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Celtics Rewind Opening Segment

Jun 7, 2010|

John Ryder is on immediately after the Celtics win in Game 2 of the NBA Finals to break down the game along with some press conferences live from the Staples Center.

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In what I thought was a must win game for the Celtics they do Jews that beating the lakers won all three deny -- forty evened this best of series. At one game apiece John rounder here on Celtics through -- extended NBA finals. Version up until 1 AM will be taking your phone calls going over this game at 6177790850. Toll free 888525. 0815. Pound WEEI on your Verizon phone also welcome text messages. At 85850. Will get chipped out to Los Angeles has weld Kerry. A bunch of the different press conferences including lakers head coach Phil Jackson and we'll also hear recourse for Russia and around two and all the important people in this game two when there was plenty of those in particular Rondo who was just sensational in the fourth quarter. Ten of his nineteen in the fourth quarter celtics' defense shaky at times certainly to close out that for a staff and had stretches of the third quarter. As. The Celtics then put the clamps though on defensively. A big close to the fourth quarter -- a big finished at sixteen to four run. To close the fourth quarter data to handle -- At 121 when the Garnett headed inside to perk. Human 97 and nine -- lead it and they go on for the 10394. Win. Celtics when despite Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce combining to go four for sixteen from the floor -- shot wasn't there but. They did a good job at that appears defensively. And they combined for tennis is so they did some of the little things well despite their shot not going one guy shots it certainly was was Ray Allen. As he sits in NBA finals record with eight threes in the game he's eight for eleven. Shooting -- three was Ray Allen the first half Raj on Rondo in the second half things opening up for Rondo. When they had to pay more attention to Ray Allen in the second half defensively. Still I think the lakers bigs pretty much shredded the Celtics Pao Gasol -- 25 points eight rebounds six blocks -- Bynum was huge. With six rebounds himself and seven blocks in 21. Points overall but Kobe Bryant bothered by that -- biologist eight out of twenty overall in the game. And he wasn't able to be as aggressive driving to the basket they turned into a jump shooter because it was -- should proud troubled and wanna pick up -- six file you get out of the game. And that was big as well for the Celtics in this one let's get right to the phones and first up is Lou can rein in a -- -- -- -- Yeah not what I even old -- Darren Garnett only had out. Our exit point I think that let I let them make a great yet seek and it -- that -- Pietro had liked it to say. Yes six and says he was -- was. Yet that you played he played party in the I think they think slate dot. No no he didn't play awful his jump shot wasn't going on but did wasn't happening there but certainly setting screens for Rondell. Getting clear lanes to the basket. Certainly it. The sharing of the ball by the Celtics 28 assists compared to the lakers a team which Doc Rivers always stresses that extra pass. And a great ball movement throughout and setting the screen says still think that when the lakers did make that run. It and they didn't they haven't really been running that customary triangle offense they've been using a lot of pick and roll plays. Clearing the space -- you know those -- to get to the basket and that's what. The lakers were doing well tonight and did well in game one but that rebounds this time it goes of the celtics' favor 44 to 392. Chance opportunities as well there are getting to those 5050 balls. Celtics early. Now we're hustling in this game showed a ton of energy I also thought Nate Robinson coming up the bench was big six minutes there would -- -- round it was certainly gassed at the end of the third quarter. And he played six valuable minutes. As well in this one with his seven points at that big baby was very active he had seven rebounds five on the offensive end Rondo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight John I don't know we. Our our talk about out this -- -- should suspend may you know baiting went but their bench. Well it was tonight in -- wasn't good -- and game one and outscored the lakers 24 of fifteen. Fifteen rebounds stayed I thought Rasheed Wallace played very well with Kevin Garnett in foul trouble that was a big difference as well she'd play a lot of energy getting back in transition as well he also had seven rebounds despite that bad back. Absolutely in I think that you know pierce Garnett about -- compact -- alt games to get it's gonna be looking got up on right now. Yeah I do to -- I can't believe one of Pao Gasol only get ten attempts at could've fed him the ball a little bit more. As he had it going on once again in this it would 25 points to get to the free throw line up thirteen times. That's wanting to kill the lakers free throws they got their 41 times only made 31 about 522. Shooting the three with a lakers so -- Allen himself had more threes the lakers in this with -- eight Celtics eleven of sixteen shooting the three. 