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Danny Ainge, Celtics GM

Jun 23, 2010|

Danny Ainge joins the Big Show to discuss the success and failures of the 2010 Celtics, whether Doc Rivers retires and the future of the team.

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I speculative -- -- -- -- -- wait Lulu reloading Intel be current on today's big show time for Russia to be joined by the president of basketball operations. Of the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge but he forgot about us. Now I've been miracle all the medical. Exam in history. What is in the draft so busy day. So if he ever made like some blockbuster deal or anything like that. I thought that's what you're holding off for the blockbuster deal at this point. I was let's let's start -- there's so many questions here. Danny and that people have after. Last week -- -- start with last week because. It's so disappointing when you get that close. And and you don't win this thing but as you've been able to have the opportunity to step back and step away from. And look at where your team was three months ago it any easier to digest. I -- you have a choice I went out. It certainly. There's. A reality. T. -- -- Pick anybody -- it. And replant. The stretch in -- that we play. The best basketball. But he snappy like a six game road -- for -- Stretched. By attic well -- was. Though outlook. Is very happy. There's so many rumors innuendo out through the first one from Ian Thompson the other day in Sports Illustrated their SI dot com. At the Phoenix Suns were about to approach you about becoming. -- general manager of the approach you. No they have not. Have a contract. And -- a lot up there and about the people work where. I have a great relationship with ownership. We have we have things or call this year so that is -- that's just a rumor has a. Okay and you know how it works that more people try to do is releasing something else do they try to what. Two and two together people listen you own a house in Phoenix that's the trees the -- So you don't know and -- the good geeks. No matter I I fuel -- -- property. -- Would you figure of the house before the -- which are the real test it out there isn't really get that out there arm is it. Is it up -- something that you would ever. Ever consider you've come this -- you turn this whole organization around. Is that would ever be it's time we sit here and say I've done all of this I've got to this point. Now it becomes even more difficult for the for the next run here and maybe your greener pastures out. -- -- -- -- The people at work or where. And that's not. Injuries but you know obviously there's. I made our way or they made -- walk away. From -- but now we know that I'm up. People. Are -- make it work the most. Doc Rivers has he told you of his decision. -- -- like eight pocket updated. -- suspect that. Reality is -- -- I don't want you know personally. Make decisions to use. I don't it docked it one of the great competitors. A round in. The the laws. He sees the bright side what he accomplished -- accomplished more than probably five to go all. Think that we just discussed but you know I know it's still really -- coach. Or is. It. Let at all able. It out so. I just itself right or should be. And Danny it can cover the patriots for awhile bill Belichick's at the that was something that that he always wanted his players do take 23 weeks maybe even a month. And then revisited because you tend to make emotional decisions in the wake of of things happening weather be positive negative for somewhere between. Is that you're experience when you were you know as it has coached in Phoenix as a player. Right on down the line we Unita that extra time in have you spoken to talk about your wish that he does this. Yet -- yesterday and that the people war and yet today. We are certainly up his decision to talk about team. And a French. Ask. And but -- is. -- all been at this. This weekend. The all together. And they'll make it makes decisions are up. Be -- To -- you. I don't know. Not work but in -- what -- Second -- that reduces. I think that. Get all the -- I don't know who's her next week or not. Or other. -- How involved to see in the draft process right now. Not at all. -- -- -- -- to. Accept his son Jarrett I had. But he goes from these in Europe. -- -- or play you the last few years. It lot of course. And -- talked about that. The guys -- contacts to trying to pick it up in round college basketball well. -- Little populate that question whether doc would come back and -- -- immediate not a must must do with whether he's great to walk with and coaching more about this team. And a fugitive a lot of question marks a -- -- personnel coming back next year how much think that would play into. You know what I think. Plane into a dock. I think she he or attached to some of the players. And I think that they -- that they want it back. I think it is loyalty to them. And it just you don't just walk away. Outlook -- What Iraq is fighter so I think that as much -- for. How do you deal with this uncertainty. At a key period in the offseason you know the top to the that was taken over said coach. The Chicago Bulls to move there is one of your assistance and big defense apart. Your your coaching staff. The uncertainty of the other guys on that staff because you've doc does leave. And you