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Is seven years too much for Zdeno Chara?

Oct 11, 2010|

Both Dale and Michael agree that locking Chara up to a contract extension is a good move by the Boston Bruins, but is giving the Bruins captain a 7-year deal too many years?

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Why Zdeno Chara was designed to -- Not five. Not theory. -- a step in -- year contract extension seven years. -- they don't chart want to make sense. I can't I can't speak for the number. I had no problem signing Zdeno Chara to -- long term extension it seems to me five would have gotten it done. My guess is the reason it was seven. Was that he was willing to take less per year. If he got more years in other words he took a pay cut from the contract that will be expiring. That was a seven and a half million dollar a year deal member he signed at the max. Right and the Bruins were try to change the culture here and they did. This current contract is for six something a year he took a pay cut. But they had to -- more years for him to take the pay cut that's my guess. Well of course is gonna take a pay cut as at 33 years old you get in the seven year contract out. It would have been lunacy to give them a seven year contract at the max and I think. Naughty but I'm saying if it was a shorter term the money per year. And that's where you rendered salary cap implications in other words if if you said look we only wanna sign -- for four years let's say. Well then you're gonna have -- what do Macon now which mean salary cap wise you have less money to play with every year. I just out of service and when he when they signed Zdeno Chara. I was under the impression that he was. He was on the verge or if not already there of being the best defensive -- and that in the national hockey. He was described is that kind of guy and he got the contract. That kind of guy -- command. Do you feel like you -- Norris trophy I'd always has annoyed did and in. And Tim Thomas one of asthma so. What do both both deserved it. Bull I deserve the award stay while of course Arab and and it just didn't deserve the -- I'm saying over the over the span of the day -- -- Chara is. Contract with the bruins' first contract because now he signed a lifetime contract with the Bruins. You think he has been. The player that was advertised for four yes. I do work every model worked out -- -- -- -- make -- less in this new deal Benny Benny made in the last -- yes absolutely. He's 33 years old he is a legendary work out fitness -- He's in the best shape of anybody may be in the league but certainly on the Bruins broke all of the fitness testing records here. You know 600 mile bike rides for fun in the offseason just to keep himself in shape. -- has never had a serious debilitating injury of any kind has been durable has been strong. You think he's a great player yes I do think you think he's a grip on SI do. To Norris trophy winning defenseman. -- you wanna Norris trophy -- looked bad defense that let let knobs and you can have a great year and not be a great player good liar. While they signed a 33 year old player to a seven year contract extension is beyond me -- -- doesn't make sense. You play for the Bruins it's okay bit of your contract what you deserve it or not we don't give that give you a lot of her contract extension. And no trade clause you don't have passport it's just what they do. We don't know what they asked for a or not but it's no trade clause I have no idea but I would just I would bet he'd I would put a lot of money and they were what do you make it sound like he didn't ask for I mean I don't know all. Patrice Bergeron has in no move -- -- I assuming asked for and I assume they didn't like what the trees we'd like you so much. I I do find it somewhat ironic that for years and years and years what we heard is Jeremy Jacobs is cheap he -- spend the money. You know he won't sign guys he vocal the extra mile. And now what we're hearing his. -- Dallas like its balance balance. Out the extra one not -- the job done with not what your argument three year extension may -- max -- him three years. At about the same money you wouldn't -- every five and a half six million I promise you he would have gotten much better than that out there. There's no way you're gonna -- for three not nov fourth if he likes it here he loves it here loves his teammates who loves the cities to yes on -- all that stuff yeah from a three year contract extension knowing what -- million dollars a year and hopefully take him until that time when he's 36 -- of the -- that's the problem Michael he's a free agent at 36. And it's hard to get that next contract which is why he wouldn't sign a three year deal. If I wouldn't know 3536 year old defenseman who is a great player in your work. It's gonna find a pretty good contract if you're if if they're really they don't Chara is a great. -- it doesn't make much business sense to do that what you wanna sign is to deal a while I I would guess five but at least five. Whether