I don't. We'll all England -- -- on the Olympic and out of the most interesting. And you're not going to be that -- about what happened is that but he can. Why we always appreciate time I'll see you Sunday morning. But you take -- thanks that is up former patriots wide receiver Troy Brown joining us.

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