126 from the free throw -- just a terrific game wasn't -- here's judge Joe and Spencer a joke. I don't you would regard as one who actually got a question like at no law. KG and local or -- defense three is now but. Just seen I don't beat beat them at any blank expecting makes a powered with its quick exit from. From the looks of it looks like you please property well -- -- a couple more minutes even -- -- struggle. -- like Rasheed Wallace on Pao Gasol more than baby. Yep yep it's like yeah but certainly with big body here. Think -- inside I'll tell you baby does a phenomenal job he never stops working that's for sure it stops are going out there. Now in -- I think that one -- baby can't do was try to push more way to the bass and pushing away from the basket. There and carry it out like an exit out eat speak yet. More. Or attempts -- I can't believe the number touches that he didn't get I was wondering near as well in the first quarter even have a lot of touches there in the first quarter powered assault. And that they should have fed him more. And then went up as well in a couple of plays the Alley -- to Bynum and getting in the lobby get inside to bind them as well. -- down the Alley oop play business lobby in his side at that the at the lakers should of went inside a little bit more to Bynum. And empower Gasol instead of these jump shots were on our test was terrible -- this 1110. Just let him dribble the basketball over the place here's a fill in Rhode Island they -- Yeah I definitely. Do you. Let's make little bring -- -- and -- -- stressing that the second checkpoint. Through game one of health and set -- -- and think through the first caller. The main -- recorder they actually turn it on a special deal agreed not like you know what -- -- baby look at really all -- Yeah Rondo I can't believe in Jeff Van Gundy said and it's grade point during the broadcast on an ABC was. Was why no one gets a body your gets in gets in in front of the in front of Rondo when he tries to rebound the basketball. Well let's go do Los Angeles we're we're -- assault. As a stepping up to the microphone at a press conference. -- Executed in. Related game plan -- Got it got and -- went for themselves. Adjustments. We we definitely need to. Make sure. You know we we we hustled more -- got to a ball. Tonight. A lot of times quicker than we did. Second chance opportunities. Just -- balls. There are pursuing the ball definitely more desire. So you know that's something that it's it's -- subject that thing. You know -- -- it to play our way to -- -- execute offensively. Do things that work out their force. And and just quickly -- it's it's pretty much it. Do you think the controversial press motivated them to come out heart to play harder tonight. I don't know I don't know I mean it was a big game for both teams not emotions. We're motivated to please him rename it finals though. It is displayed better than we did tonight in. Obviously. Ray Allen shot the ball extremely well. I'm going. And Rondo controlled the game and got to a lot of balls -- and you it was a -- rebounder of the game as a point guard. But I tell you something and something that we got to look into. And nature. It doesn't happen again. So it's this couple key points. We -- realize. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Given that you in and do had such strong games offensively in the -- Kevin and Paul had tough nights and the lakers right there how did the lakers lose this one what happened in the last. 56 minutes what have with the execution. Well we turn of all over. Couple times it down the stretch when the game was on the line. And that. That possession where it was 72 seconds on the clock. We were scrambling like view this might the last possession game and we gave them wide open note and basket. When you're down three only and it was two minutes or something ago. So. Most of deflating. And they just -- them -- offensively again. They took advantage and took their time and and converted and executed. There and their place so that's that's how it got away from us that like and a mental thing a mental lapse or just effort it just slipped away. Editors who fall -- not. I'm getting in and pays -- trap of you know mistakes errors at the wrong time of the game you know had a nice infrequently at a news. Three of four minutes ago and you know couldn't. Couldn't continue to do things that we're working force. You know we'll look into it -- more detail -- Patients. And no will try to adjust. For game three was a big big time game again we. We're gonna have to -- you know really be extremely aggressive and and strong mentally and physically. That play coming out of the timeout -- at once second to advance the ball and then bang bang and all of a sudden there's a 211 -- yeah what would happen there. Yeah I mean obviously we're trying to deny. Passes on now. Other side of the court. You know they got the ball -- and we were trapping those guys I just said it seemed like it was. Thirty seconds ago we -- are desperation mode and now we gave my -- lay up and up playing -- put us. -- a -- was pretty key I think if you know they get the ball. On the court and and now we've just play and stop. And don't know. You know don't don't lose our -- there and you know they got a good score easy score and I was being a little bit deflating. And a point. Second rounds on how to -- -- basket Korea. I was noticing today that and over throughout the play -- you guys that a lot of practice with transition defense would mean it's with the Oklahoma City. Today you guys had trouble with with transition defense why do you think that was and how do you feel about that going forward. Yeah you obviously the it's fast three point means -- Rondo pushing the long game -- Going on transition. Is a big key for them. And we got to do a better job each