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Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

Oct 21, 2010|

Commissioner Goodell joins Dennis and Callahan to talk about the recent rash of head injuries and the NFL's response to it

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Joining us on the AT&T -- -- what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible good morning mr. commissioner to John and Jerry here in Boston this morning. I'd like to begin if you don't mind with -- overview mr. commissioner of how the league has found itself suddenly. At the center of the sporting universe on the issue of illegal hits and devastating hits and injuries was this in your estimation. A perfect storm of events starting with the -- tragedy on Saturday and rolling right into a handful of high impact of high visibility hits and injuries on medical Sunday but has really captured the league's and that's nations and divided attention in the last several days. People but don't I think it's you know fortunate we get but it I think the work. -- -- -- -- -- -- so you're. To bring greater awareness. To these types of injuries and -- that. Nature and it. A -- artist. Conscious of the importance of playing the game and the rules and it's picking out certain technique. And that's something that weren't we continue up sides. He's from our position rules on an -- this apartment over and increase the discipline. -- -- possible suspension. Now I know your Monterey has been we're not changing the rules were changing the discipline and the level of discipline here most people I think mr. commissioner understand the need. Were enforcing those rules and protecting these players but the term devastating hits -- used by Ray Anderson which in my mind and correct me if I'm wrong. Seemingly create some -- some wiggle room. Or enforcement of what what might be called overly violent overly aggressive football to my question is. The -- -- Robinson a hard but clean football play. Kind of seems to underscore the league's intent to make this say less violent less brutal game even if that means fines and suspensions. Hits the prior to this week might have been textbook legal to clarify my confusion. Because that a picture -- partner quote -- it's it's there's no rules these rules change -- he Napster. But the study -- a member group -- expect. And wired. And medical or. -- -- -- -- techniques that we want it ever came overlooked you picked -- our posts in and it's a new. -- -- -- -- -- -- And these are clear violation of both world. That what it was and while we're wired there. -- up and Asia at. We -- point to where are all in on all. Will that include injections and -- might we see some injections from the games this Sunday Roger. -- you are likely you'll see and -- like there. The original air. Let me. I. That they should look like. It -- if they you're currently -- that. Is it won't matter whether they're like oh. That. Huckabee if they're just to clarify and and and fully understand and follow my last question is it possible that there could be a textbook book legal hit. That would be so violent and so aggressive that even though text book legal could draw a fine a company -- suspension. Look up a question. We entered the. -- -- example like that they Roberts in the one confusion we had here on Monday and Tuesday it was that. Robertson was punish dissent by the same amount as meriwether. -- hit seemed much much worse. It's I was certain. He was gonna get suspended it was nobody's defended him but you -- a lot of defensive of Robinson's it to sand you know it's part of the game. They were each violation but -- -- -- it you -- certainly -- -- or -- but here. Fact that I expect it we have we have -- -- what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The book he bought that paper. But. Away meriwether violated every rule in the book was Robinson the hit to the head or the defenseless receiver or bowl. That broke its. The the secret. Protection. Well you and -- are all policy we don't but. You in the -- com. A leader on a somewhat and so why are. You have a light at -- up and I'll. We also import that are separate all partner at. All of all or it back here. Commissioner Goodell to notable reactions to the league's action this week James Harrison said he is considering retirement if the league doesn't let him play football the way it's meant to be played. And perhaps even more eye opening the dolphins Channing Crowder said yesterday. I think addicting caution every week I key plank. IE if I get the chance to knock somebody out I'm going to knock them out and take what the league gives me if I'm locked out. I don't know Orion Matt. I can't say my name I can't play football if I can hit in the head a black out for a second and now I get back of a busy okay I'm ready to go your reaction. To those two situations. They should. Make their. It. Or are accurate that a lightweight. We have been it would. Well. That we that we week there will. Our goal. -- Guerrero. -- I hit it here. Like actions. But I think that all it. Is the irony lost on you mr. commissioner that the people who these more highly enforced rules are designed to protect. Are by most accounts universally critical of them and trying to reject them the rules that are to protect them. You. Quote about Robert it. You know we beat the the crack back block. That is that. Everywhere at this labor action. Of the day well it it -- a professor or project for better player they'd be. I think that there at that oh thank. I don't think anyone would say they're broke for all the football at all because they are exit door there are reports that. These if the bubble but well. At -- looked like it. -- a -- but popular. Was there one moment or one hit to one guy of one injury that that opened your eyes and and made view that that did fortunate that did to change the levels of discipline not the rules but to take action there was this something that just will queue up. -- You know I'd only want to see. The kind of it's we saw that we get where they're player of the view. At what level law. It