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Dana White, UFC President

Aug 26, 2010|

Dana White calls in to talk about Saturday's UFC Fight at the TD Garden

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline find out what's possible. With the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. The president of the USC Dana White good morning Dan how -- We're doing very well -- just to recap for the people who are listening to -- know what's going on do you have -- wolf finally and at last. Debut in Massachusetts Saturday night at the TD garden one of the highest grossing events ever on causeway street it's been a struggle. Again USC. In two Massachusetts to an ivy leaguer sanctioned in 44 states Massachusetts being the most recent one. Where the battle lines drawn and how to do overcome it to get it done here in Boston. It was -- unification process you know. I I would throw it or battle with an education process people who bought you have these back out -- you know it would be US -- that have been banned it. -- -- that the weight but it was marketed everything else by the old owner armed. First date we got on board where. New Jersey and about what we got those which are two major white wooten in the country. What Iran or it was a matter of -- doubt they'd have to pay. Your topic yet done or we're not -- that he had New York not due on New York is the only -- left and -- out there or work and I. What -- their objections what what the catch phrases that they use when they objected to the USC being and -- date. Out of much it it's not what brought them -- -- we got there as we go into these different. Great to get that aren't exactly changing ought. Though to go and change the law about it at that doesn't happen overnight. But this is a special event for UBS South Boston guy. And certainly for Kenny -- -- wellbeing from the mean streets of Dover is earning home and it is a ready home field advantage in this for him. No I corporate guy like -- a guy like any recipient of motor covered the Boston first of all figured -- Bob. Are you a bit late to always treated me very well in the media the people and in the city. I have bought regard. -- -- There's a dream come true premiere for -- orient being -- -- being from here and be able white spot in part in front of his band the -- and spam we have Brent future. Are you disappointed in the ticket sales so far Dana. I'll -- -- felt the -- epic great. Don't wanna -- people realize -- -- we read it or white if mark. We were -- Oakland California -- Diego Las Vegas this being the sport quite a lot of market are bought and don't know what sort of big time respect right now US is the biggest. Picnic or maybe we have the -- -- picked port. All in that we we will fell out -- -- a lot a lot out there's a lot of Arthur that are going on right now. They'll pick out or camp went showed that would have. All the work if they kept on picked UFC -- that we know that we felt -- real. USC can act only count. -- don't realize how many people are common in the definitive we get it doesn't it up with on the right. Lot of people come from all over the world and if -- a -- -- we can't put going to be a big weekend but he -- Mauled. We know you. You've got some pretty famous people on your speed dial we read about you buddies with -- -- Snoop Dogg and David's Tyson. Kind of famous faces are we gonna see in the crowd this week and who's calling you get hooked up this weekend -- Mickey Rourke can work over the weekend. We pick -- you know obviously 888 a big -- Jack. And for some -- patriot Red Sox. -- into what other -- per common. That says I just Shaq can Mickey Rourke pages is James Toney and actor that's gonna show up there at the dilemma that we know this -- clock based on the press conference yesterday. Any fight Dana. I certainly hope not not looking to see him get. That it a ago. It ought to wipe out completely around the country pocket Mac all of renamed all of the don't think about work. It picked wide open now we've gotten on Saturday it's not I don't. Anything can happen like anything and then look at this weight gain or you're the guy who -- but what -- period it down or knock out and they're ready to work out like. So you know I taken spirit correctly. Put back at our hasn't gotten in shape are quite a long time you actually that. Train art that people are a lot of weight backed by. Inevitably it's it's a whole different set of rules and it's all kind of techniques other than jabbing and punching and right crosses and upper -- and combinations. In the history of guys trying to make that transition be you know the that the Jeremy Williams the -- -- of the world trying to go from boxing two mixed martial. Yup well -- at all -- one point. Capital RP data out that -- tonight what I did that I've built. Except it. You're only proper -- committed -- you know. I've built the race card a round of white. So people know what all of our chief political poor people to implement the mystery and either way in a minute thirty you know could it could be can go out there. They kept go to -- with a shot. There -- people out there -- double leg and into the fence and and the like quick Leo and have them off Clark built around by by. That the debated poetry about Tony the door is anything can happen. I thought rig could for a tour Randy could who was a movie star knows he still finer. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your start page article. Stallone movie that just came out what we're doing movies the year. What that they are -- game at and white. Going to see just no more than written gemstone does James -- like know what's gonna hit him there or the some surprises when the -- get in the ring. What he's been trained and are mixed martial -- now for per about a year getting ready for the buy dot. -- -- toward doing that note came off -- all you've only spent quite for fourteen years I've been doing it and act Marty as well. What Randy couture has learned in the last fourteen years a lot more than James don't -- -- that the your right to guarantee -- that. We're talking with -- UFC president Dana White and I'm sure you set down and analyzed why your sport has become so successful so quickly. It is -- overly simplistic to say you provide. The legitimacy of the boxing used to provide with sort of a flash in the show that bit wrestling used to it used to offer but it's a legitimate deal or more than that. -- -- I would agree that it and the more that the reality. I