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Vince Wilfork, Patriots DL

Aug 30, 2010|

Vince talked about things they need to do better before the regular season, what were his thoughts after the St. Louis game, the challenges on avoiding the roughing the passer calls, the problems stopping the opponent on third down and what they can do to fix it, the importance of putting more pressure on the opponents' quarterback, and how money plays a huge factor into a possible 18 game schedule

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Patriots Monday -- nose tackle for the New England Patriots. Vince Wilfork morning's events morning morning. Yeah this yeah what happened last week that's one of -- It's not up. First call is not a review is not a normal week was yours I had to take Q. No football first drive Corso. I don't wanna leave gassing bush you know and -- tours so we don't count us football -- -- -- no no no and don't we're not family here is -- it's so it was something that I had you know you -- and there are there and that was. First of -- so that was one reason why I mean. Tom Brady said earlier today that that bill jumped on you guys. Pretty Good Friday and pretty good again yesterday. I would think on the defensive side of the ball you probably felt. You deserve whatever they were saying. Yeah me you know at this point you know we've been went through about two practices and entering account for awhile and things you know being as we can do better when you do better things that we -- from day one we need to know how to run. You know and go forth and go forth from there so. So well you can you can't. You can't be pissed off and that my dad because food we didn't do what we suppose to do. What is saints are we look there's fear we correct the mistakes. Hopeful we can we can go -- against a we will with the giants and and put it together and and move for so. It would be very incursion if we we can do it so. We can't take another step back this week and I don't think we will talk thank then we rare and and we don't see where little version though. Our -- give me I don't need all the details of the of the Vince Wilfork diary just what did you do. After the game what your thoughts immediately after that disappointing loss to rams up until the next day step by step where the first. Although I wanna know exactly what after. How long were you when you play almost two games and one. You really have -- question you know what was the problem and you know do I do what I needed to do with the ballclub so of course I didn't sleep well. Just knowing their. Corners with their pre season game as there's no we want in the -- tactic gamers. A regular season game with a game preparation and going Meehan and -- plane. Basically you know the whole day. And you know when you do and we need when you go out and don't comes. Of course you have doubts and reminding you wanna give back to work. Sort of backward the next they looked at fair administered in -- It wasn't -- -- A foreign wars I mean if it appeared -- Worse all. All in person and when a mafia but that's litany of the game it wasn't that bad I mean we're not far from where we need to be. There's just some of the things that we need to tight enough -- that they want an acute this was pins. Q does and you know -- in the game off the film Byrd grounds me do a better job in coming defense would you do a better job or persons are -- him. Acumen Cuban terminals -- also. -- as a team is a team effort we understand there's so. Hopefully we can make strides and did their thing worked out this week pointed to the regular season with a good humor so. This a team that's always prided itself on -- smart football and men doing the right things and I seek to. -- roughing the quarterback penalties they're gonna call you every time you go head to head against quarterback. Army the Diaz which. As a -- in the is this basically. Really cute -- quarter. On the you know years. Here in them when you think this -- you -- you hear him now interceptions. Because he's our block. Me personally I don't -- -- -- them because. -- at once and you protect those I mean they've made the most money in -- gain and everything is built from our quarterbacks. Of course to try to protect them -- dissent and he definitely football yet to play football and the difference here from a defense they won't -- -- you go one in and they hit them Korver courses at quarterback. You have a thing about how you have to -- you came duties you can do Davis do sort when the you have to do you know hit him with socialized. You know what whatever it is it is -- -- rule and we've got to play by the rules -- -- -- any person from -- of stamp or -- try to stay home or was possibly argue -- predicted mean what are you know quarterback right there and say. On the way out to. Bottom football player first so instinct article. So it was a couple you know as a couple as and you know. Roughing up protesters. Like totally you know that was fair question mobile and at the same term here obviously -- if there -- slide all right well. Yep that would you are from it and move forward so that's something we have to do with this will we ever do we have to eliminate the news delivered to bear football and stop this -- -- And we view. Veggies that you can get up the field on third down at it but you feel like you're getting close and I feel like that was a situation. That was that that plagued the defense at times in 2009. Why is this year going to be different. Are paying paying we have to put more instances -- on a remark Afghanistan and we in third down we got the -- -- you mean. Third down and sees scope of things people do know what we do. No no would go to guy is. Don't be like the solo run in those situations are then we just have to be more alert. We was close what you know we just and come out with a please so. We know we -- one but we just at the meet the police in our