is. And then there are a bit -- I became. A -- -- actually proper so. You know -- Focus on is that because they're we've all we make rules of the are they -- your quote directly through the player or -- it. We are we -- -- by repeating the treatment and a -- would we believe that our player market that but. Who are -- at the corporate. It. I don't I don't get it at the moment. -- Art edit view. A player. And sure that we protect it from -- so. We were so well. We're talking of -- of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a commissioner I actually was can be called it work in progress or process. In your estimation I don't know the lead in quantum viable how -- Will take to change this culture in the National Football League this way of thinking. Well I it's that last night that we attitude alternates that that for a while but I think it it starts with -- we're back. What -- aware of the fact that. Complete victory. Most typically. Well it took a look at it. Oh wait that it will happen and now unfortunately. We get interpreting it and that look at. When they knew we are so. You -- understand. Wouldn't it from the -- That you are or part of their but we're gonna beat it that. That you -- Commissioner even given the league's commitment to head injury and brain -- research has certainly demonstrated. By the award you got here in Boston last night. What you think it's cynical of me if I -- to the theory that perhaps parts of the league's motivation here in cleaning up the kind of violent. In jury is what we witnessed Sunday. Might be to make this a slightly kinder gentler game in an effort to more logically. Convince the players and the world. That an eighteen game schedule is feasible down the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you know. And that includes the fact the order -- from a stroke or -- or. Talk about it is to appreciate it to presidency. Were about what we -- in -- -- What all of these players are very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All that is that your -- is stronger healthier city where. What does that mean that the the commissioner of the NFL was up here last night with and guys like Ted Johnson and Kevin turner. I guess and and 101520. Years ago Roger that would have happened that the NFL commissioner in the NFL would have -- as far away from this. This event. As the as he could. It can can you talk about the evolution. Of the NFL's attitude and approach to this problem this. Head -- problem that we we all. Witnessed up close to we will learn more about last night. Well I don't think he felt -- gotten enough credit and a sense of whether it's for our great pressure. We're at it like. System restore order committee that spoke to. It's activate it. What well at least -- -- of this issue. I think in the last few years we have taken that. They raise that awareness. And I think they are. Not just the football and we're hoping that I think at the AP. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that this all. And that's the highest incidence of precautions in youth sports over girl's soccer. -- You know this affects all sports and -- that there'll be dropped or. -- we've met in my life. Real work and it but the part of that it has been one of the biggest issues or. And equipment. Eric. Is -- that they've received a they have looked. By aren't. And -- all the term. Great return -- Where they have support here are four which medical Margaret or are back to heal. All that -- so these -- -- those individuals that were. Entries and bring these. Ethical real we have to continue to make progress. Between the leader in BC news leader that. Probably it's the right thing is that. If you think the average scrambled wheat -- Any difference this Sunday from last Sunday are you -- opened the game looks a little different. I don't think they can't put anything up and they're quick results. People without our bureau. I think well it. Could it be -- if it. But hopefully they'll that they are that are excited presided over here. Will be -- -- but that it. When you're when your kid when you plant in high school and college did you used to wrap up. And these do you do you wonder why no one wraps up anymore and everyone just kinda launches served. Which -- -- it's throws himself. At the local weather. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- It. -- -- is it. Real well. -- about where a lot of the -- Sure where a lot of they are. -- -- commissioner Goodell I'd like to wrap up from my end with two off topic questions wanna suspect. -- for you one uncomfortable. If jets' starter chooses not to cooperate in the Brett Favre investigation. Is Brett Favre in the clear. Worked at the court bulk that we can't put it only if they know that. And -- -- recoverable question what does that say the U. Went on a Monday night the American League Championship Series baseball playoff game featuring him I believe. Through a great game yes featuring two of your top five markets new York and Dallas Fort Worth. Gets out rated buy -- kind -- a mediocre at best Monday Night Football contest. Well I you brought that part of that question to distribute quickly we're. I wonder what it says to you -- a Monday night American League Championship Series between the Yankees and Rangers to your top five markets. Gets out rated buy a mediocre Monday Night Football contest. Well I'm not sure I accept the premise of the media for. That's but I just didn't report. It -- it is a straight. I think. The end of popular. Music grow and it is. At all in India we have -- -- and the that you ordered we have. But. It became -- interest -- rock and that they record but it. It appeared that there are considered. Commissioner Goodell congratulations on the sports legacy institute impact the words last night thank you for taking the time the morning after the spent some time to Dennis and Callahan -- in Boston. It commissioner -- what Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline -- -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. -- possible.

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