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Cam Neely, Bruins President

Oct 21, 2010|

Cam talked about the Bruins trip to Europe, the play of Tyler Seguin, adjusting to the speed and size of the NHL, why they gave Zdeno Chara a seven-year contract extension, if he believes Chara is the best defenseman in the NHL, the team's approach to no-movement clauses in contracts, if it is wise to having two number 1 goalies on the same team, and the performance of Nathan Horton so far this season

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It is finally an opportunity for fans to see the Boston Bruins on TD garden ice live and in person tonight. As the Washington Capitals come to town the president of the Boston Bruins came nearly joins us on the line -- camp. I gallery and don't Greg how Oreo. -- how as the European vacation. It was interest -- it was so I think. It was great for our club for the guys to you know break -- while. -- are still in camp the break camp in kind of speedy gathers a group and really spent so much time together focus o'clock PM. I have many distractions apparently. You know camp I think a lot of people are excited about the season long before it started partly because of the run you went on and in the playoffs last year and and we know what happened in the -- and also the fact that you have a number two pick in the draft. Your expectations. What you picked star Tyler Sagan what did you say to yourself this is what I expect from this kid in his rookie year. What I eat -- act you have to be careful with with expectations. -- AP Euro regardless of where -- goes in the draft. You know some some some can -- Quicker than others. -- you know -- the size and strength of an. And they -- players some don't. You know with Tyler you know where were taken very slowly very cautious with him were certainly the different positions and in most second overall pick to be made they gently her -- a team that you know may be used as -- as what we currently have and and there are expected to be some much more in their rookie years who were were able to kind of have to -- into. Into this region and you know -- comfortable learn a little bit more on the defensive side. So you know we expect him to you know to get better and better obviously -- as time goes on. In a perfect world in following up on that if you had a healthier roster. Would you be more comfortable letting an eighteen year old kid learn the NHL at a position other than center. Well it's it's up that we certainly talked about. You know from the defense of stamp. Appointed so it's a little easier for it is the -- coverage pearl when your revenues sentiment at a either come down a little deeper you gotta focus a little bit more on. You know on on that area of the base where the wingers really the primary responsibilities that the again make sure that they'll slip by and and get pucks out so but one thing that the coaches -- has done. It from the get go to knowing that you know the best place for him. Considered our lineup was going to be sentenced to really work hard with the -- do a lot of video and he's you know he's embraced that. There -- such -- -- cameraman keep it around a lot of players and a lot of young players that I'm wondering what you think the the toughest thing is. Four young player. Transition into the NHL. And then you added to the fact that young player is eighteen years old it there's a whole new set of circumstances what do you think the toughest part is for forgot who never played NHL before. It's really dispute in the -- things happen so much quicker. The players are -- quicker. You have to get rid of the puck quicker yet to make tester decisions. Especially when -- superstar in junior for example. You know you controlled place so much more he controlled parked somewhat more. You're able to you know deepens that you know a lot of the other players are able to do and indeed may be able to duplicate that speed demand but you know what needs to be NHL everybody's so much quicker faster in the that has -- size and strength. You know he talked about played against you know some 3035 year old men. You know it will would be an eighteen year old the you'd certainly -- the difference so they're exercised its right. -- one of the things that you guys got accomplished while you're over in Europe was that you've got Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara. Assigned to contract extensions. Y seven years for Zdeno Chara. Well and it's one of those things where. Use view started negotiations in each side presents what they're open again. And in -- that happen. And it was very important person they've two look it's finished his career Austin and -- we are obviously you know and take a long hard look at. The other seven year season and where would he be if the you know remains healthy. Which. You know he has been for the most part for his careers Pepsi parent Austin has missed too many games. You know when we look at. Where will he be you know 345 years six years -- known. We still feel with is in no way he works the week he's so dedicated offers conditioning. The size and strength of this -- and you know he's going to be a player. That. Other teens -- still not enjoy played against them and that's one of the things -- -- -- with -- mean this organization has been blessed with like Bobby -- at park rape or. And now we have Chara and he's a little different players that those three guys that mentioned. You know I don't know he really gets