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Jun 7, 2010|

Jackie talked about if she believes Kevin Garnett is hurt, if Boston can continue to win games with subpar performances from KG and Pierce, which coaching staff has a more solvable problem when it comes to Rondo and Gasol, how the comparison between Bryant and Jordan is closer than we think, Tom Thibodeau taking a job to coach the Bulls, and what she believes will happen in the three games in Boston

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Usually we do this conversation on Tuesday as. The call at Tuesday's with Jackie but a scheduling conflict has pushed her up by a day -- McMullen joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- think possible. And brought -- you by the only became brunch menu from Burger King with ten white and try morning's till 1030 good afternoon to. Great how it's graduation and all let in some stuff. An outlet you know they're actually great great great day in. And with this. I'm tired funny how that works out -- yeah there was balk at a complaint thank. -- the question of the day is. It's Kevin Garnett hurt. Well don't look right. No question about that. Not -- and rebound off and I -- in what speculation Arctic but. I guess the question I would act right back Michael is that the map. -- You know here we are and whether he's hurt or not. You've -- -- play areas and plain looks like he's gonna try to play. I think a lot of his struggle. I think it probably is something physically go on but that doesn't really that's probably to almost everybody out there I think it's just part for. Because these guys the law. And use the longest guy he ignored him what he did it start. At the and I think the thing we forget about even with pro athlete that I forget about myself. Is they can have crisis of confidence just like we pedestrian. And pocket -- plane like a man that owns the world. -- -- with so much confidence. And and -- isn't. It might be that simple. Well a bit -- that's the case I mean there's there's really not the -- nothing to worry about four. For public I'd say I let out all that Arnold that's -- if that's the case. Of the. I don't know either adding that the I think there is probably physically something and -- will probably hear about it we care about -- there and certainly a you know what's the -- -- -- -- we've seen -- time. I think is something going on there but. Again I ask you. What you can do about it what can you do it -- you would just -- could -- is meant to see more minutes -- -- that is the only issue. -- and god -- the eighty that it. You know the energy gave him in the game played. We don't know which can act and to do that over the you know the 3536. Minute. They are usually play at a later. You're gonna get exposed now -- I went -- last I think it's quite likely that. 44 minutes exactly what. Okay so. During marketable -- in -- it's remarkable that the Celtics won gains because of the way things went because. You know Garnett was off you're not in self. And yet you know -- should point 2% for the game away and well we -- liar right. And -- they're related. And and the rebound we talked about that we before you start they have to get the rebound the ball sustain it -- the ball well. In your in your opinion Jackie could the Celtics win a series against the lakers. With superior backcourt play overcoming a deficiency in the four court. Well I think that all the other gonna aptly -- and they do that. Well it did last night. It did last night you know last -- that's why it was such remarkable game what you know you can ask Ray Allen is that every night -- Buchanan. That is what he did it I think. I think he's front court guys so up I can't tell in the -- you're gonna go to for eleven at the yours I know he's got a -- And it is but he struggled at times and likely -- very many came up big. An important game of the thinking in Atlanta area and I do think it's Kevin Garnett have a moment to Hurricane -- to. It too proud they've been they've been at this too long in the to analysts is that not. Though I don't think it's -- it's gonna be checked a dried deal because. This period we all that went that we had no idea out and go before a game now tell me what you know. I was I was gonna bells and I question my next question for you was after two games. And in 96 minutes what you know about the series you have a final for what the series uses. Don't let you know that in Dubai and a lot of that name but -- credit for right. That's it plain art in plain art looks terrific in you've looked unbeatable I'm. And when you have Gasol and Bynum out there they're linked in is made immediate problem in and we all that was in case -- Bynum I can melodic credit. And you know you look at event at. I like I like with the help -- -- and -- and Robert. You know and we incarnate -- yet again. It baby -- is not quite so art. They sell art in which considers those those buddies around about it. But it activities