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Bill Belichick, Patriots Head Coach

Nov 1, 2010|

Bill Belichick joins the Big Show to discuss the Vikings waiving Randy Moss, the win against the Vikings and next weeks game against the Cleveland Browns.

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-- Beck of the Beck show it's patriots Monday we are alive down here at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro I'm blown -- -- and Steve's in the house and as -- eyes. Presents the no nonsense conversation with a couch. For -- ST -- and our weekly. Quality obsession with Bill Belichick coach of the New England Patriots congratulations and when it was management co host a for an event so we ought to talk about the game that. We do it right off the top of the of the program here because you've heard the stories everybody else -- Randy -- waived by the Minnesota Vikings. You have any interest -- put him up off the waiver wire -- it comes down to your team. And we you know I can't comment on any other teams transactions players candidates. Would you would you let me ask you this would you have any adversity to bringing back. A -- must have the opportunity present. When you know I can't. You can state that spoke with everyone who's good going to -- more can. I can't talk about another team's transactions or other players. Are let me pick names on. And let me ask you -- the waiver wire and Howard works if any -- Steve -- Twice he is suddenly. -- put on on -- him. There's a 24 hour period which teams can make a claim on him and they would be responsible for the rest of his entire correct. Contract goes with the players it's okay whatever the terms are those. Very book whatever that terms of that particular contract and claimed awfully right what happens if nobody cleans them. During that 24 hour period as the system work. And players not planned -- like any other players. Trees. February accident so he could negotiate with any team he once he could have two with three teams bidding for his services that. And he would get paid that money would that be subtracted from the money. That Minnesota oh I'm sorry the jets and giants whatever team you play -- -- would be responsible for. Well there -- a lot of rules that govern contracts. And then those rules or first of all. Pertinent to the players testing. How many years Bentley and so forth so it it's not the same for every player it would depend on his. The number years that he's but -- season that he steadily and so forth so it. If it eats situations was a little bit different analysts' per category -- finished -- off so there's been around for a long time through. The best player issues if he gets caught up with the season the team got cut from is liable for the rest so. All the players. It again depended on what their status was at the began the season there's this number rules and all the generally speaking of players that and with a team that's the best player. That's a certain point in the year would -- his entire salary. -- -- How many games. Again it depends on what what page I'm you know yeah that. You know either for eight games so for these -- ten news. Panel what is status as the began the years there's there's a number rules and -- turning your room conference that there's a lot of rules and all the run to present -- past. So let's say. He's resulted -- got bidding its own grabs it was a total freeagent. And then negotiate with the -- buffalo. And he's guaranteed five million and they off from true. Does that come off the -- invested in guaranteed a salary that come off the amount of money that ball for us to pay. Again it would depend on the specific terms of the player's contract. We'll -- double dip them. Would be hard for a tribute page two contracts won a world depended on what the guarantees in the contract or that's. All right so I know you can't. Talk about. And other teams player in that respect can I ask you whether you were surprised to hear the news today that he was waived by the vikings. I mean honestly just. Come. You know your talent heard about a few minutes ago. I don't know if that's true so I don't know. Can -- -- true really due to last night and team. And we talked about how much you -- it knocked down -- talk -- -- -- -- after the game as well now. Look I'm Randy and I had a long conversation. Few weeks ago men have a lot of respect for him and not per share in the news for us. And he basically. Said the same thing and its its influence into. So there were -- it doesn't seem based on what he said yesterday and you know I know people read a lot into the hogs and when I commit to that -- have to give. But there seems to be mutual admiration. And doesn't seem to be any hard feelings based on what transpired here for weeks ago that's safe to say. On a wouldn't speak for anyone else to speak from street South Philadelphia on intelligence oh yeah. Butler went on for awhile won't operate the players were almost in this -- -- -- Boston and the question is does he still. According to what you rim command that type respect. Do you guys seem to be running multitude of coverages -- to keep the ball from getting too. Again for this is as we changed the that's the thing to -- -- -- Of British ruin. -- in I can't comment on the news. Players can we talk about yesterday's game then in the respect though where he was up 2% -- Banta-Cain