the recognition that but what he means. Not only the team that obviously the defensive war. You know he's just sold difficult to play against and it's not a lot on them I look at you know this is size and strength in this region. You know keep -- -- -- beaten all all of a sudden you know here comes as long reach with this long stick and poke the puck away. Just from from my perspective to be uniform player it would frustrate the heck out of me to play insist that we feel late you know he will be typical the plate. Mean obviously you're a big fan of his son and -- to a seven year contract extension do you think he's the best defenseman hockey. Well he's certainly up there there's a question he he's up there with unique it. Put up -- -- -- anybody in the league and obviously there's going to be arguments and debates but. Just you know just just all the things that I mentioned emea have you know the element of the offensive. Capabilities is the mother be out there but just overall he can be he can contribute offensively but. Yeah from the deterrence standpoint and I I think he's the best. You know camera never covered hockey so I don't know if this is -- usual -- -- this is something that is to special for the Boston Bruins some of the contracts that have been signed here by players. Have included. No move clauses. Is that standard NHL procedure or is that something that you guys are doing for a specific -- While it's it's a little bit it's so it's really a little bit of both the mean. You know he -- the bottom line is you know players have a certain players at certain times that more leveraged -- Others and and then you have to ask yourself that this is really the sticking point. Com in negotiations. What does it mean to your club if you know XYZ players sides say. You know what I'm -- the -- the become a free Asia and see what's out there has you know kind of test the market. And then it any. That's always in the year in year mind okay it was weird sites is that how can we replaces player. What players may be available for us to places where it was. And then you you know you start doing that research and and look -- in the that. In any you know he obviously factory with a player means in the organization what type of care -- the player has. You know he's somebody that's been with the organizational while -- equal piece of the organization. But the biggest thing is C -- that's so what's the care -- player we're gonna we're gonna commit to the weakness. You wanna make sure he that a care that a player that's that's on character. You played on Bruins teams that had -- number one goaltenders. In Andy Morgan Reggie land line in this day and age with the salary cap. Is it possible or is it wise for a team to have code number one goaltenders. Well I I have to tell every word -- disappointed with the with with. The -- Tim thomas' play it let's be honest and he's played extremely well and we know look we have been in two -- -- -- to rebound from. No surgery that he had -- in the little bit about your last year so such competitor. Yeah but it -- your retirement are kept if you really look at our our. Our cap number for both goalies combines its you know a lot different than most other teams. And and they have to have code number one if you will. You know good position for us to be in. Obviously won both guys to be sharp and be playing on but I think over the course of the year. The usually flushes itself though where you know somebody ends up. Plain and and and take it over. You know that that rule whether whether that happens. This year or when it happens Tuesday. And speaking of salary cap issues you have two players on long term injury right now and Marco Sturm and Marc Savard. You're gonna have some tough decisions to make and and good decisions because you're getting great players back when these guys come back and play for you again. And and you know certainly all our players know what the situation we're -- no that we have to -- players that are on the sidelines right now when. And you know I think that's certainly. Given them strong motivation to be able to show that they can play in this speak they can contribute. For a certain. And -- me I think there's management group would we'd much rather have a tough decisions to make him. And been easier ones when it comes to trying to them. Improve your club by saying okay it was you know we've got to. Good group of skill players here what are we gonna do. You know I can imagine as a coach. What you wanna do is to say -- this is the guy. And I just yet you put that guy in there and you and you sleep easily you watching you know that's my number one and not to I don't have to worry about it. In this case that you have a little yeah have a little something different what's the best. I guess that to you guys system to goalie system that you've seen in your -- joker. Well -- tailored -- to earlier. I use -- -- in both the original -- and and you know I think -- for the most part there was there was this split or some kind of rotation. -- potentially somebody hard. Weather was. You know the team played poorly in front of or more -- of the collegiate student that is tantamount -- And makes -- jump in -- kind of open streak at. I don't know there's really a perfect. Make mixture combination of games that mean you look at. Pro tour over the course of his career where he played you on revenues 75 games a year. And you know it's done him really well and organizations meanwhile debacle like but then the