but that was energy and little lift off the band's site -- really really well so in a Celtic. They won -- statement that if I hit you they went one you're a real and it was the art of make it it. I think it they come back here and let's eat this up the crowd with easily do. Happen. And Jackie -- -- which coaching staff has a more. Solvable problem. Okay see it right is at the lakers when they look at Roger on Rondo and they say how -- we slow this guy down bright put Kobe on them do we put Derek Fisher on a what do we do with Rondo or is -- the Celtics in the departments all. And they say two games of this series he really has dominated it was great -- -- too he was overshadowed by Ray Allen and in the Celtic. Victory magnificent that we have on the baseline was just incredible incredible green movement now nobody wants alike might get that I get that -- -- -- -- likes him. They really don't in -- you know what it's funny he's very skilled Hitler election years about how late game and you know it. The apple now at a point in BA game in every. A little floppy and it was I would think it good basketball player you know people don't like it. That you ought to like it's -- because it's initial expressions and Erik think what he's one of the most intelligent in interest seen pro athletes -- Everett. So you wanna hate them but I'm telling you what he was chairman and you've got to know everybody look. -- -- Well I think the answer is a -- -- for the lakers because the Celtics. In order to solve their problem. Received in AG and all these guys. -- And I don't think they have that. And I know you know we know they don't have that with Rasheed and we can speculate all -- about Kevin -- has -- tell -- which is something like about it. Not make excuses so I think the answer is that the lakers. Have more bodies more healthy young bodies to try to solve their. We finally at halftime of game one -- to piece you had told us about where you watched film with with Kobe Bryant and and you know I'm obviously a lot better than we do the deflated Kobe Bryant that we saw with his chin in his hand post game last night. How quickly can -- compact from that. Well yeah -- it has come. I mean -- I guarantee they'll I was not part of now Auckland last night to killer heat you know it's interesting to see him in -- last I remember the last time that I remember Indians here I'll talk like that just doesn't. Area off the and because. Much as I like will be a daily got to take a lot of what he says with a grain of salt I was on around one last week and the question was hoping that Kamal quotes and I don't care about the lakers Celtics to I don't even you know I don't. Concern myself with it. Now meanwhile just -- a piece of what he's breaking down able to Baylor and Jerry West title you know what I mean so a lot of it. Public posturing with -- which is you know all all good leaders do that they say one thing in -- and other and I think that you don't have to worry about Kobe Bryant and and back to the plate really well in game three on -- a guarantee of that. Well or doing that piece -- must have been interesting anyway just talking to a modern player about players who have come before him. That's interesting anyway the fact that it's Kobe Bryant talking about some of the greats of the game. Takes it to another level out of all the players he talked about what what do you think what what jumped out at you what guy. Really. Got Kobe going in and really brought a sparkle to resign for lack of better phrase. What you know let -- it's funny that the entity is a little different than what you just that because this just didn't wanna like Jordan. It didn't want needed wanna follow it wants -- -- he just wanted to distance himself from Jordan right from the get dealt but he is he's set in the in the magic back drop -- -- by the magic on match in he thought he was gonna be six foot nine like -- articulate being. And -- also -- hey -- you know -- I'm not gonna be an excellent be bad because I'm not gonna be -- install like him on this wiry guy and I need to do it but I guess I got a step on opposite on the Jordan. But doubt that. Well the ever -- film of a Celtic. You know -- there was also came and I just noticed this and as I watched the piece. There was I mean I understood all the Laker guys and that would make total sense but I just noticed there were no Celtics that he ever looked at at a at that point -- we never even discussed the Celtics to beyond the. You know it's it's funny it's funny projecting that he was that that was his approach and Jordan because. We entered -- not the first person say in the will be the last. Walks like -- -- a -- talks like them I like him plays like comes up I mean it's it's the same thing so I'm I'm amazed that he wasn't a fan of news. -- it was just because he was so you know member when you get when you're young kids you just so true -- your -- team and magic with his dying in the lakers were his funny. That's