you -- hear you got it somewhere else because you don't wanna be a free agent at 3536. That's a bad time to be a freeagent marketplace which you're great players not a -- I think it is about time just because of the age. Even have to worry about what now which is why wouldn't of in my opinion he would not accepted a three year experience the physical freak incident. Capsule and -- I'm not saying -- that he's not gonna be physically fit at that time. I'm saying that just the -- alone now Patrice Bergeron just signed a three year contract extension but he's going to be a free agent at the time. It's perfect to be freeagent whether it's here or somewhere else he's gonna hit the marketplace and and -- in continue to get another good deal. It's a whole lot different if you're trying to do it at 3536. I don't. Don't know if I just think I think he's been good player a good Tibetan when amounting better -- good he's been a very good player. For the Bruins this ballots expected more. I expected more than one year he had and everybody -- organization had a great year beat. Caught had a great year and Chara had a great year and Tim Thomas had a great year I mean it was award after award after award -- can't really argue with the president which are brought to the team that year. But over the course of the contract. I think he's been a little up and down. He's never been bad but he hasn't always been great I think he had a great year. I don't -- split like a great player throughout their contract. -- just took a pay cut. Took a pay cuts and you've got more money to play with salary cap -- a year by year thing he took a pay cut to stay here. Which red -- more years to get him to take the pay cut to -- I think that's why that's why he did it that's why they did it it's the same reason you're seeing you know Ilya Kovalchuk sign. This deal for X number of years while these free agent contracts of these long long deals the one that backs from just signed -- in Washington. It's it's because the app for the average per year is the number that's that's got on the most afraid. Yeah but the culture feels like thirteen years. And Baxter was was and. Sponsored Steelers -- seven years forty years old amazing. I ended it in answer to the to the text during yes hockey contracts or guarantee. The only contracts that are guaranteed the NFL. -- he gets he gets all all the money that that did he just signed for basketball same thing baseball same thing the only contracts that are not guaranteed -- the NFL. So yes he gets all this money and yes the Bruins are locked in for the next seven years. Let's get her something obviously but yet. I understand why they did it why they extended it beyond number of years I understand why he did it. Why he took a pay cut. I just act out -- to understand. Who was doing the first law. And and what the I guess I'm just trying to figure out what that the hierarchy to struggle for Europe it is this is this camp pushing it. This a rally pushing it and cam is sounding off on it. Well. I don't know who's pushing it by no according to what Cam Neely said everything passed across his desk. So whether it was Campbell told sure rally to get it on Russia rally who went to cam and said here's the deal I've got on the table for. For Zdeno Chara in fact it would -- me that. He'd have to get me -- approval before it could put the deal on the table for char. Everything has to go cross -- released that. I thought the way they handled the two free agents. Was -- -- Three year deal for Patrice because -- free agency at a young age you'll be able to go out there. Average amount just slightly ahead of David great to him based on his years of service he should be slightly ahead of David -- right. Right Zdeno Chara longer term deal so that you can lower the average annual value he'll take the pay cut if you -- the extra years I thought it was pretty -- -- And salary cap wise it it keeps them imply. Now we're -- where you're gonna have issues his later on this year assuming Marco Sturm and Marc Savard both come back. Then you're gonna have to move some than some things around. You know what they can't really talk about. You don't trade deadline stuff rock roster flexibility. Comes on this they had better be right on these guys. Because. Now we're at the of death do us part ethnic and that's drug that's where we are in in -- his case yes. A lot of cases. They got some long term deals here. That they have very many real long term deals Bergeron is is around for awhile when he just signed a three lyrics don't but still he's probably use it at real money you've got guys you have. Making real money. -- -- You've got Bergeron. -- preaching. Lucic. You've got to. In that -- up. Damn it got some guys who've really if you if you're not happy with the way they're performing it's not like you just dangle him out there and in trade -- they have some -- cap friendly deals. He's got you got you you better be right on these guys because this vegetarian.

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