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Bill Belichick, NE Patriots Head Coach

Oct 25, 2010|

Bill Belichick joins the Big Show to discuss yesterday's road win in San Diego, the reasons for another 4th and 1 gamble and the upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings.

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Patriots money will -- down here at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro SBA alive presents the no nonsense conversation with a coach Stein for Bill Belichick to join us coach awaited. Doing OK Glenn have you don't find breads and it turning it on to what a terrific. That never pretty anymore but you get a win get a win on the road equality against a very good football team -- five and one. Gotta feel pretty good. Well take it they'll take it to chargers are good football and there a lot of really good players. But we. The thought everybody could definitely see yesterday's -- that -- and turnaround than they can story. Onside kick make a stop on defense score again so there there explosive team and and very dangerous and and they showed that so fortunately we're able to. On this. Make a few more plays than they did yesterday -- on top so we'll take it wasn't perfect Leo lot of work that is the lot of things we can correct that. It could be correct and from a victory in sort of a close loss. We said that last week we finally -- right bill when you said number one defense -- on offense we had seen them that much. But they really had some players again after a defense in one and it seemed like it was louder there than normal. And those corner got rushes we'll get off the ball really quickly wasn't louder than normal and and what kind of came to use. Well if there was there was -- -- it's always loud and as you know what gets louder and things are going good forum so. We played at their two years ago and they were ahead seventeen to three and 24 to three. Your head was just felt like it two symbols -- smashed against the and certainly in the fourth quarter their when their -- their comeback and and they at some momentum and fans got back into it it was that was a while. There's interest in no earlier in the game. Well a couple times and I was over were talking to the defense make adjustments of them on the sideline. I was -- that crowd yell and a photo what happened and who's who we made. And yet we -- play this rampant cancer or quite a few -- fans there is that point in the game where. Think the charger fans weren't enough to mature about their their kind of quiet but. At that -- was the case and the game but no there was definitely good crowd noise and and they have good good edge rushers in the Phillips and and then aren't certainly helped them there. You know come on and then you know if you're just little delay -- the -- -- like they can they can really get around there in a -- so it was it was certainly a little bit of factor. The offense. We did not seem real productive in the first definitely had opportunities given to them by the defense. In the second if you seem to go a little bit more no huddle you've. Quick up the pace of your office was that where their defense down or to prevent them from getting certain packages out there on the field. Well I think both. Kinda control their personal substitutions and also to to pick up our pace and fortunately there were some some good plays in their and that drive and that that always helps a -- when you're going forward and in -- an -- so. That's accomplished all those things that it it's a little laser controller substitutions when. You're not substitute and then use -- to see what they're putting out there and only one match up against. We were anticipating that onside kick with seven happens to a blow -- -- with those possibility and we alerted to forward and we played you know we were planned for it but not we -- have our hands -- out -- because with. Seven minutes ago two scores are still playing time to kick off the back yeah -- the ball but. There was those a big kick in the -- and played as well as we would like to -- obviously and -- thing you know going for we're gonna have to take a look at you know from a coaching standpoint second time that's happened this year now. We've got to really. New work on -- not the we have worked on them but you know work on that are holes so that'll. More seems teams are doing it early in games now in -- the first half of some games it's amazing. Yeah but the down by a score two scores in the fourth quarter. You know that's it's awful because you don't wanna you don't picture on hands team up there and and -- -- -- deep and gets on the fifty yard line and and I hear your -- field position thing at all back in the knocking on the door again and on the other hand you wanna have what happened. Does happen and so. Haven't bought fifty airlines that are -- government is that -- lets -- -- -- always -- -- onside -- I -- that the problem that ball bounce straight up and his is a good sounds like kicker and that your is that there's Sean do on the first Monday he's on -- both ways so -- The first one that Trent who is saying maybe -- I don't know poachers Bennet back there or whatever but. But I don't think he got exactly whatever he was trying to get that than the second one that he. -- spiked in the ground that was so obviously is an excellent kick him down right at the tenor market. -- -- -- -- -- A book you know we had a dealer for for both sides not just not just that -- but -- when they used early in the game and then of course after that. Than they used the pooch -- one went out of bounds and drug. I think hope that we will be up you know plan for the onside kick in and approach over the top. And you know