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Bill Belichick, Patriots Head Coach

Aug 16, 2010|

Bill Belichick joins the Big Show to discuss the Patriots preseason game against the Saints. What it was like practicing with the Saints and the impressions some of the younger players have made so far.

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I would judge of that buses pulled up out of Providence do I head out on an airplane and currencies cannot -- all the way to Atlanta the beyond boarding an aircraft here. Momentarily heading down to Atlanta it's time for our first patriots Monday session. Of the season with the coach Bill Belichick and coach welcome back. The comment -- do all right how are you don't. All pretty get vertigo or get -- loaded up here and had -- Atlanta. You know week two above pre season well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was that an experiment or are you planning on doing it during the regular season was Vince Wilfork at quarterback today. Thank you allow a rule out -- About a it's like that -- children. He's got to run a little bit throw the -- at these guys were talking earlier and they have been. War veterans of many camp. And I'm taking their word for right now but I'd rather get your word on it they love the idea of playing another team. During the course of camp because after awhile you get bored. With a guy across from you in the even admitted to me. That with a wink -- some time with your own teammate you have a tendency of backing off a little bit. Any of that play into your decision except those with the giants. We'll ask coach any of that play into your decision to it to do that this year with two different teams. And I that they are worked out whether the schedule worked in the -- My resentment. It just worked out where out -- -- -- it was a good thing to do that -- a lot of factors the government could. That only wanna which is. Debian on. And on a Thursday game schedule will all the way you're pre season. Particularly hard to do what you planned. -- a third week and month at -- the knack than spotlight. Just. Those schedule worked out the team's work now and that like go bigger experience. -- -- what -- -- little lamb it's on paper written -- oral and then. And I you know think that would have guns and yet look at this here so that it worked out well. Sort of the last thing he did it was with the giants in 01 correct. Yeah. And and that's why I was wondering if you had -- and a long time. And usually you know there are certain things that you do from year to your I was wondered if this was any different if there was something that was. Any different that you saw with the team that you needed to do something like this. And I got bigger it is more. That the way it -- And they went well -- -- oral and so what we're going to wait for the Palkot. Or could you read the -- high praise for. The quality of the of the practices are what made those practices standout view. It it was it was just great up all the way through team work together -- style then there was no -- -- -- or. Attitude aren't buying both teams are out there to the plate but fallen and I think we got off better. We saw a lot of things that -- on. We don't they are all about the good experiences -- -- that we use the it was against different players. Or maybe a little bit different schemes so it just helped build our word has sent. Things that we're gonna have to deal with over the course the seat. It's our outside of the so things are set on both. All a -- -- at the quit the kicking game we cover a lot it gave situations that. Against -- our awareness and situation but all our background and knows that those areas. So that was that was good to determine yet another team and that it just the way that that we don't go that was. That was -- this thing work as well all that good just a lot about it being practiced -- See how they do things in. That's what we've rarely get a chance to -- were spoken simple we do that or -- we've seen on the team and on game day. Just. And I'll watch them watch them practice and be thrilled -- How to conduct themselves that the team in the staff and the whole organization and so forth it was. They're -- Pruitt especially for all the well. -- it and it is a part of this would be. How to -- practices sit down the other coaches and and take a little bit of what they're doing a little you do an investment practices together. And if that's one question number two was. How would you direct racks and afterwards you go all the films with the other coaches are totally separate. I doubt totally that Bert -- we let -- practice film ourselves. Just. And that happens the other side -- all be out the other side of the ball close to somebody else they'll. We we got those corrections just like we normally do on practice and -- in an oral and then. Particular I think that. Probably because votes on and on work. With coach or so old and an absolute mania that type of structure background and our systems. Our practices were very very similar so what we did I think both boats were used the villains. Not all that good drill -- The period that practice but. The way they were -- up sun and the the same format everything. I'm pretty close that with a land a little bit different outlook to how that goes but I think. Above the unchanged at a variety that bad at little spice to it there's so we're gonna do a couple plays differently this week that the wayward used -- -- -- but. I think that'll let you know that they can change because probably acquired all all like a little bit of a different. Well -- -- flavor to it rather not. The bank want that there -- only used to. How do you determine. Win