irony is another head coach he's going to want his own guys sitting are there on the bench. I would think -- you wanna know this sooner rather than later and how much. Leg work homework have you done about what happens if doc is not here. So you don't there's obviously. Mean you are always is looking for players and coaches in the back line as well but this which is -- that we need to be. Because in the middle of finals. But it would get a candidate for a that we -- Spent time in disgust. -- coaching because in the middle final but it like it in that process and that they don't want to leave work. You know I I don't want you know all -- -- -- if -- shoes on you know our outlook. Make that decision I think that decision. It could be cut quickly because right. -- -- -- But isn't it more difficult to try to get. An entire staff I mean it might be easier to get the your head coaches opposed to the people. That are wrapped around a militia get guys that are unemployed right now and you'll Phil -- -- -- -- program unsure if they'll becomes an assistant here but. Isn't that the that the more difficult part of it. Well I got up -- that are have been great. Working hard rock. -- -- -- well as well there's. -- capture it. Oh coaches yours. The poll out uses. Typical now. You know put this stuff together later this summer. United many conversations. Over the years about the Big Three in the end of the Big Three in what could have been. Had a deal been made here there. And you know that there was almost the deal that would have broken up that the Big Three at one point. And you even admitted that a Christmas party it's -- read -- -- he should've pulled the trick or. Deal I remember that story. Your face right now with a very similar situation and then you've got players in the scheme if you are called the Big Three again the Big Three. Which were. In sixteen point seven seconds remaining in game seven of the NBA finals they were within two points of tying up their game. How do you do with how do you deal with -- how do you. Take sentimentality. Out of this thing. Try to break it down and say -- these guys make another run ordeal I have to find a way out piece by piece. Change in the -- you obviously put yourself in this position. In the way you laid out those contracts raise expiring this year also be picks up the player option expiry next year KG in the third. Right so yes it is available we we have lots of cities. All -- opera re entry that we like our. -- is it still. And other. Think that'll -- it. Well it worked NBA championship. -- -- -- Court advantage. Two. To say it up on over accurate there's there. Can't win it. That that would be ridiculous. But it all depends on. What opportunities there are become ill and just like in the race situation -- not think it came. -- Move it forward and brick. So if I'd like that there which kept to which you're talking about. Larry kept all you know go out work with health issues -- think both were being offered. For. A bowl quality young players. -- every two weeks where. It out for. -- that program. You know from the -- like to -- -- or -- -- starting. Championship caliber players -- final O. Larry it was they are that it hurts. And something LX Erica broke. Like I thought you -- rarely. -- That really late Tuesday Teamsters was real in the ninety's when that -- about 991. Up. Like he wants. At what they've -- need to do. It for Joe Klein -- Though. You know that restock. Very available. Area at. It as well so it was. -- it -- Or are we haven't been offered. All few players that -- -- it. The bulk bulk of the decisions would be the case. But it's not the case are still up about. It. Is it more likely that you will offer Ray Allen the deal an opportunity to come back here albeit in different financial terms but that you would offering of the deal. To combat. I think that that is the likely area operate and I'm I'd -- race. And it we have to make you know. Why its financial news. Forward and -- app other options that don't have raced. Oh. He could be a difference maker -- a winning or losing. Getting ambushed a future Doc Rivers here in Boston may be affect some of these guys the media Ray Allen maybe Rasheed Wallace went. -- what that emotional right after the season you possibly announcing a retirement. Is Rasheed deathly retired and into stock effect these guys. Well. So she has indicated every. Or. He's. -- last. Ever think that speed it indicated it -- Physically. What they do want to do. You know he has -- war. Halt or -- -- out there. Or the -- chapters -- and so I think. -- -- -- Did you know you can't speak specifically able LeBron James is a player and I'm just wondering about the climate that exists now is is before free agency begins. And he is testing the waters in different places and there's -- you know cadre of players along with him might be doing that. How much. Of that impacts everything. Every decision in the sport heading into the when he eleven. What others there's a lot of teams waiting. Where are the decisions made by some of the up create it. Have a change in -- -- for. An architect here. Again another a lot there's a lot way. Of the Chris -- story today as even more intrigue into the it's of the deal because of the rumors -- leaked out apparently from worldwide west you know this -- agent. I do -- -- club. I don't know you know I don't know if it's. Active