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Tim Thomas, Bruins Goaltender

Nov 2, 2010|

Tim talked about being named the second star for the month of October, if he has ever had a streak like this in his career, what was his state of mind seeing Tuukka Rask last season taking over the number 1 goalie role, how Claude Julien told him going into the season that nobody was entitled to being the #1 goalie, if he has ever requested a trade or if the Bruins have approached him about one, and how his hip is feeling after undergoing surgery in the offseason

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And I just. In a very brief moment take a shot at the National Hockey League. The National Hockey League where offense always means more than defense. I get nothing against Stephen -- coast great player for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Led all players and scoring in the NHL of the month of October with nineteen points ten goals. Nine assists in ten games I mean it's a terrific young player. There is no way in the world his performance for the month of October was more impressive than our next guest. Who was named the second star for the month of October alt Tim Thomas did was go six all and all with a zero point 50 goals against average. Tim Thomas joins us on the AT&T hotline find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T rethink possible once again goaltenders not getting that right dessert I thanked him. Well I don't know what I mean that's pretty good account -- what you accomplished too. You know and you know with and -- the -- perspective. These younger in the go under market -- -- -- have. I built him up. Uttered out we think it now wait for God's sake so it by now and applause Tim what you get for being player of the month that pat on the back. I. While it is it it it just pat on the back but in the long run on another one of the things that. You know when -- sixteen drink in don't leave your average. Rental -- at a later in the month -- over 2010. Yeah I I was gonna say their grandkids and 20101010. How old are you. You -- I was gonna save you ever had a streak like this but then I realized. Goaltenders ever had a streak like this I mean even at you BM muted never stretch like this did you. I didn't actually I I've. I. Pick up what I'm -- -- to -- -- year note and then in the end game. And and you know -- year. With -- If you're not wearing a lot of -- -- That was in you know to finish finished. -- and I actually accurate that 160 period and the vote with the this year at one area that area. Pretty good at. Not quite as it is now pretty good at. 13 into extreme. Though the difference between then and now -- -- an. Old. -- and winning -- Now I am gonna ask you about last year and I'll I'll I'll talk about some of the physical challenges challenges that you had a second but let's talk about. That the mental challenge that you had of a big guy the vezina trophy winner the previous season and then watching down the stretch as Tuukka Rask got a lot of playing time. Hot what what was your state of mind at that time. At the mine you know -- news and news that by that time minute -- on pretty bad -- with you know with -- at. And but I knew I wanted to finish year in and may make it myself and and conditioning use -- to play it if I was. So I actually like the last two months last year we're extremely art rehab at. Without surgery. It what what fixing it mr. active. By. Rehab work and actually got that area very strong and not so I have it play out. In the -- at work myself back to level -- -- the -- -- and level and and and policemen and counting. On. Waited while they could but played well hopefully help -- but that situation. That's vote on on my head down the stretch and having it so strong. Pressure helped me. When even when it had that would in the interview that area so strong that -- -- -- recovery after. -- wanna go to the opening weekend in Prague. -- I'm sure that you guys went into the weekend knowing I am assuming that you reach gonna get to play one of the games. But when you came out of your game were you wondering how much you're gonna get to play going forward. No -- I was told. You know by -- in the last year's. You know nobody. You know. There should be known -- Think of the word accurately come forward. Entitlement mentality now. You know what I command. He'd been promising that if I come in this year in in. You'd you'd hear it altered your plane. So. In. He was just being consistent because I mean last year when two of the -- while he was able to earn his playing and so. So you know after -- won the first game and -- you know I expect. Way. To get rewarded in -- -- in the -- the next game but again after that I didn't know exactly owes an hour ago -- -- I I would definitely. But even really about my threat to the fact I'll let it play well here so. Tim any time in the last year have you asked to be traded -- have they talked to you about a potential trade. You know. That's really not that I wanna talk about that private information. You know so. -- -- -- Tonight at you've seen this happen I'm knowing your in the course of your hockey career I've certainly seen it at times. Where a team plays differently in front of one of the goaltenders than they do in front of the other goaltender. I mean your team has been spectacular in front of viewing your six games a blocked shots of guys like Seidenberg and guys like that. -- I know it's not that they don't like took a rest but they haven't played as well from him as they have you this year. Well Pakistan -- too is too has gotten some bad luck in the teens at a -- do you know. Mean argument. He made matches they played better for two and in the late for me to. Picture that was no reason tensions the way it worked out between -- and up my pocket and -- and promote it. So. And I think that's that's a bad. A -- nastier question than this may be private information to but this is this is little more lighthearted. Right before the home opener. -- was first off the ice everybody was reporting that -- who's gonna start the home opener and then look who's in -- Tim Thomas. What what what was the story there was that a that a -- and you -- is part or is it just a a sudden change of heart on closed part. At. You know actually. But this get myself in trouble. It was. A group uses in decision and it was just for fun. You know. It was -- It was more about at that point -- in the actual work that they are that in the morning. So. This is. You know. Somebody's