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Bill Belichick, NE Patriots Head Coach

Nov 8, 2010|

Bill Belichick joins the Big Show to discuss Sunday's disappointing loss to the Cleveland Browns, Logan Mankins return and the upcoming game against the Pittsburg Steelers.

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I -- -- the big show it's patriots Monday and has always -- down here Gillette Stadium SP alive presents the no nonsense conversation with -- couch joining us right now the coach of the patriot Bill Belichick. Mr. Belichick are you doing today. I don't all right her all right Clint but coach Fred stated I don't know if I -- was ugly right from the right from the beginning of her a lot of players today talk about it who say it was a bad week. When you try to assess it today. And go through and break it all down. What do you take into consideration. In trying to figure out what went wrong. And did something go wrong during the course of the week maybe the attitude maybe the approached by some of the players that play into something like them. -- -- -- -- it was an attitude thing I just think we didn't. We we obviously didn't play well. Or perform well at any level coaching playing Ernie -- And analyst with six -- in the week in practice that's part of that we just. It -- have a great week of practice and we we certainly didn't. And perform well yesterday it's obvious so. It's gotta go back to work and and improve on at this -- of one of the big plays at the turn the tide against who has -- cosmic waves reflect it was she called off on that. 'cause the running back and run up in the air force and looked like he had -- offered to scroll back up and and he has a minute just to recall -- for on the obviously we we had a miscommunication on the play were dismissed an -- -- so. You know it's months. Think everybody's a little bit you know that'll that are responsibility and that we just gonna do better -- -- coach a better via. Communicated ex Cuban -- field did you was close is the -- these games have been you'll see this. To a three plays in the game can change entire time I you have the ball back you down by three they get the ball in down by ten and that that especially at that. You know juncture of the games and -- snowballed on. Yeah well no question that's Vick -- to turn over there and then we we have a lot of other opportunities in the game. Similar to that maybe in the maybe not quite that they -- similar to that we're we just weren't able to take advantage government that you know generally when that's the case that that probably. You know means that we just in -- do things wrong. Eggs inside the of the locker room have you just at the fumble on the two yard line could grab some momentum back what you. Not specifically but generally when you are you talking to Timor or after the usual process of which. Well it does this thank you halftime. The game was really played out about the way that we thought it would go into -- that they were. Noon for him actually expected to do and I still think we're all so. Which the -- everybody's you know that it gave Conan. It just to do things better that we you know we're down my tendon but it -- like we were. -- -- gamer thing we just. We just need to do better job and we are doing. Does that do you Rebecca look at the film Colt McCoy. Pretty mobile quarterback you had a couple opportunities big game changing opportunities. -- 25 yard line steady rules don't throws to attend another sucker -- spikes can report to stand up and goes on in the eighth and runs a for touchdown. Was the technical breakdown there I am on the right shoulder or just to break down -- spikes because those of blitzes that came clean foot. Look like we just -- -- dismissed on the you're right that third four was a day when that led to a touchdown that it looked like your -- in those opportunities sack on that would ban field goal opportunity and when that was it -- it was tense at that point so the mcdougals thirteenth seven week we drive it down. You know it'll hang on -- ball -- -- on behalf in a wicca. Reasonably I think with couple plays different you know we couldn't. At the lead or been a lot closer to him at halftime but. Let's again those were good plays by -- mistakes by so we get too many governments. In the end it'll just. When it when you just don't do things well over lawmakers' time -- With a twenty point loss amounts. That's what was -- -- vote to show you mentioned last week Peyton hills and warned us that he was a low and yet. This defense has done a good job stopping some good running backs including one a week ago. What happened was through with -- -- where the break downs there there was just individual stolen again world responsible for we just. Coaches players. Times that was took responsibility technique sometimes tackling. We just. In the end we just obviously didn't do their job Leo. We ever for -- bitterness in the it seemed when vin was on -- -- was -- -- what we were attracted to little more and actually move them back into the look like to read it in straight ahead guys with. And double -- of the most -- we'll get me out of -- to remove any vacuum that they expect in the because of that. What you -- Bruno and always. -- we got and troubled so rotation situations were out their -- trying to play. -- -- and mobile defense alignment as we end up in on the field for -- more than we wanted to be with. Some of the drives in third down conversions and that'll