or. Tablets or -- -- you know but it's kind of funny. Story. I thought it was interesting that a few days ago the stories leaked out apparently came from him that if Chris Paul. -- team can go get and make a deal for Chris Paul then that might be a good landing spot for LeBron he might be able facilitated and -- and then. Now you read the story. And Chris Paul's interview today from London. And he's throwing it out there at that you know from New Orleans and we don't know loans is in right now George and is trying to sell the team and apparently there's some. Financial obligations that have the fallen through here and and that Chris Paul was saying if they can't turn around and you'll -- that he. What you want to get traded on citizen I got it's almost -- -- employers. Are setting themselves up to put year old franchise together at a team like New Jersey with a model -- right now. Could certainly go for more of the worst teams in the -- the one of the best things at least pretty amazing. Well. To -- to meet later. Actress. All caliber it clear that there one. At something. They're selling players away. It's. And so he's just -- You ought that the -- -- like a matter that's what we heard that all yours for that Tracy McGrady it's caller every single layer. -- all this. -- he picked -- situation where as well if you're in fact. -- also where the post -- Chris Paul like yet the trigger franchise. All. But -- under cap space happening but -- the contract except. -- Excitement like so it's partly you know both are able opt. That we may campus or that urges. I don't think there's anything there that it's very. Of course everybody up where Albert has all. -- -- -- -- Do you. Have any doubts that Paul Pierce will end up picking up his player option. ID I don't know the answer to that and don't you have out. Certain. All -- Hit it it was a deadline -- as far as him to Canada. And why would you think you would pass on picking up what would be what 21 and a half million dollars. For that one year. Don't know because you get along contracts or else. It may be better. I don't know yet we haven't got two point. -- we dropped. Because he seems to me -- -- always said this. It's important to him to be a Celtic a lifelong cell planning to keep some bringing this stuff up. And it would seem to me that. If he was gonna do something like that wouldn't he come back and address it would you guys -- sonnet. Try to stay a Boston Celtics three longer period of time and try to see if he can request an extension out of -- Yes I think it. There's just gonna get our speculation of the and other. And so will -- that were from -- -- -- You know about these first quarter business up oxygen wish him well. Next week or the -- I've also this is a tendency to over react by a lot of people I know that your players are going to be year old -- Rondo. Is going to also be a year older I think that's a better situation by the way -- year old and it's gonna make them much better are certainly more consistent player. You can say the same thing about big baby and perk when he when he finally gets -- -- trying to get southeast of people do overreact with the age thing. And they forget. That you did come within you know on a few minutes here of of winning the whole thing. You certainly in the mix of the year at the end of game seven so they kind of go back earlier in the season when the thing was fallen apart when you look at it. And you look at game seven and you look at what you lack than certainly lengthen rebounding. Was what you lack. How do you supplement what you've got right now knowing that year old players are year old -- younger players are also a year old that's a thing. How do you supplement it with length. And rebounding because I can't believe that you rebounding. With the same cast and crew or the length is good to expand. Next season without adding something to the next. Well you know. As we head out -- and did not. First quarter up on the -- support it cannot be our hero and we were at. It we we shot the pace at 32% because Rica one reason maybe because they shot 32%. There's a lot of great things out there I think there -- not to me but elegant score probably 75 point we don't. -- out in the sport. Gain. Or a ballot in last minute game much like more. You know that the respect. Group beat out over a bad news when it beat down. We up recount -- -- regain regain that we were out recount. So I don't think that it just beat on their links. You have a lot to do with art in -- are. It can't act out with the quality. There's lot of -- There's so -- -- up. Not -- law. Like other and their real. Oh -- art work really good players. -- And producers but don't that it but I thought this was that an issue though during the course of the the season. And for your office when you talk about your offense for you're offense to operate. I think you have to rebound -- you have to force turnovers would you defense because that's where you guys. Are really efficient at the offensive end when you're when you're taken a ball off the glass -- pushing it. I mean you're looking game to Rondo had himself fourteen rebounds you won that game because wrong that was able to rebound and a pitcher profits in -- You don't think that. That that is a a point of emphasis in the offseason and how much taking game seven -- IQ what you're saying. It does somebody shots