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Opening Segment 9-16

Sep 16, 2010|

Dino and Gerry open the show talking Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady...just a few more days until kickoff!

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If you Canada's business long enough you'd know that when you walk into a locker room and athletes start to top. You can tell what they're lying. When they move their lips. Generally what they say is either reproduced in prepackaged. Or outright lie now I don't know that's the case for the following two quote. From the two quarterbacks in Sunday's big game but they're both essentially saying the same thing. Tom Brady said yesterday. Talking about gang green and their sacks and the pressure and their defense quote. I definitely have a better feel for the jets this year that I had last year. We play -- -- defense before but never with the -- personnel. Now down in New York Sanchez -- the meeting yesterday and said we're ready to have a break out game. We'll get -- we have in our new stadium and get things rolling again. It's only a matter of time until we throw for 300 yards I know what I'm confident. And it didn't really say that I did he need 300 total. Here though I think it was talking about how for passing yards out yet producing let's get no one game one tomorrow yeah yeah one game yeah. Mark Sanchez right. I'll read it again will have games where we throw for more than 300 yard try. -- is so we can like put -- yeah. Welcome up to the allied detect -- we -- that that the ability of the technology here to see whether -- lying. You're ready. Pretty year old often just like we did all summer wellspring. -- They have break out game I think there's no better we do get them a win in any stadium and get things wrong again and maybe this -- a good -- for two minutes. There is just a renewed in the none and we joked around about it but there's on their own goals within one. -- that's not lie in the lying yet that blows well what this does I mean he's just. Posing as confident Cordoba right all right mama mine and put a -- quarterbacks today in both quarterbacks say they have a good feeling about Sunday's game. Which one has a better feel by the way do you have a good feeling. About Sunday's game Jerry -- yes you do I do from who's perspective a month plan remain good feel about look at the about the patriots chances of continue to -- they played an opening day in the joke about how they played only night. The jets to you roll up in a 38 on the ravens are expected I don't know more than. Re more than 31 downs. Passing -- 31 -- passing to running one penalty more than 61 downs. I expected. I didn't I knew they were. And questionable offensive unit I didn't know they were bad bad and and other ravens are good defense but the jets were home that it's at six months to prepare. With the ravens and looked liked that didn't know which way -- which way to go I mean it was him an embarrassing offensive performance for Sanchez and the jets. I think they will improve because the patriot defense is not nearly think they'll get more than 11 down more important want to ask him. Yes yes yes to I think they'll. -- rod drove 300 no no only open way. No -- and -- them in ethic Sanchez. In it. That's a guy with some doubts right there that's again that I talked him right there he's trying to be Rex he's trying to be cock he's going to be confident. And it not by an. Yet if they did little militants who want I think it's fair to say that this jets team without trying to be an armchair quarterback from from you know a few hundred miles away. Is this -- team this sort of sitting on the tipping point right now. They're sort -- tipping point the first to have them leading to the left and falling into the abyss based on their lack of often is the lack of total inability to move the football. While Sanchez and Rex continue to try to say the right things if the same thing happens again in game two against the patriots. Don't they see themselves as -- characters in doubt as in this house of cards team that we talked about. Yeah. I mean and the NFL is so unpredictable. And so emotional I don't think everything we saw this is now hold true for the season meetings on opening day a -- be weeks. They'll win they'll surprise you economic times it is is thrown for 300 yards zero non non he's ever done -- -- for a hundred. Yes it the scope for a hundred few times in the last just 300 yard passing game was January 2007. Chad Pennington gave it a lot of its own including the playoffs sixteen and three more games of that would be nineteen games thrown for 203. Times while opening day at Houston -- his career. Last December September 13. And then after that he -- against Miami. And then against Jacksonville. -- or five times. And then Atlanta and then once in the playoffs in defeat -- play and come back. And so he's thrown five times