we saw you give him some different looks underneath stuff deeper stuff obviously the safety coming over there. Are on top. Certainly you played him would you say. All the way a lot of teams played him when he was playing here for the patriots. Oh well we we tried to mix it up yesterday. I think teams. Think most teams mix it up from time to time if you want. Miss those -- team to defend that have a lot of good skill players they obviously have very good run back and running game -- -- offensive lines so. You know you're challenged by the running game challenged by the skill players that they have it tight -- wide receiver. And of course run and and and quarterback for that matter to so. I don't think you -- necessarily play the same thing all day against that group or. They have too many guys that can kill -- you can take maybe 11 thing away maybe but then you -- to deal with everything else so. The -- you know I don't see one team and any Kimberley plan when Minnesota. Just one way it is they have too many weapons there's -- main thing -- -- have to -- -- and I would put us in that category two we tried. Change a little bit then. Not not always do the same thing. But the interesting thing about Minnesota they can puncture tomorrow with Peterson. And they go financed with the receivers. And five I thought play this controlled game -- -- wasn't making crazy passes he was within the -- -- of the offense but I. Deal with him play as well he did and then playing -- and that's a difficult changeup when -- can run -- -- -- and then go play action in and hit a soft pass. -- and and we know they can go deep which they they do with Percy that they with Randy in the and they can throw underneath and you know that catch and run plays with their screens and there crossing patterns to apartment in harper caught at slip screen and broken back across fields so. It's not only players also a variety of plays that they run. Where they they go vertically down field their on crossing in over routes around. Short catch and run plays and and then -- -- have to defend the running game and all the other plays that go with that not necessary that their animal and one game that. You don't know that east of the defend the reverses on so forth and so those those players are. -- thing Jeff account foreign defense and you don't know enough room. Where and when you're playing in office and that's that very. Is the inclination to try to troops keep Brett Favre in the pocket especially going that he was going to be all the movement. But thank you. But they finally -- probably keep just about every quarterback in the pocket the worst thing is. When quarterbacks extend the play man and Leo you know longer planned course that's where. Really to the big -- yesterday came from -- four got out of the pocket had extra time at Pearson on that corner route that your courage and -- Monica mountains -- That the in the read there. After we've gone 110. So those kind of place where he has extra time to throw can really see the field separated and down. Fired and there those are those dangers plays and that -- -- that. Tom Brady's when you're talking a quarterback. When he looked at tape and I couldn't. C release on offense went out on the touchdown and a linebacker -- -- What textbook -- clear how do you how do you draw that up. You know -- is our -- to do that. I was really it was a heck of a player like Tom and and a -- just by Brandon. You know Edwards -- came through we have a pretty good protection to start with on the play and then. As as the play went on and and we had to hold the ball on the then Edwards came through and looked like he either Dover stumbled right at the last minute then -- able to escape a woman and scramble a little bit to his left -- -- it's been around a -- Piero and then fired down their that today. -- great you know meniscus in -- great job after beat talent. Cut beckon and you know run past -- wins for the touchdown so. That's not the way we drew it up. Yeah print -- and every morning quarterbacks in trouble lower tier guys from Ford and some -- supposed to break for the Golan was it. To tell with if taunts and trouble break read the safety of break off and well I think you know fundamentally as a receiver knows if he's in a shorter zone and quarterback. Pumps the ball on it if he was openly with throat so him when he pumps that tune these base that on the receiver. You're not open I can't throw the ball. What's. Against thankfully good receiver which is turn that up you know assuming that there wasn't a guy behind him. Run and a pattern that was over the top lamented the run right into the next guy but if that if they use up about themselves than. -- -- the quarterback centrally so when they throw to -- the east if the court does throats and then he just since the summer -- right there and so. Take a field and and try to uncover that. Running game and the second half was big you were able to control the clock. BenJarvus green Ellis Island suffered a tremendous second half a notice to -- in the game today. That Alge Crumpler seem to come up with some huge blocks to open up holes for him. Much of that was my percentage changes think as he constantly seem like he was in motion. And he would be the one that would lead for that definite opening for -- prevent. Well we we did most -- some. That we try to just stay balanced to