it'll have the ball you know and that that spot back there behind the front line in. While we're on the sports teams to human topics happiness was very particular. He was doing or. -- -- -- note -- June I would open their stated we he's broken them down for a -- do you 305 response now but I should not Pleasant Hill. By on on the fourth down play was part of a snapping the port snapping their play into decision that -- Now by non -- now that was just. Paula chose the situations where we could we we've had that situation to the times in the game almost a fourth and two that we have potted. Analysts. First quarter and then -- fourth and one week we went for Africa and third -- it -- so. But I felt we would be okay with the play that we had called it it obviously didn't work out. -- Descended to -- better job situation with the poison decisions -- -- You know when you go for those ago epic mountain and we didn't so ago. They're fun but we're just gonna you're gonna you're not doubting yourself for the fourth and one you you -- talking about the place specifically just -- and you know when you do that it needs to work so. We're gonna finally network is that still the number one thing because we've gone over the so many times over the years what you're always gonna work and finally do -- it's desperation and you have no choice -- the point is trying to get it was. In your mind the play is the most important thing in that situation whether you've got to play victim they can absolutely war correct. It in that kind of situation. As opposed to when you just have to do it because your your -- the ball if you don't sports. What are what you want do. Well first of person or lose its agreement was vote last year's fourth and two compared to this fourth and one. How with a different elements -- -- process some call. The India while our field positions that are on -- -- sure. Two main differences that they just some time game that -- All of this again is about as I'm concerned right it was about the Tuman warring -- and and and that's -- -- senior discussed right they see their more guys in that area than you can block. Well they've Elvis played the -- play better and we executed so you know give them credit in the image that the the lateral. That went behind -- rivers threw. Was -- a huge benefit that happen right here are your sidelined for your coaching staff honesty my pepper was up and and screaming and the other point about that -- I know you've seen the film Internet. Brandon spikes to the smart thing by taking a guy out as opposed to going for the ball seemed Ninkovich was pick of the ball up and that seemed to give him. An extra twenty yards away a -- he ended up with. You know and have a sixty yeah right right yeah yeah but. -- was you know -- literally got on the ball. Although maybe could battle quicker couldn't quicker -- on the ball non. Then was alert enough to get up and start run and then as he says it's vice got -- started and sparked. Made a block there and then and rivers kind of heading on and push him out of bounds but it. You know it's kind of similar to a play that we watched the night before the game in the Oakland game where. Oakland was up by one at the end of the game rivers got it's this is used on. Was it for past -- -- fumble on Oakland scooted over and it for touchdown and sudden that the in an eight point when form -- Had they not gotten that play. Sandy who went down by one with fifty seconds ago when maybe thirty yards outside fuel and so you know. Very. Very label situation for them so it that was kind of thing that we talked about before about. This can all those loose balls -- and -- -- mountain don't worry about with the whistle is because it doesn't matter just get on the ball. And and get Holden you know ask questions later so. Kind of worked in our favor on that one and also on you know on the one that James recovered. We just talked about it before going on here you said you were taught everybody start to play to the whistle and now that no no longer exists you just keep on playing beyond -- Well you Plato possessed animal right at the balls loose you played a position all listening tonight as -- you know that is if the ball slows. Now the runner has possession of the ball and -- whistle blows -- he can hit them all that but. The bulls lose then you Plato was actionable -- and I think that's right. Now the second half. Because this has largely at what point you seem to go more. Two a deeper zone let him thrown in the -- in the first I've seen little ball blitz that changed any and all. Islands. Because there was a lot of time -- -- opportunity to throw the ball underneath it. -- lot of options is an effort have to do with pictures of black boots won't prevent them. They hitting the physical aspect of the game Brandon meriwether seemed as physical as he was last week but he seemed to adjust and use the shoulder dropped down a little. -- -- Well if he didn't -- -- within the ring get the penalty that Ohio last week or so because that really about it is that could find him anyway characters that come. The change rule as a -- was on. Right well we've. We've always tried instruct the -- -- to use the techniques that are that are within the rules and you know look lot of players of that -- penalized for its that are not not within the rules and and you try to correct those and they try to correct gunman and -- right you know bang bang plays that are there faster. Chase and guys are trying to get them all a sudden something happens and you know you don't wanna. You don't want him illegally but you're trying to hit -- -- and make the place so it's fine line there I think everybody understands what what the -- think they understood it. Before