so. Events is a versatile guy he can really play. All three positions across the Borden and moving him arousal that a function of -- who also scenario Ron -- of -- left and and and he he stepped in and then did a decent job -- than than against an afternoon events down and so on. When things are going -- like that as it were. Is there any thing. Specific you can point to you for your team that that has to happen that you they have to make happen to. Stay on the title biz or anything in particular. That you might one point. I -- blogger on the silent. Well I think the most important thing that's situations is they don't want play at times I mean you can't. Gimmick of ten point lead and -- play it's impossible that you can. Just concentrate on this play have one good play -- than have another one after that they -- you know start stringing them together and I think that's and that's really what you wanna try to do. And we have a few of those we just couldn't obviously put an awful together. Really change the way things are gone so I think that that's -- approaches to swampland at time. And try to get you know get a few strong together where you can start to regain a little bit of momentum and confidence -- and get things back to where. You you feel more you know more even -- You used you warn us last week also to. To watch out for some trick plays that they always tomorrow which replaced and they did come up that play with Stuckey and encrypt. Can they get away with that more than once you've seen that play always the whole offensive line is standing up that you seen that anywhere on video. That they hadn't run -- this year but I think there was a situation where there trying to substitute and then. The defense of teams is that ended -- -- time mountain and that looking back on that probably. Let's try to play -- they were so the play him -- call then that they never lined up in the formation you can ever elusive player development. -- measures some they've been working on for awhile and you know we obviously had played very well -- and they're able you know get around the corner and you know Cunningham was an analyst kept -- from behind him early -- turned back and we'll both of these guys that they would be confused with a. As always a nose tackle was -- on the ball see the senate come down put -- -- of the ball were backed him up. A lot of two kids who got the linebackers and linemen stand straight up with a quarterback comes up look -- some guys that's going on the -- Who knows who has which is handled ball. But I do admit if I were now that I probably wouldn't of put -- my stance Kazuo standing up straight kinda like chatting very casually. -- well this guy. -- standing up kind of sold at the fact that they looked like they were confused so. I guess the normal tendency is. That you stopped playing when you see the other team confused how do you deal with how do you obviously -- -- -- on the same play but the team's gonna run stuff like that. How do you drilling in your guys that he you got to continue to play in the situation like that. Well it's no different than any any pleasantly coach wants and put the -- honorable and razor -- we'll discuss stands on its now. Shorts now. Shotguns now wildcats now whatever it is you do -- up the blog you know and Tom does that. -- but you're right if the guy's a standing up you -- detectors and don't they can't come off the ball the standing straight up now. Hoosier offense this Randy Moss -- the boos for the field. Well there is no doubt ran as a player equivalent reporters on office thank our ability to move the ball score points. -- the we've we've been able to do that. And do as much when it's he has. It's. And missed some opportunities as they better management -- when they came all the fourth on the there were up by ten. And they were on their side of the field and do you think you're gonna -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- and exported out or to get you guys went out. What was the thought process going through that when saw them. In the first quarter really came on the fourth -- -- first quarter rather allspice Taylor. Yeah we Ellis fourth and short and look like they're trying to draw south side and then when they spread out. Then you know the next thing you gotta be alert forest that day -- quarterback sneak it and that's that's -- we are looking for we just than obviously playing well enough so. They picked that up but that's. That was the play in the like a lot of things just that it did a better job on the way to cool McCoy. Roll out the popular I haven't seen much from Mr. -- some of the plays he made in similar react you know his reaction to the defense in his execution -- Well beyond anything I've seen a rookie he played extremely well suppresses situations rule out with pressure on him. Well yet it you know they try to get out of pocket on on. On some place and they did that that done in the past couple weeks bootleg plays and stuff like that they scrambled a couple times but. Think that was that -- wasn't anything was unexpected you know he's still have to defend me and him on the movement. And find the receivers on those pass plays that extend a little longer because he he buys time ago pockets so. You know that that's an issue that there wasn't. Mean those aren't the plays we've seen before places in them on or versions of and wages. So it is who's gonna do their job bill with the injury to Pakistan -- -- -- -- real kicker in this week. Well