run to the you know we account overload the formations sometimes front of that overload sometimes. Come back and gentlemen sometimes come back all the way to the backside of -- so we're just trying to. The state balance of so it wouldn't know exactly where we were we're going on that but -- that point of attack on number plays and he does a good job as the the other. You know overall line this is that's good front as we know Bergen from Henderson is an excellent middle linebacker. He's very good tackler and so you've got to. In you're gonna do good job to keep those guys that it's hard because he would keep from penetrating. But the same time. If you overplay the penetration and they stunt from side decide which which they do. Then it sees in this not wait to see even though there. Looks like they're going forward they don't always go for sometimes they shoot the gap and then other times you think they issued the gap and they and they shoot sideways and and in -- so there. They're there -- -- group. -- defense seems to have made. Progress almost. Every week still without good -- yardage book. Doing pretty good job in terms of controlling the points. Is there anything particularly important that your defense is doing better than we were the first few games. -- I think we're doing a lot of things better at it we stalled and along way to go. -- we're we're definitely better and in red area and the -- minutes then more competitive and and on the goal line even though we've. Medical touchdown scored against us like yesterday it's it's competitive penalties that's close. And north thicker third down defenses is improving steadily now where we want to be yet but it's it's gotten better they were. And better coordination between -- coverage in all receivers all tigers so. Fortunately delegates and turnovers and -- like yesterday but we've we've you know good. Pretty good success turning the ball over to the course of the season so we you know really need to keep or on the but really just more consistency all across the board from them. In the coaching staff for the players -- techniques were we can just keep keep doing things get better and I'm not. And not change everything from week to week we're gonna -- learn a bunch of -- stuff work and build -- home with them -- Two point -- thought that defend what they're doing but that's. -- -- -- -- -- Go back to your office to go little guy they awarded. A crunch time -- who was third down along. Fourth quarter of -- throws to him in the middle. They have few voice to a three guys in fines. -- -- similar. A style of Faulkner always tough in the middle is tough dogs. At me to throw the ball to this kid at a crucial situation room of the conflict that is as it is remarkable. Well it was a play were in a thumbs under a lot of pressure EC found Lee Jones sneak in through the line there and in the -- real good run you know one of -- and loses points going into the game was that there are skill players needed. Need to make some yards on their own you know we can't block everybody and in order to have a successful plays or or big plays we would have to. The the facts -- with a tight ends of the receivers who have had the ball after the break tackles a lute players are. Do something to gain some extra Ericsson and Woody's great joke but on the play -- -- cutback he broke the tackler corner bounce off the safety and you know they'll pick a first down but it was it was very good running on his part of the play really -- have the arteries that we needed but he he made known its own good running so. There were several of those you know then terrorists. So runs like. Of course -- on the on the long -- -- turn that and a touchdown like past safeties so. It was those -- -- the receivers the skill players did their job -- got a lot of earth tomorrow. Talk about been called many of the problem but to ones that'll happen to any particular -- He has. That four lane and he sees the -- doesn't it doesn't dance as the rest of openness he -- oldest. That's like you know forum and he gets really -- -- -- that Fort -- and he is pretty good speed over this. This guy has been very big surprise but they're his running style with -- offense getting a positive not get -- -- for a few. He's been a big benefit innate in the -- offices offensive lineman no orders -- -- more comfortable you the most blocked for a. Right well -- he's done a good job of that all -- effective thing since he's been here really all three years he's done a good job of that he's he moves forward he's got good power. And he he doesn't take -- losses you know if they if we lose yardage it's usually because. Somebody hits in the backfield and has a chance to pick on that this team get the line of scrimmage -- can. You know get some momentum and there he makes a good decisions it is good vision can find some space by an opening and I commit positive yards and -- overall he does a real good job. -- -- Other dropping seems like -- rushing three and four more than blitzing dropping moment in the coverage Alaska which is that more prominent. But it is not much brush with more coverage. I'd say we -- vote at CBC but hasn't changed so much. We we saw these non pressure yesterday. A little three man rush but a lot more form and Russians -- say you know very little three Roscoe times instance of situations on third down when they had their. 