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Reacting to Brady's reported new deal

Sep 7, 2010|

Michael Holley and Mike Mutnansky share their immediate reaction to Tom Brady reportedly signing a three-year contract extension and the impact it has with both Randy Moss and Logan Mankins who are in their final year of their current deals

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Yes yes it's dale and Holley show. With the outbreak talented yeah -- man. Mike McMahon ski back again -- -- polish or yesterday that. I did not go for blood and -- reunion show dale and Holley of little Brandon Meriweather a little Vince Wilfork. We -- this -- leave the studio like this burger don't blame this on -- Bradford bottle it. Everybody got us. Everybody had their brand and -- that the emperor in America and impersonation a lot -- -- everybody's got he was very sleepy yesterday some like he'd just gotten out. When he joined us in about 1050. 9/11 -- -- -- that that the Arnold argued LEI you now a comedian you have to. Tell you Rick. You raunchy old time radio and I do. -- aggressions out right -- I got yet why not yet. That you war cannot be over here -- elect of the very nice way of saying he felt like the brand name or where they interviews yesterday and -- -- -- tonight. Not put words in my knowledge that I said he was little higher. Belichick force field where -- that there's certain things asking you know the answer so we went the reality TV we asked him a lot of Ochocinco. B squared Bernard Berrian. Dating show -- -- and we're both a big game James a -- and what's what's the assault assault throwers. That's the crowd was a big metal happier about reality -- attendant Q you got a -- under him so palpable that like spears and. Today -- is between Jimmy left them for literary and ask you here glad to have you dale will be back tomorrow. Big news today big news -- Yes we talk football you know. You don't like it -- -- fastball command. Last. Thing. What you think report came on the -- Tom Brady. Contract extension I guess there on the verge of on the -- three years 58 million dollars nineteen point three million dollars a year. Now anybody who thought that the Tom Brady contract situation would be a distraction. Have to change that it may be -- Boston Logan Mankins because Tom Brady's -- and. I think that Brady is a god it was not gonna allow become distraction as you said that. People tried to push that envelope there was an agenda pushed -- you're not taking care Brady it's going to be an issue I think it's good they get it dawned. But that does affect this team in any way shape performer terms a total wins or losses and help defense. Stop anyone -- stop Cincinnati this weekend nobody I think it's good to get it. Out of the way and Don and and check bark okay we took care progress player were hiding behind the fact that there's going to be some sort of see BA ship next year might. I like the -- it took care of it. Let the idea it was going to be a distraction in the first place with Tom Brady who's gonna play he's you know walk off no matter what. A move on a rainy Boston Logan Mankins I think for patriot fans gut check mark winner move on little. Extra blanket that night you feel good about Brady's deal does that affect the team. Might affect -- Randy -- -- based on his comments yesterday might affect Logan Mankins based on how he feels about the patriots organization. Yeah -- know how sensitive. Some reporters can be very sensitive very sensitive. -- makes -- -- and I give credit where credit is -- I believe if the Boston Herald published the Boston Herald broke this story first. So according to The Herald three years fifty million dollars in the story right now supplementing my favorite part the story. Is. Also about recess while this could be portrayed as a four -- 64 million dollar deal if you include the six million dollars and number eighty. Is scheduled to make this year that's not the reality of it according to the source Brady would not accept the deal. The pays them less per year than Eli Manning. Who was making six point sixteen point four million dollars received. Eli Manning. The patriots lost the jets. It has no respect for Eli Manning is that the baseline as Eli Manning you know the last we talk about the the elite quarterbacks. Is that where it stops. -- -- -- It's like radio I should know whatever they lie salary they wanna be paid accordingly I will not make less that the Eli Peyton. I can understand why Eli wrote it about a -- Edward Tom Brady is -- Is locked up and now -- you've got two guys under contract won here in one in the area we think. And both of them angry too angry guys who were not under contract and wants something to be done. One obviously is Randy Moss the other one is -- make. I really don't know where to Randy Moss stuff this is coming from. May we heard him in February talk about the patriots -- and they don't pay players the body was passed that. But he also said in between here not cut you off on the economic I'm not gonna make waves. I'm not gonna commit to make waves and is comments to will bandits and on CBS sports those can be perceived as waves and now. Pose a major ways. Goes it goes our hurricane -- related waves. I don't. And I wrote I'm I'm I'm trying to trying to think of of what it means former -- saying I'm not happy about the contract. And and let's move on -- one thing but you gotta look at it you can't look at Randy Moss is history. He said it himself. When he's not happy. How things that things don't always happen. Routes aren't always run the right way. Sometimes he'll drop Boller to. Sometimes then give full effort if he's not happy remember