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Rajon Rondo, Postgame Guest

Nov 4, 2010|

Grande & Max spoke with the C's point man, who scored 17 and dished 15 in tonight's win.

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Watching this up here are -- and our pressure Russia was that this might have been a game -- look at Sylvia's game second apple actually got away you try to win this game last year deal. -- A great makes you youngsters but. You know we may plays and we need deceiving because we'll just up the windows with so many things delegate that we're wrong. You know all too well although the -- in the end what things really happily that basketball game Kevin Garnett seemed to. Like have the -- that the world on the shoulders with all the things going on he came out that -- to -- some great place. They definitely did there's a big influence. Makes -- very passes room so he knows -- every night. From Paul not now for those who maybe making them making jump shots of the team effort and play well I got and we. We observed right away last night with Jermaine in the starting lineup that it seemed to be. Just unnatural. Fit and and there hasn't been a ton of time you had practiced with him practicing with the first unit but did you feel that when the game started last night carrying over tonight that this is so this is a pretty good fit. It definitely we knew once we got them you know -- carries out these great fit for us. Notes -- season so once they've. To learn -- you teach him have grown esteem. What he had. Like which is that just the Euro notes and now we're quote from audio with a game means that. That's what I'd do. If you can't you put doubt about -- though -- think it's because we had you know assistant coach from the from the Detroit teams throughout talking about what you do you told me. Ahmad -- that though you've got the message strong on that's what I do. Definitely you know and he would every day. After it hit it it really is in so many ways and you know your place now and -- BA history you have on it and and for those who don't know now they know about what you can do with the more you realize what these games. Assists is an extraordinary team know -- Definitely. It makes you know -- justice tonight. We to have as many of the last night. But it's an Apollo. Especially. Mr. got a got a removable and we said about them play it again. -- can be fun night Friday in north there was the formats are you into their -- Jeff Jeff. -- imagine getting some rest behind a priority was 47 when you're doing I'm definitely -- --

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