33 Nikola and their but for the most part it was for an Russians and -- with. A decent amount of of pressure from secondary in from one. -- situation with some of the middle the first two plays -- -- you were working the clock and not necessarily look at the score. And -- you didn't buffalo a couple of years ago. How dangerous is that in a six point it was a six point game at the time -- exports are to report the report came at 206 advocates entry ticket but six of you kicked a field goal now. And then they can come back from downfield and score -- touchdown. How much pressure does -- put on you for that third down situation to be able score and a third down situations big difference between seven and getting three there. A three point game. Yeah really it it was I was. In was at tufts you know tough situations. That the management you know wanna. Yeah you wanna get many more time than you that you can be huge you wanna score. So kind of try to put all that together we just felt like. The way that we that we handled that would give us the best chance to maximize. All the things are trying to do and you never know how it's gonna work out there certainly. Other ways we could have approached it and and had been -- scored on the run. And knock knock out of bounds on one airline that would take care right there so we could easily -- situation anyway. We just talked about options and more on the run plays and looks that we felt like would. Based on what they were doing in the situation was revealed that office -- -- faith in your room off of line your your room. A part of wells in. Well I mean sure you you unity if he's got a confidence in her body out there anyway so. But they did a good job on the goal -- play really -- good pretty good space and -- and you know Betty jumped up and -- got -- and the that was that was pretty well blocked we have. You know good good movement one of factors that -- holder is a decision based on. You have that play that you really feel complement to school soil a conference on you know some time well. Certainly. The play is always an important thing trophies he. If you if you don't have a good place and -- I think then you're concerned about what you're gonna have to call what you're gonna have to do -- -- if you feel real good player play and and the personnel group the about Iran and so forth and makes a lot easier -- This is -- do in the situation. And we feel confident about whether it's weighted down there -- What they're -- -- we will examine the the other 7UP on the scoreboard it's probably easier to make that decision as it was just waste of the clock. The wayside gold -- -- the -- not trying to have a little men in. On first -- second down that means there's some. I know geared to fans of people watch on TV they're there was some anxiety there it is going to be a little feel that situation. No -- well new. And let's say we work part time extraordinary leaders went to zero right. It I just always so I think it'll affect important the most important thing to me was. In Roland not trying to lose courage in him and that -- From the one end of that there for so. In on the -- one thing in wars and others. And I didn't get it on third down would have been any thought about going on fourth down just automatic -- Well I think you know. For now would have the panel of the on third down you know a lot of information we've gone from -- down and and we have to work with worked out so. Not on the question. -- would. The Peterson touchdown now that you've had an opportunity to see you still don't believe the -- that that goal line. And they seem like they really had a pretty good angle at this won't be able look at we can surprise that when there's an overturned. Was low public has -- -- of the replies. Both at the at the game and then after the game. There you you don't really you know really get a good look at the bull which -- the problem because. I think that's the reason why. Walt Anderson and overturn it was because he couldn't see the bull. So. But it it doesn't look like they're very much across the lines so. But the play it was in a while defendant did good joke that penetration. Informing on him the job and ultimately it -- others -- lot of -- princess solid Walter. Rich -- -- pool ball from gore they had -- viewers at the other end human and animal products especially after they let -- ago. Well at least. At least you could see the ball Indians right with -- -- services and let you know whether he was down before that means that there. Recordings close -- according to play my apartment. Which to be able to the we stripped the ball on them to be stripped the ball and a rookie and you keep on talking about how quickly -- in the past Marty. You know how instinctive is that for a for young guys OK he's made the kids now I still have. An opportunity here on the plight because it happens so quickly and I thought that might have been the turning point the entire game. Well -- a -- game no question about it and and Evans very good at that he has great awareness of the ball. You remember back for the first pre season game against New Orleans Wednesday. We're down on 23 yard line and all on the strip that out on the Latin and you know. They're great joke cause in the formal right there on the goal line is this one's about scores so. He's you know he has a knack for that and and certainly is