other teams where you know you look at Chicago and and Philly last year were you know the vehicle into a coma and nowhere and and in the finals so. -- that is one perfect. Mixture or it but you know will will will. You know one -- -- we have is that -- now we know we have to so it really typical. -- one of the things that we discussed last year and up one of the negative things and there weren't many but one of them was. A team that was that was not much fun to play against and stuck up for each other and I thought at times that that lacked. Going back to the European trip. I get the sense listening to these guys -- that they feel that did a lot of bringing them closer together to making them more tight -- And I think it's showing on the ice 'cause I think they are sticking up for each other. Well and that's something as you know is very important for her hockey club to do. And I think that trip really does help that because it can only to have a better. They understand each other's personalities better. You know when we here at home here's their we've known -- you know after practice everybody dispersed as to their their own homes and families and you know obligations. That they have been. You know when you're on the road like that. Policy do is you're around all your team needs your vote you're thinking about hockey you're talking about hockey. In that can only help help the team get closer together. The other point that I was wondering about as a young kid like Jordan Koran but a lot you know has has been a healthy scratch a few times. How do you measure. Keeping a guy on the team but maybe not playing as much as you like and whether it's better off for him to go back and play more at another level. Well eventually could give medal play itself that mean it's it's better yet. He certainly don't want to start is development of these plain and and can place -- board and play a lot of minutes in. Gained experience at the pro level whether it's you know BH show. So you know what that's -- -- get -- let's hope that that'll play itself if you find if he's player can't crack the lineup and and you know the young players that you really know content is gonna have a great future for you certainly want complain. You know we we. Peel it you are wrong we feel like he's the current NATO -- he's he's big strong kid even know he's he's younger he's big strong and many in the please there that your game. You know this veto oh how those for him but -- so far so good. I know there was a joke -- a joke made. The media was in the locker room after you guys got back from Europe -- it was a big crowd of people around Nathan Horton. I think it was matchup Mora who said to -- on South Florida anymore. And you know what I think he's playing like he's not South Florida anymore either he seems to be responding to this original six hockey atmosphere of the Boston brings. Well right from the get go -- -- this this this player -- has been so excited to vote. Being the Boston -- come to Austin. And I think he's been looking forward to. Understand what it does mean to play for -- sixteen when it does mean with that room -- here on meaning easily to keep candy store. Every time it seemed that the speaks honestly he you know I think he's really look at or two. Been able to show not only Austin where he can do that. What. Should show himself what he can do these gut on this -- tons of talent. I think he's looking forward to the challenge to -- AI I can be better hockey player going to be better hockey player in the Mitchell myself and other people that. Tim Daly may be the president of the Bruins but the work of the Cam Neely foundation has not come to an end in fact it continues. Unabated and and the next big event for the -- foundation. Is coming up on November 13 that's Saturday November 13 at 730. At the -- -- Serena at BU did you ever believed back when you started deaths. Sixteen years ago that comics come home was gonna development of this big a deal. I had no idea -- You know obviously huge thanks to Denis Leary who's the host and has been host. Apostle pictures which is his company that really put system that force in there of course all the comedians that. Volunteer their time. I I've I've always kind of been waiting for deficit a camera. I'm I'm tired of doing this by the year after year the year still wants to do that he believes in. You know where the money's going to help cancer patients and families in you know he's he's so we will indicate that -- missed this comedy shows just. It's one of our you know it is part hiatus grosjean. And that we have annually go to big event for us and we we post appreciated sports. Tickets are on sale right now you can go to Ticketmaster 807453000. Or through the Ticketmaster website. I mean it is a great event Lenny Clarke and Jim Norton and Jillian -- and so many others Denis Leary hosting it has always. And as it is for a great cause so again Ticketmaster the Ticketmaster website where you can buy them through Ticketmaster it is Saturday November 13 730. At the -- again Serena and a big night for you guys tonight it'll be nice to be plan on your home ice hope things go well for. I appreciate DeLia we're looking -- to give the front of the fans here it's been a long time so again it's object that. Our camp thanks allotment. City take care that is -- Cam Neely the president of the Boston Bruins. Joining us talk about of the start of the Bruins home season tonight.

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