for two -- and now and not proliferate hundred yards. He's never actually lifted up and we talk about his performance in the playoffs. Her current that it was an upgrade over the regular season. He had one. Real good game in the play of that was the game against Cincinnati and we just saw. It relies the last two games we've seen them angles. They get smoked by the jets and Sanchez at home last year in January. On January ninth and then Sunday in -- it's the Bengals defense sucks. My little heart from -- since they're I'd be allowed to starts right there -- there well well -- if if you think. If you thought the gonna have a great year embryos accounts for sure it's a dubious defense. And day Devo awful offense and -- it -- -- you today Natan lot of infighting unions this stupid stuff on the side of the and it. There in the divisional the Steelers -- the ravens so to go wrong there right applicable us and there. At home playing that the Wonka and the 97 jets who we all know backed in the play house votes is say it again become a mention a good year. They've backed in there will be political. And Mark Sanchez. Goes twelve for fifty. Twelve for fifteen for a 182 -- Italy 139. Passer rating to beat them 2414. So the that that was last year that was January in the September -- shreds them and makes them look like African pop Warner defense. Good luck to the Bengals but as -- you still wait for the breakout geek -- get the break -- season the breakout game where he looks like. You know a guy worthy of being the sixth pick in the draft the -- picked by the wave of the jets moved up four moved up to get him so they had him. Then they were they have felt real good about him when they took him they still pretends to act like it feel real good about them we'll see. -- the Bill Belichick and the patriots don't watch hard knocks I know -- frame -- speaking of lines of the and a line of that thing on HBO I'm sure there was no curiosity to make them look at and I'm sure they don't look and in the -- that the clippings or any of the stuff the comes out of New York. If they -- that. Rich is that some meaning -- gets on compasses I don't know exactly what this being at the salute gripping -- mapping but it looks to me he writes today. That -- is Mark Sanchez jets' offense to lift off. And halfway down in the piece -- -- he writes. The feeling close to the jets. Is the offense will be simplified. On Sunday closer to New England Patriots -- here that's -- -- -- -- trouble against Baltimore the feeling close to the jets is their offense will be simplified Sunday against the patriots focusing on straightforward. Smash mouth football. Olson they were -- it was too complicated to reason that emotional all your -- children get down to get rid of all those deep rose mark we're just gonna -- -- hands off right now for the full bag maybe that tied and looking in the locks give it to deter. Pinned him to give a indeterminate ever gonna carry in the pre season ebersol -- not locked out of a moderate Louis arena anomaly is little little son carried the ball in pre season nobody -- to practice penalty carried the ball. And the patriots would know that if they want to hard knock senator Joe doc needs it's that they know the terminator is not gonna carry the rock right -- it'll. -- leaves any stone unturned I heard Rex say your greatest phone conversation but his brother told him when coaching with double -- Elect to have your head coach elect a step or two ahead of everybody else and -- Arafat or five or six and my guess is that very few things are left. -- considered. By Bill Belichick so we're to believe that he all of those systems or some. Audio and one would have watched mark boxers playing politics. Much it's a flat -- -- information Brit it's Belichick being Belichick he could never admit that was watching HBO shows a -- obvious highlight film yes prepared Eaton he couldn't even wait to watch the tape the next morning he watched it live at 10 PM at night. And no doubt -- -- zero are here and if you were at the least it. Handed a plate full unit told -- weigh in and -- and Steve it's gotta get back. That much yet but he said yes -- I watched. How did you see this piece. On hard knocks we're gonna read this was -- -- SR had a yeah yeah on on on -- the future partner and for the first year a team called them -- the Houston Texans and owner Bob McNair called HBO is way beyond. And their whole their goal is to get one of the stock -- Wednesday's -- for peace was part of the whole piece on the good receiver had and how -- how football on the NFL's become this dramatic television production. You know black cats versus white had -- -- -- -- -- you know the the the the traditional franchises -- upstarts in the rebels versus the establishment. -- you know the electoral politics in America today we get the Tea Party. It can pass it on the rebels to open up tick in -- against the establishment. That's