we might we have we don't know exactly where we are with -- we'll take a look at it and Nancy -- and -- -- can't -- and we obviously do it but. For how long that would be it's you know in other part of it but -- system -- question right now are there enough -- -- -- Detroit apparently is bringing in different -- and today. They obviously need one as well does that make it more difficult or there -- enough guys that you could. You can use for a couple of weeks it. Woolsey dolce. We've we've worked out players at every position over the course of the first day weeks of the regular season. Will either reliance on that information or or possibly bring one of the ones we've or maybe one loans we didn't have -- on how the you know what what's available out there and and -- situation if we determine that he's now available. That it could this week coaching there's a lot of people call ball to hum. Yelled at some guys are talking to instruct them how much confusion is it. Causes a lot of new guys out there with the routes that run the routes should be wrong with Tom you know -- back most of it wouldn't admit mistake and want. -- a lot some miscommunication with all these young kids in new kids out there was some of the execution with the with the offensive game -- throws -- pass the concern. Well Leo we had a troubled mom please just prefer that word. 11 player follows one thing and in the other players thought it was something else and so. Well we've we had a couple of those. I don't think it's a question of new players over. Think it's just the question of actual you know actually here in the play or. Making sure the here in the right thing sometimes words might sound a little bit similar we try not to let that happen. And China have -- code words beat distinct but every once all you. No player I think he heard one thing that it was actually something now Olsen and that cut things so. And I think it's the new players and it's just the actual. Hand signals or verbal communication the end of clear and and personas and the host. It wasn't hurt right cornerback was covered them with a lot yesterday if you've seen that before you into space in a lot of. Well Eric writes relive their. He's their nickel -- he always plays in sides so. Because Aaron lined up and it inside position. You know in a lot of formations that he's in -- on and if they treated him as a receiver which they which they did clearly then. That he that these -- would matchup wrong if the formation were set up differently than. He would be on which he was also you know -- -- so. Or it was on element right on the play on the interceptions so he he basically that line at the inside why overseer in the formation of apathy. Based on who we -- it more clear more teams who treat him like a receiver even though -- that's really the way most teams had to have treated them you know last week in in the Minnesota's Winfield. So I think. -- teams are looking at him as -- it receiver. More than a -- college we do with more -- Cleveland. So certain that your friends of planned going that you guys more coverage and blitz look like -- with very much. They did both. -- both say they ransom man coverage they ran some pressure -- ransom zone pressure in the -- days they also dropped off and entering in Russian. And placements on a man with that so it I think the idea was it was the mix it up and to just try to keep the offense off balance and not not just keep doing the same thing but. Try to give same look and do different things or or give a couple different books and did the same thing. Got a lot of young players in the past you've had a lot of veteran presence stop that you don't have some of it right now. But there's a lot made last week you can eroded off six and one half to seven -- -- won anything. But could appear that some young players kind of bought into some of that hype build one maybe got a little too comfortable. Well that and those come from around here so you know again we generally worry about wouldn't let you know all the external. Opinions and and commentary is them in the most import whether it's good or bad this -- that both men most important thing is focus on the the job to him scheme or plan preparation. That we have for the week and do the job on that and that's that's really what we emphasize every day every week and think our players understand that this must commentary is there is. You know externally -- well that's good or bad it's not really. Really that pertinent to our preparations which in which run through -- before you know. They react to one or the other. Israel always talk dual everyone talks about trap game I played but games roll tough teams come down -- Cleveland haven't been winning. -- the guys taken lightly you really like you said the exact same way -- -- the size -- the emphasized they think well it was not one of the Cleveland that would indicate that they'd -- played. You know great game against the world's two weeks ago. And had a bye week and and their record come off the eyes and an outstanding was last year in the and -- ended -- having a strong finish of the season so. And we will we knew there -- good football team we use on play well against the world's. End and we knew that there room -- a good team with extra time to prepare and get healthy and although like all in all teams that won them -- -- and that's always you know good time the come into the next game and have that actually preparation next week for but it it'll help