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Oct 18, 2010|

Tom Brady joins D&C to discuss Deion Branch, Terrell Suggs and Randy Moss

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-- for the quarterback is brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts Tom Brady joins us on the AT&T outline why it's possible violations fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T rethink possible good morning Tom. -- quarter it paid did you think at all during your few days of preparation the -- have -- beyond that would go this well this quickly almost as if he had never left the team. Well a I think he's very. He's incredibly smart networks are certain. And that sent over the course that we can a a on thousands and thousands of football and I think he's. Watching him -- -- over the last few years. Now deceased as the quote the same. As when he left in and he really showed yesterday OK but -- in the big game for a it's it was pretty excited for him. You have all -- -- was think that he European. Is involved it was off and let. We you know we probably evolved. It in your mind as -- such a thing of stretching the field side to side which -- what you can do with this group of receivers as opposed to end zone to end zone. Well I think we we -- restrict them vertically to its just that they choose to take with the he went to order that it's certainly not that we don't have guys scored the and there's not much difference between -- -- 45 your past forty yard pass it if they're playing well. -- -- -- -- -- I think our -- instruction you. Yes it was 1000 different guys. Is critical. Got a place. What is it Deion does so well what does he do for instance better than Randy Moss did. -- the very proud if either so. Obviously we -- at that we were taught me it's hard. Yeah it makes. -- The other very -- -- because but he immediately very long in the default. So that the shorter guys are typically bit quicker. And they can come in that -- the better but they don't have that long very long drive. -- vigorous cute typically have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- more but the quick so I think that the there has very good speed. But he's also a very good broke out -- and -- It was really able. Partly to get -- Yes it's completely covered. How many times typically is he breaking up is rude or making some kind of adjustment not running the route that's. -- called in the play that's called in the -- Let them as we are pleased that he's learned a particular -- there's -- adjustments that. What about the coverage of the -- on the -- -- as a result. Of the sometimes you ought to place in the huddle where there's Woodrow -- and -- effect change -- lenders there wrote. With -- up so. Well would try to figure out before with the defense and the best route that we can. And that -- reel and our guys to -- So. It takes quite a bit to play receiver offense with the formations that we and also look -- -- it's. I know the touchdown was a bit of improvisation. But in it in progression where we're with senior progression like third. You're looking left to begin with air. -- -- left -- but commit that would bankrupt our ability to. Then I looked over the left the West Africa west. Let's. Look left. And would -- -- -- in the but you know with the -- for the. Four -- that he that he flaws in that it despair. -- -- -- What happened without a play like delicate if you as that they only -- -- where the red area and they know a lot. And we put a black children receive an iTunes scrambles. There. In the we played -- those that. Scrabble. Battle that I. Think a but basically thirteen that either with you or they play in yes. So there's because in the end -- part of this -- deprived of that it's just somebody somewhere has for free and it'll. You'll for the way it turned out it didn't start all that well for the patriots they drove down the field for eight and a half minutes in you're sitting on the sidelines after you warmed up. You -- and it's -- three and out you're sitting again you talk about that the whole you'll pregame warm up getting ready to play and it's sitting down for probably was. Every fifteen minutes worth of real time no. -- there and yeah and I think that's part of it when it's great to it's great if the ball would start again. Get out there play right away and there's no there's no doubt about that if they get the ball they have a long drive in the we get the ball of doing with this puts a lot of pressure defense offensively and -- break a sweat so. -- felt like most of the game we. We will release. We've completed -- very well quite a few different moments in the game. I was very sporadic -- that happens. Plagued by a lot of those were self inflicted. We gotta do better just stay on the field and make plays there. Probably even in launching points in a particular season that the kind of you know. Watchers who forwarded to integrate things were the left also a two week to week grinding ordeal that what happened this Sunday really doesn't have a lot of affect what happens next Sunday. There there's no doubt about that there's there's very. Regardless what we did this past week -- it's going to be -- in place in it'll but I would say this that we. And we look we've struggled on the road for quite awhile and we beat -- wrote the but he is known as played really well they use. We lost thirteen. In the playoffs last year that we were -- never let it. And with a very good defense that okay we played and -- down seven the fourth quarter. We come back that we and so that just tells -- -- would on the wrote we completely. Where we haven't played our best and worked