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JP Ricciardi, NY Mets Special Assistant to the GM

Nov 3, 2010|

JP is moving on up from ESPN Analyst, to Red Sox employee and back to another front office job as the special assistant to the GM with the NY Mets. We talk to JP One more time before he moves back behind the bunker.

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As we've always said you know this this something it. -- some redeeming qualities. To being a member of the big show a regular of the big show. -- sometimes like doesn't work out well for you but in most cases using -- move on to bigger and better things. And that's been the case for JP richer writing was named an assistant GM to see -- also. With a New York Mets I told you were worked out waited nine. Are you talking with the president you know you're right. By the do you suppose that he has the money helped -- a little midget gonna milk you'll. Be sure there are now included on the -- That might have been the sandy Elvis and what you've got the states -- sent a. I wonder -- X ticker -- I want to repeat Peta is the same humor and cricket. -- the first question I ask you have surprised Peter demonstrated that you worked or were in the Red Sox office for one day. Is that true or -- also argue. I had the saudis are an area -- it's not a politically ever was. We probably 24. So so you're hired by the Red Sox. That was an entrepreneur it's have to order at least and on. Let's what -- what a project they would do it which was. Probably and our last week. And that that the next stage in the opposite all the natural progression that ought to be -- And and you know and in the ownership group were actually -- in a the opportunity to the end. And that worked really well formation so. Let's talk about there are -- the first or are they it and now it directly to. So they never announced that you were you were actually high because we never heard it right so you would just over there working on a project but if sandy did not make that phone call. Would you be working for the Red -- right now. On November 1 I was gonna go to -- federal arms so -- at that point it would have been official it was. In -- look at that point. So you are probably the shortest the employees stint in the history of the populace sale at the Randy Moss a baseball percent. Yeah that's part I saw how excited you'd be back in baseball. He noted in a working the messages you were media member this year but you don't you're the other side now. Ali it was a extra -- -- I'd greatly or are you perfect after the Mets. And -- -- -- them for twelve years over Oakland is that a lot of familiar you know I think that it is exciting is that you always have to -- -- -- -- -- -- Although I like -- Iraq callers -- fronts and and which already sanctions in an awfully will be able to use to -- and every hour. Why is it you look from afar as a general manager and as a media member why is it that the Mets for some reason. No matter what you've done here over the last 456 years they bring in players that you think you're gonna be able to perform at a high level it's something seems to happen. Well I don't know have been there obviously you know you kind of from the outside looking at a critical look at the club -- -- and they're right Jose Reyes is a really good place -- which are at a it's a matter Jewish tradition a lot a lot of it an -- from an outsider looking in. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you have to create an environment in which they'll first like to play that there's a the commitment to winning his commitment to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Core from the police on up through the -- -- in the organization that Herbert all the role anyway they -- win and I think. I think that some of the things that you have to emulate some of the where the organizations from -- in a year -- I'll -- Just be the -- -- Michigan Leo. JP new -- hero situation with the manager there I I don't know whatever and I know manuals gone but what's. What's happening there on on the on field manager. I can't imagine if you tell me going to bring this up at that big. And ownership and pretty. I still will be the upset winner of the Breeders' Cup classic I had no I was gonna get it in the next. Well -- -- I'm gonna go tomorrow we're gonna veteran and talk about -- are noted is the candidates right now. Put the list is is that is biggest probably -- would have liked to have an opportunity to get such a the other guys that have been higher. Are you gonna do what the end that you have and I think Andy is gonna be really. Gonna go through the process and really understand you know what he wants to get Doug from a man just imports into the settle this -- I think it would take a little bit I. To really sort out and figure out what -- way to go. -- -- Are right now if you want to wish but I don't agree but beyond that you already announced summer which goes on. Video but why would you wanna have a Joe Torre should get a few more headlines I think in the -- New York Post and the daily news and stuff like that. If you had Joe Torre and let's and watch over this World Series in people in Boston obviously did not watch it huge numbers but. I I I watched quite a bit of that and am amazed to watch the giants win this thing I understand how they did it with pitching. The question I have for you is. Could you do that the American League east could you take a team made up of you know cast offs like -- Cody Ross and Edgar -- a director -- -- who came up with two big go home runs kind of floundered around to the season and Aubrey Hoffman and you look at that lineup. And you say how could you get through 162. Games in windy the the American League east. Or went wild card spot out of the American League east I can see why you'd want a World Series and I ask -- overwhelmed with a pitching staff and a great closer. We could -- constructed team like that to win in the at least. -- that's great question and that -- -- that if -- get to repeat no because. Look at which I -- that through the whole year. I hung around hung around and around played the best baseball or two