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Oct 29, 2010|

Adam gives us all the latest info on Favre, Moss, Childress and the Pats

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At a show after joins us on the AT&T outlined -- that it's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible well -- show after how are you today jar -- It tried a new York and Halloween. Oh yeah that is well now wait to seize up the cost at Gillette about 415 on on Sunday. We've Brett Favre Randy Moss and whatever else yeah I like can Rosenfels coastal -- as a member of the nation of Islam. Never established no to. I on Twitter I -- people. Shape and I missed something that can -- goes on it. -- Everybody yeah I haven't seen out of what I want in the Rogers had no idea brought. Articulate it right -- You can goes on lookalike. Welcome. You know scared and like what what I like Bruce Bowen doubled -- boat. You're much more handsome man -- I don't know what that yeah I hit it can -- liked it all right you know. Paul -- it's closer and that serve. -- out of I've given this a lot of plot and I'm trying to figure out the scenario and how the plot plays itself out at 415. Sunday afternoon in Gillette tell me where this probably or doesn't make any sense. There is no way Brett Favre won't start this game. Brett wants to preserve the streak Childress doesn't wanna be responsible for breaking industry. It's only what happens after Brit gets the start that is in question and is it up to Favre. How we plays and whether it's bad enough to have Childress yank him at a certain portion of the game. You agree with the part after the fact that Britain gets us there at the start and it's open for bids at that point. Not a seat that's open to different web while all right brother. Until I think where this story is that right now is I think that there's support Brad Childress. That there -- -- historic. The court rejection period period as his quarterback. Partly due to help. Partly due to performance. Not just help. A lot of factors. And the question I have is no way the Brett Favre. Is going to be open up. The fight British -- -- The question but it Brad Childress. Is. I'm lucky a component -- What what what that is in 9 o'clock. Paul has the balls to sit him. -- -- Yeah fortitude that supported. The fortitude. -- an -- although it Jerry Jones tell it whether Brad Childress has the fortitude yeah. Courage cards. Bravado. -- bench. Brett Favre. Bench meaning. After one series to series one quo and I thought there was -- period. What's takes more balls to send him at the beginning but to say he's not healthy or to yank them. And I. Latest in there's a lot of me on the spot right now yeah net. Seattle think Adam I don't think Childress I don't know I mean you're obviously much more connected than our week. But I don't think Childress once it on his resume. He's the guy that pulled the plug on the straight. I don't think he -- Well here's the thing. That we're gonna hit yet that's on the yup we're gonna get -- -- bet that that's what is so intriguing about it's okay. Whether he feels like. You know what. Don't care. That would -- They go with quarterback I wanna play. What is it more likely at the stock or more likely during the game brought -- No no no no listen. You're going -- -- kicking off. What Brad Childress has decided. But he doesn't have to worry about the streak if you start to -- yanks and. Yeah like you know what that all that does is delay. That question for another week. Okay although maybe two or comes in and struggles against the patriot defense. That's the case that he can actually because simply loaded and actually. Given -- doesn't this doesn't this water find its own level if you let Brett. Start and the brits in effective may be yet movement he throws a pick UB turns it over. Then he's in his right and everybody would -- not a problem say sorry Brett etiquette etiquette. You open to the ankle and say you can't go I gotta protect you from yourself you're sitting duck out -- you're you're not help the team you gotta sit down that way to streak stays intact the -- Jackson plays the vast majority of the football game and you'll lose your quarterback and -- -- -- Well again if -- I think. People. On the assumption that Brett Favre iconic legendary quarterback right want to play at a place that's what it goes beyond that goes to. The relationship. Between. Four and Childress. Where that relationship is at where it's going. Who you know will look into all the relationships and sports over time between. Approach. And player manager and player where there's been an issue waited in some sort of power struggle with somebody who want to make a statement that somebody at a loss. -- -- to separate. Show it more control more strength. All of saying if you please there are other issues here that go beyond. Ankle it's not just in ankle. Issue. You eat it did not say did you not say. Childress doesn't care about the streak. Well I. Look I did not ethnic question he's accurate but -- -- -- -- his actions will tell us whether or not. What do we know when