out the fourth quarter guys -- that -- -- -- and it takes. A part of don't have the situation. Situation for all things that we need to excuse to windows and so I think we gain confidence from that I don't think it matters next week -- what we did but. A they would report that -- in the fourth quarter next week I don't think there's going to be the darker side like that throughout the week. And hey. One -- who thinks it will be different next time is Terrell Suggs your pal Terrell Suggs I hear what he said after the game he said. Quote Brady sometimes found some spots made some plays but like I said he better hoping doesn't see us again. And he vowed to smash you when you see them if you see them in the playoffs. Well there -- either can't. You know maybe he gets votes yet. If he can he can try to back those words but it is it that the day. That we play those guys a lot because one time. All the time that I played so that there's talk about. 019. Years. Well he he was also asked about the conversation you guys had. Two things we got to know Thomas what were you upset about you made a big play you get the pass off and in you've got up angry and and Suggs says. That you sit that you couldn sizzle which is my favorite part leases they asked him what you said too many said. Sizzle if you wanna get a Hollywood actors take my seminar on Saturday. That's pretty creative -- -- -- I don't know who made that up that's pretty good. It's invaded. Of protest of what they get so I look -- -- -- different points. Yes that the promotion of the game. -- that officials aren't MR that when he teammates because I mean you've completed the pass. I don't know about that they played -- could we have we have these there we had a penalty area and the only. And an -- and before -- order a girl so. As they play -- I don't know well at all bad about how we got mad at two previous penalties and I discuss. Discovered that the -- of the game have got to. It was a clean hit the right you weren't -- and -- -- -- -- -- Did you call and sizzle. Article. And it it's up the first half final drive. It seemed like. You gotta let the last 230 to get away in in in not really goal for unlike what you do in the Super Bowl against the rams ugly first and ten at the 22. Secondly Iran to -- -- the at the clock -- -- would double the two minute. Warning and lost 31 seconds we content to -- -- locker room and cannot use -- final two and half minutes. No well I think we'll try to get the first we have we got the first down. And still wanted to run under two minutes of that -- it. I think it's time now so I think the important part of -- that the football play -- situation. Not give them the ball back with. Corporate passes in there's two minutes and thirteen seconds in music so don't you brought it down -- -- warning. -- at least about it this morning on the in the first. You still have tried it on the field -- give them rest. What was your BP -- the best point not a touchdown yesterday. Vote for that completion to -- comes out at about the end around the first quarter. Yet know what let's with a crushing block that you laid on Sox -- don't think so. Rhetoric he he -- it wherever -- -- Go to predict that brought out a better I think you would meriwether and -- find the same amount yeah this bit yeah. At a at a major block look even worse is bridge had a great block on the latest bring them. Or did you do it now and oh yeah. You know we're at a resort quarterback the quarterback -- offensive guard that we can block and and I should be blocked -- is that you know the -- I'm Bill Belichick I don't want you block and poignant is getting out of the way way way. We -- look at the Saint Louis San Diego game since any that embarrassed by the rams who got embarrassed the week before by the by lions. You life does that matter to you would you prefer of the team -- plan next week -- -- escape within a win as opposed that come off the field angry. And look at for redemption next week. Well I I don't think like a pivotal figure work like that and we're gonna have to play well we. Sort so. Need to be as angry if you wanna be that -- don't play well you're gonna lose it. I think these these -- that. I've traditionally not been very thirteen. Or play a lot better like Detroit like. That are really -- Turn things around so. I know we've played I think with the precinct and they're pretty good football. And I thought they played really well against that. The third precinct. Obviously they're still playing well so. Technical and they've been saying. I'd rather they're fifteen I've probably played out there -- lately got a -- so got a now that's a long trip for us so we're gonna have to let's put it that great weakness that the case. But here's the odd question of the conversation did you at any point in yesterday's game. Miss Randy Moss. That -- they have an epic first thing or think that we did with Clinton that we don't do it but he also. There's things that we do with the guy that everything with and I guess it's just part of the plan. -- -- -- pretty that there are beginning and maybe it would may have been a little bit different but. With him not there we just we are really -- to the things that are guys that well. So. In I can't let -- -- another ballot and I wish them. The all the luck in the world for great music that it's clear that. I just think that he's really the different all. And we've we've got to move on to I think we did yes. You're probably the last guy to ask this question of butts -- not a defensive player Rocco talked to one that they all askew. How the light bulb go on in the heads of this young defense from the first. -- say