frame back defensively and making sure. We support our guards and now we control. Their point guard. Penetrating the lane so something that we. We got it made a conscious effort. -- You feel like you -- the year for -- was wasted tonight drew played very well offensively and defensively. Not love golf like that at all mean things are effort. Was a positive thing. And up production and we didn't win the ball game so. Effort was was good and we. He's gonna have to be even better in greater I'm in Boston is going to be tougher to play. Right here in this corner. We accomplished during this is put on you when you so that Kobe was and felt terrible. Boosted what your situation. Our best player. Knows about trouble and it's. Britain's -- of danger. If it if it affects the team. In different ways so. You played replay facility and I use it was too aggressive but obviously he was limited I think within minutes he would play more minutes if it was about trouble. So -- soft cost of their proposal calls but can't control that again. So he's got to play but for the game and and then do you do your best. -- two in the back and on the right. Helpless and other locate -- vehicle but boastful and Ray Allen you know we Oakland and at this wasn't a tsunami that -- Rajon Rondo put it. The -- in the that appealing. Genome. A list. You assume additional sort of going to happen to them initiative on those. -- to Davis here's some political but nothing other than that an area. The that's -- Gasol as the to the -- lakers lose to the Celtics. 103 to 94 game two of the NBA finals. In Los Angeles John -- Celtics -- up until 1 AM take your phone calls -- 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Could text to set a 5850. There bride to buy. ATT will continue to get he had to Los Angeles in the -- press conferences -- Phil Jackson coming up shortly but let's give back to the phones and mears said Damien in Dorchester a -- And Cornel writer who well you. Excellent Communists came very intense and very enjoyable little large home specially rarely coming he was like so -- -- wrong. It's there's a lucky guy like knocked out a couple on the bottles -- greens curtain -- I mean reality which is sort of run a morality into it you're so young are -- I like it's -- I I love watched him move without the basketball he's one of the best I've ever seen as far as move without the basketball and using those screens and that zigzagging across the court to. Confused and in disrupt the defense and certainly Soledad Derek Fisher. Where the -- the lakers had to help certainly the second -- limited. In the second half because they were paying more attention to him but still. Now their first half really care fix in an amazing those threes and certainly they needed that would that bed clothes that the lakers had. To the second quarter I think the closes stew quarters. -- are huge in basketball you had to worry there when the lakers had that 70 run to close -- The second quarter of some real bad basketball by Shelden Williams but then the Celtics in the fourth quarter really stepping up to close them. You're exactly right up political honestly -- -- Ryan and that's Opteron and no jumpers in the -- mr. Kamal the because there are certain Williams -- political OPEC's recent known. And obviously -- political backers you know he's gonna be played okay but those last two turnovers late or late mr. particularly. The -- dead last sequence they -- who's bothered I don't know what in the world led Ron -- says drivel all he wants I mean he's chasing. Ron. NN had region follow Ron are tested dribble Ali wants. And then of course. The biggest one that stands out is that that the dump has their Kobe with the. Oh my god and the energy getting him so much and you what are to have our that a lot of which he's used to kill you -- the momentum should snowball bush. I don't know what is believed god forbid he really -- -- big game a lot of their politicians. Not so good going into the regent street Boston I think we're gonna literally sort of the -- and -- the background and LA. I -- it I like it like you. I feel the same way I mean I I said before the series Celtics in six in this was monumental. In this this win if they lost this game. Forget about it on an -- -- I don't think may be a sweep but lakers potentially in five of the Celtics lost this one but that's not the case with get a series now on the Celtics still back home -- to villagers. Mike in Waltham -- like. -- -- I know he's doing tonight and you. Good I'm not to be out again but after listening to consult with watching the game I I think you're gonna take -- next. Three I was impressed was not impressed with the fact. That and it -- having -- peers and that Doc Rivers. The other night how ludicrous the fact that he kept saying that at age you get that credit for could have heard then you know effort did not think he played. You know not a very good game. And the fact that he's sitting -- trying to feel good about themselves by saying their good effort that thing that really just. I would sort of shocked about leading up this whole thing was thought. Jackson's comments. About them not being sort of it's physical team and the Celtics. And then watching all the heat players. Trying to explain it. In -- -- that make them look really uncomfortable saying well I think we are it is. You know competitive than we artist -- even though the coach doesn't say you know. I think it except the -- I think you're paying too much attention to comments. I don't think that's a big deal any of the stuff. There's. Let's go