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Sep 2, 2010|

Brian Billick joins D&C for the first of his regular spots with us. He talks Patriots, Brett Favre, his pick for the Super Bowl and his pick for the AFC East.

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-- we are very happy to report view that starting today and going forward through the football season on a regular Thursday basis. Ryan -- -- join us and you'll join us on the AT&T outlined -- -- what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T -- possible occasional grind -- a tremendous job. As an NFL game analyst for fox O'Brien how are you welcome aboard again. I'm great thank you have a question where art and oh but I am a Wii remote very first -- too hard knocks. And it was eventually experience. Of course can I ask ourselves is done right and police aren't so -- -- our senate majority just such -- I find it very very enjoyable but as a practical matter former coach is Rex hurting his team or helping his team. My sense is the jets aren't sneaking up on anybody this year. I don't know if they're gonna speak only but he didn't. Anyway you know what you're seeing Rex is -- bravado and there's a certain. I don't know there's a certain passion that you can capture therapy focused and -- -- certain. -- a lot of your players that's a positive. But there is outside you know after to deliver it to them deliver -- toward the soup full of adult -- also gonna take -- some analysts. But -- match that's okay. Plotted I did it affect your team Brian how -- it -- specifically -- -- in effect. These jets the I think there's a positive aspect I think Darrelle Revis is more likely to come back to this team and agree to a deal. Because it you don't Rex Ryan makes you wanna play a forum. But I'm guessing he makes the other team wanna play a little -- against him to what do you think happens as a result of this hard knocks phenomenon. Yeah -- there are few people will look at it try to use it as a motivation to catch up but that didn't commit that. That you have something. Some people play hard to get something. Others I don't see -- never felt that -- -- -- -- -- very -- -- I think is a big downside. To them I think the biggest thing for them it is obviously in New York a lot of people looked at -- the second team I mean one of the reasons we did it. We were -- between DC and Baltimore small market jeeps it's just so what it's kind of keeps the giants I think this gives them a chance to create a profile so you know this is our capture. Does that say anything to you the tonight in game number four Bill Belichick is breaking with his tradition and May Day may play -- starters. In pre season game for after the debacle versus the rams in game three. Our he's certainly -- probably wants to give a little bit more done with just keep. Yeah it -- arrest and then. Penetrate Lokachokyo but he hurt you to write that committee which won't hurt your didn't have to do what it -- It's neither nor I would like disorders to play a little bit yup he had -- That's -- can't -- despite concern was what happens. If location there not gonna play at all they know. That what -- they're they're -- snapped -- reached preparation that we. All right and that so it's two full weeks before they actually due to reception of Staten. I'd like for them have a little bit more -- and that. Right -- in your opinion -- can you win in the NFL. Without an accomplished pass rusher if you don't get to the quarterback in these fitness to manage an X number of times. -- can you can you win other ways is the other ways you -- with coverage. -- with good at confusing the quarterback to do other things if you can't get to the QB. -- could create pressure nuptials fortunate to help one of those guys that don't insult. Requires kind of attention that -- off pretzel -- to talk to troops helpful and therefore they keep her social round. To do for excitement rushed. -- you gotta go to Angola likes a -- Indianapolis Colts. Obviously -- treaty -- Baptist -- yes. That gives them a lot of latitude did you think that that can't now if you can't then you gotta start getting creative with the 4 o'clock which expand. Pressure packages had an idea write some checks that maybe you're back at you gonna have a -- trying to compete with -- Rex is have a situation. -- Christian construct which huge. But right now they're really missing another count Mount Vernon -- -- -- the divot that huge pass -- ritual with the potential that he can't be strapped to the NFL -- terms of abuse situation guy but I don't know that they have that want. -- all right we got to count for this guy ought protection. Every step -- -- -- so they've got it due to multiple things that they do which is a little scary -- like Rex needs an invitation to -- With different richest. But that that that's which secondary and tough position that you've struck a secondary to hold up under. I'm Brian Billick do good established veteran coaches in the National Football League know for sure. What they have after four pre season games or they still have as many questions they have answers. Well we got a lot more questions than answers but there's still a picture concern about usually has to do with steps to shoot out that's a step open and it's excellent chip supports. What happens to release this that -- point out a way that's probably the biggest concern church. Anywhere else you can. You can that's dramatically try to adjust to minimize your weaknesses. The usury say -- the fact you know that you're very very show want to position. That's what segments from key can open packets. Here's I think what we know about the patriots going forward they're trying to turn over the defensive roster from one of the oldest in the league to one of the youngest. Prime what are the vagaries plus and minus