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Dustin Pedroia Press Conference

Jun 26, 2010|

The injured Sox second baseman talked to the media this afternoon.

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The looks. It's very tough but and I'll try to get back in there and heals fastest possible. -- It is humid it I don't know Palmer and I think about -- just. Just sucks you know but will finally get back in there. -- -- -- Will be fine -- would find ways to win and we've got guys get hurt all year we've still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And finally when Bogans. And senseless mind there's going to be more than what is given I felt. Probably and I. They're pretty good I mean so. You know it's kind of just a freak thing. Stuff stinks right now. -- me out -- out took we took the extra and got it really you know he says hey you've got my wanna go gets more test is imminent now so. -- that that part stunk but. You know I'm Scott everything's we've found everything you know but. -- Tough answers you know so hopefully heals quick and -- back in the no we. Wait what was sent down. -- -- -- Right now though there. Yeah I don't know about all that. Yeah that I think there he got. Okay you ask. Yeah I'd be jackass that I mean they don't we -- they don't know on the inactive so find two weeks and play. You know or right can't walk until six -- that we don't know I don't know that. But. You know in the past I feel pretty quick so hopefully like that it's -- -- -- there's -- room where he certainly. And I really mean it well one thing is that they said if I have to -- they put him in there and actually would speed up Meyer coverage so. Who knows I I'm supposed to get checked out sued -- Monday and you know. Better idea over -- It. 331. Yeah yeah. Thought I didn't hit it could have been. You know. I don't know I -- I'm just. Going to be try to be positive I mean for all the guys at midnight they know how -- play the game you know in the dugout watched the game and you know extended. Don't see things on the field to help won't help us win I don't know. Never really done this before so announced microphone. All of it. Yet the -- they'll be fine note that they'll do a good job you know Billy's been around for awhile. And hopefully he gets hot streak to back grade a plus if you view the world where are threats to work forward. Part of that person. But. Now it's part of the game I -- freak accidents happen and above me in there a consensus that can't. Be put him I. Yeah will be fine now one guy makes a team we we had a lot of great players our team so. Hopefully they -- whether everything in. That way for everyone to get back healthy and win we'll take off. So. Yeah. Hopefully we'll we'll see them and we we -- got a lot of really good players so. And hopefully will be fun.

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