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Doc Rivers Pregame Part 2

Nov 3, 2010|

Sean Grande spoke with the C's coach before tonight's game.

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Lexus Celtics that I continue to TD articles get on the Celtics and the -- second night of the back to back for both of these teams who walked in his last night at home. To Portland part two of our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Ways to better everyone else in the world they found a story to go crazy about today. And at some level with good reason with Charlie Norway between about Kevin Garnett his statement today. So this is my question to you. Back in the day is an even now is there are code. Then what happens on the court what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room or is this becoming I don't wanna say liquid so -- is not realistic anymore. Well the so Porter thing to me is the first issue. When you're on the floor you play basketball or you shouldn't there this that you never get out their -- in this silly. And secondly. I do you back up on this because I actually heard what he was saying so but it's silly. I don't like it and you know which is there it right now in the locker room with these in the locker room what goes on a locked room stays in -- from I thought I wasn't. Unwritten rule also on the floor but now with this -- thing it is amazing we actually talking about. Will we view is this kind of thing does this need to be addressed with your team many of whom. Have their own Twitter account and we'll let you it does -- it has been but you know it's. Are we talked to move but there's a line. Stuff you can do and instead if you can't. Due out of our locker room like if something's. I don't wanna hear about what was it in the locker room and go on Twitter -- mean those that are. Type things that we talk about those have been pretty good. Well until anybody tweets about stuff from -- malware exit the game talk about it point LY while the -- a tough against you. Last year. You know lotteries this one because a lot -- in the sector presents you know when we were bingo and -- that was one. In the other one is they had a -- and -- to destroy this last year and so that was probably the biggest factor. We talk about point guards taken awhile to get a feel in the NBA but -- isn't it really can be the same for bigs do Bogut being perfect example. Of someone who everyone again so quick to write him off as a Boston as the number one pick in not giving him time to become the player he has become. Well I always thought that the -- and -- -- the one in the five you know -- -- the -- toughest spots. To -- and lead with Adobe program called trapped in an all that stuff and you know Bogut has done that now we speak -- -- and he's one of the best presently at the head coach you don't they had you might lives during the national TV game they're pretty soon and -- yeah I'm gonna start doing in January to bring my. Hampshire Stu Jackson will appreciate that and his and his coffers and appreciate it greatly at their coach Celtics and the bucks it is next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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