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Shaquille O'Neal, Celtics Center

Aug 10, 2010|

Shaq talked about what his role will be with the Celtics, how his talk with Doc Rivers helped bring him to Boston, if he enjoyed playing with the Cavs last year, his take on his new teammate Kendrick Perkins, how he would describe his relationship with Kevin Garnett, what he has to offer defensively at this point of his career, how he wanted to be associated with a winning franchise, and where he ranks himself amongst other centers in NBA history

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We'd like to welcome to town 84 time champion. A fifteen time All-Star. The newest member of the Boston Celtics number 36 in your programs. Shaquille O'Neal joins us on the bill volatility Shaq I don't it's Michael Michael. How hard it is Mike Mike Mike in my the other Mike you might. Polio -- the -- -- thank you thank you very much since Jackie got a future he's got a future in this. I'm I'm understanding that we are just keeping the talk radio thing warm until you get started to talk radio gonna do TV a durable. It. I don't own station -- -- maybe. Welcome welcome to town and asked to -- what are you what are your vision your role with the Celtics being this year. You know whatever it is. These do you. Toward. Rule. Is Hitler's. It topple all. -- we -- Desalvo was enough. -- -- hardware. You. Jacki talked quite a bit about Doc Rivers during your press conference few minutes ago any reference the conversation he had with him. In Italy how long ago was that and it was that a serious -- precursor for you to the joined the sell the team. No -- you know we've no really no solution. This is -- doing so powerful it is true we're ordinance so well let's talk about talk. Sure it was an expert. Two there's. Businesses. -- career. Want to you know -- to do. It's when. Chose this Russian tradition would. How'd you guys wind up in the same part of Italy were part of Italy wasn't. I actually would Italy -- -- -- -- -- That's -- suppose if those that don't know that and an Italian. The only card he -- Hello hello how red river that the boat that he's got the wind -- in in Italy paycheck what did you think of what did you think of the decision. On ESPN and LeBron James's choice of going to play with your old team the Miami Heat. You know. I don't. I'm -- just one. Those situations differ. Where it's it was real actual structure. Russian world. I don't know. And did you enjoy playing with cavaliers -- Just a bit. Great. -- -- And over it was a pro registry you know which is social. Or your. Spurred by an it was straight first street recovered as it was supposed to serve went so. You know -- which is so true. You said in the past Jack the one of the few guys that on -- bang around in the middle common an old school senator that we Geiger joining on this team Kendrick Perkins. Pretty tough guy itself in the middle and you reference that the battles you've had an and you said they were more. Marketing than anything but can you talk about perky seems may be cut from your mole in terms of his willingness to bang around other big guys in the middle. News. You know is so cute so. You know our holes where those -- portion. What -- -- not so fortunate to vote. Two because. We. Much much much more powerful as. -- How would you describe your relationship with Kevin Garnett has set a lot that you haven't and the guy in erupts is vacation season. -- -- are known as you know whispered words. You got social news so. You know prosecute civil war which -- all of their so. It was over more so its books or doing that occurred that he came to Boston don't want. Normal for these wonderful old war. What it looked kind of what kind of shape are you in right now. Good enough. Good enough away. Will you theft -- -- a little bit don't know that you whatever and so do little bell that I -- there. As I do whatever it is but whatever it is -- what -- what are what are the what are the menu options. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Having EC -- versus Mara he -- anybody spelling -- Lisa spelling -- is what will see we'll see. Do you do you feel like defensively if I had the fact -- they want area out of the game that I am I'm curious about I would say. Your defensive impact at this stage of your career what would you what you say you have to offer defensively right now. Or what there are as follows closing of the middle. To loosen up. Two. Sure so. You know bush. -- -- room where we have to double. -- And that's one of the keys the Celtics have had -- playing against the white powers -- Sort of -- at -- story or. You talked about coming here -- to wind was there any draw whatsoever no in the history you talk like a guy who really knows is basketball history you mentioned Bill Russell and wilt and -- what was there. Any draw in terms. The rich history the Boston Celtics. Just you know reference as listeners to went. As cute. One relationship to work -- You know are good ones where. -- Social. So and served as. Because you know do so well -- You'll do remember winners. That's true but you can help us out here Shaq. Now Mike and -- I'm Michael -- he's my -- Was talking before he came on -- that. Yes -- -- great players in NBA history and the -- set top five he's definitely a top fives and so what should help me -- to top five because I got three right here off the top Russell's number one for me Chamberlain to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Local. McCain. And probably do some. You know on the we have -- so ratings so. -- So. Was actually. To avoid these. More. So were changed in the points through -- Victorian championships. Room Bruce -- so I'm pretty sure it's -- agreement. The ousted here's here's my here's my top five check -- north. Dave around the Labor -- Robinson -- got I got Russell Chamberlain Kareem. O'Neal. Olajuwon. About a post which ones so when those. And then other candidates on you know Dave Collins -- three Bill Walton Dave Robinson you know -- some of the guys like. Check your Florida guy will there be any sort of reallocation with -- kids stay in Florida and you'll spend I'm going back and forth the way -- does. Yes strode through just as -- excessive. Very. You know. Sources I would try to protect their job -- -- tell you set Nebraska up here take our jobs got to protect. Much did you -- What you want to look I know I know it is -- isn't it knows. It's -- -- -- Jim Rome though most. You guys are well we followed you on Twitter board everywhere are worried about here -- follow you want to what are we know we know the whole history. Oh can I ask about the Twitter thing because that amongst all the athletes -- right there in terms of followers in your activity. View it seems like you enjoyed these he spent time thinking about what you're gonna say the fans act in that way. Or maybe -- you know -- do you know through one of these things one particular. So you know me to a moment ago. And other things to inform you -- -- of those things mr. right. Those in the record some of -- and she was just some of the president negotiating over there is used to promote themselves. It is a result of the -- isn't doing doing what particular. You know. Desperate to do it. You know it's funny he didn't make -- -- earlier talking about your dad take you out to the playground your five or six years old -- out now Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain Kareem. When did you when did you get to deploy it on your own when you said okay I understand who these guys are Howell worried. And -- school. I was gonna seventies rover -- scores from some tone Turks. And what was what was the motivation to get to learn about these -- is a book with that a movie what was. Motivation was to ports -- also. Issue. Nationals is -- first period and groups. It -- -- some of the Washington -- school. The notion. To -- to Texas. If so they uses you decide if I -- be the best ever need to learn about. So much competition. America have to answer do do you mentioned the LSU connection and in. Glen Davis and he was talked about this press conference you can you can far it ended speculation did you give. Glen Davis that big baby nickname is that courtesy Shaquille O'Neal. Of course this -- -- statements. -- nuclear. And we have given him that day. Click the god father you Christian and then with a nickname yes. When you got to confirm another story for us is it true that you that a big baby was wrestling you and he he picked you up and slanted to the ground. Do into the revolution just. Due to reversible. -- -- Oscar is they've now you're told what to do what made you let big baby. Take you now I'd I'd be able to take you down to. In those -- Hey -- Jack it's easy to talk a little trash on the radio yeah yeah yeah yeah a little hard data out. It. I -- we appreciate the time you took to join us today good luck with the Celtics will be talking to -- -- -- Population. As Shaquille O'Neal the new Celtic who said. He's he's in shape enough to to what me. Jack joined us on the eighteenth -- hotline find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible that's a nice job that's a very nice to.

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