your going applying the specific player in a pre season game especially the young players we -- Last year we were kind of surprised in game one to see a couple guys young guys. Starting -- whatever -- obviously you playing against the ones at the start of the game and as the game progresses on. You're playing against guys that are gonna be deepen the roster may not be on the team how do you make that determination -- game to game. To get certain guys in near against the better talent on the opposite side of the ball. Well well first of all like you never know really know for sure what's gonna be on the other spot of all you don't really go. What their situation is ethernet. In -- that I whoever the players are that they have at those positions. They cannot be healthier or they might wanna be young player in place that those guys whatever their reason bar so it's really Arctic patrol. You know who we're the we're gonna be fine again. Our discussions usually -- around. Each individual player how much do we want it why would we want to see him do it. Also the group won't see him well on on our team what company -- the players. We -- put together and and those discussions are -- a recommendation by is that the coaches and a all they had thought that the defense his specialties -- happen and I have the -- them and that we have actually just put it all together -- try to coordinated so that. For example wants players and it's an all everything. Or maybe he would but the only want -- -- You know the kicking game men and at all that the defense that series that that -- about they're doing everything the same time. Apparently trying to break that up all the make it. I'm not let kicking game and first half penalty that's in the second effort by -- says. It's sort of coordination and that. Just comes from talking about each individual player China get the what what we need from each guy and then figure out how to do it that those dollars -- -- we want to. And -- but we talk about you know you're on bank for the first and the second bank for the second game. Bert thank for the third game in and try to split it up that way for example what -- run back the try to play all the run back in one game it's just not up. Cherries an opportunity that thing. For -- not blow we we try to break it up so that. I got that a plane get opportunity in an eight week we changed the opportunity that actually. As well Wes Welker -- any pre season game time. All the data goes by Robert rolled out but Ireland say it but definitely there will. We'll take a bit -- they were less likely to have everybody else. -- one question. And about the practices. When no one -- team of several seventh that if there run in run team gets them they've picked intrusion defense is. Let you run against the drug offense. Or do you have some say what they're running in what you are right. You -- to run in this did -- -- team practice. Basically. We just set up. General situations first down or suck and have long or or you know they needed down -- -- this situation on the field but. For the most part. We can work all you know we call whatever we want all -- -- what are lately want. Until Arafat we tried. Tried now or five a little -- for some of the guys that have less experience. And just try to run or our basic plays in basic -- -- there's been. And they do the same thing what what post -- players got the don't have -- -- have experience rather. What about on exotic formations that are over exotic most senator spot like that. You know less than that with -- -- ordered the don't have much experience did just try to let them do the things that. That they needed to do -- from a fundamental basis then. So it's not fun to talk about in the practice setting but otherwise. Where you want what are we Iran Iraq whatever they -- by Iran and I like would be in the game would better be ready for things that Atlanta like chipped it in motion and -- unbalanced line in. I'll think I'll -- the great thing that we we done in the past by. At deep formations then. You know I it and then it -- -- remote spot but things so. -- on first down. Think that we do that whatever we do we do and whatever they do they do. Let's bring your tenants are publicly of the young kids learning the system. Two young tons. Well well it they don't off more than they do couple weeks ago. -- -- long way to go. What good thing about. About our right hand and they've been out there every day they've -- help me that work are they continue to get better at. -- involved. Part out if rob Mars those guys -- Made the mistake like like we all do but they've learned in. Seems like they're don't think that of the second or third time around that. But finds that the case where they haven't seen at night but not sure exactly what to do that they -- it understand it. That it happened smoother than and so. As. At the -- -- -- -- -- because bite and they're involved and every single play Iran have been. They have the block and pass protect them. Rockwell and be part of the passing game all all three down the goal line and short air regional account situation -- as well. And although all the blocks in place spoke on that -- -- -- oil irked by then. He's right and only action on everything. That's a lot toward that position that's in our -- So our situation today bill with a 49 is traded the defensive tackle look at more bomber within the division. Which is always. Unusual puts up red flags a -- more likely now that we're dealing with -- an uncapped situation. To see more trading than we normally would which is not an awful lot at this time of the year. I eight start speak for any other team has I wouldn't think so glad I I like that -- it