when he was in the Poconos the different situation there after -- dropped so many balls. -- maybe I'm not happy. Maybe I don't like the way things are done around here you think Randy Moss. Let these comments in pretty. Pretty strong -- you think you let that get in the way of its production because he's a hell of a productive receiver. Ever since he stepped foot. And based on past performance as a patriots the and you have the right to be concerned of course they have not -- concerns. The puts out of -- when is he is in the contract year. Pete plays well this year there's a chance to potentially get one more big deal is make thirties now big time wide receivers. Don't get paid a lot when they hit that mid thirty marker an -- rightfully so they start to wear down a politically. But he knows this if you but the big numbers this year. The patriots or someone else are going to pay him an exorbitant amount of money -- -- big time signing bonus so yep ask yourself the question the patriots for. Is Randy Moss willing to hurt his production in 2010. Because he's being petulant about his contract. And in effect hurt his. Earning potential. For next year beyond what he's that it is willing to do that brought about but it contract theoretically isn't this the contract he was upset with Al Davis -- the raiders. -- all gonna. How about Minnesota. I think he wanted to new contract. He got traded to Minnesota play in the open not mistakenly got traded to Minnesota in the final year of his contract maybe a couple of years left of his contract. Go through the raiders -- give -- huge deal. And then that's the deal he had when he came to New England. They care that deal up isn't. He'd. Placed word. Of a ridiculously low contracts. Compared to his skills and in the same year he was shutting it NFL record. He had a contract probably put him when he fifth or thirtieth or 35 among NFL receivers and -- seven to deal with the patriot I SAR that the service. The patriots -- to Randy Moss and say this is how we push his buttons to push his buttons. By making sure that he always has something in the place for there's always a -- -- all we've got to keep something in front of them at all times because. If if we now. Move -- from the Tom Brady contract we've completed. And now start to the top of animosity -- we don't want to be in contract you we love you we respect you with a Q the best receiver in the league. We wanna give you a two year extension or three year extension to make sure your career is lined up with Tom Brady you'll -- Tom Brady for the rest your career -- England. If they do suffer like that do they lose it Randy Moss the competitors the guy who feels like it's still have something for. You've been a great point off the -- not on the year off I think we're at it just typical I'm gonna say -- best stuff happens all the time. The comments yesterday kind of work and you -- essentially we're at about a the Randy lost up yesterday you know what's -- he says -- stopped abandoned -- gets the 562 quoted. Isn't there are. Isn't there a chance that Randy Moss knew yesterday. That this Tom Brady the it was going to get done and this was a -- preemptive. I know Brady's get his. When am I going to get -- -- doesn't get out of there to remember that puts it ought. That's pretty good you've got my pretty that you read books and of all the patriots you've been around a lot from these guys know when to stop going down write down what were the ones left in the darkest fans and media but the players. They get a sense -- deal is going to get done so was a crazy to think. Any Moscow ended last week or so. The last couple days -- so. Brady was gonna get his -- he sit there are saying about me I I've been a good soldier I've -- what you asked me to do what Matt Cassel or Tom Brady. It is preemptive by him say it's ahead of the Tom Brady com. Probably has but here's one thing. I think Randy Moss is smart enough to understand. He's not -- -- -- -- -- -- You've been great you are you might be the record since. He might be might be the Tom Brady the receiver position maybe. Right now in the NFL but you if you had a tool where you see Brady among NFL quarterbacks second third. Burst is in that top three -- top three yeah Peyton Manning's and there are don't know if you throw Drew Brees and their two were supposed. Re guys to me -- -- tier one or it's your day it's Brady moss and entries okay those 21 not moss meet our our brain and Brees Manning. -- -- -- -- -- for the who -- where do you see Randy Moss in terms NFL receivers and an Arab and a lot of guys who -- We're catching passes value Brandon Marshall -- there is Larry FitzGerald. On that list is Calvin Johnson on that list as well would you take these guys before he took Randy Moss or Randy Moss. The class of the wide receiver position. Is she in that elite group an addict always an elite eight -- definitely you a wide receiver. Is probably a little bit bigger than -- quarterback keep my put its Gerald and always been hurt I'm gonna put Calvin Johnson. In that group as a wide receiver. Am I -- Reggie Wayne Hunter love on Andre Johnson is is an actor Andre Johnson might be one. You might have to -- Andre Johnson won -- but is ready impossibly definitely. Calvin Johnson archery is -- that Tom Brady wide receivers that's at. He feels like a quick glance of it he's he's in that makes it broke his position but he -- that you wouldn't say he's one -- maybe you would say he's too. Top five he's in -- -- definitely top five top five so just in terms oppose it of the positions played the position in a vacuum. We're not talking about the importance to the team what he thought for the patriots in a vacuum