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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Sep 20, 2010|

Numbert 12, Tom Brady, joins D&C to talk about the loss to the Jets, Randy Moss and the road ahead in the AFC East.

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Welcome back patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady conversation with a quarterback is brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' -- Tom joins us on the AT&T outline. But it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible good morning Tom. -- that's as. And the for lack of better term he -- and is frustrated. As I've seen you at the podium after a game -- a long time why did this particular loss this particular performance strike a nerve more than maybe some other losses you've had Tom. You know I think everybody was frustrated that. They. The way we played in the first half. It. Pretty good job. Excuse. Me. -- don't panic about the second half with with. You know really our -- ahead of and reform the way we expected to I think you're reduced to the street I would certainly -- Offensively scored. Could not think about Google that it was so nobody is at it certainly would. -- Quarterback of the office. For. Specifically Tom what changed I mean I know the answer is we didn't execute to explain the second half shut out. But specifically how does and -- school from 211 total yards in the first half to eighty in the second. We we we just didn't I would say it is no excuse -- that but that's what it is we need. You know we could we could. We passes and remarkable that so you can't really convert. We could convert on third down there in the field and the turnovers of those were what they were. You know we just couldn't make enough plays. In the red with a passing as they -- the no really come on Martin without withdrawal in Europe there's a couple were all back -- back field. It was -- a better in the second half. We just couldn't stop the momentum. That had it. Couldn't stop them. And move forward and we could do anything offensively that. It did affect our. Well the the reviews are in common and I not to keep an up on everyone's writing or saying in this but here's. Is what it would have been written everywhere is that you at once read this one out you've. You locked in on on moss that and you had a a mismatch there in and add to the detriment of the rest of the opportunity go to Welker. Laura Hernandez enough because you thought maybe moss. At an advantage over there which is is that accurate. Well not. You're if you're trying to quarterback who try to pick the guys that you know that have been good matchup in the as a girl I think we know we. You're right we've -- excuse very well there in the second half I don't think that's the -- not certain players. -- -- -- -- So hopefully he went -- read this without and they still have a great sense is that that they really would like. You know okay well I've been going to be easy. 11 player doesn't make it. Where does make it offensive if it's a collective group. Offensively. A collectively as a group we are -- the job. Well what do you do at halftime when things are going well is it a matter of going in the locker rooms and just keep it up guys. What do you get down to nuts and bolts and really x.s and those who say we gotta do something different because you know you know they're gonna or just. In a note to me it wasn't about the plea you know it's not about the adjustment about the scenes and the -- there and it's. We that we -- great -- I think part of the reason what frustrated with the goal of the game on the they're really think it's it would stop and the first out you know we did a good job. Also. You know as happened several things those critical and we -- a -- -- ago. And about second after about it would do what they produce offensively. -- -- because they think they're they're very much the defense let. Offensively we just we we did -- -- place. Talk to the jets change anything defensively that to take away Hernandez in the second half I mean whom was he more tightly covered. In the second half when he was in the first for example. I'm not sure I'll look at that you know I don't know what it's obvious that you know he can make a lot -- plays for them so. The second game you know you don't wanna go to -- -- That. These younger players we -- you know that the fate of the game is -- -- guys who plea will be completely for a and so. You know you're go to your reliable players as dependable as those other players continue to prove -- Consistency. In dependability and you can execute them well. They're certainly. Not -- use. Shown that he can do that is that -- after the he can so. Those guys are as were big factors they gave an advocacy group today. So we -- consecutive corporate. This is somewhat of a follow up to what Jerry just just a minute ago I know I thought that at halftime man the second half was gonna be showtime with grievous out injured -- that kind of just human nature. Occured to you and Randy or anybody on the offense that was going to get easier with -- out. I didn't you know I didn't think so the first you know the first drive. You know. And we -- all the little bit them on third down we have. The lone exception. The second drive -- -- -- Haven't got the third