idea what my idea. Yeah whoever's idea it worked pretty well pretty funny and then if it was mental -- against. -- Washington and in native. You know -- at troubled real trouble with McCain or and they may have. That happening in it well certainly prepared against another goaltender -- -- probably went to work in the scouting report does open mean. And so it open it could -- explain it probably. Let's talk about the difference physically for you this year as compared to last year. And if you go back and look at the footage of you playing last year there were some things you obviously couldn't do saves you couldn't make. What's the biggest difference because they hip has been fixed the way it has things that you can do now that you couldn't do last year. Well there's a lot of different things there's expect only recover with one late last year and but couldn't recover without made in. And that she's making it an awful lot. It's made it may be quicker to get to rebounds because. Depending it was at the rebound went to extract advocate all the way up -- can move. In that direction now I can move on -- -- in both directions. Which they couldn't do before. And then -- the other major thing that I've noticed that my ability to scramble. My ability. Too if necessary fallback on my fall back government but the puck work. To cover the bottom area that now. And I wasn't able to do that last year it was is progressing I can remember a couple both specifically last year. What the puck just barely made it room he would go on and that it was just behind me but I couldn't do anything to. To fall back owners that haven't covered in a number one example against -- doubles factories they use it was just reach around. And in and put them. And that that was and within the first few months but. So those types of situations. I'm I'm able to do this year that two of the agency that has changed. I'm sure you. You worked your butt off to get back. To a two point -- you felt good physically I'm wondering now. Since you did work so hard in the off season. If if any of that has trickled into your. Between games routine use do you work out differently in other words you work out differently now between games that you did last year the year before. -- -- -- -- The last couple months the -- I started working you know while -- and -- and but I. I've started to work out away from the way. Almost every data that what an Indy and I've continued -- in this year. In com. And I and I think -- it's it's it's small work out. Nothing that's going to iron out which. Important because you know -- -- But. -- it definitely has changed. -- all of their conspiracy theorists out there you know hiding behind every tree and bush. Some of them have actually looked at your new mask this year and use that as. A theory always got a white mask he's the he thinks he's going to be traded you know the mask is different so is gonna wait and pain when he knows where he's going. What's up with the white mask. It kept -- on questions and I like -- lot yeah exactly. It worked in two dollars. You know for years on. Liquid substances and on. On more weight at. If you remember years ago like there's you know -- you know mostly and then they'll pan am black and white don't act. And then each year got a little later this year when it -- way. Doctors in Ottawa. Published the paper. And that is not very actually change. Oh wait -- in the article. And this. And in keeping with more weight equipment. I at the -- with with more -- And it was exposed it would -- act. Well wait grade though from a distance the way later than I expected to -- Having said that it. Appeared on them. On. Lake and no actually. It. I'm at. Probably 8% -- the -- And -- on one -- there had on the other side that they're law. She's ruined -- from -- -- some quarters and wearing on. In 98 with him when. It on -- in a do. And and incorporated a little bit more personal on the back. -- -- It is it's different -- not that much different in you know. Street period. They have a vote. I don't mind that I am talking about that. Oh. What do you think your nickname. Thank. -- -- -- -- That need. Packers -- or -- or shoot you in the box and I don't mind -- -- that are on the locker room for a -- I think you know obviously. I'm kind -- an altogether -- Doesn't Marc Savard give everybody their next thing. Maybe but mostly. Most people don't want another people know what in the game one -- the worst thing. And Savard could come up with some that you wouldn't wanna share with -- -- on the radio problem yet. There. MIA I can't say that I've ever seen a goaltender -- the way you have played so far this year it's gotta be fund does the puck looked different and yet. I mean I always wonder if it's like -- hitter on a hot streak that they say the the baseball looks like a beach ball does the puck look big to -- like this. -- a credible people you know obviously. They equally. Mean. It looks like beat both their happen in my experience that's exactly what happens to different mean. I'm when I'm playing really well things are going well and I -- people are in the through traffic in -- nearly impossible. Screen. Though it is another -- with any bigger it is the fact that I can see the puck in and out situations there or at least not very long. It. Is -- and and this will be my final question and I am not even sure if you agree with this. I heard Peter surely say he thought you were quieter in the net this year meaning not his scrambling not his frenetic is that accurate or not. -- probably. And that probably result -- -- first vote in his. I haven't made the break we've and precious. Which shall make you look but quiet net because in those cases yet and that scramble. I. And calm because -- because if there are able to use technique which keeps quiet here. Which which -- To scramble by much and that that it in this year I think. I scrambled to that the situation called for. Recovery. Went after. Were rated number repaired. It currently looks like and quieter and. Tim congratulations on the way things have started for your best of luck the rest of the way. Take care records and -- -- as the Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas he was the first star. -- -- for the week in the NHL. He was second star for the month but the month of October. First or the week was announced yesterday second start of the month was announced today. 60100. Point 50 goals against average he's played six games he's given up 30.

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