the -- the NFL works and it's worked great for the networks the ratings are off the charts. We sit here and celebrated. Hypocrisy and jets patriots for fifteen on Sunday but for the first time since -- -- -- have been on. The agency agreed dismayed that got a call that Texas wanna be on an HBO guy says. Pretty soon one of those traditional friendship is. Is going to be on and like the Steelers dealers or the -- patriots are becoming traditional I guess that would mean establishment never happened. The patriots. The Steelers what was the other ones that he mentioned that they were hoping to get on one of those that the colts right. One of those teams soon and they will emit more the patriots but the get one of those teams. Like the Steelers or colts it just won't be his could as the jets it won't be as entertaining as the jets. Rex Ryan is going to be hard act to follow and pick this would have the jets are that house of cards team you keep talking about would have state. -- disappointing. There's no doubt as to what their cellular Cincinnati's him when I don't we -- don't -- -- -- on their hearts -- -- I don't see a pattern here the writer that a slide please try to portrayed as. Teams in the National Football League being a copycat league are looking at Oliver teams respond and and how they carry themselves and if the jets capital fifty to one and win the Super Bowl their media may be some top teams this sort of slide to that side of the road that we can -- -- absolutely can weaken you know -- -- FaceBook -- our Twitter thing all those kinds of things. But so far is there not a pattern here. The teams that keep their mouth shut. And go about the business not to the degree -- of the fortress that is Gillette Stadium in the New England Patriots. Are generally the successful ones -- aren't -- loud -- Ochocinco. Rex Ryan are both teams that are trying to get somewhere where these other teams. Already are antithetical to -- in with Chad Ochocinco that we enjoy him but when he does what he represents is antithetical to what the NFL if you get a hold your good help is all about what is -- what is it looks exceeds what works in the in a film that's basically the theme but let's. Unfortunate when you admit for from neutral perspective. It's unfortunate that a guy like Bill Belichick succeeds -- ago -- Ryan if again I agree X drive fails to set -- -- The final -- some funny guy if you're certain. In neutral place -- hope. That the fund the funny guys succeeds in hope Ochocinco succeeds because he's not a bad guy electoral loans assumed most of slight athletes top five dislike it's Q rating. Quote home by home. -- he has you rating his Twitter account is a million you know admit Ochoa sick or 34. Source -- -- coach who's that Leo is material meant to you don't know just TO is definitely on the disliked I could see that but I think and that the coaches Sankoh's. These actors Mormon I don't find him I don't find -- disarming them amused and he actually produces I was components toward those of began on the where analysts say. For the elect a store and there was on the he was selling some opinion on something and Ochocinco he's in Cincinnati. They've barely make the play yes they've won nothing you know he has managed and and you look at that you say that one he does what he does -- What do you -- -- and -- says there's different face of Ochocinco on the -- on the front glass front of the store. Epic in its sales and he's not the best receiver. He's not on the best team is noticeable because of what he does off field. -- on -- field yet and so it works don't ever say why does he do that stuff. The worse for him financially do you think -- be worked for the team in general of else cares about that -- -- Once he once more to what are you out of anything else reserves the Twitter differentiate shouldn't oh yeah no doubt. Not gonna happen. How to do that I bald and I've been around longer -- done more than a gas you're right I saw those numbers. And that same -- -- one point 2.5. When it happened and a million T listen that -- to say more outrageous things like. Be a good halt with your whole -- -- PO today is gonna say some elected to and sign I'll say this writer of that beat us. Did the the the doubts -- doubts that Houston Texans. Eight in favor by saying. Well HBO considered it huge -- -- Ross Greenberg Greenberg said. Well we would consider the Texas we were already too far down the road with the jets and it was like January yeah yeah yeah right. I don't agree adjusted it would Richardson called this -- too far -- only so. It's it's but it's two things here the patriots if Kraft ordered Belichick to do it. Belichick did it in will be the worst part blocks of all time like little restaurant for the -- called -- the exact -- -- -- -- Yeah okay Cincinnati as far as. It's forgettable minutes -- -- the patriots would be so that'd be good. -- Belichick just ignorant