what it was all about and I think to even at a young age you understood he is something special and he wanted to be. And individual he didn't wanna be the next Michael Jordan look how that worked out our you know our -- -- not and a host of others -- I think he was always. Resistant to that comparison. And and it was funny when we set up it. We had Michael client the great producer that the worked on the pieces means it's such a great job and said. That's instant -- is both forehand went Kobe and I were talking about the we have been talking about Jerry West in Oscar Robertson in Elgin Baylor and almost -- players in -- you know he told me about this summer he had spent the team we just now. Not Jordan in and around and the producer said yeah we we get to prepare for that he can get up and walked out and not do that and so every time we have about Jordan. It's saying except none of -- past that. And -- very very willing to talk about Jordan but he hasn't only been. And you don't want you so -- to talk about it means he is breathing down Jordan that is -- is right there. Well for him guys not well I don't turn the -- Michael. Currently -- two way. You saw a short right used to -- you saw Jordan play and you're seeing Kobe play. I what do you think. You know I think it's a lot closet and you feel like yes. You know like Kobe is better shooter. -- he's much better shooter they're both great closers. Jordan the better leader Jordan the guys -- can either out of here or respect or both. I hope he still has trouble communicating. With his teammate he Jordan was much better at that. But -- if you ask me okay what about that wing and haven't hit that wing jumper. I -- -- -- Jordan sensibly. And hard to say that maybe get listed Jordan at that both super. -- did you hear her say I take Kobe over Jordan in any kind of context accused her that I thought I heard her say I'd take Kobe. Better shooter in shooting myself had a better suited than Michael toward justice. He has a better shoot it in NA NA vacuum yes he's a better shooter than Michael Jordan. With the game on the line. They're all great I excited I think I think Toby particular political back and looked at all the last second shot -- I'm sorry now is -- if you got me right now who would you take a still pick Jordan because leadership matters. Leadership. And Jordan is -- physical. You know ethnic at this -- so overall market saint yet Jordan's slated to Jordan but what I'm saying is I think it's close opinion given credit for. -- Because I that I did not apologize -- does that under -- one guy is. The best basketball player I've ever seen. It and I I don't think penalty Kobe is the best in and it's unfair to him that -- Jordan before -- -- is not the best basketball player I've ever seen and there's even a debate. If he's the best player in the league right now where's that eight minute existed a threat to -- Jordan like ten years. But that debate is -- because. If you put abroad at a time and cold yet as prime that the head that we should have the conversation but that's not what it is now. Pope -- we all agree is you know it's it's gone it's probably added he added speaking headed down the amount. What was called revived on your climate and in your opinion was -- prime. Right away you know early twenty's really I looked -- I still think right now he's more dangerous than -- He just -- unit killer cold and the -- to listen -- -- closest might be someday what you you know on the project into this but I -- -- ask you. When it LeBron James one and what it -- -- look look there's there's no it don't you know that there's there's no comparison in terms of championship obviously afford for Briggs versus zero. I'm gonna ask you this though we're gonna go back go back and forth asking to the questions. You think Kobe Bryant take LeBron off for the cavaliers to put Kobe there that team went 61 games and so does that team get past the Celtics. I couldn't conference finals. In my opinion. Yet. Think the -- will be closing gain Michael closes out games. The problems because of something that that that team with best supporting cast -- 61 games in many doors -- the right. I'm not gonna sit here and denigrate in the project and so I think it's you know has yet to be one of the all time great -- not is -- -- -- all right but. LeBron hasn't learned yet. He's not yet learned he doesn't do actually I think it's funny taking that -- because you're on the without trying to convince me that look -- the that the killer instinct -- -- take any other. -- nod nod -- I agree how he doesn't he doesn't have to -- -- -- -- -- killer instinct your direct Coby is a closer he got that thing. Insecure that we talked I think he can win sixty games in eighty when he -- -- -- -- I'm just wondering if it at that position at that the two guard position and the supporting cast at the cavaliers have does he have the ability. To bring them to make all of those guys better to the point where