yourself we I don't think that was an issue. House put this one in the rearview mirror we'll take a 92 break when we come back we'll look at Sunday night's opponent it's the Steelers will take a -- of that coming up next. Accurate Gillette Stadium in Foxborough -- patriots money -- black and -- British girl is Steve Deossie coach Bill Belichick -- Monday's session with the coach. Sunday night game in Pittsburgh Steelers I was team you guys know quite well. Almost feels like a revisionist does doesn't. Like Indianapolis and seems like a division earnings often. -- that they went -- -- -- you don't you know other another team that. Based on this last game in the fact that Cleveland had such a an easy time running the football against your defense. And is that the team that likes to run football little bit teams do that they emphasized a week is based on something that they have just seen from the last game because of it looks three weeks ago. You guys defended the run quite well. Well functional tests. Should do justice. There when everything and also their quarterback is tough got to bring down so he -- just the core -- saw some of the you know the bigger guys out Lieberman who throws better and oppression and you know. But that's one thing than really visited all of this Pakistan poppies are got to bring down and then he scrambles audience's eyes downfield and and his good on the people's on this panel's. I'm sure will attest -- When -- talked about Pittsburgh. You know we're the ones that probably helped write the -- ball hits and -- because arsonist. Because of -- and they bring pressure and they have all kinds of different stuff lime and how difficult it is. To defend a team that brings all those different variations on defense -- Well they -- they -- -- -- -- -- -- combinations and I certainly have to. Make sure you have your body count four to one of those guys listen. We look and the big negative player turnover so protection and assignments in the running game making sure you have to have on everybody at Harvard law that via but the key force against the Steelers no question. We'll speak Buick he look -- -- last week in the movements. Two rotation rooms with. I think Logan had a good week of practice he you know got a lot of reps and and and played a significant amount in the game yesterday so. Its first I think that those continue to improve hello little more work and so forth and I think it is good job but he'll you know I'm sure that there. On -- surely better and and I think there are things they can definitely do better but he. What's good about it certainly didn't. If you're right enemy that looks like the communication was -- them they were the movement properly and making mistakes not surprising and have any training camp. Any games and housing guys stay in pressure offensive -- or four guys are gonna do that -- offense to live acoustic thing is working together as a unit -- healthier. By yourself trying to work out that's that's not very easy what. No that's right about one thing that's still a challenge I mean we had a couple things come up that. And I think we'll handle more smoothly. Going forward but. Logan's a smart guy and and he has a lot of experience in our system and so there's not a lot of new terminology here. Not a lot of changes in an offensive line blocking schemes or pass protections are. On a blitz pickups and things like that from what it's been in the past so it's just more question of him get -- timing in in getting the you know the recognition and in the timing down that it is you know learning a lot of little gonna do on this you know -- that. I think that part of it came back from pretty quickly it's just more of you know CNN that that game speed and and make adjustments -- pass and stunts off with -- his teammates there with Copeland and with a light. So forth both in the running game and passing game that that's that's where it. That that timing rule. You know term growth -- -- in there at right tackle for nearly a few times. Was that the rest it was a good test trial mode right side of the coast -- those as a really kind of a three man rotation their all three. You know all all three guys like. Pittsburgh Steelers defense stingy once again. What difference does Troy Polamalu home make out there on that field with -- defense. Clinics the difference he's the very instinctive player they give -- Freedom. Or he can. You know. Policy do things on his own but do things on zone he he gets around reed and he might have a coverage possibility that he. Villages and shoot the captain and try to make the player and and he's very good at disguising coverages on -- He walks around line of scrimmage in the hands of the 1520 or its deep so he's a he's a hard got to key on he's a playmaker and and he's he's very instinctive he if he can -- something now feel. You know he'll hit and a lot of times you don't have accounted for because that's not we're supposed to be but he just. Anticipates the play and and his aggressive and and we'll try to make it's sometimes a because he does Biden thinks you're so aggressive surgery at. By play call to get him up behind him he'll rule why don't some stuff from me. It it it he will and and that that sounds good it's just the question of being who would get the right thing at the right time because they they mix it up a lot of sometimes he. Like -- sometimes is up there and any goes Steve sometimes he's up there he blitzes sometimes these companies and he's in you