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Senator Scott Brown

Jun 25, 2010|

Sen. Scott Brown calls in to talk about the Jobs Bill, The War in Afghanistan and the Oil Spill

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Joining us some of our lines are favored senator senator Scott Brown good morning senator how are you. We are having a lot of what I need something explain to me luckily you can explain it to me depending on which paper I read. Which headline jumps out at -- you the last day or two at either kill a jobs bill yet the cost match Massachusetts 700 million dollars all our. Voted against raising taxes and increasing the deficit those two headlines are referring to the same story. As Steve Carell says on the office senator please explain this to me like them a five year old. Oh sure you have those rumors are being proposed would put it in nine billion -- On the deficit right now or thirteen trillion dollar national bet. And its rise but almost a 100000 dollars per child. In terms of that service they need a they. Little it will it will hurt that a little bit. In a certain thing that there are effects like -- -- -- route through an out in the money that that are rare but they haven't used it in a supporter of extending unemployment insurance charts that's out which the Medicaid match. Also at least try to way to export -- here's you know out in stimulus money wherever it ought to money that they -- the various accounts. If these things that about it on the deficit and that's that that's -- And Democrat Richard felt that way as well also there's a bipartisan. You know that. Well good and good for use we must commend you last and I was so critical view Austin -- disk as you. Aside you know you you were sleeping with the enemy for a couple days -- back with the people. This takes courage but the whole thing. Correct me if I'm wrong. The parameters to set the opening set -- to make it look like. You know you don't care about the jobless you don't care about the port downtrodden and then you have the king at the Mandarin is John Kerry saying this is the worst thing. That happened this would call the -- -- -- -- all -- I've seen in 25 years in the Senate so you know you do the right thing he has got -- if Kerry -- -- the worst thing it must be a good thing. Tell us how. You warned. The states Deval Patrick and and and and governance that new state legislators knew. This was that that was just not a bottomless cup here bottomless pit of money that at some point the jobless benefits the handouts were going to be cut off. Well the other Arab governments Schwarzenegger. Earlier period relentlessly Harry Reid army tried four times than twelve minutes. Well there's an area that as a tremendous amount of pressure obviously from Arabic it there on the protests in him. And more secure -- name. You can't answer. Ronald if there are miners are sent them here to find solutions and move them along. Its -- passes. Just it's injured and as we wanna be great race. -- -- This is all it is is approaching. National. And and that's for east area people understand economics is not so much -- and these numbers with these funds and their budget -- Know them they basically have been pressuring all the senators and congressmen that are there again you know they understood it was really roast beef for a year. And there are there -- saying they are carried it compared. And -- are. They're gonna continue to do work on not just gonna let it letter. Wayside so. An urgency to work and -- -- the -- sort of asking and you know they always are and what's happening. Stimulus money is being used have a personal slush on the level and and of these these sabres started doing others -- which is out the door. In years for immediately. And now it is now you later and I figured out that immediately as not only has happened in the state to an extent but also itself. Nationally it just -- that money. -- -- about Kerry Kerry understands all this why would he called the worst moment the Senate is he just pandering. -- -- I can't read or heard I -- -- in your opinion and I certainly respect that. We can do better than we can find a way to find these things in there is Mario Washington and actually yeah. Scott maybe because I -- -- were coming on today the sort of popped up -- I noticed that on television yesterday but there are political. Commercials now running I believe by the mass environmental commissioner. They're -- your voting with big oil and you know you you sold out Massachusetts. What's that all about you don't. Care about how can yeah or yeah well look -- there's. Well currently in the air Serra. I haven't been attacked and -- announced in. Special interest groups and strip the particulars is pushing -- national -- -- have a cap and trades and it's gonna put a burden on businesses and homeowners and ultimately at least or. And value voted. Has nothing illegal oil and for that distort the facts from them and it was stored in my I've received their humor. 101000 dollars and some people loosely affiliated with oil. Out of or -- and -- and a great. And an MVP. It currently go wrong has worked hand in hand. -- John Kerry and Ed Markey on the cap and tax -- Well then there's -- certainly a lot of referenced by a lot of big oil well so on that question but are wild -- -- -- so much and and little oil. Why was I yesterday hammering. These these these or PP and other oil companies not -- In the proper mitigation. Inflationary emergency response it's it's it's and generous people. People are tired or bad that they figured it -- -- -- -- -- there's special judgments about. I don't think I think it is the image if if there at least with -- inform voters -- mean there's idiots out -- -- Scott Brown's with big oil. I think a lot of people see that much like they see Kerry's comments in. Other critics of viewers and say he must be doing the right thing -- ever one. All these folks were in what would you Scott and then you know that you would have succumbed to the pressures of -- -- and become just another rubber stamp element. Right. And remember that your that's what's. Pressuring people that I'm not succumbing to the pressure like that Obama's protect American dollars whatever your spending and insult without a future. If you truly care about. Instead of the gulf of of the instead of a waste of time that -- Two and a half weeks after vote had nothing to do that oil. Look at it they've at least in the them -- battling in Massachusetts. And elsewhere everybody's interest not special. It's gotten out of you got your feet wet year up to your ears and you know in in in what it is your doin' down there. How would yourself report card read a -- askew you know you're your days so far in office are they more fresh rating. Than they are satisfying are they more overwhelming or meaningful of exhausting -- exhilarating knowledge of had a chance to see what it is you're doing and actually do it how would you describe the feeling you get from what you're doing down there. I just -- All those. Yeah and everyday every carrier is pressure packed and unless they're great work and the financial reform bill starter beat Herbert scrap it opened a person or. Conferences -- better and better especially. In business in Massachusetts intra country. So last -- Wearing