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Nov 8, 2010|

Tom Brady joins D&C to talk about the loss to the Browns, his struggles in the passing game and who is the most interesting person on his team

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Agent Monday rolls on copy with the quarterback who brought you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts joining us on the AT&T -- -- what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Everything possible by Tom. Good morning guys they are wondering and I know you and most NFL players hate the term trap game somebody who used the term. Up but but I think human nature might have been at play here yesterday to begin with this question where it's on. As a highly competitive person who plays in this league. Which is less distasteful for you this morning admitted to being physically outplayed and dominated by an opponent. Or perhaps being psychologically. Lulled in the some. False sense of security as you watch the entire Brown's coaching staff went back -- with a replay on the other sideline. Yeah well right now I think they they answered the door back with just -- I don't think we did. Really anything well in any phase of the game so. No I I don't think it's it's one of those games that we took lightly. Adult that. -- that we knew we referred thought but he is the -- against started. After the first but reform and certainly the kind of game going to be for the for the rest that they don't we just. We just didn't. To about. -- anything in the game offensively. Two. Put drives together and sustain drives and eventually get bored and so go to it the first shouldn't say there's no doubt about it. -- elect a lot better. We we played yet but we got a lot to improve -- we that we face and it's unfortunate is great opportunity for a team that. You know had been struggling this year that we just we just couldn't do enough out there in the -- It took to play well. That's what happens when you don't play and let the thing that you know you can -- -- Point two -- time position. Lou oh that'll. And can think you can -- out -- in which you can you can you can play poorly and expect when we reported that. Talk to the extent that you can I don't know you but -- viewer at home watching on television a football game to the extent that you could identify a team that has a more passion. Up more pace more energy it seemed obvious even on the television they were playing at a different pace the new work new -- on the sidelines could you feel that when you're in the game. Not necessarily a minute while we we it's we did some things they're significantly in the dean in the first in. On the second epic about you know we're expecting -- on the field does not make enough plays to do that though. I wouldn't think you know what would get people excited. In motivated. And they can place. And not make that big upland. -- We just weren't able to do that so. Yes they -- I don't give them a lot of credit they played very well as a teen. As special teams -- -- separate. -- passively -- That you it's a pretty good offensively it is so well that there was. No really any phase of our game. One today. That's that's hardwood for organs that. We often ask what's the best way to an attack Tom Brady let office -- -- given time what do you you do blitz to pressure him anyway possible. I guess we know the answer in -- Cheney's mind is it seem like you had time on the drop a lot of guys in the coverage. Is it is that accurate to say that -- just that so many guys back there that that was tough to find an open receiver. Well you know I think that they they take their point in themselves and they let them and they didn't. You know what. Whatever they do choose to do it -- we've got that we got to do a better job against no doubt about that when they choose to drop we have more we got on the we. When they let. -- -- quick. And or complete so. Just not a consistent basis if they would to have. Those critical third down spectrum up there and widgets that connect. After the game Mangini said that. He they went with -- an entirely different game plan defensively from first after the second because they knew you would suggest is that unusual. You know that's what they choose to do I mean they they really have they. You know it they've had two weeks to prepare -- put a lot of the game and they were. All. You know coach and believe all the stuff that we consult in the first. You know don't worry they got a lot more stuff in the second. So. And he told us he told us all week and we as players we if we just. Too many plays out there that does that play. In all phases of the game and the -- -- -- overcome. Arsenic in that place at some point we gotta -- -- Make plays that are gonna win again. That's that's what comes out here and it'll it'll plays. You have enough playmakers to make those plays. I certainly thinks so -- better. All season long we gotta get the ball in play makers and we gotta get the ball. There's guys that have proven what they can. -- what they can do less of a consistent basis so. But as we did that yesterday at times we didn't and -- we're gonna keep. Where we gotta go back there. Go back to work this week yet equally challenging game if not more challenging in order to Steelers -- as their principal. Look we gotta focus on that's also what it takes. -- to get better. Because we -- -- better place that in late this week to play more like the team that we have been playing this year which is a smart physical. And I would say weekly top order physical. -- You know yes in and that is that those are straight if we simply. Tom because of all your previous previous success when we see the short to medium -- passes a little bit off the mark summit of receivers beat some just off their fingertips it stands out by its by its very nature. How much of that. Is an off day by Tom Brady just throw on the football. Or the -- evilness of new receivers in the system. Well I mean we'd like to complete a ball in and we have opportunities -- to do it and I've got to do it got to put the ball right on the money and making -- drastic action so. You know it's just a matter protect he can and get the -- those guys but they can run with. That's where it's we're gonna do better -- -- Do you feel like you've been less accurate the last couple weeks with some of the short medium stuff. You know we haven't completed a real well that. I got to do better would do in that city. He got to watch a film -- the technique in in. And then make those corrections. When one do you know that you know you're in trouble