looking forties of that while coach Rutgers coach you know. And you know that something they -- -- you can really see him do and it's one thing to do editorials thank and it presents to do it. In game situations and and DeVon does an excellent job that he does a lot of practice to please. He knocks on falls. Receivers on its hands and practices there. We're not tacked on but the unique it's still a swipe at all he does and. -- Cleveland's up next Sunday in Cleveland we're gonna get to that coming up next with a coach right here -- patriots Monday -- from July. Back down near live at Gillette Stadium -- Lauren -- Fred Steeper here Bill Belichick our weekly Monday session with the coach you're a patriots Monday. Cleveland coming up Sunday about a -- you've got two road games coming up Cleveland and then now Pittsburgh the week after that. There -- gonna of the Rust -- yeah you sure. Cleveland surprise you and what they did in New Orleans he would have been off the over the bye week this past week but. We can and half ago here. Holiday. You know it played seven games this year and the loss to Pittsburgh and they they dominated New Orleans in the final in the games and then one position games. But they played though a lot of good teams you know teams that are women of course Atlanta Kansas City Pittsburgh Baltimore and oral ones that literally. Good schedule. Lot of good teams and and really every game's come down the -- position other than then and then dominate in the -- so. I was impressive game and then you know -- and the world's last night looked pretty good against Pittsburgh says it's. -- scary but for bouncer. Another good football team player but he often there. A lot of get a lot of weapons very potent team you know offense defense special teams and got a big challenge ahead of this week it says it next week here there they're away at their preparations. You know -- prizes get started and they they -- and harmony days that -- -- -- so. We go like -- the housing young quarterback with well it's making good decisions and pretty mobilized. -- on mobile active at accurate. In he manages the game on me. And won a lot of games in college and I don't think the games too big form that he's got good poise. Bigger presence on the field and in this in outlawed confidence in him looks like their confidence and all the quarterbacks and some walls in the home. -- they they play confidently with whoever's in there so there's there's little that the position form to the Michael -- fingerprints kind of take form on the well you know Mike's certainly had a big influence in the organization think that -- Really good draft this year their players that they they took this. And that 2010 draft and a lot of those has contributed inform them they don't have a lot of -- -- nine group Koppel bullet. This this group looks pretty good new money can. Pump record and his staff there. Obvious it it job and these guys. Proposal is -- -- a difficult place to -- is still that talk with there lack of success lately. Well you know we're there in 07 loosens tough force and -- there and what was it 2000. And we played here the so you know that the look those fans love football -- It's horrible thing is that some were you know great football traditions and high schools and all the colleges now the American conference. Course Ohio State and so forth and so it's it's -- football state Cleveland's football city and fans are knowledgeable and very passionate and mentally and become an analog a lot of things that finally and they plan their -- so. What we're unexpectedly warm welcome development for the defense they run their blitzing here we haven't seen them Montrose not -- -- rob Ryan to defense that coordinator and they definitely pressure and there 34 base team with. A number of pressures and you know some kind of exotic pressures similar some things that we've seen in the past from. Of the jets. So the guys around with safeties corners and it gave him figures and different looks so I mean they're kind of a game plan team than it is and think it's there but it -- it -- but they think your weaknesses and and China. Exploit that you still get a special reaction from the fans there and there Cleveland versus a socialist friends died off by now -- Sure you know I think everybody gets that part of that same treatment there. Commend their you can close that dog pound me. There there wolf and away action. They they support thirteenth another -- -- their team and here here not a brown. Realist or doing a lot of things going. Coming at you at all and yet this with a -- right on top if it's a big stadium and it's it's right on top theaters there's relieved they're close to the field I loved it in. It over emphasis of people talk because you know enjoy -- food imports again they scream -- Right well that certainly feed him anything incursion you know false start penalties turnovers. Things like that and you project for the that'll do so just where we don't wanna of those. Judge -- special teams and what. How much extra attention has to be applied because he can churn it and -- game around right well not only often did announcement is also offensively and reason as a walk right player and all that. Main criticism is a special player he's big you know he's -- big strong kid and so that makes a little harder tackles and some of them. No small return guys that