last week I think they understand it now on. -- more conscious of announcement. In Berlin happens that there's no new rule nothing's changed it's just. It is a more emphasis on which I understand that I think from coaching standpoint these standpoint. And we do the same way we always done so. To Jimmy can. -- that may be it would affect. A player like that that may -- he would back off a little bit not be as physical position to be quite physical on the skin. I really and if that's -- on our own -- it's pretty experienced player and it's a lot of football. Later high level one collagen. -- offer. His career and -- files so. You know -- at that when you talk to players. And for its India vote go through recruiters times we make adjustments in the we'd do thing whether it's a technique rule. Skeen and that is when you totally new team or your team changes you know you make adjustments and that's what players do so. But the experienced players and the two to close -- known most deliberately took him without a hassle outlets. -- country and the result tell us about that NASA has used just -- did they -- changed the way they're. Run defense I mean they were in a lot of more dropping coverage off then that pulls out rushing rushing through war. They blitzed less this time draw more against against the jobs with say that. In the games that we've broken down. Part yesterday that some war zone blitz then what they showed against those yes on -- we saw a little more man coverage probably. Statistically then what that he with a child commander. Was I mean they had shown it but we just that'll war. Was a factor of not having that. All of you Steve sort of Randy Moss will be able to do more things with with the receiving corps than. And again I don't think they've they had to new coverage as the -- that say they they ran what they ran but. Let's -- a little more cover one minute littlest splits. Which those to a pretty similar anyway but it's. Little little less five man Russian little more forums welcome back of the film was if things you saw their receivers that were open or to coverage. Pretty much black because I must register Beckett didn't look like he's sorry I. It's a combination of both I'd say at times we get some receivers open the -- at the ball to -- times. And to last week we had some receivers that were open polian have time to get the ball to narrow the times one. There really wasn't much there and and our protection was good or sometimes that wasn't as Cavuto is a combination of things -- is combination of things. Again they're pretty good defense a football team and they they do a lot of things well they rush well they cover well they. They mix their coverages. And hopefully we could. Improve our excuse and on but that is still there in other good defense -- in giver but he problems -- -- -- here. And they have Sproles returning kicks and they're pretty good job getting down on him -- he can -- Right he goes on that last this kickoff return were bounces outside and and -- -- back to about the thirty hardliners like that but yeah he sees tough he's really good runner and very fast than. And small sometimes it's kind of lost in that pile they're behind the -- -- -- hard -- sometimes pick him out but he's very good dangerous and you know fortunately there -- -- -- breakup plays by him that he he's search now. And you updated on my approach from 200. Steve I think they're still -- Madden the you know how it goes day after the game couple days after the game two. At the adrenaline. Now comes now Oden and settled down. So. -- goes their but you know pressures pretty tough kid needs since -- briefest Taylor so hopefully they. Won't hold on too long hospital. And last week we talked about Dedrick and the fact that we -- kind of surprised he was out there starting and get a look like he came up a couple of big plays during the course of the -- how quickly is he picking this up. While they branded a good -- training camp pretty good pre season and it's the way things fell early in the in the season first couple weeks a heating -- law opportunity but he he's worked hard in practice and continue to show up then we set an opportunity to please -- shown up positively in his mates and it's -- place that. Give more opportunity in and -- -- so. He had a couple of those yesterday and not model perfect but it. Some things that are there were good and so I feel like in all five -- -- offensive line yesterday Brandon since. Gerard Warren my grade iron in oil 505. And it was deposited plays in different times different situations but. They'll played you know roughly about the same amount of time not quite exactly but you know they'll -- significant roles than and they know productive and so it was good. Brandon Dieter -- now friends playing outside. Is that going to be more prone positions you hold up that and we can't collapse that signs. Well I think we have confidence in Vince really any position but others over the tackled -- the senate term which -- side it is so. Dependent on what the the scheme is and who were planned in the matchups and so forth were trying to do. I think really where we -- qualities he's always been very willing to make that adjustment -- as always done well. So if that's what we wanna do we can do it enough it's not. Whether it's on the nose or or three technique -- and they feel the play well which are position he's -- you make that decision based on the matchup on the other side is that -- look at. Well its its combination thanks land between their what their doing and who their. Personnel isn't that what we're trying to do sometimes there's there's a reason for based know we're trying to do well remember one player here -- there but. All three