do it. As a team obviously when you give a rookie quarterback a lead in makes his job easier but. There was or one point where you have that like that Apollo creed moment we knew like rocky was in for real fight -- look at each other and say they were in for a fight here we -- wake up. Sure sure but I think from the opening kickoff thing you know we're doing it for a fight and if -- is that good team they beat the -- You know third attempt at home but I think -- by mistake then and they take advantage of and you know when you see the last two weeks -- what is they didn't do anything to beat themselves yesterday. They'll turn it over pretty good on third down. Effectively -- -- -- and they played. So -- to a -- that you were you feel like you were prepared you knew they were capable this. Area where there are plenty here and in we were forewarned. Fifty times last week. -- that we got it we gotta take the coaching a lot better in the back plane where we need to play. If we don't then that's the -- so. -- -- -- and so then we can do anything we. You know we don't we played like we played yet -- You know we we you know we we know it will play better than that but we -- go out there and do it I think that. There's there's there there's a lot of pressure that are -- with put on a weekly basis to perform better and we're gonna grow up they're trying to do with this week in its start in practice and having good practices with the temple in particular what would do that brought. We can play with the anticipation. Play with energy and excitement that we know we're don't know political play well. It Tom after you a pretty stagnant and ineffective first quarter. Early in the second you get sacked by Rubin and then things started to click you should remove in the football. About the -- -- you may be Tom needed to get the snot knocked out of him to get Golan and it seemed to be the case. 107. You make a case that if the ball is and put on the ground. At the end of the second quarter on the fumble with a three yard line may be this thing turns out differently maybe take a different psychological motivational. Energy approach and the second -- Well you know that's obviously scoring plays a big plays. There were a lot of pleasure at the that we could do a better job -- I always. One player we lost by you know report such so. I. One place in May -- If you allow for the fact that that -- kickoff return the second half of the Miami game release or to want a bigger and better things maybe that isn't quite the blow out it was -- Tate doesn't do that. On the opposite side of that if you give you know it's seven teams in fourteen at the half maybe two different football game. Yeah I mean we we you could say that you could always say it out but there's a lot of plays that I think you know okay well we know if if we. It's tend not to that we get the ball offensively and go to on the field and scored first drive that -- go -- -- -- -- and it's the project to do so in other. You could do that okay you can do that the whole day. When you look at. Each individual polygamy in there it would not have possession. Of -- oh we we were 30% for Obama. We do much. That he needs 21 that's -- and again and so. That I was I was. Not a good performance by. Hopefully we put together better once we certainly have played better. Previous game. What is pointless but yes. Other couple plays that I took note of an -- whether you can or will -- willing to explain -- what happened but there was the but the blog plate with would hit in the fourth quarter. And a few plays after that on the first and fifteen to 38 there was this sort of ducked -- fell on the middle the field to Welker grabbed your wrist in some sort of the monster to fashion. Can you tell us what those plays were supposed to be what went wrong -- what's it mean when you grab your Reston and you're looking at Welker to on the field. Are those are just miscommunication that we had this kind of typified the statement we know I would think it went -- You know. The other guys were thinking of things so. In that comes up work. You know -- the pace the play that we're trying to do and rush through things and not really communicate. And be on the same page when you don't do that -- -- bad plays and plays that don't go well that. In -- back at a typified her day in. You know that's unfortunately. It should be is is. Everybody not playing and on the same page. But I get the -- had not being on the same page Tutsis revenues of the system. You'll Welker are very rarely not think in the same thing and a football game Tom. Yeah well that happens. In Africa. You know we're we're gonna do we're gonna correct that somebody do -- -- You know communicate better and that's my role in. It's also to get -- get both the guys that or are. Productive and consistent throughout you know we're gonna continue work so. A quick six and -- -- the -- point of the season for a and we know that we still haven't played. No great sixty minute game. And I look forward to us what we do that duke and can we can put together. Pretend that -- -- that we can put together we duplicate the at which it keeps sputtering you know and quarters counselor in this case okay. Did you watch the sideline celebration with the men -- and Dave ball -- right and Ron Brian and do you think they went a little overboard. You know that's I know I know I know each of those guys well well. You know that they were celebrate like that would they were our coach -- front when gained so it's just their personalities. And sure they wanted to. You know over the they went -- yesterday in terms of history. It wouldn't play well he could do whatever you want a result of -- we went. And calm them down we could spend -- -- played well below that. You know they they deserve it they they they want they they did the right thing they did with thing you do when we didn't. In that a -- along these. And we got a lot of football player and we've got to make a commitment to give that are out there on the practice field so that it can carry over -- He said after the game Mangini said when Tom knows what you're in he'll take you apart we tried to disguise things so we couldn't get comfortable. Is that does that sum it up I mean -- you did did they make you uncomfortable in the pocket not what pressure but with coverages. Well and I think there's different ways to do that means you. They they didn't -- -- whatever they did was work though congratulations to in. That they. They're well coached teams so. We weren't very productive offensively -- very consistent. And we got to correct