of of of taking that approach. Well you know or to source retort is better because they know what to do and it -- -- when I was Tikrit. In Minnesota that's what -- was -- the best coaches -- to personnel. And -- interest in person now because there comes a point you lead -- -- better too much you just can't get the job done got somewhat athletically anyway they kept. And it was great about pull that trick -- exactly and the -- Iraq. And a coach among such front page -- forest coach. Extremes the right place doing the right thing. That you can always test pure talent. But obviously that the young players are going to be put situation where there's a lot of things are not familiar with. -- more remote areas that -- that that are are after our doesn't want -- what mr. ball 2002001. Had a check our playoff caliber team to the divisional -- that the next year we we purchased the roster yet he understood the history delete. I keep -- street that was quite an experience. What's your opinion about Brian of the of the Bengals can. Specifically TO and and Chad Ochocinco. Convey lived together worked together get along and and and Carson Palmer do if these do you think he's excited about this -- do you think he's got his doubts. Now -- he's excited but he also knows a lot of salt his shoulders he's gonna have to BP yeah. Masters or speak. They're used to that mentality of the way these guys well one another. They think it's harmless they they don't understand the -- that put chocolate cheap. Public sector pretty good -- -- -- -- has usually gets you the first you're ready to place. This is pretty low key obviously your heart to overshadow Alec -- chips with focus he's he's going to be like that so little brother -- Where -- the dump -- do this really takes to get you attention. And -- look back compared do you see don't think he's that the natural bent and Sergio he's a rock of Gibraltar. But. You're what they did last year might have restored a great job that these exceptions to -- -- in the leak if they stay committed to the runner final more than they well. When they too Patrick and of course all market forget how good -- close all burst and our perky as bad. Last year app so I think the pieces from the other thing so it's genetic beat pretty good. Our Brian Billick does Brett favre's season ended his career end with injury interception. Or -- the -- trouble. Well keep you could you connection that. With the wishful -- Or. Topic pragmatism but recognize that DeLia. The F first check all the way to go he's anti. Amazing athlete. Injury does concern that ankle as he goes law -- the whole thing I was in Minnesota that it -- recite. Was at the facility -- -- in its fuel beginners you and the builder describe release -- they were okay because they're pretty good football team. To capture the magic -- -- last year -- worry about that ankle. And at the end of the day you know it's just it's going to be shaken stretched her throat that's saint passable oracle or over get. He was -- I think one of only five or -- The stroke for over thirty touchdowns and strong symbol. Richard -- perception that -- -- how rare that is dark. I don't know that he can duplicate that again. -- final question battle in the prediction business but a lot of experts are just anointing the jets -- the cowboys. Into the Super Bowl you'll strike me as a guy that goes along with the with a stream out of the jets on the cowboys would you put the suitable. Well do the job I do now one of the silly to say they asked if you do essential questions like do it does America protection this certainly in the streets that is. Fortunately via. It don't remember it comes next month that the -- book -- if I had to pick right now -- 228. I think Green Bay Packers report to have a really -- Tutsis and a lot of characters but it's such a different donkey first few such -- it -- expect it -- -- And I don't know why and I think they've been dismissed a little that are not sure why you would not go with the cheap it's on twelve games each of the last seven years. Take any he's got a little receiver corps which -- dolls -- -- and I've never seen it keep cents. Impacted more by a single player. That Bob Sanders and media Apple's colts -- were pretty good last year. For him out to be -- about Shura that typical -- be right back there are so I gotta say now also agreed bit and it -- I will write this down what's the score gonna be into that it. -- -- -- out of I don't do you have toward the busiest -- going to be 28 -- what you want to. I recession the schools it's gonna. I give a -- give us a dark horse team that of all the planets and stars aligned they stay healthy you think they have -- the potential to really take you know 23 steps forward and get to that big game. Usually watch. I don't know there's a dark horse cheap because there were there are pretty cheap two years ago talk about to keep -- the playoffs that the that that looked at the Atlanta Falcons by an adult Atlanta obviously helped her off that's what they've improved search query which is that what they need to do. I am a man he's a tough position obviously because they're played the jets. Patriots and -- have to play that beached twice I like well exceed Chad any. Brandon Marshall I just took that very cheap bit I'd be very surprised if one if not both make playoffs should. You can -- check out Brian Billick on NFL on fox and the NFL network and -- Dennis and Callahan Thursday's during the football season Bryant always a pleasure talking football with we will talk you down the road. Brian Billick joining us on AT&T -- find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T. -- possible still to come on this. Thursday edition of Dennis and Callahan Charlie Baker Atlantic Clark will be right back.

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