of those guys -- pretty but really all over the console I'm pretty pretty personal you know Mike's place in response. -- played all response will forks well it all response. That are does is play them both hands and action played. Some on the nose one technique and that -- time so he he's kind of personal -- so I mean naval. You know involvement to move around I think we can -- confidence no war here he was a defensive tackle and he hadn't played you played no primus and when who's in that within -- well he usually play in the over and under. The fences the schemes whether it was a Cleveland Denver or Oakland so when it was a three technique than he would. You know play out there almost on the tackle -- is one technique -- champion senator so. He's really. Really play all three spots. But not -- a 34 defense and -- three times the surprise joining let me see if we play debris while moves decent original to go on again he's had a real good he's got a real good a season he was goodness bring it -- good training camp. Showed up in the pre season games and it was a big physical guy that's that's hard to block he's explosive and in his very athletic for his size he can. He plays on its feet is good balance and and he has some quickness can rest of cern. You know be effective in space so for a big man he's he's athletic and in the smart player. As long experience he's he's done a good job force was a defensive -- speaks for itself that's that's all I was position alerts elements that Israel would almost anyway how -- -- -- -- I told him I suspect was told -- -- power Cunningham and spikes -- sifting -- to the rookie season. You know it they're getting better each week Steve. You know think -- through the list to three weeks is really started the come on. You know we missed that time in training camp and so is his early pre season games here kind of like his pre season games that other guys think he's. You know is a physical player and his physical play started shall more against. Tackles and tight Kansan. Know people that are he's going up against that he's playing with power explosiveness and and spikes is a good football player he's just instinctively knows the ball is -- Is good running games robberies and it's a place for some kickoff coverage. And both those guys a lot to learn to see a lot of things that that they just haven't seen college. So it's each week's a new learning experience for him I think there. That -- their ability to play physically take people on the tackled the to hold their own and and defeat blockers that that those are those things are and now the just. Container -- find their techniques and learn their responsibilities particularly the passing game that's that's the hardest thing for. All rookies as the is the NFL passing and running games. A lot more familiar tool for what they're closer with that it college passing games. -- Our fifth win of the season Minnesota comes to talent there's a guy you might be familiar with that people operating. We'll take a break when we come back we'll break down the vikings dumbed down this week with the coach bill -- -- back live down -- enough Foxboro Gillette Stadium is patriots Monday Glenn -- like French -- Steve the Washington coach Bill Belichick. I've referred everybody describe the last two or three years how you go out and defend -- -- So coach LSU the question you defend Randy -- Well that will know Randy Randy can do. From with the vikings is they have a -- -- players that are there really good you know a lot of really good skill players. Laws are there and -- lose. Chicago. Peterson it's terrific factories that backers are enormous failure I don't think so he can run -- strong fast. He's he's really explosive player catches the ball well so. They they got a lot of they a lot of people worry about get word -- -- and India were -- them to. Could do you watch games. -- -- the most against the Miami the Miami beat him but really my Minnesota beat themselves a full moon in the end zone. You can now the goal line knocked him in to move the ball and opportunities. They shot themselves in the foot can't rely on they can move the ball effectively probably sit on offense the commute to from all different angles. Macvicar scorn her now Peterson goes different distance Hartman on us. Shiancoe -- of those guys can all you know 607080 yards they they get married. You've seen enough for Brett Favre over the years. Is he still totally unpredictable and that you see him do some stuff that you because he's doing a lot of them on the fly. When soft breaks down and you sit there going. You know why did we do this why didn't we do that are difficult to see. And that he just doesn't seem to follow the straight logic. Right where he improvise is a lot and that's. It that's hard to defend because he just like you said just don't know what he's gonna do you know throws across his body back across the field he'll. -- slowing it down the field one and probably there's a better place to throw underneath and so you just you and he'll run in he can imply time in the pocket so. He does a lot of things that are that are predictable really keep making force you play disciplined defense or. Each you know get into a guessing game with a -- The fund some fonts and space and you'll but it defendant in the central -- we talk about their office but their defense is -- with some Plaistow. Well I sure they're they're good up front linebackers are very athletic and and they're good coverage in the secondary to physical. That play a lot of zone coverage and -- chart but they can. They're a law also lock open and -- coverage certainly. -- -- fields equality form and we know him from buffalo and now previous means in Minnesota me