will we know we will that would that leak out will some like -- chapter. We did or do you think it's game time decision and we'll know when he when he grew -- from the first. Vikings have the ball the first time. Or a Donald and to that don't know the answer that -- May be looking. The vikings. Would have practiced -- twelfth with. Are supposed to try to practice at that point. And maybe we'll see something -- in the peace and progress in these sensors setback mean. Childress amounts or something like Kate you know open an entity spend on -- -- I don't right now though. Divorce action I I don't know how to play it can play out any which way. One thing which -- With with Brett Barnett has since December in the league this morning at Fort -- you guys. What would this guy goes back to the Foreman Hattiesburg Mississippi. Can actually a much easier elected going to. But the and we all know and it is it's well but you -- But not -- so no it's all about Iraq. The conversation I would bet it would sort of the packers' front office. When he reported to which sits on the forget it's. -- we do turn this about -- eventually it well and when this -- been through it in and out there an introductory press conference. In Cleveland when he first got to get when he's in the brown and partner in ruins and and literally so -- -- -- Just going off. Hewitt -- disturbed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I will give you credit for this and put some eggs in the basket that Childress doesn't care about the streak and he's gonna do what he wants to do when he doesn't really care what. -- -- We see evidence all the time that there really isn't a filter or governor on Brad -- he'll go out in new criticized the -- is and know that he's gonna get by 32 drunks in a blog about it and -- the -- he throws his quarterback under the -- says he's got to learn to play -- the system he can't beat Andy the seven points like that so I think there is they no Fear Factor in this I'll give -- -- -- At orchard. Exactly yes exactly rate signal stealer. And at the open that up on the. Literally within a 24 hours spent. C. Question official. He revealed that the article probably was right. He threw his quarterback under the bus. And he called out the coach one of the greatest coaches in -- history this past week. And we were playing a. He has not to -- yeah you know separate still those bread bread cut in the tactics that. So assessments of the -- that may although -- decision. Is now making the decision about -- we want quarterback. PC and he's doing now picture Brett healthier reasonably healthy standing on the sidelines with a baseball cap on his head. In -- may be headphones as a back up. Well let me just say this and this is the other yes. He wouldn't do Aaron Rodgers you think he's gonna do for -- checks. Let let let let it sit home like there's this story is so believable because -- it goes that way. It's it goes that way and the stark departure action we're talking about the relationship between our children now. What do you think we're going to be talking about between. Well. I think -- I was -- text pictures of those asked the Brad Childress. I like is there any way of telling what the viking players. Think about this who they think gives them the best chance to win on Sunday. A trick question I'd like to ask some of the guys. It's -- -- -- that they tell you. Off the record yeah I I think that content -- they would I think I -- guys would. -- -- 214 with fourteen far turn over and ten interceptions. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this election goes to marsh Jackson's. I -- I still think. Let's not forget that the it went down to Mississippi to bring him back okay and tech won back. And struggle right now my guess is that our -- to support -- election it. And really. Well we'll see I mean if you if he can't go I guess it'll depend -- -- Jack place. What are you talk -- about what all this is. It's there's a lot more to story. -- the and it's. It's really intriguing to see how it can on old and I don't have an answer or it's. More than we know now amuses you well like I think we waited out there that it's not sure. That -- beyond I think people might at some some people should be the end of all the investigations distractions ankle injury all -- -- to talk about the -- I like the old -- More the dynamic relationship. -- -- he's -- is between -- Childress in part in what could happen. If one guy decides view. Do what some people think I can go to work -- I went far. -- say it -- willing to try to play. I wanna play this strike came back to do. Either my teammates and getting. Well let him play. Again it goes that way what would you. Think one and we think some of these. String quarterback looking relief ships away these. Most of mine but he also adjusted. Read on goal. Is not going to but early -- -- Marino on just about anybody out. Hey -- this is the portion of the show where we always talk about. You know the featured game the one we find the most intriguing and it seems that it's I'm looking back at the schedule. More off the -- it's more often then not. It's whoever's playing in the two in the patriots that we have to be the most intriguing game. I mean it's certainly wasn't some -- ninety at the jets got the Miami game model Monday night it was intriguing Baltimore the greatest defense in all of the year. Certainly San Diego and now Minnesota. Next week when when the -- Charlotte Cleveland we won't find that to be the most. -- -- -- -- Cleveland if if Cleveland keeps this role right there is there anything else in Minnesota at the wing and is he feeds are most intriguing game of ball fair to say our. He collect chose this week in nineteen that we can Friday tense but the Iranians can back out later and I chose to begin the week. Pittsburgh -- Minnesota knowing. -- And I and I initially mistake it -- -- -- but a distinctive there's some story like skiing and make it most appealing tree. And and Randy Moss has taken a backseat yeah that's only factor that. Cut to wide receiver Randy Moss returned spots where it got overshadowed the short side of these games multiples the. A tale and here in New England there's the thought the DeVon McCord he can cover him that can do -- Revis are a lot Cromartie. And stay with moss -- he doesn't have a quarterback throwing accurately to -- downfield. Well. Should be really something is securely and -- and proceed. What's right in the middle market for this team that -- -- whatsoever so everybody in the ordinary -- treating all day right and then come back but not that he. It's against the law. House areas that. Out explain to me how Randy Moss is happy in Minnesota not only meet a bee line to -- cities content everything's good. But what did he get out of this deal he went from a quarterback who could throw him the ball to one who is they draw the queen and so many different levels and who is injured. And they didn't give him a contract extension that he was looking for here. And there's not a proficient and efficient quarterback throwing him the ball he -- gonna go to showcase his talent for free agency. Next year why -- not be pissed off right now. Well since then -- value you know. -- Would dating back in calendar post palate and that you -- somebody in and treatment and certainly change you know I should stress -- the -- break this. Now. Both offered a pretty yeah. And you wonder sometimes now -- -- must have to be -- most honest moments. Maybe. That was a better situation than not but he wanted to be -- that though it certainly opened the idea of and I think what -- far but again. There's nothing better or nothing worst thing voters easily. Losing struggling on the brink that's. It works in unpleasant experience and and they're winning right now. In Foxborough and they're playing very well and it's looking like it would be a very good season however it once. They're not it and that's stretching the field I'm honestly -- -- jury -- still they seem they're often seems to miss him so what direct. Their record is five 511 of them by one. I haven't won yet good element that I gotta rotted so remind me remind me next week he's got a TV think I'm moderately to connect -- remind me ask you next week do you give a week to think about this have you ever in the history. A covering high. Profile individuals in sport ever seen somebody go from the top of the mountain to the bottom and the sort of back to the top as juniors say how the sale has. It was the most well respected -- ever played this game. Then came domestic abuse and -- suicide attempt what's suicide attempt and now no charges being filed and Junior -- back to the top of the mountain. It's seven days and a little time to deal with that. Now I do -- Ray Lewis Michael Vick. Similar Ben Roethlisberger that's -- yet I don't know it that was spread out. Only stand still like a rodeo clown and they were for versus versus. I think in all fairness that you yourself situation I think it was a case where. -- person begin and will report is that the the whole thing back. It'll twisted okay it was exactly what you. I don't know I know yeah a -- into -- there was no basis for short since -- -- been exonerated in that regard. I think that it was a situation where. It was exactly what was reported and then. He happened to slide up equipped and the circumstances -- together seem awfully odd and suspicious what it I would think from. What people told -- they've really worked to independent thing it just happened that happened saint and unfortunately it looked terrible but it was well. But now maybe I'm being completely but what but -- it essentially gotten -- -- very people. All right TV stars make up time thanks of the talk -- -- -- to -- have a great week. Analysts -- write them -- watching. And reading his tweet his very prolific you leader and and you have to read him cause he always tells some news. He breaks news not like he should sunny morning it was crazy right not exports and he breaks things like every five men -- remarkable. He join us on the AT&T -- -- possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- possible.

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