longest a little for day -- I was refresher. On the open. Certain could without producing -- first and second. -- It is just. You know -- which we -- -- whatever failed a field in. It is a lot of things I think we want to get there second half like that reproduced without the the because that and feel produces no rumble ladies and -- kind of those -- You know this coach as well as anybody who will Belichick screaming -- more this week the offense -- the defense. On the -- and all of -- and nobody did. What what really -- we do. -- we -- excuse in -- and it -- is that we wouldn't it loses I think that. If you play the patriots that -- you believe there's nobody that's. -- -- We have that when. We we know that you know it's interesting because we though we have a good. He got the first -- You know efforts it's I think part of I think -- -- affiliate. That. They're frustrated by -- certainly not discouraged. Because I know -- -- proof that and that's what -- -- -- really good for the first half of football game you know just. If your consistency we need to do better the second half. If sedate. And I think that that's encouraging that we have guys that are out there that are. To do some really good things and they. -- we just got beautiful fall quarter as hard to beat any team on the road this year. -- -- And and we can put what will it took. They obviously had trouble running the ball come. He do you. Does your offensive line. They better pass blockers that just is it just that suit them. Physically their talents better took the passport and two run block or is there chancellor next week you could get a roll and run in a run from fifty. Yards. Yeah I think we can't I think I certainly think it does somewhat with depend on scene and -- again like yep yep today's the first we. That we we return broke and think -- seconds and there are ignoring them at all. -- we have developed in the opposite. -- -- -- -- It's like that now which. That was the first in particular effect of these suffered their candidate doesn't win a lot of those hurt. So there really which one is complete the ball first down on the -- we want first and second that particular. No it's just. Complement each other -- let you in the past I think are offered to let people vote that they very good pass protectors. And protection was very good yes -- -- from. You know just a couple please let you know you expect that plate like he. And the running game we just. We can get much going in the I think a lot of that product that -- passing. They what the touchdown the Welker and is that what you come out to lines see the one on one matchup. With the long called Cromartie and no no no quick Welker is not smart is knowing. That that's a mismatch of thinking that that's a mismatch and what are what did you think when you came to line at different points. And so moss with Cromartie one on one. -- you know west is west does have a pretty good image. On court where -- quick -- have there been anybody that battle with displays. Of and and I think about what he's overcome their last seven months. His level play. That's. He's an incredible player and you know what I've thought about Eric figured you know what we're gonna get shot -- in the of course he's. You know he's so dependable they're exactly of the great catch. Oakland -- of the itself. Did you know he was doing and I'll just by the way. Hermione was plan. Yet that wasn't that wasn't called in the huddle wasn't. -- -- -- I -- you knew it wasn't an option at all because -- knew we wasn't dominant. -- -- -- -- -- after. Welker took the elbow to the ear hole between the first and second quarters -- that it appeared dismissed him over and said something to Welker and you were standing right there was he apologizing to a. -- sure -- I think you know he's he's got a pretty good. -- -- -- I think you know what you're seeing here that would that -- -- try to protect -- help. And nobody wants to see so the west pop. -- it analyze. The pop up the great appeared. It back in the game so. I hate to see that on in the Balkans though and the repercussions. You know those those kind of context it. Don't go over very well. Yeah but -- -- And continue to play it like. Let's look at that we -- As junior team mates prepare for another long week and you predicted it would be just that yesterday at the podium are you able to as a team weren't specifically of the quarterback. Able to compartmentalize. Is one good game vs one bad game and it's just one win or one loss as an example. It all last week the sky was falling on the jets head. After the opening night egg they laid now it's all sunshine and rainbows down their patio weather rollercoaster of emotions from one week to the next. Well I think you have confidence which are doing and have confidence in the guys which plane when it. It's week two with the fees and I don't think -- -- has little figured out just yet you know we have a lot of football play it. It really it's gonna be about what we do to improve ourselves. Individually. And collectively is that come together but. We've got we've got. Fourteen game last minute. Or so which will be played -- -- and how well. We play. Down the stretch here that there. An important going to be so. Like -- that we certainly have offered the worker showed that last week lady if -- Very good at all. That we showed that the first applicant on the road and you'll with all the elements that they're just we can play. Carried -- sixty. For the last works so well that we about it they we upward. You know we have terrible. Now we don't think that all we just know that we've got to come in X better we expect to. Let me. That starts with these two with each but we evaluate -- we -- on the film we try to do they know better the next. Is it tougher for young guys and a Darius Butler for instance I mean these guys have to. -- -- only one game. It's a long season will get a next time be afraid as -- am especially corner conferences such a big part of what they do could this. Heard a guy over the long haul a game like yesterday. You know. I don't think it has to do with young girl really become the first Internet you're right the -- -- confidence pretty easy but. Those typically are the ones that are around these guys who -- that it'll it'll last in order. You know I'm sure that it has a lot of confidence that what again but there. It's a hole in the defense the players that got to pick up -- -- it's certainly not one player. There's not. Plagued upstairs and there -- here so you know sometimes that makes some place else about it called for certain things but. Not sure he'll bounce back -- Look about it are you ready to go ready to better -- we -- we ought to be a certain now what player. Already able to gauge or get a sense of there's a drop in energy and emotion in the offense went for example. A 38 yard run the Fred Taylor ripped office called back by ability or just tells you re kick on the field goal misses you sense any kind of like. Now kind of what down deal. You know what -- I think it's. We get fresh they would have these sort of you know -- if you want that are self imposed. -- the wanna analogue what was was powerful and insists there's no look at these. You know but but altogether if that was the part of the game -- he got over -- so you know it. It if you're disappointed you're this your first -- negative portrait for. And second thing on and explains that thirty yard run we -- over. You know we have it in first downs moved the ball down the red area we got up on. A third not in the -- so. You know and and and if felt like that was. -- that we were -- that we and we just kept coming a little ritual. It. It's going to be enough because I don't watch filled with coats hats in the value lecture at the level in the in. But at the players you know I think we've got to understand the commitment that it takes to win. And that the XQ and the way we talk about -- for the whole sixty. When you're watching the film together. Is it quiet in the room after a loss or say after that the cheap show well core may be -- to Braylon Edwards scores does is little dance which got a flag. Do you guys have some comments to you do you say you know we remember that one. Well you know I think there's other certain players that -- get -- that the style so. They don't that a problem. That would once they get we gotta keep an integrated truth I think that's that we all look at where -- order -- they'll grow. And -- -- that label people really you know you're actually going there ought to know what you're that would ago which you need to be better. At that point the finger their -- that's what they're doing at that it would anybody -- that's is that not the way it is so. You say what I wanna what -- -- -- when you see that on video what would like that little victory dance Braylon didn't and there is his face. I'd you know -- concede that but I'm glad that you with a penalty I didn't really get much. No Braylon and I know lately he's he's very confidently. Did it again he did a little he almost did another almost got a lot of broken off ability to. When he cut himself but he almost did it again. Yeah. Hopefully next that we play there's no benefit for. Its final question for me did you hear Jason Taylor coming. There. Are -- he's he's a good player is that a good player -- I wish that -- believed. There. -- We're move the ball gets shut it formed yet so there. It is the -- -- get the one on one matchup while. He's waited at some point. Which that are -- -- you'll get all. We know your friendly with Jason. At least off the field you did you when he was free agent to -- ever call and ask you know what's it like up there and it was he was he contemplating considering coming to New England. You know I think he definitely that's of one of the places that they. Would consider. He's believed that the plane. Playing against -- for as long as we have we -- look at a player he has. He's. That the past structure and at least a third player. -- competitive with our like could. I tried I tried that. I don't know. You eat you know -- you have period lot of respect for the patriots I think that's where consider place. No he should have done what Pete Carroll does by his parents house. At the -- we put the biscuit lord help. That the that this that would Rich Rodriguez and now back now. All right toppled elected next Monday I got back to rob thanks Tom Brady cop with a quarterback run Cuba -- -- Duncan donuts on joined us. AT&T hotline on it was possible the nation's passable broadband network AT&T rethink possible.

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