want I'm of the huge white -- grown up yet I wanna pay back or learn or get -- Of the crap that went on Fox's Greg. Look at Mayweather pack. What boxing fans there are left out there aren't these -- white and White Mountain. What does -- site they'll. If I I'd like my job is secure -- -- am -- white that they wanna see even McCain's public support quite know what if they started. I was like there's no way -- it out of nowhere. On the reputed big breakthroughs that are being kept going on only -- irritating need more and more. And I started -- -- can't print if it got. -- -- So you know our I looked a bit of -- you got to homer pick on social media at -- point two million people follow -- on whether. -- very in tune with what the fans want. What -- look report. How many people challenge you to -- -- then you still look like -- five I -- you're. A businessman your over the hill you're weighing your money VOA you don't get the money but you musket challenge to get in the ring many many times when we drivers yeah. People who have a lot of people wanna kick my I had a pure -- could. -- probably a lot of the -- or. A lot of the guys right. Up we kicked my -- your flight and his ruled. -- or -- -- or good argument anymore little wonder then we were bad ass is himself the. I will I don't know if I'd been that that that doubt I was. A regular. Has not -- build. Not that when I was younger. Did YD ever try to hire you. No why do you ever try to hire me go to the -- this story. It felt a bit there. Some it guys trying to -- Marley -- me acquired we even though. You have money. No I had no one at bat after reporting 500 bucks which would like 25000. That do what. -- just that they want or no reason whatsoever. That day I don't want 11. Right now I gonna get to answer the big question one years ago or more than that Euro Bill Hall or whatever doorman at the must now in the making sixty -- Did you think did you think you had it made at that point the traffic are pretty good gear up. Quite the day of my buddy who orbit to account Bolero that they that I -- it. You quickly or your mind. I -- I can't do that anymore. I did it for the for the gun and -- make money for a long time. For the -- informed the people who may latch on of the USC this weekend. Off the top your head. -- the most frightening intimidating guy. God decides. He put -- the difference is. Or lower body guards though are on the -- you know what the big guys -- right to act. -- -- I would I would say that -- -- Don't we -- around him -- mean in net you rate in the the other all of our wider repertoire ERR. Code if you stop on third. Armed interact with -- one guy and I don't all do any of that Ron -- -- It -- up and retreat out the middle of nowhere in Minnesota and that's where I like both the impact whatsoever. I now final question for me we've been talking about this all day long head injuries in the National Football League established in recent days. A link between brain trauma and ALS it's something it's wanted to just come explode on the scene not a secure but as it as a cause. -- What a medical. Revocation of what you're guys are doing how much you pay attention to those kinds of things and do you feel that this may be a problem for you have see down the road. Out we we're we're very obvious the market out great. There's never edit out -- serious injury. Scare. Every time I think people voted in every time because -- -- -- right. Or have to by the government. They have to get care in the KG or drug test. -- rights and other not only were reported to hippy drug all other current drugs so. One of -- and want the papers or the world people people -- -- not as though Peter to pay what. Might it might sound right all right on there 89 people trained mixed martial -- not that I want the fighter I think you're the dad teach your kids at a white. All of my all the front -- it's really good quarterback it only lost one game a year it -- like. Not not work guy a white guy I don't know how we got in the football we like a car buy it like football. I would say this. I think Brock lesnar -- idea of a serious injury might be different than mine. We have a broken arm to me see some like a serious injury -- probably a hurricane -- something retrieve the quality of your life. Yeah so -- -- broken arm or -- -- Rule Shaq in the ring only come up sail over the crowd how does this works and -- out. How much do you. You know that goof around between fights. We don't group Robert at all. What we start the show all businessman and love them because you guys if you -- know that it was being you have your TV you can speed it up biker. It's not watched the paper you know like her or you'd be right you have these any -- and so you've -- -- lot and that the old eight. It worked out my off and -- that they can now I would if true. The most exciting life or your bad you will ever be. -- start to the like old blood on me who. Know why you gonna you can for the since the get blown out there that. I data so tomorrow at 10 o'clock. And a YUFC president thanks for the time good luck on the event. Here. -- your -- -- joining us on AT&T hotline find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T girl to rethink abominable luck you've taken in the stable -- -- agreement MMA yeah I -- well object that the technology policy. Okay so sporting event to do all the windows going to be the first man ever to see Adam Lambert and Brock lesnar -- -- say he's not that I speak at the seat and USC and Adam Lambert in one week it would riveting it shouldn't go with -- us. That Dan -- but it is me. Yeah yeah I managed to say that the most X hints of Britain's ports. Yeah yeah isn't true well about the Super Bowl. Tickets cost of this. Then in 1990 although we're already soccer players in the weekend off to go to this -- that's true well. His column there all of Ken Youkilis mean I've beast under a marvelous wasn't that we -- you were meant. Hmmm I believe that I -- 600600. But -- -- -- antivirus there she is very trendy I'm back baby Mickey Rourke. You know it's you know he's realm Vince. As -- war in the Indian horse to -- -- to -- -- any other night but it's always. Why. Yeah it's a tendency slum dog millionaire and yeah it doesn't sound like kind of crazy crowd yes and a rowdy crowd -- And ago you could get this I follow most is Moses in the end political -- stadiums -- mild right. We'll take a quick and obviously we'll be right back.

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