we face as he can run through tackles and and break a lot of tackles but he's instinctive. He's got very good -- skills and and and good speed I mean he's not. Superfast but he's fast and often and he's got very good. Strength quickness and and that's sickened chemically or some zones so lot of times looked like somebody has some of these Kagan now. As learning curve between defense is going through right now as that is. As much have learned so far in the in the first half of season that allowed to do more things defense would. You know we haven't really don't think we've really gotten into a lot of big exotic game plans we've tried. Do with the players can do and and that varies from week to week and how many blocks and problems were from the offense on the world's problem. -- the multitude of them so it it it it's a little bit of functional what were what were face and and how we want how long -- defendant but. I think you know we've we have. Go against our offense every day in the spring and in in training camp is really great preparation because. Are often it's the -- things that are. With the empty pack the -- Multiple tight and the multiple receivers all the groups and between. That by the time we get through working against you you pretty much cover all -- so. It's. That things that we have to have to to work against our offense and somewhere along -- -- we can pull those and choose those weekly basis when we have similar situations or things that. Now we want defendant some away so that this not a lot of new things -- -- put and it's just watched. -- ones that fit our opponent would you expand if the -- was more experienced defense who. Or just always well again I think that the that the bases there it's I don't think there's a lot of weeks where we -- -- -- there's five things we have been done before. We've done all those things question which one -- one -- for that particular game. To defend your home based on the personnel and their schemes what you meant to -- and doing. And -- times you get into the game on and they're not giving it quite you prepare for they've changed their formations of the personal group into whatever it is and then we have to. Rely -- something that we've. That we haven't our playbook that we run that we weren't into Spain that the unity things that particular game that as it turned out now is an adjustment that we. Feel helpless that we we can go to that but we have a background in defense of those holes. Public -- beautiful linebackers to change your quarterbacks of all those they -- was different formation. How do you know we -- that but do you have linebackers that and we just a line -- call -- sort of look how much latitude to give them with that. Bush sure edited depends on the call there -- some calls we could play out against everything in their other calls that you only want against certain. A certain look and and if they give you something else than you we don't wanna be at something else are you wanna ghetto like Paul completely and and you know and and make a check and and just took so. -- as a combination of all those things in -- some calls he wanted to steal lineup than on the matter what there and a -- plays that are. Specific to certain situations that you wanna defendant they give -- that situation and you wanna be in this defense. But it it's not that formation in that situation then you you maybe don't want via itself. All those are part of our our defense system. I'm -- face another -- former patriot this week and and then Watson. We heard it all week long with Randy talked about. Giving the coaches and opportunity of knowing something about the plays and what's going on that's my question. The question is the first time around when you're seeing a guy who used to be with -- organization. Because they do have some familiarity with what you're doing out there. Do you find that you're a little bit more motivated that maybe they want to prove something they wanna show some analysts say you know it should be held on -- the year. You know maybe I could of I could have been the guy you wanted to be do you see them. First time. Shortly yeah I think again we see I mean and -- every week that we see accurately that you know we have players and coaches have been and other organizations and in when you play that team I think it's a little. Little slot next rather. But it's it's pretty common you know we have guys that -- then. With a lot of different teams and it seems like we play somebody every week that's. We've or you know some connection to our. Who doesn't thickness -- it right and it says it's fairly normal but. It was their human -- list -- -- known to -- what -- EC that they see in films breaking down to ten season with you -- virtually no. You just change up maybe where you run some of certain kinds write what think would you know what a lot of people don't understand is. In practice when we work against each other in training camp than in all the spring practices. And where they're going against each other every day so. If our offense makes the same call in our defense makes the same call. Then after a period of time. Now. Our offense knows our defense of calls but in their defense does as soon as they hear a certain word than they do this so. You have to have dummy calls -- you have the terms that. Two terms that mean the same thing or. A term that you