there are 61 win team. I think he does. It does. -- what's your opinion of the officiating. Quality or lack thereof so far in the -- finals. Yet they blow the whistle while it overlooked a lot I don't want FDA bleep and fouls last. I don't like it and it it was lopsided but you know what it also did -- lopsided. I mean at the Celtics do -- more -- So I wish they would loosen up a little bit -- but you know that's. Am I'm back you know really old school when it comes that I I don't understand why every little touches the ballot geek that. And and I think that's which is seen I think it's too bad in ruins -- gain. And yet. As we know all part of the celtics' strategy is especially in Atlanta in its use that the -- So they come into the NBA announced that the -- reputation. What do you think the end game is for you know calling somebody files an -- game one at that was an aberration game two makes me think that. This is you know some some order some directive from on high what what are they trying to accomplish. I doubt but that the trying to accomplish entertain that -- not a it really disrupting flow game and I think it's game and I think. Think there's something for is that I think it's set for physical play mean that are watching him -- all the shots. You know -- Celtics and it was loud but it but it was great backed -- And you know I just I don't know what was the point is they're trying to make what it is just trying to control the physical reality of it because we all talked about the fact that might be physical. -- I can't imagine the NBA is very happy with my -- file called because it it it. No it doesn't it was not a whole lot -- of that game. Well there was early on the Celtics were playing so well. Let you know they like they like the games with with the back and forth in an attempt to with a number of files that. I don't know what's the issue of free throw right. Or some guys especially. Going into this series I I made the the comment that I thought this because I picked Rajon Rondo to be the MVP of the finals. And I said despite the fact that he was you know an All-Star this year and a first team all defensive team player that this was going to be his. Coming out party and a lot of textures and emailers have what you Nazis already out. I don't think he is yet but if he keeps playing like we saw last night any impact is the MVP of the finals then he's really out. Yeah I think he's in unbelievable on the post season it's types of media to knowing that he still had those moments. That's true of every place. And I really do think it's gonna break out policies and foreign. And you know like gently we did last night is to meet intentional vintage Rondo at this point. I'm getting everybody involved the rebounding is so critical. For the team right now and ensure. When you talk about rebounding people want -- you have and twelve rebounds in the old days are over. Okay and what went the opposite successful. Ray Allen has for five rebounds. You know Rondo has it could could be anywhere between six and -- you'll have some poppy or so at seven or eight rebounds backhand. And so I think that's what that's like. If they were gonna win you know it's the same opening right keep them under a hundred which is -- that -- last night keep -- provided they almost always win and out rebound them. And almost always went. For those who haven't done so already go to boston.com. Check on -- story on Tom pivotal very. -- and entertaining piece and we find out the top of it was a gutter when he played okay checked that are related expenses. The defense the -- didn't believe in defense but let me ask you this about him though. He's the he's the new head coach of the Chicago Bulls do you think there's any connection. To LeBron James in almost the same agency agency right. Do you think project is going to the bulls. I mean I get to be naive to think that they're there might not be a connection to that. I mean I'd be curious to know LeBron James knows eight knows timetable that well and think that would be just fantastic. I'm so glad. That he finally getting his chance because nobody has prepared for more waited longer work and I think he's gonna be -- coat cell. Having said that if you look at the polls. That Noah got rose you know little bank. And there you put a prominent team they are instantly. The championship contender there's just no doubt about it and you add it back to keep got a defensive minded coach who can -- -- -- offenses that as well. It felt like LeBron isn't just that but then does what doesn't make sense is is he pulling the strings in Cleveland like everybody says is he the one at that the incineration. So will which is this is it both. -- what I write every vote they can get LeBron be the first player coach general manager. In NBA history. Well you're not likely would be the first because I think Larry Bird I already did that in disguise and Bill Russell Dunn and disguises well now. In another Michael Jordan