and grown -- -- it is. Just try to get them to did just try to make it didn't surprise you do one of those interviews were you know like like John -- Americans -- try to be so bad. That he ruin. In a year when this. Given -- had final determination. Of the editing process it might be sixty minutes of like test pattern. Sorry did use that but he can't use that part -- -- you -- part -- would be like filler stuff could be going. You know she wouldn't want to know what's on their training table or for -- -- -- what you don't know how they wrapped their ankles. You would want to know anything and I can't even a comfortable revealing to the world although -- Embrace it may be in his last year going to be some ulterior motive for legacy the legacy thing in Nabil x.s and those stuff. That that didn't pertain to that which game via or maybe bill historical lessons about. You know the time we'd -- -- talked to him about the -- video version of writing his book about coaching yet has worked. Boring is felt up to the party might let HBO watched the stretch capital for five minute stretch you have the judicial stretch is not like weird that it is the on the basic stretches its. Never going to be -- -- -- -- it's never gonna measure up through its what is Gary Kubiak get a measure up to re -- and notebook and have a personality I -- now Herman Edwards didn't. Now on the -- is and I don't -- -- Cincinnati right remember assembly Denzel -- imitating Denzel Washington from remember the titans which is boilerplate. Pep talks tough and I was not -- also arm but it obviously has beaten. -- OK you do -- case a little. More. Colorful than it needs all the cheerleaders stuff he thinks it's gonna be hard -- and -- and you know what. If the jets don't win this year -- the when's he gonna try to top that. And say well that didn't work and Bob Bob McNair let's get to market -- that that that hearing -- the man but but I think a lot of owners. -- included a lot of owners and what it really worked in the Woody Johnson. Sold the hell out of his team yes you wanna be part of he can't play for Rex Ryan but you can -- -- you can buy a box you can buy club seats are. African foam finger you can be part of that jets experienced. And -- how you measure that exactly and in one and one graphic one graph but he worked it worked for what he worked for the jets. We'll see if it works director it would work much better for Rex Ryan if you had a really good quarterback. -- think in any kind of quarter yeah. It didn't have a slapped -- -- I don't wanna let one game affect men and that's on the aids ho NFL works in the -- and a bigger picture. But Sanchez looked like -- scared kid and and and in Monday's game in and analysis and event news do Jerry. They're gonna simple by the office form against the patriots so he's not a rookie now and he just some study for the six months of the offseason and prepare. He put one game. You say -- get to that event Drew Brees had a better year Peyton Manning had a better it is -- recent. -- his rookie year meter mark I know there's an allergic -- the better rookie year. And probably Drew Brees Peyton and Jerry -- Aikman Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady. That's pretty much shot. Hell yeah interception Dan Marino do we now do we now portable little -- credence in what Marty Schottenheimer said in the first episode hard knocks when you have a rookie quarterback who did okay. -- he comes back for a second year if he does just what he did his rookie year consider that to be progress. There must be some regression gene here if you're a court that's -- -- a good rookie year you Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. If you marksmanship have a decent -- I think he's a decent of you do okay I'm gonna on the that was -- -- music and decent in the team overcame his flaws. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brian Billick who started and hard knocks back in the day to minister of the 7 o'clock now he's. It is -- Rex Ryan upstaged him in and remember Brian Billick you probably pick him. Notable is that should have been. Khatami won this famous quote we have Ryan right now lot of big games left and -- -- it I guarantee you -- this I should have been more outrageous I showed a lot of criticism for his legal taking should have been funny years should have been some and because because remember room amid reports show and then it was -- -- -- -- March Lara told Jonas at 735 mad dog Chris Russo during the 9 o'clock hour. You can join us -- you know the phone number the text 85050 that's the AT&T -- like DNC will be such -- Ago harmed that's -- again -- yes that includes Internet. No -- now the sound of dinner Darrelle Revis on that silly show would would vehemence Andrea. Language association. Did you do that jails -- slow yeah yeah on this channel 7 NEWS. Here's. A look. At. --

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