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Reporting on the Pats Offseason

Sep 12, 2010|

The NFL Sunday crew discuss the Pats defense and the challenges they'll face this season, as well as the running back situation.

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Let's skip to the single biggest overriding question of this entire. Patriots offseason last time we were here Gillette Stadium right across the street game that mattered. It was ugly I mean it was real ugly we saw Ray Rice -- 83 yards through the Patriots defense without being touched we saw Baltimore. Just slap the patriots silly around this this stadium and end -- year. What have you seen from then until now that would indicate to any of you guys that this going to be different. Worse. And the economy works well -- did this in an effort. Throughout the course of of the pre season training camp he would. Of the patriots trying to become that physical football team again I don't know they're worked. Court -- list to about pre season games they played. But it did make more of an effort to try to get more personal quarterback in the -- try to via a much more physical team. And with Kristen and I don't know if it's going up very often not. They still -- eternal -- -- more stances as with the pastor is in the news. You know you have -- Banta-Cain added that the team and sex machine in the community -- -- -- 500. You have patent you know what he's -- most immunity bill C two August of bills but you know. They gas of course of more -- the cornerback position you know his belly button you know. Just so many young young guys that that if you just don't know about and they start about the pre season I was real happy to waste our development of these problems -- pretty views. And then it has to pre season games came I don't know like. Because of his team could be in trouble. How much today guys and one as both you guys would you -- you guys watch both of those two pre season games. In a lot of guys on the defensive side of the ball talked about how they wanted to present something a little bit more Vanilla. He didn't want to tip their hand you didn't wanna do anything to -- went back I watched a lot of that stuff. Be pretty much stayed the 34 base defense through both of those two games how much that at least defensively. Can be attributed to note. Relatively too much for the regular season starts. -- -- over -- it's like that it's. Listen we just can't where maybe we were not good enough to pick up these they can't handle these -- -- if you don't if you can't. That's Leno is sleep through the actually camp everything comes that you you implement it you you work on it if you can't get it. You gotta start back to listen what is the things we know that means your base defense you base coverages. Then that gives you can't do. A zone blitz you know read this guy crazy this scheme until you can get the base front. I agree with. -- though it did remember it ever took over three but more importantly if you can't completely random and deepens when you have -- -- in crucial situations. And and as much as the the Indianapolis Colts played zone defense they -- that would mean six and go to Tampa. When they had to have it they -- amendment defense and they don't we don't talk in my defense though but I have to imagine and they're still questions I've I've it was him what you guys do about it the defense particularly the -- How many of the get a consistent pass Russia opposing quarterbacks and external last season. I think on the offensive side of the football they're going to be a better team did have a shot at being a very special -- -- football team. Particularly in in the we wanna -- and his political leader with those two new -- I don't start with an whereas -- -- my name's John. That's picked up perfectly but no I I real I really think that these two tight -- how the capability to change the knowingly passing -- have a real ability to bring an added dimension that we just haven't seen -- This is James. No amount of work commissar -- -- they got to be able what I think is allow them do is. They can the that office QB they want to be one dimensional were talking about. More wanna mention this mosque walker walker mosque that's about as crazy as -- the other thing is third in two when your in the shot. They're best when there when their in. Thomas on the under under scanner. They can run the ball they can throw it can they can throw it to the tide is just. Dispute. He'll get other people involved. The quality as -- like the most last year was Indianapolis game because senator. He was it was like it was almost all three or four football to me. Where you had -- running attack that was successful -- Toms did and it is drops at the on the ball play actions everybody it was a ball. Instead of it if it works or do it there's -- shotgun -- there was -- walker but. In the and you had to get other people involved in these two guys are gonna give that option because. At some point bigger table west and walker -- what's about your west -- out of it these two guys going to be big parts of -- -- I agree with 32 in his side and you got -- -- -- -- -- -- well and how much of that though Troy last year was simply because. Tom was back from knee surgery but wasn't he was even less mobile than he's been in the past. Let's just make like these here forum where this year you feel more comfortable put him back under center is Christian said what -- drop back like he normally does how much it was no shortage. I'm sure accorded -- that was had to do with -- you know in having them hours back in in the pocket. In the site and I think some of that had to do with that and the collateral with teams you could happen in blowing about the well. And that's about it and I mean is it just wasn't. A physical but bulletin you saw them trying to get back to -- -- out of all the Hutu gunmen involved -- and -- on different available to touches in the pre season. They went through Maloney what -- -- -- -- -- they did Sammy Morris when we did an -- that one of football in situations where it. They had the planet and I thought -- did a pretty good job of doing that but most port so it. I think that's on addressed that part of it because dot com it is something I'm I'm really big on teams. Even though you you can sort of all look so pretty it's fun to watch and you can order you know fifty download four -- -- -- isn't as it -- intangibles and that's great and etiquette can help you wing games but. When it's -- -- it to to win a championship you have to be able to run the football being at the -- of this government to be able to win the championship -- We just on the running -- just a little bit I wanted to get your boat both your take on this could drive we talked a little bit about it before him but. In the pre season we saw them don't work backs in individually -- get a sense deliberate rhythm get a feel for the game takes its plea basically half the time. The guy who was really left out of the equation was again that we talked about Lester -- -- And I wanted to get both of you wanted to find out what both of you guys thought about Maroney is featured in going to because right now it looks like it's going to be Fred Taylor. I was wrong again on the on the laws Rory thanks -- I mean -- two years and broke the have been wrong Mitt. -- still on the roster and you know Alec but again as it