season. Ireland best tackling. And best tacklers in the league at his position. And that's uncovered complain both outside and sloth so. They're they're good no question about days there are their strong and in all three phases of the game special teams and their. Or physical they're too you know that's like Farwell announced by the top special teams player and in football over the last three or four years terms of production. They're they're they're solid Percy -- Great great kickoff returner so they're they're tough. But he the front for that you know they've been so good for so I was shocked yesterday to find out that Pat Williams 38 years. Of agents still playing well should deadly words that are have a shot at shark. He's eight days based strong -- player -- and I mean he does a really good job in their in the running game is hard -- -- move -- takes a lot of space and you know commands -- blockers and and Kevin Williams's this very athletic as the three technique he has great you know range and quickness and of course that Alleman. And it it was outside who have great motors and accurately crank it off the is that in also strong physically as hard knock off the ball so that's. It's very good front and and you know they they roll couple of the guys and there are some -- passing situations for pad but. There it's a strong group there they're physical they're athletic they're quick and you know there are there Harvard law and and by the time you get through them it's hard to get up the linebackers you know. Those guys are. Manifest that run while Anderson lever and a group and Greenway and so it's -- it's hard to get how on them without. Leaving those linemen to Orleans and saint on now so it's gonna. The thought pressure on their offense. The animal blocked but that's it's hardly says -- those line -- the -- those linebackers one. Another country -- -- mentioned in the back field. There's a report out -- to us now that Brett Favre as two fractures left ankle in protective boot right now. Does that change the rule when there's no player an -- change and your preparation for the week. Well and until it ruled out Nazi companies started 5000 games and that's what it's like Lou Gehrig's. Those rallies from fired the same period -- thing about. -- about -- last week you know he wasn't gonna play in an all. But it played pretty well in -- in this -- games either so I think we have players like that view. Those guys find a way to play and until -- on the inactive list will prepare for -- will prepare for all the players on the roster. Whichever ones are active which are ones that -- can decide to play those loans victory for we can. We can't you know guess at those and then guess round wrong and then -- -- player shall -- play in the and you know prepare form theory for all. -- dogs they put wheels on you know and to send them right back out -- but but but you're right if anybody is apt to be playing. On Sunday's game it it it's him I would think it would be. Very difficult for for coaching staff the sit there and veer away since the guy seems to show often said this -- these injury when we're talking about a before the area. The show tonight he could even get off the podium last night we all within each other and said -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Now there's a -- in twenty years and years and look is the point numbness -- good likeness don't watch how I spent a lot of don't have much Tarvaris Jackson. It's go back the defense line from and they they're not a big blitzing team that -- and that's what propelled repression. They've they've -- some but no limited they really count Foreman Russian news in the pressure off that that they don't. They don't have to blitz they can outlets only want to feel. Advantages but their their -- in. What would that be when they feel author and real long rule double just. Don't have just the Mexico this week ago balance of the you know. Always get all one thing about blitzing linebackers is that if for future Baxter. Generally backed the step up and pick those guys up which keeps the backs from chip in the hands and in them in a second block of those outside rushers in particular down -- teams try to get an extra you know if they're back outside help the ball -- way out but. He's got let's pick up then he's got to block that tackles and so there's some advantage is that. How are different are they with that Randy Moss I know they've gone through with rice and and different guys that get lost during the course of the year. In looking at them over the last couple weeks and training them with them if you noticed them doing anything differently. Oh well let's say the big thing went in on losses on the field is as you've got him on the outside which -- problem in the news Shiancoe and an apartment on the inside which is -- problem and if Peterson backfield what's on the problem. So. And with a lot of as a lot of fronts of the fan. Yet be careful about getting only coverage out there in the receivers because in Peterson -- -- artsy yeah be careful about. Gearing up stop Peterson when he got Hartman and and Austin and -- about their run through defense so they. There well balanced -- they use a mall. As fast as Randy is -- and we all know -- faster and is. Looks like Percy Herman's asbestos threat is so. He's not the only best idea there of the Israeli any differently than you guys usually the well they used them on that reverse the that are servers bestseller was against the jets though he thought it. Yeah so we haven't that we -- in -- but that now I mean ethnic grandes. -- obviously outstanding player very capable of doing a lot of different things that means he's not that the purse theory can run. -- sorts or else