know short -- responsibility so they he does a good job of keeping on less than and in their scheme they have a number different things for him to do so you never know. For sure weather's going to be on the strong side on the weak side -- You know it exactly your weather's gonna drop down middle and so fine and handle that problem is are often the ones -- have been in the past. That they do -- job you do your job they're big they're physical and then you know electoral on the ball of course -- get -- adding kind of control the game where they can run it throw on their terms than. Then there are more effective so they've they've got a good. -- good group for receivers good good running game good offensive line. They're they're pretty well balanced. With the new offices unto themselves but with the emphasizing the -- of hits on the quarterback. How do you do with a guy like Ben Roethlisberger who can escape from so many situations. Through strength and and and size how how you do with your -- players in that situation. Well he's certainly challenge in and its tough as you know Steve when you've got a big guy like that if if you don't. If you don't knock them down many just kinda keeps going and get -- your -- breaks out of the your grass than in the keep plays alive. And but if you go in there and hit them and and knock them back in and it's late then so you gotta. You gotta be careful about that just make sure you're really you know conscious of what -- you know when the whistle blows and and all that but also. As far as is where you hit them I mean we know by the rule that you can humble the shoulders and you can't -- needs and and he can't launching a helmet for so those things are in play whether it's. This quarterback or any other quarterback you've got if you keep your head up to go to C which isn't. And and not lead with Hellman and keep your your contact between the knees the shoulders and that's. That's -- we have to deal with every. We're back but that's. And insisted discipline at defense of players that and that's not always easy because of the receivers or runners -- Cornerbacks whoever is were hidden is our move another fall -- that was -- or whatever it's. It's not always a real clean situation and they have to just try to adjust the stay within the rules -- go back to we're concerned about the southern. Rowland talking about Ben Roethlisberger. Because a lot of guys are. You think there within the grasp and then you're gonna get the whistle -- it's gonna stop that I don't mistake because he's got the ability. -- can continue to -- three guys on the shoulder. That he might -- -- dog whistle. Immediate talk about that would -- players say we -- treat this -- a little bit differently that you know normally guys in the grass this guy. Maybe buys a little bit more time from the officials because of his ability to break loose. Well I think the big thing is used he's got a really wrap them up and make sure you get them and that's. It's not easy he's in uneasy got to bring down so that's that's a big challenge but -- you always have to be alert for the whistle on. And hits in the pocket and all that we know that they're gonna call that close every week -- girls who the quarterback is or. How big or little guy is don't think it really matters we know that's going to be a close call on. This defense -- have to be. If -- really be alerted and and pay attention to we're hitting the guy in and how you're at them zone that's that's him Susan. We always talk that there's nothing new there just more. This part -- aware of so. They're right because a charge of fifty grand if you make mistakes it's seems -- Very difficult thing to do with me tell you guys trying to hit -- Like last week and five hits him in the chest it slides up to the minute drawing it's miserly 500 dollars. -- -- -- But we. Cautious that you don't want all of the -- guys stop putting us on Dallas last active safety pulled awful one in the guy ran for touchdown. You don't wanna -- and so cautious but they're not gonna hit attack you know the -- about -- mr. and -- fine. Well right we we we definitely don't wanna do the same time. Defense solely on our jobs to get the go with the ball down so. But again I think the big coaching point is just to do it. It's the right way yet to do properly and and then there will be a problem. When your on the defenders are careless when they they put their head down they try to. Well basically when they'll see what they're hitting and then -- they have a chance at somewhere in the not supposed to. Time right now for its its coach's question that we brought you by auto trader dot com compare new and used cars side by side. Auto trader dot on the ultimate automotive marketplace and prop partner. Patriots football Steve's got this week's question throws for its current -- future is -- ventricular back. That's there's I want my very good scores and more. Subjects today. Tom Brady's throwing the ball as well as has. I think so thank mom's arms does deliveries -- inaccuracies and enough of escort who's going to stumble into question had to go. They stole from -- -- -- -- just I just into the -- of the public consortium moment I mean you're in a public beyond what's been for the public at a right into the popular -- -- -- spokesman Edward -- -- good -- gonna Sunday -- on -- -- of -- Monday -- sounds good thanks go to Bill Belichick right here on patriots Monday an eviction.

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