back to Los Angeles Ray Allen at the podium nicely you have denied it tonight did that. Yeah of -- was it was frustrating on this being part of -- game that you so look forward to. We. Didn't make it -- this far lashes so you know the anticipation be an office successive days so great so. You do and game it was due to competitive gaming was so far they play great and you know just. It was -- you know just trying to just referees know watching silence of this front route to more on. Physically I felt great starting game I was didn't some spots that need to just never really got a great room and so tonight out this was focused on. Adjustments. To -- you know -- attack and being in position you know before you know octave Mac call help my teammates out maybe -- -- move the ball and gates -- screens for today. They made sure that you know Rondo pushed the ball in transition we got a lot more fast breaks. Has recovered from these this time of weeded. In game one so you know we got stops though we were wrong so you know the three ball big when there -- little more definite. -- Trouble at the Comcast or sailing. Could you talk about. Getting into rhythm sorely in being able to sustain it throughout the first half it seems that they were kind of a scramble to figure out how to limit is three point shooting person. Well starting game moment try not to. The you don't want that first shot to be at three point you wanna try to work your way into the game. But -- -- to be has to be you know on all trying to determine shot down animal -- for sure. But it you know out of the devolved it bounced more -- favor I think we have more activity in this game we have more energy. We fought harder and the ball to bounce more in our in our favor so the -- there -- threes it. You know the ball bounced telephone communicated and the downgraded three point -- I do remember one in four core work how to move right now over -- -- and this -- on them so. It really you know we we fought got -- that -- time and you know early in the game we were able to conducted. Transition and I got a couple threes early and you know it was nothing was rushed you know basically so -- -- Just the recipient models vests. They're growing right. Right that that time now we get 12 to get the ball across half court. Doc mentioned you guys kinda had a laugh at his expense -- it. There was time out we do. He claims he's a state. And when you ran out there we told me look like he wasn't in -- so. You gotta -- -- about that we've made it out there so you know I definitely was they got a sex was that extra possession and then -- get open at half court that. -- loss -- -- -- was meant scoring assault and when he flash of the ball the drugs which in -- You know then I came up and and -- really random Meehan and he was open again so you know we have get a basket. Ready talk about that we hit that went through I think -- and five or six and -- from program back -- on the market. -- knows this to me you was. Just. Just thinking about going back to game one disseminate that that feeling though -- know being resilient you know as a team and -- wasn't. You can do everything you can you know defense of the you know as a team. We're trying to stop -- we were trying to stop our trying to stop -- lot of guys but you know most of plays those. Those hard plays where you know so my it's on the ground that horrible elect out and you know get the three point -- you know those of the things it. You know this are rewarded and so when I got that three you if they were just a sense of off -- -- reward that I knew I had at that moment and you know again it wasn't you know it wasn't rushed feel it you know just good basketball plus. That's Ray Allen who is just sensational in this one knocking down 83 pointers. Couple of and top ones and transition that's the -- shoot to three on the move in transition. Like he did he just had to go on nine. Just about all of that on his show us what's your bag composers Stephen Springfield is Steve. I got you don't like Steve we. I feel passionate. I actually didn't do what I was actually. I thought the publisher playing harder left -- or quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Passes in the -- and beginning to gain the people were ready form a boy I was ready got ready. -- -- it was a good thing for act and not I I IR AI and I think the lakers are you know they got a really take a good hard look at Ron -- bloody. All the eligible need to get people I didn't foul trouble. It's like what's up what that. Yeah there there was terrific tonight that that was just gentlemen that was a big part of this game didn't Coby and of foul trouble there with his 5000. In this game and he could be as aggressive as he wanted to be -- getting -- Six -- -- they call we will do a better job keeping himself out of foul trouble the next game that's for sure John -- here on Celtics tree lined up until. 1 in the morning we've get. Some spots US 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. And text messages at 858 trip to the bride to buy AT&T I promise so get. Back to more of your phone calls willow spoke carry more of the press conferences including Kobe Bryant including Russia and Rondo including Phil Jackson. Out in LA after the Celtics. Even up the series at one game apiece knocking off the lakers 103 to 94. Game two of the NBA finals with game three heading back to Boston on Tuesday night and of course this is your station to -- the Celtics. Sports Radio WEEI short break back for more after this.

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