very good in the red area. So they target their hands so there's a lot of things they can do movement and they utilized. The concern about he -- you face a team that. You know back up against the wall there put reportedly. Must win situations through that that factor into what you tell your team. Plus we face this way you know that's that's -- San Diego -- -- to a foreign planet -- You know they've been a slow certain team that. Of one won the last four years you know twelve and 1412 and a row -- division all that -- so. I mean we know we know Minnesota's dangerous mean there there was an a player of the in the jets are with the play of beat the Packers there -- a player of you know probably be in five and want so they've they've been. You know right there -- a lot of lot of games and just one or two plays away from. No one of those games and they can easily you know have the same record probably ahead lecture at this point in time. So it's got a respect that and play one play at a time when. And have a good week preparation here that we we know what they're capable -- the play well NAFTA. Not make any bad mistakes you know can look deep balls terrible over cover kicks in and do all those things well and don't try to try to keep it competitive. -- right after the coaches -- -- question of the week it's brought you by auto trader dot com compare new and used cars side by side. And ought to trader dot com the ultimate automotive marketplace and crop partner. Patriots football that's been working on this one or is it me three times general bill. No no no as a movement Richard Curtis -- nervous or feels like he's -- new equipment. Lucas -- -- well you know Randy you know well he knows you guys is any type a -- to put in there. To try confusion among a look that he hasn't seen -- was -- would be something that we -- tomorrow. Yeah I think Fred this is -- again of execution and it is some kind of gadget thing that they've never seen before I mean Randy seen every coverage that. I think that you could put on out there. It's a lot of cases and -- -- knows. How the defense played better than the defense does CCC and some money on the he's been gold covered his whole career so. -- -- really think is about the I think it's you know about really playing good technique about whoever's cover earned. Whoever it is clear cover Randy Moss of Percy Hartman our. Shiancoe whoever is that -- cover in the routes that you have to cover use and help whenever that happens to be. From your safety your linebackers or whatever it is and then trying to make those throws as tightness toughest possible. And that's the best way to you know covering receivers take away the routes that you can take away. And the when you can't try to push those where your help citizens and your help needs to do the job of union that opened. In where they're supposed to be in and the fall that ties in with the pass rush the quarterback got -- reliable on time and you have those routes covered when he really wants to probable that it breaks down. So that's that's usually the latest and that's what this -- and Randy stuff to deal with. But again they all are so then they have a great group receivers and equality group. It's actually very. Good question for it you know works around here we're gonna -- what we're gonna have a lot of hype about -- coming back here. And that's. Going to be what we do what the media does with the fans still really how can we don't we do a little bit of that to the bathroom you obviously of those who don't. Do you have to worry about your players at all in getting so ramp up to go up against the guy who was a friendly guy who was a teammate. In that you just rattle that off and you're right you look at a lot of all the weapons on this Minnesota team that the guys get so whipped up towards Randy. That they don't execute and do what they're supposed to do against everybody else. Well I think we've we go through that every week there's there's players on every team that if you played sort we have guys that played with man all I think that's that's kind of normal on National Football League you. You see that are pretty frequent basis that. Now I mean -- guys change teams. That's part of the National Football League. I think the big thing is -- our football team in understanding what we need to do to win against this opponent the vikings. That's when a -- one man Randy Moss plan -- football team. That's not really what he goes on I don't know what he does is important but it's what their team doesn't work in those and that's that's we will approaches games. What we need do is a football team and and to beat the vikings fan and it'll be a lot but they'll be some that are specific things and someone clued him -- somewhat. Despite surprise that'll feature of peace envoy to put the other kid and they. Julio but he seems every time we cut the audio holds roughly between -- But he's very dangerous again LR that mean Harmon's dangerous and they they have aren't ball eight videos 4050 yards for a touchdown speed sweeps and draws. Chair screens and ninety yards on kickoff returns thanks so that's they have a lot of guys -- Killian I think that's what they try to do is. You know move the ball around make you -- all of them and -- and try to create space for for those guys they each have their opportunities and and get their shots and that force you defensively it is to worry about every single guy and practice try to -- one. I coach congratulations six down five in the -- left handed column. Game seven coming up we'll talk to you Monday after okay center where I -- a check right here on patriots money at a big show right back right after this.

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