use that one time means something -- on the doesn't. I mean that's just to work against yourself and practice. And otherwise if you would you give a team side of the ball would would know which -- doing on every place so. Those guys can pick that up so you're kind of forced to do that anyway I really don't think it's that big a deal because. We have a much harder time -- -- off against offense against our defense as opposed to our offense against some other defense that doesn't see a separate. No we -- when I was game here between buffalo mayor of the -- -- it was for us now than it was. Jones legal blood solar causing in the audible for -- to audible unflappable and they'll kill him on the ground -- -- -- -- He changed what routes but they'll change enough when you spread your whole career hopeful of being outside of the -- plus hours she wanted what just like those routes I want to work can be killed in particular should I -- don't try to -- literally Abdullah yeah. What's funny went to the -- out yesterday and I didn't see the movement. On your own player I don't know whether. I don't know whether so not president yet it was on the Wheatley it's yeah. And it was a good call in Portland when ball was going across the middle linebacker tackle them for gods of football there. I don't know -- that's. Fights right now for the today's coaches question that we brought you by auto trader dot com. Now compare new and used cars side by side auto trader dot on the ultimate automotive marketplace of -- partner -- patriots football so this -- that is what. I've heard you guys say over and over again any time the situation comes up all we've worked on that so we were ready for it. At a lower Friday as you go through all -- situational -- take to break up for its Olympic event in this business for a few years here bill. Have you ever come up with -- situation in which you sit there and you say. -- -- This is -- no one would have come up with a split in the middle of the game. Well sure sure and even though you practice the situations at times. If you just changed. Like here's the situation and that's okay we know we're gonna do here and you'd just change the situation a little bit and a few seconds of -- a few seconds. At a points of track the point in just changed a little bit. -- that starts to get the wheels turn a little bit now this is what we've had two years that really what we want to you know. That it it is but this isn't quite the situation looking for and then you have to make little adjustment that so. We've had a couple of those this year and we have every year and in we have our place -- certain situations that sometimes when the situations just a little bit different than. What you your practice and a four then you you know you have to find a way to adapt to it and and and that really it's fairly common offense defense and special teams there's. And that's part of what we we do when we go through -- situations on Friday. We you know we look at the film of the other teams that that are in those situations and and we say okay what would we do but then what really gets the wheels turn and again is OK let's say it's this but that just let's change that and it's that of the BN five seconds let's say there's nine seconds you know -- time for another planes so. What what would that do and and so you know sometimes we go -- did we do this and then sometimes it's. That's you know this isn't quite what we would want in this situation so we. You know -- we have to make you know change around or change technique or something -- if -- -- That day it's this that it's the and it's not quite that we have to change. I know it's fun you know literally I don't Gaza. And and we you know on the whole team sits there we watch the situation we've put ourselves on both sides of it even though were watching and even watching ourselves say on offense. We now on defense become the other team's defense right what do we were the defense in the situation what we do. So it's it's really it's a good process that does get everybody -- and markets you've got to be -- with that I can tell you how many times I've heard players say that in order situation -- -- their asked the question after the game although we worked on the that we worked on that situation you know. Well it's so much easier that way because then you get in that situation and everybody in the hoddle knows. Okay this is what we're gonna do this this you know we know this is what we want in this situation. But sometimes the problem is that if that situation just changed a little bit. And -- you go to make the call and say now well we call that that this that's not quite right. Then you changed poll that you think you know cable we need to do this. And then the players get the call and -- you know than their and a lecture it's like which easily though we're gonna do this now it's a little bit different here. You know and and that's you know that can be a little bit confusing sometimes see got to. That's a great thing about football over into the game situations. That are sold -- so much strategy involved and then there's the execution of it in the technique and everything all of its. You know that'll gets pulled together that's one the last minute or two in the -- hostess it's so exciting. You know relevant to the overtime words it's much less of the strategic game it's his Mormon. You