weeks of -- and total panic division for chip vehicle so. You know I don't think you can do that the American League east Celtic you can kind of law or Arafat under a little bit Obama -- all the sudden turn on. NBA club that I witnessed a 95 games which it takes to win the American League east so. I could -- character recognition and just like sentence structure is meant you know official act and it really really -- it but. We always said that people -- and sixty true and it's getting to -- -- 62 that that. Little League pitcher on the American League east -- apparently catcher I'll be law and I think I keep inflation -- just got that struggled offensively. We have a tougher time in the American League. -- I think it it's easy to look at that say well your knowledge is -- mentioning in and you can win but I. I -- give you the Red Sox looking at that he city itself yeah as we have pitching like that would probably be able to do well post season Minnesota -- -- How to help and we won enough games to get to the policy. Yeah it'll wind and luckily he sweated gratitude to glutted -- -- -- -- you if you look at the -- Internet division. And you know what I'm talking about all lower market Kissinger called this a little bit. The plot it's just unbelievable the face of it -- huge I think my award. Force them to Ottawa fight are you might beat you might be really you count your blessings -- American League east. JP you mentioned -- working for Billy -- and with the money ball and all of that stuff and underwent his theories is that a lot of these playoff results he believes are random. Results that anything can happen at the giants. Proof positive of that is such that they didn't clinch. You know their division until the last of 162. Game is and just happen to get hot at the right time. Well I could get a lot to be -- I think I would have been. We had a much that you that the actors and -- -- achieved that you know. We we've we've always look at Lambeau receivers and that is great and that didn't get into pitching shut it out and and you know. We remember who look at of the giants and in the key provision Obama and he we know we're making -- -- -- -- people -- so. I think anytime -- in the short series. You know the pure electric bill but you never know how to play well and I think critical to try to -- that. If you look at Utley is distracting. When you look at Lincecum and post he has two college guys that they took that they get to the big score -- It became major contributor OK I think there's a lot to be so it probably went about and there are systematically the other. I think Hillary's part about it though with -- they needed room for him on the roster so they moved Bengie Molina and and Bengie Molina ends up. You know he can't lose in that situation if he's got a. 200 if you go to the giants' -- -- apocalypse the yeah. -- plus he probably gets a World Series share I would -- right. It's it's a publisher of Indian peace at all from history and we're fortunate. -- is that it do you think that hurt. Major League Baseball that we. Had two teams one that had once it's 54 the other one and one ever. And that and now that that was Josh able to there were few stars on Texas but it wasn't. It wasn't a glamorous. Line up for either team. Probably on a particular spot and they're really enjoy watching and I think the world get to know him as a little better and and Matt -- And bombed a parent and -- public debt. Then you can kind of see how did you -- club they've got a good -- pitching to. -- forget that you know he's such incident competed very easy to different different that really -- Sure it agreed to let the most of the country or how it -- -- to I think is good how they want to throttle. Most people literally goes much lower now politically over the Phillies and Derosa out again it'll a lot of national claims so. -- -- -- so again maybe not -- In general. Much money is closely get here any offseason any idea. Well. I -- I believe that -- always. -- across the river from Lotta Mexican and a lot of Mario. At Texas I would think. Based on the new TV money they have got and the fact that they was they -- in the World Series this year if you wanna extend that brand. For another few years you at a price -- way to put it wouldn't is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know each each animal all because a lot and I think he -- -- encouraging aspect of a -- I was also from Arkansas are. I think if if the Rangers challenged you know another one to make a runner I wouldn't -- opera which has societal. But you'll be able to do so hunting got acquainted with him that Oprah today a lot of things I'd just be a two part question about it you spent one day in the Red Sox. I'm sure you'll give us some ideas about two things number one. I think your T situation play out in two do you think the Red Sox will -- actually beat a player. In the Cliff -- sweepstakes themselves that was the project he was working on. Yeah and actually let you couldn't pick a -- arbitration through them I was there orbiter project based on some other things but. -- really know what direction we're gonna go yet I think. I think you know that they're ready to go several different you're in an address a couple of different things that palatial. If you -- specifically mention any notion of I would so I really couldn't get any any insight into that. -- doesn't JP congratulations some I'm glad you're happy you're back in the game an idea on a day to day basis. You leave the dark side put them but that's okay you can check it with us on the -- and every once in -- he knows -- -- -- that is. And yes spent the day on a project like it but the Red Sox went one. Welcome to our at all seriousness I wanna -- oh you can be sure you have a great idiotic ritual and elicited a lucky to have you guys so. Keep up the good work in the -- -- that is from afar. JP thank you very much good luck with the Mets and will be checking them -- -- every once in Laughlin X. Simulate JP returning now the new assistant general manager. The Sandy Alderson out there with the with the New York Mets.

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