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Dustin Pedroia on the Big Show

Oct 27, 2010|

Dustin joined the Big Show to talk about how his foot rehabilitation is coming, and to announce that the off-season 'Laser Show' is coming to the Big Show on Wednesdays this fall.

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-- backyard and our number two of the big -- I'm glad -- why it is little Maloney and rob Bradford here today. Neither one of them are in jeopardy of losing their job as -- yet been announced for yeah for now. About 1015 minutes ago that we do have a new member of the staff that was. It was you know we can get a little bit of I can't let that hurts me every time you do that and illness. He's probably as good -- -- Like James Earl jones' trip was a lot of Williams. A lot of peaks are a lot of these audiences. Antoine Walker I don't catch the connection with the sound of things and Antwan locked up and -- Dino Raja I don't I don't get that would either Darth Vader or -- Well we did what anybody in the stupid -- constantly -- -- -- combination of -- me you know all of that -- Who's not the forum. As well off when you talk about you know arguable. I know we are up. Pleased to announce that. Getting a week from Wednesday. And you probably remember during the offseason last year. That was a gentleman not pretty good baseball player guy won the rookie -- the -- his first your secondary -- -- VP -- That he joined -- on the Lansky on weakens. With the a laser shows. Are. Always show is now going primetime baby -- bring in the laser show with Dustin Pedroia. Every Wednesday in the off season beginning a week from Wednesday might be too weak ones -- two weeks from Wednesday whatever. And he's even gonna take phone calls and like he's he's got a he's got a mixed with the people most of us don't do that around here he's gonna go and he joins is live on the phone lines. Right now. Yeah what's our guys are what are what they want big org started. There aren't any any enemy by we're bringing it out thought Saturday it out about Bosnia -- -- at that time radio you know. I don't feel good about that. Uncle at their route -- you gonna be on the show or are you did you get fired. Imagine that -- well I won't hold on doesn't what was -- god yeah if that was your reference is all your court and -- -- -- field. It's up to you know you can save them all you can Almonte it's up to you what your it to blow him off the island your segment now. You know what I -- up all of a lot Barrett have proper. Don't count but I know pretty good on Saturday but immaculate they're like a. Coming on believe it going to be absolutely unbelievable how we're gonna do a bunch of of different things with Dustin during the course of of the offseason. On Wednesday but we are gonna take Falcons want people who know that the going to be able to interact provided you don't do this this is what we don't want we did this with Schilling. Everybody did it and people would start calling up and the first thing is that you can say what kind of don't sit there and go to his entire career is that after awhile. I mean it might be good for you but for us it it'll count -- wear itself out economy. Yeah absolutely I -- confidence booster people. That was awesome but will welcome -- groups of what girls at UMass -- that time this of yours isn't the only drawback that wouldn't let us get straight. The highlight of Dustin Pedroia life last year was when the girl from the U mass dorm room called in to bullies -- real. Unfortunately we're not gonna have that ops because they're going to be class now assess -- -- was -- -- more productive applicants are right. So what are -- doing these days working -- -- -- -- again. Yeah react on every at you know still villa. Though right now come a long long way back but -- you know -- -- repeat it thank. The injury but jocular. Get this retreating to pick on note he still going on this year but. Melodic and I'm excited. Is it is it still gone we we were trying to wonder will win the World Series just talk throughout the Yankees are trying to figure out here in Boston winning the series starts is it tonight. Yeah and I and I -- -- it's gonna be a great series candidate about opera based on. -- -- -- -- -- -- The pitching matchup in game one is phenomenal -- mean you can't get much better than what you've got tonight with the Lincecum in the closely. Eighty yard watch Cliff Lee right now imagine in pinstripes next year does that bother you at all. Artsy I think about that -- and we. We've spent a lot but he he's he's pretty regard got a piece QB he's already hit two via. Yankees -- eagle putt there -- don't. It's I -- expect anyone tight unit bought it looks like it's -- under it are also well it brought the -- want. You know he's he's pretty extra special so -- -- -- is not a parent that strikes. So you must be root for the Giants right you still guards Jeff wondered if for Halloween so. Are -- and I want you to actually learned a ballot or he brought up but it. You know it or not or -- when they are I'd like it's it on purpose but it -- right. And Watson's fifty forced the last time they want and I'll end up going -- we went through all of that about. All of the rain or you don't -- and a rages -- -- -- that's I I guess that's probably will be the best part of it is you've got two teams. That -- never been here before but I think it's difficult one of them but never 54 -- remembers that. On it's it's difficult to kind of root for either -- you -- against either one at least it. There are RBI are here I predict that our historic -- -- the -- political rock. Well we're all of us don't have a lot of -- diet -- -- up the -- at. There's so like I'd bet out people occurred out of step up -- the big situation corporate prequel a lot. Stories pretty amazing you just don't -- once that happened in baseball you know. -- bounces back like that suddenly he's here at a course and the my hero Bengie Molina. Not because of his size though it -- -- -- but that's that's it that's an impressive I think you're the only person that's ever said that wasn't -- here opens -- it's an impressive body you gotta give -- -- you know you know he works. Where I -- through an -- I think I was bastard particularly at that it's a little. In the -- And tell you he works hard on the body but he can't lose in this deal. Because he got traded from San Francisco to taxes so he picks up a ring either way. And he probably picks up a fall World Series share of the why can't close. Yeah I -- what what situation you know and I have ever done for. -- -- Sure sure that I ever done. -- sounds -- closed a definitive and nothing to understand this -- look lesson number one on the radio this act like you know what you're talking about. And it will be come true. -- Are you like yeah -- I know that I got operate but. Guys. -- or wherever she might go right. -- he's he's he's he's working -- push ups and CB last year in spring training. Or -- Not a lot of -- push -- drop on -- knees that would it is I would rob did. Yeah brought on so people inaugural Busch have cycled back and comical while. Pretty bad -- I got. Robin -- Robin -- this last week he went over the Harvard Square after Shaq went over there and played them a statue you know. And all these people showed up rob did the exact same thing nobody showed up we showed they come away. My starting in I guess in two weeks gonna start this on on Wednesdays we'll do -- every Wednesday we'll open up the phone lines what people look. I talk to you and I have a funny feeling that two weeks from now. They're going to be a lot of stories involving involving this team a lot of the lot of things will be up. But your feeling a lot better. Yeah outfield outfield better -- I albeit at a percent not retreat on LP ready to go out Lotta Lotta energy out of lot not built up the a lot of the year so you know expect it what's the timetable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow up Arctic -- -- -- -- -- well we expect to retreat. Oh well right now I I spew out there probably three weeks -- -- -- -- -- -- Brett Favre plays with the booed I think he's going out there is this Sunday gonna play and one of those who -- That I don't know argue that. Now I don't either. But. I wouldn't be surprised annals in months. I just pull out we'll -- he had a couple of weeks with the full laser show coming to prime time -- the big show every Wednesday. Archive is it -- -- -- -- new addition Dustin Pedroia. And before -- him in the -- of the interest -- to see if it was me and -- we would Marty we would have asked -- what Halloween -- he was going to be -- -- and we would have had my -- government and asking questions that's what I'm worried about it he -- those -- ideas because he doesn't -- -- -- -- on the show it's -- and if that wasn't the real strong endorsement deal he wanted and Hinske in the -- much about it on the -- I didn't I thought you pretty good album last year I don't know what stock and businesses -- some tonight I intimidate him last summer. He's a fascinating guy as as you guys know. Terrific player by a fascinating guy he's very funny. You know very quick. And he's more interest in talking in the offseason causes rubble explain. It doesn't necessarily like to do a lot of radio during the course of the season we -- using it if you -- two times during the course of the season the offseason he feels. Is much different for him and -- Kind of fooled around and stuff like that we get fooled around during the course of the season and you don't let publicly but people think you're not committed. Going you know I think -- -- enough to you know during the season this is just too much going on DO let alone he's doing his job. But -- too much gone out here you know that what we're talking about I don't think you want to get involved -- -- players wanna get involved and you know he's a talking about David Ortiz and should they sit in the real PD should they sit David Ortiz the only involved in the that. In the offseason -- you don't pick up this guy that guy he kind of played down the middle little bit more of an easier at that. So yes I know I've I've never I've said this a bunch times but. I've never seen an athlete who is so polar opposite one minute to the next in terms -- you get in front -- cameras and you ask those kind of questions that you're talking about. And he's very uncomfortable and he'll give you the very straight down the middle answers but then -- old. Basketball something else and he's has no problem talking about and he's the most entertaining Ira. Plus you'll go at a switches could be yeah we need a little the Chiefs. Right got a good. I'm gonna take a quick study second break and we'll get back to the phone calls at 6177790. -- that the toll free 888525. 0852. Weeks of from a two day. A will be joined by Dustin Pedroia every Wednesday in the offseason he'll join us as part of me although laser show comes to the --

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