opinion this one thing and then you look at their Fino. -- of -- -- about when the -- fearless in her close you were totals please. Well we just income with the so now we have taken another step in this coma with laser I think a four can help boost the bad note we put more pressure up front. And and force the quarterback. To stay on his first read -- -- -- key cost him his first sit and read you can have a quarter -- want from his first -- which was -- convict was first. Can win and we on the stand and and we understand third our best team. As this -- this -- for several working with the -- the backing if that's the backing right working with us so. Would give it worked -- wolf we get to work there this week so. We don't have to deal with is what a residency. Pressure on the quarterback was an issue last year for this team. It would sure an issue on Thursday night what can this team do better to put more pressure on the quarterback and as you said. Make life easier for the guys in the back which is up on the Stearns situation where I mean we -- them honest and we -- totally is on the field than in their. On the stand which opinions and our thanks on terms. Are you Gorman anything too much I think there's no. Bad thing to thing yeah you can't I can't think much. When you -- Russian army some degrees as Russia's. If they may have a plan they knew there was going bam they learned that they go they want to -- -- -- to some have -- models so. I think the more we can just mind though and we completely and stop thank you so much you owe him my Buddhist in my -- to -- the better off we'll be so. Army is is just going to come worked overtime we figured out things you know Nagasu ever burger. You know got in on him you know we wanna be that we wanna play we put that super as we don't want you wanna be now. -- -- thing here requires making adjustments to. Get better from last week so that's all -- you can count on and and his gulf war from there. -- events have your responsibilities. Changed at all whether it's. It would that whether it's within the scheme or off the field as the leader -- -- change from last year on our army democracy are paying. Some degree is news we are examples and you know you just sit back in the that is some hundreds -- com you know who's trample on. Known pitching him and they didn't have the same ability. A deeply talk what is ultimately became work every day but they -- there don't they work or. -- and all the field in the film room. On the field and being you know outside -- football carping about the power from -- so. Omar mom home somewhere and they. I'd like to see other people doing the right thing I don't like you know for people just talk talk talk because. I get to hear a guitar to hear people talk and some is on target touting you know. I get Tommy here -- just -- -- times -- just like sometimes is. Talk and it's too much I mean you have to gore and do you determine what the do -- -- -- terms -- if if if a problem going into won't feel. Wacky talking about and I think some terms. You just have to do is no just be quite -- up and want them. Are paying a lot of people respect you for golden Eagles will come to work and want a plea. What I what I talked me you know and and stuff like that but that's that's just me you know all. No -- that we are you know. Great great group a passenger. And we are very excited even -- Known last week and everything. This team -- them down last we we -- we we we have B we we we we can work through work. And hopefully to be a bit weak forces. Tom Brady said this morning that the coaches told him and everybody else. Prepare to play on Thursday Soria and I understand that although I don't expect it from before you wanna play. -- -- -- -- risk that the will be put out -- America Thursday yes -- would hopefully mean. But affair a prepare for six minutes if properly and are permitted if I don't I don't I have no orphans of perhaps the -- that I'm me. And is what -- paid to do and I mean. Football season almost here and it in open and neither gore -- would have the would have what you guys my teammates -- -- wanna play football and in love to play I mean there are go to war and its armed with these guys. Even if I have to go. -- -- -- -- -- I'll do whatever it takes fullest community and be a better ballclub from small force of that call for plan -- -- -- so where I'm I'll be there. Who what -- -- it to these are -- when you -- You said your football player you play football. There's been some talk it's early I -- -- some of them might be grandstanding in -- negotiating but there's been some talk that. Ownership and the commissioner. Once you would extend the season a regular season for sixteen games eighteen games until about that -- even that conversation I think it's crazy what do you think. We that's going to be a big problem because. If you wanna -- just like pre season it won't work but if you imitate those two regular season and make -- -- A regular season game with a page have to be there as -- growing. -- person a fan of football. I care less about. Eighteen to winning game season long was the pay right don't premiere as. For pre season game when it's only two reasons a pre season games and the two news. Reckless he's been so if you wanna like that -- you have to go march of progress for so. What do whatever happens happens with their you know when it when he gets here. He gives him hopefully you know they have it all planned now I was gonna wear black to work. They won't work you if you put them eighteen game season together. In the spirit guys play for to gain for pre season salary. He will not work it will be a big problem. You know Vince is ready to play all sixty minutes but we are gonna sub him in right now I mean he doesn't go to the sidelines and Damione Lewis gonna take over yes sir good to see events -- ago thanks -- events -- about.

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