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Vince Wilfork, Patriots Defensive Lineman

Aug 16, 2010|

Vince joins Dale and Michael on the first Patriots Monday of the season. Vince spoke about practicing against the Saints and some light-hearted fun playing Quarterback at the end of todays practice.

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I know he's told me I had to see it would amount to lies though and on that monitor right there I was watching. The man can play quarterback. You. -- Well I don't know what of them I was taking notes on the session -- -- -- I thought the but the footwork this little sloppy on on the on three step drops. Did like the spiral I saw on the old patterns guy -- one. Idea which way -- -- Obama out. I can I count it a count of three mental errors -- felt like -- viewed through the wrong guy I've made some some question. No this is you know it's it's it's a dedicated fan and you know are now back it is you know -- you know with -- You know -- jittery but you know signals sixers got a fair and in her footsteps. I don't know if nervous I was up for the -- question the ball in arguments here it's -- -- received was the work. So the second series up and you debated that he was where things would like Ford terms so I didn't see. -- -- -- -- Witt will -- god has joined us here one of our patriots Monday regular. Tell because first I saw like -- jump around guys the white jerseys like they were celebrating the guys that navy blue jerseys jump around like celebrate. I couldn't tell one -- The rule it was bullet the Blue Line is that we want or that there was -- plan. Also with only Renault -- -- coach quarterback. I saw Welker out on the field he. You know shopping malls with -- -- State. He's been doing. You know -- you know we -- -- the middle. -- you -- him the you know we do about. 250 states. Well that's the fun stuff on now -- now let's get this stuff that's a little more depressing here for a second. What did you what did you think. When you when you heard the news that Ty Warren was gonna go on IR the -- You know. A personal. View. It is here. Season. North rumors and disease and -- support. There. -- -- Work. Him about it into. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's -- When he says. And so. Our respective arms -- pars. What disease. And now we. Keep him keep. It. -- -- -- He cost himself some money this year he he put his his morals and is in his convictions where his pocketbook was. He passed up on an offseason workout bonus went back down to Texas -- and -- to work on his degree. Was he here for all the stuff he had to be here for you know mandatory stuff he was. He was army he was I think he came back the company's earlier. In the -- minicamp -- it is what goes so. He's been I mean he's he's always work even now you know with him going -- with this. What is injury he's want to feel it is if you like -- plane bumpers -- if I have you know I have a question. 040 -- maybe now we call him Tuesday which you think about you know this -- courses are. You feel we're doing this person now. Because you always watch him he's always prepare like if he's there so that's just the professor is among the -- Most when you heard him you know for good while. Just what noted football -- and in -- -- there's this one about it. Always keep football. -- always you know it would dvds with a plea books. You know we call the -- ask -- what we do -- he always wanna stay in tune. Which detained and and -- says there's there's there do these if you do respect from a person. How do you view. Voluntary workouts a column voluntary. But we all know the teams that happy when when guys are here how do you look at that -- mean if is what arcane math course. To me is it is basically you can give which which -- and didn't use. And sometimes people be even made some fans can vote here. -- -- -- Most of and we we we've been through in the Q are you aware guys one as a teen -- -- camera from marred with the team's. We always we always going you know camp so. But as -- something you know. I mean everybody have different pace the mandatory. Volunteers armies is different opinions. You feel like you're. You're stuck in some crazy dream here okay you went to sleep and then you have this dream that. Richard Seymour is not here anymore anti -- as -- as some other side anymore and you wake up and that's actually the reality the last two years for different reasons mostly war. No -- worn out how you deal with that as as -- no. And as sometimes I wake up and -- I mean this is my seventh year. Remember when I was a rookie come and numerous any rare animals so. Every year changes there used in -- And as the ones must have you so with these changes everywhere not just. From this organization with a round lead you see guys. You know that I grew public and become teammate but do you see 10 -- also 10. You know saw me every year it's and I mean you never know one day could be a certain way and in the -- -- to be totally different so. Eagles with a program I mean. It's going to happen and you from midtown where you know I'm I'm going to be. For whatever -- so mean you have to understand it yet to take you would agree and it's on the keep moving well. You know for me to come in and they wouldn't mind that I had it was Seymour and and Taiwan and you know -- -- common. You know scene was not anymore and -- now he's he's. Good times good tan but you know I'd say turn your keeping full. Ominous something that we travel around here and move for where -- what we have been I'm very -- what we have numbers are about -- ballclub and a moment of the -- specimens -- I know you well enough to know that any season where you lose your last game of the years of Nazis. And and last year was not good season here because you guys lost your first playoff game and you went home earlier than you want him. Tell me what's happened between then and now that leads you to believe this year's going to be better. Well it is competition. In -- compete that's one thing. We step -- the -- there you from OTs oh wait now I mean they're competitive. Altman's the sports teams. It is on the -- today I mean you have all of this may indeed -- the office we have farmers things and pursuant -- and one week. We -- -- we there is bragging rights and -- -- we do we we want -- compete and not -- the more we compete with each other. In -- the best means that you can -- it's which is so. -- I -- from wanna see you know from the young -- -- it everybody's. It's grinding it worked you know complain. Mobilized in the view would know we should do some you know. If revised view of Iran and we -- are we are all happy and that's when you team. I'm things calm -- -- going in the pre season. It's been difference. From the things -- as as we know we have. Asked if and and -- So people you know we need to compete. Prices. For you we won't compete and they know if it is. -- is the top of his game now escapee and then just compete and some. You