know get the ball on fuel range typing game but it at the end of the game that's fine I'll announce the you know all the different options with the kicking game and so forth it's. It also makes it makes a great game and you chill out a statement or or things in which you look back at the -- -- -- they had done it this way instead of that and it's -- -- you -- -- -- -- and trust -- yeah it -- and it's hard it really is it's and we spent a lot of time on that but even after -- do -- we are still. You know there's always a little bit of gray area and it's much harder on defense and it is all that's -- on offense you can actually you can call the -- Here's the protection here's the pass play and we're gonna run this rounds that are that route you can but the offensively. You know you're defend analog -- defendant a lot of things you know there's ten seconds to go they got the ball in the field. Are they gonna throw it into the end zone and and try hail Mary with ten seconds what they might. But they might not they might run. You know get out of bounds players they might run. You know if they have a timeout they might run another you know so there's 45 different things you might have to depend on defense it's hard communicate all that. Your defense because. You know even though that the plane might be well they need to get out of bounds they might say they were gonna throw to Indians on hope we get one of them when -- -- so you've still got to be ready for the. They're saying all that. Would you like to see your ability to call for all the flags and -- of the -- under human rights and status line in the rough -- call and it's in -- launch. Well I think the way I think the latest in the final two minutes is that is okay because I think they'd look at just about everything I mean they. Now the thing about that is is slows down the game. Because you know a lot of those plays. That. In my opinion some of them don't collected that closer they need to be reviewed they go back every human double check them anyway. And then a cut takes away the -- you know what can help urchins bitumen at the way in which side -- on but. You know that. With a large does not -- for the fly them to themselves. Because they're gonna do all they don't know they -- as a candidate they got to get right so why. Bought it I think the main thing is if you know the way it is now you -- you only have two challenges so. If those are going in the last two minutes of the game which there's a decent chance they could be. You know now you're at the mercy of do you -- to challenge for the last two minutes. I think you would probably want to a close game but. You know now play comes up in the third quarter the fourth quarter and you know but at least now you know -- two minutes the game's not going to be decided because you have a challenge left those like what happens in the first half yesterday. And we use that time -- defense of these timeout. Louise time now offense and then we -- anyway we're out of time outs in the middle second quarter so had there been a challenge play. Prior to two minute warning in second quarter with him at timeouts in child -- at the time to get they have that a look at the at that one play. We called that timeout. -- the red -- you look like you're ready to throw it out here sick room the second quarter yeah yeah okay right so that was right that was one. Actually we've we've had a communication issue. Yeah we we just we didn't have things straight on defense and then. During that time now in looking you know outside. -- that don't go in and we used to -- defense. And reason trying to often so right that those three but. Again at the end of the game worried at least the and a half you know that those plays are arguable last two minutes of the same time so there. Isn't gonna make them because everybody's rushing up if there's a questionable call in analysts questioned police officers rushed up right now -- -- -- -- -- often you've been sidelined haven't seen the pictures yet -- haven't heard upstairs. Exactly what's going on that's a tough call it is tough deal wasted timeout because it I guess it depends on how important appliance to write -- Bay Area and also really if you waste the challenger you could be wasted two counts ounces is now you can have three if you get to right with you one wrong then. Yeah got a third once you kind of lose two for one there so. Watching the Pittsburgh game -- mr. widely challenged that. When he didn't make it on forest did by Stephen I did enough sand -- the colts game -- -- years ago when -- -- has. But I also they stop me -- -- points -- 66 points and I want to write and even exodus of my breast and it's and it did you know there for the way. And I -- -- -- but -- a part of just an album all look at all of right but that's kind of the same thing on that challenge you know that was -- second down. Yeah right a second down so it is still that potentially two more downs but. Felt like you you know -- that's the score and play it's it's when you really wanna consider challenges some things that he could you know that's the -- -- -- they execute coaches that the right you can sleep well tonight we're congratulations we'll see here next -- all right sounds good but I thought I -- Bill Belichick right here -- the fictional corporate and back.

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