was right there. Like Jordan tried that's of the the whole thing Jordan try with Eric rousing -- -- dividend. Jordan -- all the North Carolina guys out to be on the roster. In area right. In a piece today on Yahoo! Adrian -- Murkowski actually was a day or so ago writing about Tom -- -- going to Chicago on all last. Quotes he quotes a front office executive with a franchise. That has significant salary cap space this summer. That's how Adrian describe this person the Pope was quote I think all the big free agent deal will be done by July 1 if not the draft. The NBA would have a cow if it -- what's going on now on quote. -- -- -- Yeah are you learn this stuff till. How close it always happens -- anybody that thinks they're gonna wait till July 1 to talk to LeBron James is doing. It's gone on everywhere and backed -- in back waters and the part that I find interesting that I had. Can't remember another time that it's gone on like this is. The guys waded in and Arlen and now upon and all these players that know each other talking to each other about what they're gonna do. That -- people have always done that. But like Tim Duncan -- -- one point people would talk about that but you never believed it I believe he's. With these guys these guys mean I didn't have the peace and Dwyane Wade last year for ESPN. And you've only got about how we worked out last summer. Little bargain and Chris Paul and all these other guys beat these guys to really tight. And they can absolutely shake up the lead if it wanted to let them decide to form together and go to the same place and then what happens to the god has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joe Johnson in this next to do so what do I care what -- capital upon and we beat Joe Johnson Al you know what does that do it's it's dark. Ridiculous other guys throwing Joe Johnson out of their get together original it what it does Jackie is leave a pile of money for somebody somebody's going to be positioned the really overpaid and you think about it the next the next -- have room for two max players. So let's say. LeBron and and both go to. Both go to Miami and in graduates who -- the Miami LeBron goes there Chris Bosh goes to Chicago. Where New York has a lot of money to overpay somebody. It's true and you know it's funny it's. It's the wind being Celtics and should be a little worried about monopoly like with the -- to create it I think he's proven beyond a shadow of the ballot. The Celtics. Nevermind the clothes in the window they need to open up a little lighter and let -- -- -- it. Okay but at what price obviously not at the contract that he's been paid. So if you're the articulate and and okay teams would love to thank in the mid level exception. Right everybody would like to derail of that amount of money we can name a little more petite dark got. The one scenario that kind of bums out and I don't offer they would do this sort McCain would do it but you talk about overpaid -- the team like Bjork get it lower but for the that New York -- a with what doesn't make sense to Joe Johnson but -- the same split the the excitement they get Chris offs and and they have when he left over and they say you know what. Response you want to be happy he needed great. Thank the perimeter shooter we're gonna overpay Ray Allen didn't fourteen million a year to come down here with you for his last two years of his career. Do you picture the Celtics winning all three home games. Well that's hard to do that's hard do especially with what I saw last night. Because -- just -- -- win that this was that the Celtics insist all sorts of things that should make it really nervous what's gonna what KG. You know Paul -- Assault kit should scare the living built -- and I'm telling you something guys. When he won for coping. Not gonna happen to any time. Foul trouble for Kobe not gonna happen to me more time so I I have a hard time seen either one of these teens went into green -- I just don't seem. Well back in LA games game six and seven out. Well we'll -- maybe you don't need seven. I have no pulse of this series -- black -- last night to discounted to to make any sense than any other venue you're really happy to -- Ray Allen do that casinos cape. There right yet the sinister it's been such a strange series. Who knows what's gonna happen news you can go back to that. What you predicted that beginning of the series but those predictions were based on anything that we've seen right now me what you know right now is I don't. On the most popular after game 1% are forget -- we can't beat these guys were not long enough we would they killed us on the boards together we're were dead. And then they'll rebound over the second game in Gwinnett. That strange. Jacqui we always appreciate the time we'll talk to you next week thanks got to look forward to let you take care care about Jackie McMullen Tuesdays with Jackie normally today it's on Monday.

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