Sep 7, 2010|

The story of Joe "Pork Chop" Haggerty oversleeping for his shift on the morning show.

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Only a day job Joe Hagerty was scheduled to do the morning show with the -- me but the time came the open played -- the only voice we heard was that Obama knew Meyer Joey Hagerty is. Probably on the road hopefully. We'll see slow things -- -- new Meserve with a chuckle but little did -- know one hour to hour three hours later that's exactly what happened. -- -- scheduled to be with us. Don't know of field again Jim you're issue so well -- was talking sports speaking of Tom Brady and and then the patriots decade of dominance Joe Hagerty was tucked into his bed. No it was taking calls right now we're gonna robbery and Tony who's in Boston Massachusetts and our job was catching disease. No we wasn't left alone for the entire program though after three hours and 55 minutes -- job did finally golly M. Totally pull the spirit kill me a 100% my bad I deserve. Every user is coming to me on the block says I am -- -- -- I am here you'll. How has that that is knew we was -- Johnson lack of respect for the morning show. This is a major metropolitan Boston radio station he shouldn't feel too bad it's not like Borg John -- off to go to fantasy football draft.

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