he's the top five guy Tom Brady's top three. Now let's go to the next -- winning. Randy Moss. Has not been a part of three championship teams. In New England as the most important. Offensive player on the field Tom Brady had so. I hope that's not Randy Moss has motivation hoping is just. He's just looking around he's bound to stop him in the country and he had an event and as I do what Tom Brady or anything outside of wanted to contract and I can't believe these people don't respect he's. Line to say that I don't love the timing of -- -- -- hand wrote about that this morning at WE eEye dot com you wanna say this in the offseason find you said you work to create waves you said the patriots don't pay people we thought you had moved on. And yet he has is common for bandits yesterday I'm convinced after hearing you mentioned it. That he knew yesterday that re -- Tom Brady was gonna get the steel and looked around and said. In my next is Mac is that when do I get my IC read this -- mangled steel these guys get deals. When am I going to get my deal but he balanced that with your take on -- year. You're -- Adrian Beltre year Mike he's got to go up there it before so you asked the question should patriot fans be concerned. Given past performance yes and -- how smart I believe Randy Moss to be. The only way he gets that money unless he gets -- season. School out there and Boston his but I don't like you know what not numbers that Kelly gets his deal and I think he's pretty bright guy and I think that while there -- performed. You wanna based on past performance in the old Randy Moss then -- right to be concerned. I don't wanna based on past -- if I take out Minnesota. And I take out Oakland. So ready -- your NFL career began in 2007. Pretty good -- OK don't I'm excusing you from Marshall. In Florida State and Notre Dame in the fight you've been banned in play what I wanna play and all that stuff. I'm still nervous I'm still nervous. About Randy Moss based on what he's done in 2010. To take like 20078. And nine and still is nervous about 2010 because in 2010. He has made sure comments about his contract and then just the other day you can take this -- if you want to. Add an event. For. Footballer season ticket holders I don't know. If anybody what does that tell me what looks like. Arnold patriots gallon pictures that you have to be. And for the well connected is it for. Season ticket holders and their lottery whatever. At this event. Randomized. Is not sitting at the table. That are supposed to be sitting Atwood with people paying thousands of dollars hang out with. It goes over by himself. Put on his headphones. And he starts listening to news. -- Richard I don't know what are very white kitty Camara. He's his mind is not in the right place already. And the kids asked him are you ready to are you tried to start season now. It keeps walking. That makes me nervous is just no isolated thing but then you put it together with with his comments about his contract. In his behavior. Yeah I think I think the team. Should be a little concerned about Randy Moss and I think the fans should be concerned about -- Boy that's that's and that Randy Moss doesn't meet your in a nutshell you're -- -- that's what -- -- and that's what you're saying you're saying that Randy Moss not -- so okay immature about not getting his contract because so concerned about -- is the. And if he's ever been amateur before his career mean. -- every Brady -- this and regulatory support ever and he -- starting Truman as did you put in you know column next question on its -- square and official water. Biden is he's never done he's never locked up the field for the that the game was over it's. I'm going back now I gave you is ideal market could go back that's where that little window when I go back and look at his entire career -- You can and feature argument but I like it does veteran move. It was for season ticket holders think that event was their season that made -- -- season ticket holders he would be better off -- better off. Nationally. I think he looked a lot worse showing up leaving the table. Rocket out the headphones on. And in being dismissive of people. If you looked worse doing that any would have looked if he's just that you know I can't make. Try to make a point as he did yesterday bandits anyone he wants a new deal but they're there is part of Maine. I feel more strongly that he is smart enough to realize Mike that he needs a new contract and if the perform well. That'll get you the dollars that you're trying to get and probably your your final big deal of your career. Paced up pass from OJ wanna be concerned I just the soundness of a flag that says. He realizes at this point it's career he's better off the one out their for a putting up big numbers. Then he is. Try to cause waves although given the last couple weeks you're seeing some warning signs that there's at least some what may be your reverting back to. Younger. Randy -- -- are watched by my count. He's only had two incidents from an embossed in that would. That would that won't make you a little concerned about. Two incidents. In three productive seasons as a patriot. One was the Carolina. Are about he talked about that when not Chris Gamble column quitter. Quick. Everybody talked about that and -- leading up to that game right before then was. Hole late situation. There are purchased -- -- gate yet there are birders like no longer here. Taylor Thomas -- no longer here. Gary Guyton late here. And Randy Moss late here and -- I'm dumbfounded. So it. You look at the Purdue the production is off the chart of where he can continue.

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