it. -- you we we often talk in basketball guys in the rookie wall Christa sees in the MBAs so much longer. Then in college and go from like thirty games to 8090 games. This you worry about that football guys like grown -- skin and then this I mean do you you. Help them advised them to move them so they don't reach that point where that season just seemed to be dragon because it's so much longer than -- used to. You know coach Belichick that the great drop that -- From from my standpoint you know -- I think he goes certain guys and and -- as a young player to stay focused but they're not going on there you know thirteen or fourteen game that he's in the world and perhaps with. There in the preceded by a week no problem before we go -- also. We have played football for a long time in terms of this. Since. In mid July. No coach or that spoke often doesn't start of October. Accusing them sort electric Thanksgiving. And we've reached Thanksgiving so we still got to be. Much sharper. Sort of be that good football team we get approved we that we basis. You're only as good injured last game and you know we were great in we were great unit -- there further. You know five now we we can't do it saying. You know we you know we're gonna we're -- terrible terrible coaches and players. We know what the truth is the truth is when we play well we're pretty good. We played poorly were as bad as anybody else so we gotta make more than effort to play well. On a consistent basis. And -- hope we've got that this week. As bitter taste as there is in your mouth and I mean your team's collective mouth that you walk into the facility today. -- -- project what must be like to be a member of the cowboys of the bills. To walk in the facility every Monday haven't -- your ass handed to you and trying to geared up to do it again and not repeat history the following Sunday. And now it's stuff and that you know -- In the first were six and do. It with most miserable -- you -- about the you can believe that. -- to be 1708. Because. Like competitive guys a lot of really good football players on the 41 reason that they're. That's something and find ways to win them suddenly lose and we've always. Try to beat the and that by at least went in the we -- do the world and we played the way we played yet today we played that we will be nobody. So. What will we take from it is -- -- we just can't play. A place where we -- we. You can't have that communication out there we've got to be able to convert the etiquette of Tibet expert -- A lot of things that we are well over the course of the week when they come up with -- If we don't then we're gonna keep -- And so we have to too many good players into that coaches. Reluctantly would -- It's -- watch and there are a trick play yesterday the -- the -- the brownie or whatever you wanna call it occurs to me that there's not a lot of preparation. That we see out of the patriots. Exception that direct snap to the running back. -- thereto -- corporation in the playbook and you guys just don't. Use it at this point or is it not really there. Yeah there's there's we we have some in there and we've been playing -- reverses this year. You know we've run you know -- equal vote passes. -- But quite a few of that and maybe not yesterday we can see a lot of it -- successful looks great I mean the wildcat now. Every team was a little while chemical figured that that nobody in Europe on oil soaked. You know someone who works it's great no it doesn't work it's not great and and that we we've got to. You know whatever we choose to call whether it's accurate player -- the don't know or play action pass. We gotta gotta we desperately to place. That we will -- -- tonight Tom we just watch and and the root for like lots injuries or. Who will you avenue you're on what Cincinnati got Pittsburgh do you just want it's the bank to take a lot out of them. -- do you care who wins. I don't really care who wins -- -- think that. You know that when I watch and it's very little left. You know late years need help from somebody that I. Know what you're gonna see out of the game. You know chartered yet there was glob nominee. And right in and it really have no bearing what happened that week so I think which you look forces -- stuff. -- did -- -- network. Trying to get a better understanding of the way that we're gonna play the game. -- -- and that's just another party by which processes. That you go to little weekly basis of their opponents so. No that's right on the road games there's quite a -- opportunity get ready on the flight home and so. Marty and what's in a lot of experts stuff and try to figure those guys so. And finally Tom I don't know this is going to make you feel better or worse but you may or may not know that here on WEEI I've the last couple weeks. We've taken nominations from all our listeners. For a poll the so as the most interesting person in Boston sports hundreds of people were nominated it was put out on the pole and votes came down to a top ten a final ten. And that has been listed as well you are in the top ten you -- -- person. Well that and it's been quite. As we were very you know I don't know what quite well we're going to. Well I'll give you can't hear some of the other people Rajon Rondo Dustin Pedroia. Shaquille O'Neal Ares pretty interest and how about this on your. In your locker room. Bullpen Masco Tom Brady and Ernie Adams I think Ernie Adams is pretty interesting Alex to find out more about that guy who's the most interesting of those three guys. I think -- -- now active yeah everywhere you have very little time in. You know -- he's just -- -- -- practice and in and Brasilia. You know he's been around pro life in a lot of football -- so -- that a lot of great insight. Younger players don't really know you know his role could he didn't talk to them very often by yours that the big influence on what we're doing. What is his role. What is ruled that the they can still interest that -- -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- now -- a great -- I've ever. I that it can't get our your the year and ignored or it department report that he's got a lot of expertise -- -- -- -- one more time with something interesting about you that we don't know. That next week okay you think about every ticket Gergen all right double talk -- you next week -- -- -- -- that doesn't tell and copy with the quarterback brought you abide Dunkin' Donuts are great friends at Dunkin' Donuts I'm joined us on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- possible.

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