them driving around and I leave them amnesty and and tiger caused him on establishment on a roll -- and -- working on right now wrapping this thing out. Just murdered Ochoa. -- I'm on so -- them as -- -- out on them. And negotiate in fighting. -- in really in the business people are sitting stocks were from corporations and they lost all -- angered. And I represent citizens the swamp together and actually business is it alt. Operations. In and they are. Interest as well. Without it this is we don't have jobs out of this country moving and so I'm fighting for everybody's. Abilities in their homes and in their bills regardless of whether you're ever a sport for open end result -- as -- partnership. -- You have you've talked to Tim Geithner and UA home. In the car -- -- are you have asked caller ID. A parent. I went -- very you know he's been. He has been very very proactive and a lot of the issues are in effect for our state. And and I -- achieved both things -- -- there -- no in the world in and I are important not only. We're hopeful -- derivatives and and and and strengthening the though. What we're not accept and act like some people on the part of that money. In the bank and say oh it's going to be here tomorrow potentially. Something catastrophic happening. That's address and Freddie and we are not over that works certain other. Hopefully some ideas -- -- -- Real real that issue and or I just think that the government gonna stop because a man. I stop every single most urban area the most courses -- -- -- my chair from the bleachers American action here comes from the court. A -- it involvement in these very very very act as though it. Which would which leads me to those questions got a and I think it qualifies as a procedural question in terms of how it as you do your job. -- -- -- prioritize everything that's on your plate I mean you know whether it's beat the jobs bill were talking about the financial reform are down to a bike path in Worcester for crying out loud how do you decide what you're gonna spend some time on today and tomorrow. Literate as the president raised factors as -- -- Massachusetts as a creature are hypocrites or country that looks like parameters they'll use and and that's something that I think it's very important. There's certain -- In other senators fighting for their experience I have -- in Rock Hill now and then to make sure that our teachers and accurate for example on. An entry on the old masters and the mortgage. A financial services. State in the country venture capitalists. -- your financial that's. We export manufacturing that we rated -- industries so -- -- under the bus and when they didn't contribute our our citizens in contribute about. That's and that's -- airport every day. Services. There's little battle -- there is some we will he's reporters that government all around is getting bigger and bigger and bigger site in smaller. And and so here he prepared. Every word from the general McChrystal and I don't mean he slips a first series. There are things that balance and every day. 011 thing we like about you one reason your week we sent -- down this because you do. You're in the military you care about the men and women in the military I assume you read the Rolling -- story here. The note did you support the president's decision and did you read the whole story did you we -- Were you aware much crystals rules of engagement and just how. Unpopular they were with a with a man on the on the front lines. Yeah I I I -- wherever -- and specifically about it and amateur Eragon and I heard. Some of the sort sentinel on the political left the right in the biggest problem -- he was right whenever you can tell -- civilian. It -- ten more that enemy. And where they're trying to work and the hearts and -- really establishing a that's almost symbiotic relationship training them you know. Control and doing everything together with its -- the tribal leaders in the coalition forces Afghan police and army in the US forces doing everything together -- -- cohesiveness. It it was in this dramatic turn dramatic because news is almost the street -- Civilian populations and remove a publicist or they've moved twenty steps -- -- -- Irish frustrating that this sort -- -- -- overreact for direct -- And you support major Scott there's more than one servicemen soldier. -- on record saying this war is lost and do you agree with that. -- no work work. What timeframe that -- there was whether -- Herbert -- -- analysts say when I was there. Everybody that I was written here there are announced many years are usually -- often. And -- this would not is to try to get a real yields on on and I don't want suddenly after periods in lot of people in the localized Serb. A lot of energy and enthusiasm. Knowledge from the US forces coalition forces and the recognition that crystals and those working. There was a real strategic. -- -- development. So. Has changed in the last month I can't speak to -- -- -- indications that. Well it is one bit of advice if the Rolling Stone guy wants that tag along with the Portland the next month don't get drunks cook -- That's that's the problem in order. Why -- the -- language or on the first our owns. Whoever was advised them really let -- out and then they basically. I'm sure it was like earlier -- with your buddies is something new face and so trying to be funny church that was like that in general. It is if health a higher standard than it was bad form. It's like being a senator president. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah how do you think you got to think about every word that comes out of your mouth now Scott -- casual conversations with people. Site I don't know them -- course. Senator Scott Brown thinks it's time to talk to it via a -- it well -- so are corporate error rate. And and enjoy the fourth. Talk you down the road Scott Brown. On the AT&T -- brought you by AT&T. Everything possible. Be careful much. How he can speed -- and alcohol and that idea I would my thing -- Jackson died when you're gonna what do -- last minute -- Michael Jackson people who are not safe for young boy that's a but I know he got and especially this does give us is that right with us and and and think about it though I mean he's down there. And he's this vital votes. Every day he's got that the forces of evil evil Tim Geithner. Column 11 o'clock an idea. In -- romance -- trying to your supplemental showed up at a shower. -- thick of Harry Reid said called four times in twelve minutes terribly weaponry yeah. And I assume he can pretend he's on the other line on closet but not every time I actually. In the Senate president has to -- you have to take his call and listen to his spiel and it must be so tiring asked that question. You know what's it like all that -- into the day supplies the in the dateline on you're not that tired. You must be exhausted every day what -- the range stuff you got to stop you got a process all the -- on the bike path in -- but but we that we know now he's doing the right thing because we know now John Kerry thanks. What Scotland is the worst thing that happened in the Senate 25 years yeah that's a victory for the people that's a victory for the people -- Scott Ron Washington. Keep up Scott.

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