you gonna get a lot of extra effort to -- I thought it was a deeper problem through more of the season. Right so let. Of course of the season but it was not a problem in the playoffs and it was pretty you know that was. Out. But now. We operate -- pretty good rebounding -- we've -- during last yuppie out. Here. And so yes it's a problem and yes we. All of focus every. Every recount as a priority. Indeed that or people are saying is that are like right. What they better. Oh I opinions. -- this year it worked out more. I mean if you look at those six games -- Air. And in Orlando. They're over the play better basketball. -- -- six game stretch. Out and stretched out and. -- I think I would I would argue that in the one I think. Nice advantage you have with Orlando is you are one team that is able because of works. You know physical strength. You're able to have single coverage on on Dwight Howard and in a -- so much what is happening UC were other teams -- with a window where you guys have great success three point shooting team and an artist in on the perimeter it's it's despite the fact the only guy who pulled onto when it reports -- -- -- team to beat on the on the collapse. You know what they are that though and neighbors -- -- agree that it's Ludacris. I mean she it's our job. So let me let out there that we're able if we can double. Your best -- -- Elementary asked the question when you are looking at what you've got right now and it sounds to me that you would like to bring back what you've got right now giving these guys. Another run in from wrong tell me I'm wrong but I I think that's what you're saying here. And if that's the case what do you think you need in the way of players and you've got some limitations. What are you need in the way of players to supplement these guys to put you over the top. Next year. Well first all of course like. That that's not give. They have options. And we ought to be why. -- -- Or excited about what we. So I think it obviously right now we see our. And -- injured that would be where we start. We need to -- but -- we have you don't want to go. Use them money that we -- And the rosters and that's where. This roster it's very important that we use their money -- Moving forward how we spend it as we it is go yeah. -- we we treat -- there. -- science center free agency. That OPEC is going to be a senate. Can make your or contracting -- Back in the draft. But the big somebody now our chances are we still have the right. -- the curtain. Over -- Thirteen one championship or their order than it has some potential. Is he already is he ready -- to play here. I think he's I think he's all ready to play the role -- -- -- over it. Air earned her -- it argued that he's going to be the difference maker Merck. Our group where. -- -- a credible and an extra. The do you feel he's in the he's progressed enough where he can be a player that can play. Minutes here in the NBA. Question. What what else do you think you need the distinct. Security. I think that the weight of -- Plays it that we try to player I think is shooting a priority. Who -- when you look at this -- lot of people say it's a deep draft I mean you see any help coming. Initially out of distract you for next year. It depends it. Mrs. trapped I think you'd be. But there are. Now out on the top ten players in the see. It was maybe a couple of exceptions. It's not immediate -- all its. Young talented player. And in a deep in the crap -- more. No. More Ryan. -- -- -- -- In poll. Trip. That might not have. But yet the -- is. With talked about the top guys in your roster. The guys in the bottom end of your roster a lot of them free agents do you see. Major changes there. Well again we like the guy -- opposite group has worked. And respected and not as good. And -- egg -- it. 012 games or that were there were huge for us and you know I think it. So I guess to stop and on what sort of opportunity they. Agency. We. In spending in. Austria. Did he picking nineteenth this so many different Tom was enough to fall into place before. You know your your name comes up but. How much interests have you been able to find in any kind of introductory talks of moving that -- and is there. Obviously not to name a player but is there a player who you were specifically targeting that you feel you Michael -- get a few 013 or fourteen. Are there are players. Were having discussions were all. Which are more that. Are about movement up. And down. Now her current player rosters. All things being discussed in Europe there are a lot of it is it is and is there. We tell you something built in Huckabee play a lot of golf in the next month. Well believe me European BA finals. World current call -- email I mean we've been up and you know 1 o'clock o'clock in the morning every eight -- so yeah we're working on the pocket. Fortunately. He -- summer. Will be watching it very closely it will be checking in with you from time to time but we we thank you for all your help every week it during the regular season without some great shows. And it's been a lot of fun and we will check in with you from time to time because I have a sneaking suspicion is going to be some news over there causeway street. -- picnic and it's been on air reporting here. -- in beat back it went well. I Denny thanks we'll talk to -- so.

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