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Doc Rivers Pregame

Nov 8, 2010|

Doc Rivers and Sean Grande's conversation prior to Celtics/Mavs in Dallas on Monday Night

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Welcome back to Lexus Celtics tonight at the American Airlines Center not to be confused with American Airlines Arena where ruby on Thursday at Dallas tonight and recognize the fact that part too. Our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers what year are usually ask this question but people do ask -- of me. When you see -- team for the first time like this on the second night of back to back. What is the mechanism of preparation how do you get prepared. To -- team that you could not possibly have seen. Well we've seen on -- They play the other night we watched that game. You know even -- you prepare for Oklahoma in the start watching Tuesday. Which is what you have to do when you have -- backed. I think this is tough on the players a lot of ways and they go from Oklahoma to this morning we're sitting in the ballroom with Terry. -- basketball court walk over plays and that makes it. We have. Watch the evolution Dirk Nowitzki over the years. And one ever when your team has talked about as being old and have an older players a lot of miles on. Thirteen -- the -- miles but he still seems as effective as he was three years ago five years ago beyond. Yeah -- doesn't mean I don't I haven't seen any slip them on principally for sure. You know it's amazing when you think about him remind you Garnett in some ways his younger days that just keep changing players around him but he keeps doing the same thing. My this the coaching staff the players he says that target those butler. As the head coach itself the two mavericks it's next on the WEEI Celtics radio network -- -- to our conversation with the head coach -- brought to you as always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. More ways. You better. First half. Best two quarters -- and it's like we're the best quarter we've seen this year over last quarter I thought the first quarter it was four point. Weird -- almost a quarter. But we're getting great shots in the second quarter that last seven minutes of the second quarter was as good as we can play at least at this point. If the correlation to affect the success efficiencies it pace -- absolutely not only these. As far as pushed the ball club also pleased when you first our first option of -- -- between the second and third quarter we started -- to inspect. In the third quarter that means -- -- -- -- one option you know where in the second quarter we're all averaged 1617 -- such. Well the bit wanna game last night and -- -- they eventually -- the only did but one I. Wouldn't change would need here these last two games that you've been more aggressive you know -- in the that they it is. Or. You know we we won on the run the ball club but I wanted to be aggressive offensively. I think he starred in the fine it nice balance and a total distance it looked look the school. Yeah and everything else I'd rather be the guided -- you Baghdad upwards of it is it of their different place for him do you have to. Maybe change the way you think about that spot when he's out there -- You know offices a lot of the gross stuff which. You know we don't do with you but we do with them and we try to to implement that and then a lot of them down through him even though he starts off well. When those with the various injuries -- Fred said he may have to play Mormon thing you probably -- -- to put. He was -- bit less I know this seems a little trite but the fact that -- -- he seems to have won over his teammates and they really seemed to be behind him and his success I can't hurt. -- that helps I mean he's a good kid and they problem they like the way you can -- They they know he's popular language on alert -- style -- play. And he never complained. They're really worked and I think our guys really appreciate it perky tune that gather movement of the basket more reasonable -- what right now it is. -- image of the takes them awhile but. You know it's funny in the three point blaze that took forever Burnett. Five part two of our conversation with a head coach coming up will talk with a Dallas Mavericks in our first look at them on the second -- back to back when we -- tarmac to gothic arch. Around the NBA they why Stephen Jackson 50000 dollars lighter that's next WEEI. Celtics radio network.

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