three quarters into the fourth in the overtime. Where they were just a Stonewall in the fourth quarter and in the overtime -- getting. Sort of pushed around a little bit the first part of the game. And it came up huge when they needed it in. I thought they really sure what the role they've they've got. It's a it's a great group of players -- two they they -- -- in practice and we compete everyday practice by the state that would not out here. Compete against them so. -- that that I dealt with. Like he would there with the people -- what they're doing what they they played great football. I think it's just like all the we probably -- with. A defense played great at often retreated. Especially. -- in the most consistent part of and the way they played -- that's in every single day and without that the last two weeks that we with that with that -- our core group. And -- equitable fit the you know we we -- I wouldn't last two weeks of I really feel like. To complement each other. And as an old unit. The defense has really. Up and -- try to cope with that little ball and it will all that we've all -- by at least these workers to there are. Do you know do you know guys like Dedrick and Fletcher -- and you know if you seem in the hallway to say hey Fletcher what's going on there. -- of course of course but as. As they respect part about the younger as they bring the different and yet. But a different character to the so. We've got a lot of young guys and they go -- guys on the roster really. If their competitive entry with this particular election. All worked the ball -- that's where they're. What's -- tricks that bands like deadwood or something. I don't know. There's. I don't know. Would -- would it can keep doing the Soviet do you love your birdies. Really kind of small and and everyone thinks that you know was cut its kind of leukemia division two guy in these tiny -- can you keep him on the ball. You know 1011 times a game and and they -- this kind of production. Yeah sure it I think yeah. -- have a hard time with them and he's he's extremely quick exactly and a big he's a great vision. I think he's really -- threatened both -- in. So. You -- -- through regular and wrote only twelve and then. That's that's a great. Well back to catch the ball. If that's the whole other dimension that he. We put out there and formation they've brought so. He's really been a big part of it. -- Kevin gone out. We've really had guys step up in the pretty impressed that it would committed debt. So rebels -- and they'll play could have all it wouldn't really have a great job predicament they're in and play a role that great -- On that final drive the final drive to drive the led to the -- tying field goal at the end of the fourth quarter. Was he really -- about the display of rhythm there I mean branch branch again welcome for ten. Would head for eight would have ran the ball Gradkowski a big run. Is one of the benefits of that kind of rhythm and that kind of pace. The -- tiring out the the ravens defense they called timeout with 356 left. For one reason or another -- the least of which abacus -- talk turning about. -- Yeah yeah I think that's but that's the way we can do it on an Auburn all we ought to contribute an important part of his notes thing on the field on third down and a lot of luck goes in the debt could be productive on first down -- and second and third down that the I think -- -- to second -- And also on third down we get those -- situation we've gotta convert the winner could do that then you do get to. And they really can't start and as I work with those guys though so if we're gonna complete ball on third down and and it just makes for a long date you know while yields that you look at your defense is back -- I think we we talk about poverty without the -- that quite a bit if -- They really -- that it uses so it was they. It was a great effort. Why do defensive players get tired on a fifteen play drive and the -- -- players don't. Well no -- the line. It's very different Russia and the quarterback can play the run -- that we do get tired I would say that there's definitely guys that you get tired. And I'd -- probably. It's mostly the linebackers in the defense -- -- that it's the most ardent and let the big guys feel alone pro life but. Rushing the passer and block and forgotten what. Is a little bit different so. It would the defense of -- slows those volatile situation that's -- office. Because if you can't -- They're gonna have a hard time. -- deep. We did. How about a little bit and I think there were so complete yes we can put pressure. And finally the least important question of the conversation the towel under the left arm in the pregame. That's something you do with the driving range -- written golf balls to. You -- know that leads that we don't. That's the big gulp the trick was you. It really helps you stay really tight -- you're. Always the quarterback -- -- -- went down. -- Mr. ogle with Roland. That of fallout such a little subtle reminder. That are pre game of like they're trying to use the technique out there. As openly welcome of the technique with. The winner until completion for a reason completion. And used that technique there's reason for that and so all we were -- And try to be no more player. -- -- the -- duplicates any of the talking next week Tom are at their creditors as the -- him. Since it uses it says that look at San Diego. Not with a quarterback rob Cuba are different to Dunkin' Donuts. I'm joined us on the ATP. And its possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- that possible.

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