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Butch Stearns talking Celtics/Lakers

Jun 12, 2010|

Butchie kicks the weekend off talking Game 5 of Celtics/Lakers.

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When. -- -- It was a beasts. Glen Davis. Been following the series on Twitter at all. A -- you know for those do you like the scared of Twitter social media I was there like a year ago. -- is sort of a time -- all this stuff. -- great courage to do here's something Florida now Peter meaning you know my generation people were scared of technology they -- that scares me we are. We -- -- and a generation of Hulu and YouTube okay my daughter said to me the other day. -- which said to me yeah. You watch television program on a certain night at a certain time. That's what you said to me. That's his generation she's grown up -- -- there -- iPhone download and stuff important you know. Anyway. If you follow a series on Twitter in the immediacy of a little bill little Bill Simmons is Simmons is sitting in the garden. He'll be sitting in the garden on Sunday. His zealot is zealot followers thousands and millions of them or talk to him and he's starting chance in the garden. That could've happened twenty years ago. Even a cell phones in the garden man. By the way if you were in the garden you were captive. Years -- but anyway. If you followed on Twitter it just like come on website right now called. Silver screen and -- dot com and but the name of Suarez of DOS. Writes this missile from a lakers perspective that the lakers just get beaten almost exclusively that likes of Glen big baby Davis and meet. Cheerleader Robertson that the lakers just effectively choke for the second time this series. Someone care to explain this to me. Unfortunately I don't -- -- the lakers themselves to be able to explain what happened in the fourth quarter and then he read a bunch of the comments from fans. In their interest. One -- says the man who are did you have to get so real. He's of the games that make the detractors say if the lakers play like this they're not winning a title and then when I that's trying to talk yourself into. Have they been doing those two lesbians for two straight seasons now. Another when it's trillions -- I think it's right to the point. It says. And this is this what been in the finals is all like I talk about Glen Davis. There's two peoples comments lakers means. He used to strength literally any size to his advantage although I can't stand his antics probably one of the best games of anybody's series. Would determination intensity inactivity. Side from ray Allen's bomb fest. -- game one. And of course Colby I can't really see this on either team. Game five is going to be a doozy and one more. God says I hate when Davis props to him -- -- been the best Celtic playing the hardest in this series hope we don't see a repeat performance. On Sunday the lakers do need to get their starters more rest and trust their bench more I fully agree we should use Sasha more. Over the reserves -- that's an interesting point where I was sitting in the garden on Thursday night. -- about three minutes to go when the lakers cut it to four for the Rondo steal. I stood up behind a bunch of Boston's doc you try to lose the game what the reserves in for. Collectively -- three stood up and turn around said. Because the bench is Kidman nine point lead you eighty. What -- you feel that way though what people criticize it was time to take the bench time that the bench. No we stand behind -- -- them and leave them. Would they were don't want but the way you go to the site near lakers in saint. The lakers need to trust their bench more the -- just -- game for the Celtics the tide this year -- whose bench is better I mean while that might. Might come downward decides it's ease and in fairness to them -- not help the Glen Davis his chance to do more damage. With -- -- back to the phones more about -- in his let's go to ray in Rhode Island irate. One of the UK I've won it that there I would -- into one of the other than that they yet they're and that the -- are braving the player that he even at that given that are eight. But -- series -- RO -- but the but it is the debate or of the doubt that. The united. And with that instead I you know it really actually -- -- I think maybe they. This shows that there are in my opinion that he would enter Indy. And -- everywhere -- the -- And there have been 18. Port to the big four have put things together which happens a lot during the regular season. Yeah I do know what you mean but again I measured talking about it and the grades and I remember. Again before the series started I keep bringing up Bob Bryan -- love the -- I love talking basketball. But the daily -- he he was adamant about this he was anybody that's looking at this -- And wants to do the match ups man from -- and just doesn't get. They they don't they don't understand it means it's fun to do that but when you do the one on one matchups that's not what's gonna win this series so. When you talk about C minuses any minuses and -- and two guys put it together again I keep going back to the heavyweight fight analogy. You know the -- going gets tough. Expression it's corny but it's true. It's -- to free throw when nobody's guarding. What about what -- three guys in your face that put the finals is all borrowed. That's what you pay your respects your opponent -- Davis is doing at the highest level his performance in game four. These -- championships are all about it's about doing when it's hardest. It's not about I mean if you're I guess what I'm Sam -- if you're lookin' for the model box score that the Celtics had many times over the last three years where. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Both shoot 45 or 55%. They both have double doubles and Rondell has his way at this -- happen in the finals. It just does not not this series not a series tied 22 this is gonna be a slugfest even more so the rest of the way. Michael what about the weird indicated he Ray Allen as they require that all -- -- are. I did not realize. I mean that he can't hit that -- -- why -- three -- -- and I don't typically protect our do you get when he opened. He's got an RV. That seems a little bit -- and also -- -- I don't think anybody out here that not let him -- about or read it every day I don't feel like here it is an unnatural why. I don't know if he's not in your blood would doc said after game three was -- and I we love doctor so many reasons he's so refreshing he actually. Let's something's out everything doesn't wanna let out at times he said after game three are in between game three and four on Wednesday. A member of -- we sat with Paula we've looked at opportunities say look you could driven to the basket here. I'm not sure I don't know if it's the -- thing. -- one of the things I like about pierce is. He is the man he's the number one option on this team okay he's the got Rondo has the ball pierce is the guy he's your number one option for a score that's his role. On this team it matured as a player. We doesn't feel like he has to be. That guy all the time it started when Ray Allen came aboard early in that first season when he passed the ball up for a game winning shot I think it was in New Jersey. -- Toronto remember that. And to meet debt that's that's what the great players do now go back to bird. Bird would be funny about data we want some -- give the ball DJ this -- -- was out of many camera guys -- on -- -- -- -- shot. -- don't it's more than about that I could just say about -- is I think we're all waiting re like you for appears to have that game. I don't know by define it is not into it though it needs to happen now I do know this that if -- doesn't it appears doesn't command attention. If -- doesn't have one of those quarters like big baby just did. Can be harder for them to win this championship I think. Irate thanks for the call I appreciate it let's go to Joe in New Hampshire I Joe. The morning what you it's great. -- What quick points the first saw -- make it the reason that the cultural lakers. Didn't want to comment on -- eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On this. Old boat coming out on the court. Player weigh in dominating game he had. On a game in the light other reasons you'd wanna comment. Or. It's a great point -- -- what are you gonna do with big baby if if Andrew -- -- especially in this is some -- you look at it -- Well because. Really all you have on the bench is Luke Walton to go to. I mean if you wanna put a body on him but but that's a mismatch. Between the opening of big baby but he always talked about big baby is a big man and they say well. He's too small Caribbean there. I mean and no big deal they they say in the NBA and in -- big man I mean look at Rasheed look at -- assault look at. What would be is is the classic guerrilla warfare example -- -- opponent. Is big and strong and you played your quickness in your intelligence in your speed you played your strengths. Even try to defeat your opponent by using your strikes and playing to their our strength becomes their weakness you don't mean. That's the first rule of guerrilla warfare. Is what you do and I know that's crazy analogy in this put -- out you're right. It. -- Competition. Exactly. Exactly job and what you write about Phil Jackson he looks down his bench. He doesn't have any answer going into these series. What I thought would be an advantage I hope I'm right. And none of this matters because again we're at square one after four games but what I thought would be an advantage as the Celtics for Biggs. Against the lakers three when you added up KG. When you added up Perkins when you added up big baby and you putting Rasheed Wallace. Against public -- Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom. There has is really their third now you take Bynum out of -- he just that is need joining began. I mean now really for get to one half eggs -- to a quarter -- What -- -- make my second point. Other than. It's stuck in my -- along -- in my era might jet. Hold on many military and on the red light gets stuck in his -- -- the red lights on guard. You know if it Barbie all are playing at high -- game. What are the best player in the world what they're playing a road game with the rule and another city. In the chair in the crowd yeah Alan are you are. On mile stock. Yeah I don't know how -- and I would I would say it myself what ignorant cheer. That -- the best player in the world stocks are out well and it and you look down market a generic. And although it in the crowd. Of only a handful of yet. Down cold -- -- the best player in the world. Innate gallant COLT back I was out there and -- in -- are banned yet though here. Actual TV young -- that. And -- won't. -- Back out. Act out in the -- -- When the Yankees -- what in the World Series -- yet are we ordered out there in the area are complex there and embarrassment that is out. Embarrassment. Eight hours it shot. -- better job. You're after the -- I agree with them. I do not -- -- of the -- of this generation of of the older I agree it is embarrassing but you know what I understand it. Right exactly. And Coby understands it to you don't think the great players understand is that they're at it. Think the feeling. Think of standing at the foul line everybody's agreement that little socks. That. What does that -- duty. Exactly. We -- they're saying like. Pedro would say they have 55000. People change your name bigger problems of what the most significant player yankees to meet its. I mean that's gotta be a cool feel I'm -- Stearns is --

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