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Tom Brady talks about HBO's 'Hard Knocks' among other things

Aug 23, 2010|

Tom Brady joins D&C to talk about the Falcons game, his o-line and Hard Knocks

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It's great trip Monday joining us on the AT&T hotline -- responsible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T you're rethink possible. It's -- with the quarterback brought to you by our great friends at Duncan and mr. Brady how aria. What more we want it it's looking pretty good based on what I saw in Atlanta the running game the tight ends. And and the offense I notes to -- that pass any judgment but are you happy with the performance from the first the second pre season game Tom. Yeah I think anytime or whatever but I like that that that's where it all comes down to in. I think what we ride -- -- -- earlier practiced against them a couple of times and we felt pretty good about the taxes -- so. Each of those competitive situation that we -- there was practices against that thing game. It's got into the game gets out and we -- -- -- pretty gluten so. There's a lot to be taken from that I think guys but certainly -- that -- -- confident. As you can see it's it's it's quite a bit. In a different team that you saw that in the last year in the gorilla. You know utopia don't think. Don't think we will replace the table for all we needed to play and I think. -- -- something. Really. Without to a aren't. Particularly well so. I keep that they can look our. It's -- can you explain to us more than the obvious that we think we already know. The benefit of being able to run the football effectively and your ability to throw the ball I mean specifically to you is -- an extra half a second there did you have extra options. What does effective running the football due to the passing game. Well on its its. I think their playoff and another obviously. It's a great animosity and that's welcome on the field I have no reason to watch. Look at it and took Marvin Harrison Reggie Wayne mrs. What five years regardless every time they hit the ball flight took a deep breath that thank god they're not thrown that no yard field. It's saying I predict when you run the quality control you'd really controlled the game and if McCain can't stop you from -- and the ball but it makes -- really whatever you do offensively. Seems to work but let's play action whether it's outside running and I'd run whether it's. In the red area -- -- Confined spaces. To deal would run the Boris huge benefit to the offense because the target store bought those situations. We had a couple or death situations that -- -- we handed off -- -- 37. -- on third true. And take that broke those first -- so if you should know we try to devise a pass plays to come up. To run against their schemes that are able to picture for you guys open. You can it's wanted to trying to recruit. Then they're further betting their boards and I watched them do itself. That's the best offensive football. Did do you think you became predictable. And all offensively. Common and are you trying to remedy that are you expecting you're hoping to beat. Less predictable -- big our defense is going to be wondered what are these guys gonna do next were in the past that and the new. Well you know -- Now I don't I don't think that's the case that I think there's one thing that we never art is predictable. No we haven't really challenging our patents in terms the world we'd like plumbers. The please we run you about plays that we. The complexity and often written by by no means we have. Any offense were people just a network. And that's -- I think it takes a certain kind of offensive player to play our system because it's a very challenging. System. So. I think what. We didn't do was whenever we were running what can. We want running it very well that's a bit for the best defense I've ever played against swear at Miami Dolphins. About 8910 years ago they played pretty much the same defense the whole game. And you just huge -- when Belichick did they don't rush the passer they covered you -- short they covered -- -- They had. -- can changeup that. You know could really complement it with their door and you could we -- -- my worst game against the dolphins. Passing -- get that was terrible renewal going -- didn't exactly look and play. Back to me is remarkable really good team -- when they don't. And you're gonna do -- you do it so well that. They are really not able to stop getting way. -- we've been asking you for years about the tight ends. And Watson and why you didn't go to more often I guess we won't be asking that any more of if the game in Atlanta is any indication. Is this a preview of coming attraction these guys have been here. Ten minutes and they look there on the same page as you particularly Hernandez that back shoulder whatever you call that throw in the end zone. That was brilliant and it's a guy who just got here. Yeah well I mean I'd I'd caution everybody -- -- these -- -- they never taken a regular seasons happen. And and -- everyone -- Have a about the group they wouldn't be out there with that first group if that. You know coach don't check in an offense coach it would have confidence that they be able to do what they're -- to do. There's no doubt that both of those guys. On the Beijing experience level. If you affinity. So. Guys like that camp and I'd like any guys like -- really. You know you don't have to -- those guys. -- And they have a really great movements cents for the game they went slightly you do that well -- the opposite -- combatants as well. I pushed out of the that broke out -- the core that's like. So. Almost as -- saying that. And experienced. I think Robin and Brandon Tate V -- -- and