much bearing on. Thank remake but you can't make it traded because both -- bank that they can. Help themselves you're giving up on that -- you're -- Bob and which reverend a -- draw and and that's what trades are made. I. It's not easy to make trade that brought all and they get easier to make and other sports and the people -- -- student in the sport but. That's that's why you do it so it it you feel like you're and it's not that any given up fair value that you do it if not then. You don't and it just seems like it's hard. It's it's harder to get a fair value out of the known quantity of players it seems easier betrayed. Draft choices were draft choices on draft day and think like that where there's. There's more let chart value if you will there's got to vote of a valued it on the -- That everybody sort of agreed on basically when when you make those trade. And that's why they happen more frequently I think then and a valuable player and and what. Somebody else well we get all that players a little bit harder. -- find that sweet spot on the trade so. I'll I'll I'll think yeah -- year as. Too much preparing on it in any part conversations. And planning for the team all that it happen as early -- meant that much of factors though. Not sure that is on anybody else I haven't heard that it is what. Those are any movement or updates on progress on the would lol Americans. On -- or economic guys that are here favorites get out why go about why Atlanta. Times. -- Today coach how much as -- -- really shop in the game obviously we season that's implantable. Threw the ball well moved well look like you wouldn't the rush is pretty good so. How much as he advances last year. I think Brian -- a good good step forward in as bad -- have really all the players that were. Rookie last year. We have a lot of guys because you know and I think all of them have. The -- that have played. But the -- that bit quiet much plant here thank. Whether it's all horror adult matter. Sean or whoever was that played a lot and advance and at some of the players that didn't play as much like I'll order to -- many snaps Brandon Tate. -- they got like that they've they've all that group quite a bit as well so -- all that classes that -- -- a big jump from year to. From year one year two and -- certainly into categories. Obviously. What you're better worry look -- term understanding all have been able to. Handle -- operations -- all the things that go with it but he's also worked on -- distraught mechanics than -- weight room and got stronger and -- little more -- all the all. Just you know overall from mechanics and and points in the pocket and all the things are better on the you're doing it even. You awful though with a practiced C east they'll gain this experience -- -- a lot last year and and take a lot of reps this year of -- bring in an ear training camp he's he's gotten probably pretty close perhaps but reps in practice -- he's. He's really built on those experiences and Bernie. And I mean spirited job. Let me ask one more question is that a legitimate complaint is that really -- a lot of this because of your recently mr. white people get upset. All along with that the line. Now I don't know what because well now with a total amount would you find yourself. -- So isolated out of -- it's -- based on what Fred was talking about and you is that expounded on some of the young players or whatever. We look at every little move that you guys make down there obviously. -- in the the the the pictures off the wall and Fred was a little bit this -- there was one picture of him standing on the sideline like drew that was included that you took out there who might put what do you need with these young players do you need a little bit more specially in the defense of the Balkans they are. Some younger players over the -- more of them to be cut to develop into leaders quickly here. A lot I call that takes care of itself on your team and it's not -- -- -- you can really orchestrated the coach I think what you put a group of people together there's a natural. Evolution of chemistry. And where you -- call leadership or. Interaction comradery. With -- that group and I think felt that it happened. Because the people and all of the circumstances that surround those people. And it's certainly when -- -- your -- under stress like training camp but today practices and and grind through it. It it forces everybody. You know that meets their individual talents and and that as they -- absolute individual challenges. That. Help people become more. -- or ability to work with a group in those situations and that others do it and those people start to emerge so. I'll bet there again that's not often that that I think as a coach you can say well this guy's gonna do this guys gonna do that it. And that Appleton. And in the the first and apps that do it on a Sony at current everybody else's respect you can't. Make other people. Feel a certain way about a person they have learned -- themselves so. There's got to let that happen. Whoever that -- are on those that got -- -- the most sun and the guys that don't let global fight whoever that as political players young players. Veterans rookies. Draft choices reagents that that that makes it different. There's about competition out there on the field or what -- help out. Illustrate daddy back it's great that -- all that we're looking forward to an exciting season so enjoy your flight. We'll talk about the game here next week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got it Bill Belichick. It'd take a plan to let you through the calling on the other phones on planes for -- students are.

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