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Postgame Guest - Nate Robinson

Jun 7, 2010|

Nate Robinson spoke to Grande & Max after the Celtics beat the Lakers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

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Back at Staples Center aren't Los Angeles December -- the sport's universe tonight the Boston Celek -- -- NBA finals at a game apiece. They beat the lakers won all three and 94. No shortage of heroes in this game the Celtics many of them coming up the match now one of them is Nate Robertson who played extraordinary six minutes. If rush out Ronald Reagan started the fourth quarter. Eight annual wildest imagination for months ago. And it's you have imagined being on this stage tonight apple Indian beer bottles but -- one of those NBA finals games that we all talked about for decades. I mean not at all you know -- -- Of this thing you know they'll think what do -- Leslie would you know this upgrade beyond this on this season yet but this -- with a great group of guys that organization. Classes. I love being around -- love being here. While this with the game at the book people who do not -- apart. Because every time they -- you thought you. Cattle were about to get -- lead. I mean the lakers just kept coming back in back in back but that over the want talk about that tell me as a shooter. What it feels like to watch Ray Allen knocked down -- -- after tree fall after -- ball. The do it you know the beautiful thing about raised doubts I mean he worked extremely hard on it and when he threw the ball. You know you can -- extreme. Extreme confidence. He you know he feels like you know you can make every shot him. -- you -- but it's and we went -- to. And I you know a great should do and is this is it is often the -- -- that kind of that kind of grew -- and Dakota -- the -- an -- can't -- that would have -- right. What was going on on the ranch during the early or more apt to call after the lakers don't want. Despair by you know you know get to -- to conduct a degree that. And -- the -- -- that we not play you know even if things you know use them but -- -- you -- play you know -- -- they'd be you know he is -- be scrappy you know when the 5050. You know grab rebounds you know things like that in just a threat -- we did -- you know we faith in over the. Mean you you can't talk enough about eighteen games in the team game but the team game of -- and you know you think about this way Kevin Garnett. It without difficulty Rusty Wallace didn't about the -- -- it's just -- stupid there to have the help -- ground and late. Really -- in the game and did everything as they need. That it today is immediate and it up big he fits me that a network that we. That we preach about. It -- in Idaho and today you know you know you know feel that a when it hit me it was a big minutes of the -- You know what -- about double. You know myself with his command to try to play you know the way we don't like Tony was that he is not called me that we had a team. A theme concept that because Pittsburgh game a lot of guys you know which is playing man to man he did what -- it -- -- -- that would be. Utility side he -- we've got to -- and that kind of makes me activated it is -- fear -- and you know if you've been -- and it -- -- that frequent. Hey you're a long way from Madison Square Garden to his IQ that's winner on you get me -- a million people -- I hope though that thank you enjoy.

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