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Postgame Presser - Rajon Rondo

Jun 9, 2010|

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media after the Celtics fell to the Lakers in Game 3 of the NBA Finals

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-- first question on Iraq. Present talk about the defense that they -- -- team tonight the link -- to both pitchers played in KG he's played -- Like the play great team defense on your bank interest tonight we sell off on political grounds that today they. The -- they're pretty good job again that transition. There's -- place through the -- do you think he was the only key and two on their win tonight in case if I -- gone. Knows this and so. On the other source gamma shameful. We're done we're done. The way of Rondo in game two you were full affect tonight. Kind of slowed down numbers you know we're not as prolific when the lakers do tonight. That they did not doing game two to slow him down personally. Come on out own I wasn't as it -- aggressive I guess home tonight but our -- in my teammates involved and so. And I -- and choose when you I want to be aggressive intent to take over a game -- going but tonight I set up. Get Jimmy's involvement you know we still. No stitches at the for the game the amount they grade -- -- an average of -- -- really nice so. I'm caged up as my mission is to exchange in the law. -- that was just in unison for of those nights parade and bring it like -- -- -- you -- like this tonight. Hasn't changed the game for the rest of you guys when you don't happen in those degrees. Just so we know ray -- was when -- go to again so. Comment lose confidence and stop -- on the matter if you know of which went home -- to -- last favorite not gunshot and usually comes with the Clinton tonight. As one of -- -- united. Other guys have to step I think we did you -- you -- -- defense and again. So mom has come from other areas. The university jurors aren't. On the left side here. What is the momentum for your team knows about it she doesn't losses came to us the momentum shift of electors. -- guess -- do the pick it up and over again. I think we get a better job of close quarters to close in the game. Now I think we've we've made Arafat has there -- -- Gaza to amend the state -- this holiday for Canadian fish made a great place. Com we give that a transition. That if they I think simply when he gained millions -- -- -- other big plays we came off the screen with Kobe and a couple things SaaS that they simply do. Where you guys intend on letting someone else beat you besides Kobe because Kobe typically closes out the the game in that fashion but you guys left. Fisher opened this that was you guys decided to do. Noted it was NASA is no does this happen he may place. On topic thorough coverage wasn't. What are supposed to be and he capitalized. It would it would anything about Derek Fisher's performance dominant again. If they do. Can't say enough -- -- he definitely I received -- thank you for much -- again you know Kobe in other guests. Kevin minute throughout the tag and that you know and made Iran men are run. He SEC in advance every time. Last question here adolescent. Bush -- it just seems every game between the Celtics lakers lakers Celtics is unique and singular. How do you project -- -- to be because taught to really getting beat. -- -- -- Come on how -- question. Non revolving as a team we're gonna come around player with a lot of energy. Have great focus. That we lost our composure tonight couple possessions and that -- so. And you can't really write the story to it has to do the next game and he's gonna see via cell.

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