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Tim Donaghy, Ex-NBA Ref

Jun 8, 2010|

Ex-NBA ref, Tim Donaghy, joins us to break down the refs for tonight's game

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About two pieces of information wanna know hear -- to what I wanna know a wanna know who officials yes we have that for you Tim Donahue we have that for you as well -- this just in on NBA dot com referee assignments. Dan Crawford. Bill Kennedy. And Bennett Salvatore rate. August that means something to some people. I'm sure what it means to me. Former NBA ref Tim Donna deacon tells -- all that means it's aria. Our power to -- about you don't trip what is that Crawford Kennedy and Salvatore bring to the table tonight. I think it brings some aggressive -- being picked it get. You know some of these illegal screen and some of this. Not -- trouble that -- existing. You know. Cleaned out with some aggressive whistles that you can see a lot of illegal screen Paul. Op you know where how would get involved and so you know hot. On the big -- -- -- movement -- -- the -- because we are cleaned up early and I also think you can see a lot of out on Alan bishop. To get that match up and up early. Bad for Boston and. I'm not saying either way you can dig into that anyway you want that you know I think it's gonna be some aggressive with -- early to get into all. -- asked this earlier what's the odds of Kobe Bryant getting five files again tonight at five and in game two innings and he said that won't happen again. I'm not sure if you meant because he wasn't gonna follow people or they weren't going to be called but do you think we'll see him and -- public in this series them. I know I don't think you can see him out troubled and for a long long time. -- -- this situation where. Nokia and cheap fouls called on him in that theory and I think that there are most likely gonna blow those ladies and meeting this morning. And I don't -- happening again. In my had a theory early this morning and they were calling them very tight and kind of -- I guess you could even say sticky tack and if they're going to ta call you for touching and hand checking those kinds of things. If you're Kendrick Perkins and I guess if your big baby and I suppose in your -- KG as well. If you're gonna get those -- to -- while he's a great example -- some kind of just put his left shoulder route and he ran and a public -- called a follow on. If you're gonna get those one make them hard files that they remember -- clearance. But as an example the baseline drive by Gasol he went past Perkins and Shelden Williams. And and they got to follow on that and -- any and he -- the basketball and got everybody in LA excited -- the smartest thing from a selfish standpoint to do it to to -- some lumber on him and make him think about coming down the line next time. If you're gonna get the follow anyway. -- and I think you have to be careful because I don't think Kevin Garnett are expected to get those -- -- called on and and I think that you know if he did he certainly would have been a little bit more gentle but if if you large document without it certainly worked. You know let people know that that you know if you're gonna on the on this plane and you're certainly gonna pay -- That's the way -- you know I certainly looked at a but you know I don't I don't think all. -- Kevin Garnett thinks that he deserved probably -- those outlined. The other night. I know the commission is not happy with the system but clearly the story of the series so far nationally. Is the officiating. And 134 free throws in the two games. Not what David Starr on the MBA had in mind although they are trying to keep order. In the LA times this morning that kind of a story that's addressed to the commissioner with a budget suggestions. Going to be a curious is this Europe cents on whether any of these things election happened like get rid of the foul out rule book and you know six files. Let a -- stay in the game give -- an extra free throw giving some kind of additional penalty but stopped following guys out that that'll ever happen. Well you know I've made suggestion that maybe each team can just pick three people that at the start treatment dark body and they can get -- out and everybody -- Did you know five or six I know that was. On something that I recommend it but you know certainly something needs to be done that you know you know change the rules of that. You know these star players can stay in the game and not worry about being taken now. -- -- -- officiating this game tonight I assume you would be aware like the officials were party game to the Kendrick Perkins had seven and the next one would require a disqualification. Correct you'd be aware. Out everyone's well aware that I don't know you used all the one pitch well yes -- that I got tied up there. And and abruptly stepped in and separate them and talked to them don't know if he. He maybe didn't have. That many at about maybe it's possible that they would just issued double technical found that situation but that they're well aware that he -- that many technical the next one. Sluggish sort of answer my question does that give Perkins a little more leeway and you expect at some point at the series goes six or seven games. Brenda somehow someway get another -- double technical and and and get. Of of disqualified. But I think it that the situation when he would be real careful but I also think it is tempered some planes and get the best stop them. He will end up getting at less that. What's the rule. For US -- when you rested for the all these guys is there a rule like F bomb automatically or disease -- NASA -- -- your mother does he have to directed personally at you. What what audio and decide when -- in the if the guy gets a T. Well -- you know what the situation where that the users there's magical words which is usually that you know. And network that it it's an automatic. Technical ballot and you know it it's just you know referees don't like it it's shown up. Especially on this level one. They do given that. Top players -- -- more leeway in in the finals but you know at at some point you know tempers you start the flare up and you can see that need to upcoming games. It -- eye contact make a difference if if a guy walks away from use facing other way these -- open. But not -- in your face and showing you up does that give him a little more leeway. That's because there's a referee you know you're supposed to look the other way so he's not looking at you right know why should you be looking at him you're supposed to try to avoid -- conflict as much as possible. -- -- -- -- That others it at doing that and we know that. You know certain -- in the -- that -- for conflict and certain represent a walk away but. Directly usually should walk away and and not make icons. There's a reference in Sports Illustrated someone tells Ian Thompson summer from the league who said the league's biggest fear in the finals is having on court brawl. Does that make your sense to you do you think they fear having guys slug it out of the court. Absolutely anytime you -- about. In a in a fight in. And an NBA game because there's an enormous amount of controversy in trouble so you know on the global stages the NBA finals you certainly don't want you know players going at it and act. I think that's why you know you've seen so many out recently and and -- get rid of the physical play to avoid that much thought. Or indeed to some guys just yep constantly but don't -- and you let them get away with it like it's a pleasure to see Rasheed Wallace gets a lot of tax. But nobody happen nonstop for ten minutes before it gets tech is it just is just not swearing. How he swears it's just the officials choosing not to ignored until it's obvious. You know that there's no other way to. Handle -- -- think in the technical foul on that there's there's certain players that just constantly complain. You know Kevin Garnett talked a lot but yet. You know he doesn't really purses as much. You know it's different different ways of and only if for different people but. No Rashid somebody that. You know it he he's smart he knows when things aren't going right he's not afraid -- sit back and and except that he. Election here. You ever give attacked for a guy who's complaining in another language would. -- our. Love how this -- could tell you in my holiday you know do some unnatural act. In Spanish and you would know. One out. Eight if if if you're Jim -- and you know you've blown the call and it's too late you've already made it do you give a guy more leeway if you screaming at June when you know you were wrong. Absolutely 100% and you know you're wrong he certainly sit back and take a little bit more than when you know you're right you certainly have a -- -- when you know you're right. We have we've discussed this with the before Tim final question for -- and -- tennis is highly theoretical in nature but we all know that NBA refs -- What's good for the leak and I'm not suggesting that a memo comes down from the legal officer David Stern. It's a phone call -- system night here's what I want to happen. But I think we can all agree that NBA refs know on the back of their mind what's good for the -- specifically six or seven games in the final is better than four or five. How that apply to tonight's game three if if you were fishing in the game what would you think is good for the league tonight. I don't think anything right note that the lead -- I think if that's an idea is he outplayed out there and -- it truly is that this gets back to Los Angeles now. You know without said you know -- most and -- can win one game out of these three I think that's which could for the week. -- -- fascinating stuff as always we appreciate the time. Im gonna -- -- Dennis and Callahan and AT&T hotline eight TNT rethink boss.

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