gets back he just hasn't shown. Any of us now why do you think he's good back. Well -- based on when I saw his rookie year. For years he warriors -- four -- closer to. But you seem to use and I seen the easy even every year he shows ago you almost give up on -- like lash out like giving up on him. And and night also and bam he shows you that he can do it sees so as you just teasing me as he visited as it is it gave specific or is he just. It consisted of fumbles that. Nonetheless here we're just yeah -- just literally and that some of the comments he made about the -- -- -- one fumble. You know that that's not a good football player and there are good teammate in my opinion. But you know if he had never done it before democracy and it again he's a terrible back in. Without seeing again do before us into little special teams and says that rookie we've seen pretty much -- seen a few flashes. Here in -- that he could still do it so. And I don't know what is amusing -- In the B -- but with the I'm surprised that the may their roster again this year with party will be either traded something knock getting released this of them that they -- five Mexicans last. Isn't it fairly safe to say -- if you've seen it and you know but he's got physical tools and it's been four years since you've seen it the what you're dealing with the inside the vest pocket. Think I would think so because he always got the physical gifts you know he's big enough be strong enough these fast enough you he can do that stuff. It's like it you know -- I'll go back to your your favorite wide receiver of all time Bethel Johnson at the -- I mean it gets whereas on the same page and don't know whether it's my. The retirement and -- as -- Internet bubble. But I mean doe two eventually have to say all the physical tools are there. But there's no toolbox so. You know he he he's not good enough and empowering tool box to work. I spent time as or stick to what I wouldn't -- what do you guys think what he -- because the future about because I think he's gonna be -- he's gonna -- -- -- -- this season play out his contract -- through this last year of his deal and he's gonna go somewhere like Seattle -- Denver. In in run for 900 yards I think he might media -- -- career. I think he might get guys -- at this point his career could benefit from changes in. He can be ago so you nodded injury thing works around the you have buybacks on the roster right now. And somebody built on a different position. Instead of putting them personally as a reserve for three or four week injury. Yet the make moves sometimes an immediate release them I mean you've got bags if you maximum planned target well -- -- be released. You know at some point during the season if if injuries do occur. I'm gonna go back Detroit's point of body was surprised that he's on the roster you -- think he's on the roster. Because the two guys that you like the most of that position get her -- yeah yeah. Easier says you're worried about Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris staying healthy and rather than try to break somebody in a month from now off the street and teach them the playbook. Let's keep -- around it's the last year of his contract anyway. When one of those guys get hurt no decisive win because it's gonna happen the -- you slide him do you think you can labor unions -- was you know. Nobody it's a -- I I have no faith in both of those guys staying healthy. Well I'm I hope that both of those. As the -- heard the same time again this year you know I mean the given its track record days ago possibility they may get hurt again this year but. At the same time and being out for the same amount of time this year again and I'm -- -- where we'll we will always have one of those guys available along with the agreement -- -- can -- in the back -- I think if you get eap schemes that has seen me more is needed evening Jennifer Taylor the -- told you can put together. You're one complete back who -- -- with -- you know me 11100 what you hope is that it's not the same eight games yeah yeah and you got eight games without either of them look. Of the -- use at five running backs on the roster right. All five guys has contracts that are up at the end of this year. You've got five running back to you might have none of them here next year. In the same way they remade the tight end position -- bought will be here but I am and let it be Kevin will be back but his contract is up this year as well the other four I wouldn't expressed all -- next year. There's a. I wouldn't be -- -- I mean you can go out looking right now the way to 19% of -- have you have you -- the Debra -- -- and expect. Like drinking water the past few years I mean you can go right kind of found these guys that someone like a service a team that you know maybe not a LaDainian Tomlinson and his crime something like that just get bank as England servicing team. No prohibitive evangelist and the Serbs -- pretty will be with Corey Dylan he served the team anywhere else. So you can part of the of those guys on the market you know when in office. So limit when my favorite guys around here even though it's only here for average for details Brian Cox because -- cockpit -- told you what he thought. But it would be stuck in my -- in his face and he was one of those guys who CC said he said you -- from meet. The late in c'mon till very late record the light didn't switch on. It is the light go to switch on for Laurence Maroney and so that's when it happens -- -- of -- hoping for years we had written on but this week yeah. And he's -- a lot of things he says about longhorn was within a -- and because the words you just described as -- as one word. And he was pretty definite about a lot of those gas. And some things you said about borrowing wounds he started to record. You know stars yeah he's that type thing which is -- -- to go there it could be SN you know you start in the recording started to get it. And hopefully Mikey says -- -- -- if the light comes on the right time before it's too late in you can you can get himself back onto my tourniquet of this football team listening. When we plan the word association game with fret about the other running backs I said BenJarvus green Ellis. And he said he's going to be a star -- He was very strong about BenJarvus green Ellis yet. In fact that he was the strongest about him I think it just in terms of what does the future hold. I mean maybe he's a guy who moves into a more prominent role this year. As Maroney and listened to way less prominent role may be BenJarvus green Ellis is the guy who we see more and more. I'll put it to you this way. I'll be surprised if Maroney is active today. -- -- -- you and I -- now. No that's not because of you know what that the recent documentary he's been battling a thigh injury all week he's been on the injury report he's practiced but was limited participation. He's he's been he's been. Battled some injuries of last week opened over the course the pre season though he didn't miss a single practice -- -- practice during training -- which leads me to believe that awaiting did you use exactly the wing shuffle those running backs during the pre season. There's a deeper reason their but when it comes to today. I know that he's been I know he's been for some injuries I wouldn't be surprised if he was there.

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