when you use you win some changes. Vince you mention that saints game and I know it's a lot less hate to evaluate because you're not -- for the entire game but. What did you take away personally what did you take away from that game -- -- the matchups that you. Had there I mean things first -- who Sampson and we we -- poignant. It was gonna come and we hit the master intensity and then when you reviewed joke that as we. And threatening going to again it will mean everything is an upper. We far away from when we need to be -- When was we keep working we have -- -- -- person that is thank you know just recognition in the game -- echo in the field. You -- corners to often. -- share in the office and you know when it to get an acting you know for optical you know just little things that. You ga over time. Known more you please the more you -- in this column next so hopefully that we've been there about first games he's in the moment as you know. For -- season. Is more than enough time to get that stuff cute you know the timing and paying them for a while so. But you know just give me if you've been looking -- and -- and nowhere more news word when mom or work. Just little techniques though you're seeing where -- was with that. Always -- better so points it is we that as being. You know -- be of the -- knees. -- they're totally different teams sayings and then they potatoes different bullets and time. That approach. You wanna -- one winner in -- is bared their toes to difference two and so. You have to make those adjustments on run and and and you know like practicing against those guys for a couple of days it was different back -- there was different and it was -- side he has -- like. Three days in practice in being -- tonight we bring novel that's that's basically what was you know. We just work in just worked in -- for some worker situation just want to a normal practice by. There would be no point so you'd stand pupils from. They allow people -- that to me like so. Overload -- -- man you know go to practice and everything into stamping and there use them evidently well on Thursday so. What is different. You know like you mean it was it was very critical you know some some different around. On the -- where -- takes. He knocked Dan cope and on his but the practice play I could easily see abandon down held him back to his fate. He knocked the centered down for the Atlanta Falcons in a practice is it a different mindset for you. I won't hear from. And my team -- not my problem so has -- on me I'm only if you called personal way it went. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this the in my it's always there so it's got to be more intense than a regular practice because that got you don't know that guy over there on the I don't know and apparently so. -- -- and reform reasons the news in. You know and that's not the -- in this. The is is a pain -- from you have freeze that we've. When school would break room or tobacco ups and its authors who say hello to him bars and -- -- while -- Happen. Okay is different now as this on this car care month ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's our world. No one of the guys you do know is Damione Lewis went to -- Miami he was at Miami what three years before you. He's on this team now what can you tell us by him. Due to an -- he's either. -- a -- these two years in and you know going and universal mind he was. He was -- you know and -- just remember Republican and a -- play and how no hard and you know there's. That feel they tackle sex you name is I was you know he was run ball I mean he knew that front evolved so. Are there to very competitive roomier than what we need me to get -- -- -- is sent. I think -- the basic -- really been great to. These these are thing we -- so. A good guy I mean locally football. As first and foremost he loved again. Things for being with you know that's coming in and it wanna we wanna plea want to contribute in any way they can. And he's won those guys as that they should have postage. Final question for me I know how you guys approach rookies and I know that they are rookies until late show you something. But as a group. Are you happy with this young group of players that -- command especially on the defensive side of the ball where your operating. Are you -- are you happy with how they're approaching their job how their other working on and off the field films all that stuff are you happy with what you've seen so far. I'm very happy and they. A they may start to see guys that have been been around again for awhile that you have been around the boy being in it and doing the pictures. They start to see how we have -- then and now we were -- there. And I think that's one thing and it has gotten better it is you know like it was and in compliance. We we don't work -- -- not once ever in bars and a full. And you know. That's that's that's good stuff on me so we are thinking of about working towards one goal is to win and be beautiful. So small football team abusive and they want that's what you want. I think we doing their thing and now we are to be your favorite team so. A thin young guys just on look no democracy just look at guys you don't have to say -- they just look and see how we work and the -- -- And they've been don't know what so when neither provides this year just well and we evolved into one game at a time stated we are we. And hopefully you can we be where we won't. We got we got the garage and we all understand that. You said -- -- -- Lewis and they loves football. How can you tell when a guy does not just any your team another team patent -- gotta love -- excuses that dispute. You know well I mean is this I don't know if there's. A knack for football war I -- for. Being around the game that you couldn't seem to -- you -- -- you can feel I can't see him tell you feel like you actively -- -- just -- debts. -- this ever happened -- you know here at least there. What is this is a soft and you know what I don't I don't wanna get their fear -- -- -- for them by his group there that we have to. But that's that we all we all of you for one goal is to me -- the the other is going to he's -- you're out of was we got here about each other so. We didn't have a phone I mean oppressive in itself was saying time is gonna make it better -- a row and we all understand that so. We don't put Iraq you know what do we have to go through you the way we need to be. We awful and they haven't gotten any communications and the ones -- force so we -- is trying to go. Best of luck to you this week in Atlanta it's good to see again and be back with -- on Monday's call on all your own plays now. Not article you vehemently collars and -- Go well for games of the book and go from there may be Thursday he could split in the quarterback and all -- then why can't the ball well and long wildcat quarterback yeah. Billboard -- as the patriots Monday Sports Radio W media.

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