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Doc Rivers Pregame Part 1

Nov 3, 2010|

Sean Grande spoke with the C's coach before tonight's game.

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-- is racist or conversation went dead coach Doc Rivers brought to you this night in every single night by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care more ways to better which is a perfect tag line. Talk about last night's game offensively 'cause they were so I don't know where to start points off turnovers the points per possession. The assists on 76%. Of the field goals so far this year all but one of the reporters. These are numbers that have to make -- very very. Yeah I mean obviously the distant than that he turner was as a team I think it was. You know those numbers are great and I just -- You know we excuse well -- -- move the ball the ball just found open guys and everybody kind of did their you know -- -- in particular running the floor setting picks. And realizing -- by -- some going to be wide open and mortar team that will pass. Through the -- broker. Please don't jump ahead to Japan and hopefully get there are terms that -- dictate the tempo -- system. The Konerko scored. What about BP's Doug gave Michael aspect is that that -- ones stuck with the focus in from the beginning was really. It was very obvious from the start that this was going to be that sort of tone set. Does this say that a lot of turnovers that when they had turnover numbers are very high and it sort of lack of concentration and focus for lack of them. Yeah I don't even over it's that it sometimes is that sometimes it's trying to do too much and you know there's games where everybody -- these employees within themselves and then there's games where you have one or two guys. Trying to force the issue were due to my two or even know we talk about homeland shots is also -- passes that we don't make as well. And I thought we had a game where everybody just kind of did their jobs no one like stood out in. Doing too much -- to -- -- -- and that's. Welfare and being the perfect storm if relax and excitement last night was just how perfect fit. Seen Jermaine O'Neal was with those of reform would play great. Did the little things. He's learning you know the east that we won you won him the boy yet. -- don't -- concern words and get the ball and and all that and I just sort of play defense rebound then all of a sudden he was wide open -- and shots and I think the great lesson for him on the world. Could be could be a big night for Paul Pierce thing about 20000 points of how we live and operate in this world of immediacy and everything's what happens tonight is Brandon Jennings scored 55 points is the greatest player ever to play. When greatness really is about the body of work we think about it in day in day out and this accounts you've been around for the greatest players ever play this game when you realize how few have achieved this milestone it's pretty extraordinary. Yeah I mean greatness -- me is consistency. Over years and -- that's. He's not a place -- -- -- -- she's doing it over -- over. It's a personal score you know that's what you mean he does all of the things you rebounding Ingrid rose but he's as -- patient is. Personal score that I that I veteran. On the subject of immediacy Twitter strikes again we'll talk about that preview of the bucks sold but later with the head coach we will WiMax pirates are both like our trip around the NBA that's next. On the Lexus Celtics tonight on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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