extent almost -- some of the a lot of football and black so that's like that that's the kind of player that works out system. He just can't. You know some offense and they just tell the receivers run from the spot that is what is that he kitten. And without these candidates -- -- group that was -- probably about numbers for the fifth congress. And an overall. Some options. And but those guys also took to put up pretty well. At the same time -- we -- a lot of work. At Thomas -- delegate put a percentage on if Randy in west as an example. No a 100% of what this complicated offense is all about what they should do in certain situations slight adjustments all those kinds of things. What percentage you baker nannies and -- house you are at a -- and in Randy -- a hundred. Well I think what we've done that boot camp there's no doubt a lot of the stuff that we've done over the years to basically. Our basic off patent. You know. Whatever number of quote please that we have that's kinda what we've been through it and we we tried to become really good at that before we start branching off and that thing in the thing with -- -- -- They branched out and everything I at this point so a lot of these guys how they don't know you know the other. The other complete books that we have. At the you know kind of the one that we have been -- -- indoor -- outdoor -- equipment -- -- -- it but it would do those things well that. I mean I can recall things were already in the last few years ago that the at a -- ever heard of self. It's hard a couple of bad. Once we did for the food and I think what we do it but offensively yes. -- -- recent -- -- the team is doing what we do well and goes but as those who think we try to. Obviously but it strikes we try to loops there was no strikes and and the weakness that we try to exploit themselves. And -- that president -- with but it. For the to the -- place which has so you've got on ways to make adjustments that you did you guys open. On the subject of doing things well duke Crumpler Gradkowski and Hernandez all two separate things well in this little buff -- of options you have to choose from. In the tight end position and provide different things depending what you wanna do what a particular place. Well I think I don't styles. I don't. I'm looking much that it gave -- asylum but are you related comedy block certain I -- years. Like -- checks. Candidates Obama and the shoulder pads and yes. Cabinet took one -- and throw them -- -- it's it's. We haven't had. You know but not too because in the league who can do that and that was a vote that was really a dominant blocker. And she was huge for our running game. Because. -- any of those one on one matchups but the point of the past but I wouldn't typically have. Been. A defense and I. You know through that's probably -- those guys then. You just and the -- running back rubbed -- along the outside of the formation again yards. Really uncontested. And I think about it you with -- cut back when you start the outside. That's -- it is not it would make approximately backed got to cut back inside that I award in prince will -- Jerod Mayo and bread its but I mean that's. That's the that's the hard part about Latin that was what you read outside you -- you run -- not -- you'd you'd take away. All of those things with the inside guys are doing acknowledges the quarter and a receiver. So. Out he's really were. What we call that package -- it was KD ideas and and let about Clinton from you got that information. Tom and Leo Boston Herald today they have a a 53 man roster projection called roster roll call on the go through outside linebacker defensive one inside linebacker tight end receivers. And and -- quarterbacks they they project who's going to make the team. This is Brian Hoyer and Tom Brady not a product comes as no shock to you. Just wondering. The last time you lost sleep over whether you're gonna make a football team or not. Was it was a pop Warner it was that high school what did you lose sleep they can it's I'm I'm not make the final cut. That's a good question. I'm not a college right. You know what about your first year here what was your feeling and in camp. And also complains about that so. I called my agent like couple weeks in the training camp we get jobs freedom Michael bishop. And Andrew obviously on the roster. And I said it was like to reach the camera right. And its -- room from an affiliate group that made I think I -- -- by Taiwan's Condo. And he says what he'd -- in with final cut -- potentially having money. Not only about that -- -- -- not for how much and will be. I like is that probably -- 20000 bucks to my name but I wanted to buy this house you know I could type audio you know that little. I was a little rookies sucker that you wanted to sell -- to -- I didn't end up doing. Before the final cut down he's good to ensure you know we're gonna we're gonna -- around right that that don't worry of course I'm gonna -- the season. And without much as a solution but. Thank you. And that when I think about I think back to you know there -- -- -- quarterback who kept quarterbacks who I don't team in the league but I can remember over the course for my playing days that kept -- quarterbacks and one other time. -- that was the smartest. Realistic movement and. They give you an indication you're doing well right to muster from Belichick and -- -- loved you from day one. If they tell you things like you know you look good you probably you know you got the green bananas -- -- -- that -- can relax. Put -- for a check for ten years and another thing you've never separately or did with the including says I'll let you know -- it's. And the Redskins. A few years ago killed movement and you won't go as a decent job the other guys don't run by fifty points. It never if memory serves -- -- the coast ties -- the one on the water and somebody in the stealing your flat screen. A different place. -- that was your upgrades. At Franklin. And unsure. Except the one we paid eleven million for the lot and then like another. Ten million to that the difference but that's -- you don't want have you I don't even know if you have HBO but have you seen. -- Knox and what do you think Cuba. Of the inside look at the jets camp -- Let you know bad about it -- -- -- underdog. And I you know I hate -- yet so. -- refuse to support that show. Good because if you're watching it's hard to honestly. He's he's proclaim an -- he's obnoxious but it's hard to hate -- it's funny. Yeah. -- it's great to me. And that's I am I am glad people are like it and yeah that's that should that not I'm not I've. I have no interest in watch and so. I'd -- That it's a lot of neat things. Yet either. Well what do you think it would take HBO to do to get Belichick to agree to that kind of all access would it be born fingernails out to be holding his kids hostage would be you know. Fire bombing his car is -- anything HBO could do to make Belichick say okay bring your cameras on in here. We that it may have to be his final cut coaching side of the level of if you haven't -- didn't allow that to happen I would prepared and other the oh yeah I'm wondering if I believe I have no information on the the you know I think coach Belichick and over the years. Have run this conflict in the right way was he so rightly and and I don't think you really want to give that information away. Speaking of practices does practicing with the saints in the falcons beyond what appears to be obvious. Provide discount of competitive -- shouldn't and allows you to test out your exes and those commercials there's also -- boredom buster as well Tom. That much so and in what happened in training camp -- And then what well it's interesting because. Our defense -- the -- solid defense and it's at 34 defense. Which is very different sub -- -- -- -- -- defense now but with outlook thirty port -- that is unique. The patriots the scheme of the saints and Atlanta -- very unique. To those -- so really what happened and we've been exposed after three different defense -- Over the course of training camp that all played preferred. It's it's acting -- coverages and so we're -- we're able. What different parts were up against a well that and the -- that. The the very athletic supply. Some different cup which can use -- I think what's been -- opposes. That really get out there -- those different styles that. We continue our work performed against those that are out -- just. It's all about adjustments in one week and then electrical plant equipment and the problem is different and that's what. We explain -- have to adjust to those that historically. We -- on the previous week and and move on to something else and now. That's some intense matchup and others and and with those those. You know you really got the plug and play well but -- it's for the practice against those different -- web and the patriot. Which we will never -- Tom we all know the Logan Mankins is nowhere to be to be found these home and may not return we hear we read now the nikkei's -- had back surgery. May not see him again you are you confident that the guys you -- funny you gonna keep you upright that is. Kind of the most important thing in the minds of most patriots fans keeping you healthy and and and protective for the whole season that. Can we feel good about that are you gonna remain upright. Well I think would -- -- world times the work through. So nine and it. The guys that are out there now our but nobody that really -- about that much. What can -- the -- work without him. Most of and obviously with -- seems so a note that's were. You know both part of last year first it's easy it's well you know we can we. You will be fine that we that we got a lot of work to do and a note from a quarterback position I got work to do that. You know offensive line -- about and that's our North Carolina with -- of the pieces apart -- that at this point and and other projections and you know all the newspapers and then we don't know that. Among those Burton Group that took place in the third from what can game. Out of a lot of roster of the year goes into a try to sort out. -- -- where they don't have a lot of that so. I'm not really sure what happened at any of the solutions but I do -- that -- at that -- and you know the red dot. It's like about the coaching them with the experts -- -- in Kabul the film and that's about Washington this first group of college in Norton from pollutants so I got a lot of confidence and those guys and those I love him. You back there behind those guys those. At that they protect you need for Iraq amount to about is that we had fifteen or 1617 child like that which was one of the few weeks ago that I'd we don't lose much sleep over that. It's our final question -- the National Football League do what college football does know pre season games first game counts. Sure. Out I think of course it would be ugly. Now I think. It'd be hard to figure out. One -- we think we can definitely media. That's like the first question and and it's not gonna crop there -- -- perhaps that would ruin him. And that's when it would look like on the November. And as -- -- and yet. Probably appreciate the time good talk could you we'll -- it next Monday on patriot Monday. Aren't already joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- it's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T -- possible. Coffee with the cornerback brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts.

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