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Jackie MacMullan, Hall of Famer

Jun 1, 2010|

Jackie joins Dale and Michael in studio and the trio discuss the matchups between the Celtics and Lakers and what they think will happen in the NBA Finals

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Alright show of hands now and you gotta be honest he can't do one of these second guess things you gotta be honest. That date the regular season ended in the NBA how many of you have the Celtics. In the NBA finals forget about against the lakers against anybody. And I bet there are many of you out there who can do Witten all seriousness a whole bunch of people will claim that most normal line. I didn't have my hands not a I didn't have a and they're not Michael BDO. Now my hand is cling cleaning -- -- disgusting microphone here but don't know my head is not up I think Sean grandes and as a Sean grandiose ones are -- and I heard him -- that's you and when Michael having Doc Rivers in all seriousness no I -- despray. A lot of giggles every now and then possibly -- thought they had a chance to do it but to say definitively yes the Celtics will be playing in the NBA finals. Not cancer called that of having Doc Rivers. -- doctors truly believed that an elegant and you would think out every head coach believes his team is going to the finals on the case now -- now. And you had to believe it to sell it to those guys and and you know it's like really is just. People talk about momentum and sports and sometimes I think it's over rated and over played. In this case not so much because they needed to believe that they start you know hey they're gonna beat Miami we all knew that they get into the Cleveland series. It turns back -- series starts to turn and you can just see it in their eyes to concede in the -- in their in their swagger. You really could all the sudden everybody started believe. So you know what I'd like to know is when the regular season ending US a show of hands in that locker room how many of them thought they can win it -- I'd be interested to know the results I. And a lot of The Who could legitimately say it not one of those golf course we're gonna win you know and I mean deep down in their. In their souls and our heart of hearts how many of them thought they'd be in the finals about it that's not many. I bet it's a lot about it the more than half -- to the top -- guys the guys who play yes. I think she got that baby in the finals yeah. Well again that might be tricky way how -- just. I don't I don't know what he thought but KG Paul ray Rondo. See now jumps out of appears because appears on these -- I got the final I think pierce was so beat up for most of this year more than we have any idea. And I think when he got to the end of the race season he was hopeful. But I don't think he had the resolve that say Kevin Garnett. Because Garnett in the end that regular season it really did start to change for him physically it really did he finally could get over that hump that we've been waiting you know. Stop drag in the lake. Moving side to side taking chances on the defense event he start becoming -- KG against and the minute he became the OKG again the Celtics defense became. The old Celtics defense again because the he's the epicenter of that off the ball rotation get out and challenge shooters all the things have to happen for the -- is to be a great defensive team. And the rebound. The rebounding totally re rejuvenated. As Kevin Garnett was -- and that doesn't McCarron got tickets all the rebounds well it just means that those rotations work. -- back to get five or six rebounds now Paul Pierce on a good day can get seven or rate its not what actually that wherever I -- right. It's not actually that Kevin Garnett gets all the rebounds. This is that when that rotation is working everybody's imposition rebound the ball including. Course -- I agree with -- on the rebounding everybody KG and especially but everybody's gotten better. On the board the guys the guys you expected to rebound are rebounding now on the playoffs right Rasheed is out -- receipt is giving boards KG is giving boards -- Up Perkins is they're fighting -- to sometimes they're fighting each other form which I like of course on and then Paul. -- all also very underrated rebound given out a lot of people don't don't realize this regular season. Was terrible for him rebounding wise -- Rajon Rondo. With about 75 games through the season there were equal rank greenhouse not a good thing Rondo and pierce and that had to look at the final numbers. Averaged four point something rebound this year for for Paul Pierce and I was you know you expected to be around six or seven. So that's I was so happy to CM. Not only make big shots in game six versus Orlando to come up with some really big rebounds to. Is the common thread here that for the fourth straight series. The best player single player in the series will belong to the opposition. And no question Dwyane Wade was the best player in that series -- -- offshore and obviously LeBron James there's no argument Dwight Howard I guess you can make an argument probably. The most dominant player to that of the player that had the most potential to dominate for a series buried about a that would be true again here with Kobe and the difference between Kobe in the other three. It's easy to Warner music killer. Is the killer. Just a he he's he's the kind of guy I'm the only you always talked about let's -- -- -- bird and Mikhail bird as a -- down he looks -- any. Takes his foot and smashes and Mikhail gets him down and says -- he's had enough and takes his foot office throw okay. Kobe Bryant. He puts in doubt he doesn't even think about it he's already mash and -- guy's face into the -- he's a killer he is the kinda close -- that every coach dreams about he wants the ball. All the time and the game to win the game now the question will be dale I think. Does he understand that you you could start with the ball. You can end up with the ball but he still got to work at all around to get everybody else -- like their part of it that's when the lakers are at their best. When Kobe starts at the ball gives it up does and he moves better without the ball and anybody. In the game right now -- the right. Yes I -- yeah. Yeah and race pretty get -- does nice job collapse means Kobe has all sorts of most. Backdoor cuts up a fake you out bringing it down yet you know that devastating following and so. With Colby to -- he give it up you make your most you get the ball moment and then you get the ball back. Take a shot and that's when the lakers are at their very best. The dissolved but on Kobe. And I think you -- it pierce and -- I mean the one thing the one difference if you wanna compare 2000 -- 2010 which I think is a little bit of a folly because the teams are so different now. But the one thing you do mr. 2008 steam is Posey. He had the length they could throw him on -- died in nice John pierce was unbelievable guarding Kobe in 2008. I don't you can expect quite the same thing two years later with a lot more miles and quite a few significant injuries are more miles a ballclub now. Esther Esther and Kobe did the big question really to -- will be as if Kobe is gonna chase run around. In Ian Thompson is a wonderful Sports Illustrated cover story on Rondo right they estimated one game that he ran three point six miles right did you think Carly wants to run three point six miles chastened him I don't think so. I I am I really wonder if they'll start Colby out on run up I think they'll use Kobe on Rondo intermittently. But I still think they might start Derek Fisher on the one thing that if I were a Celtics -- that I would. Refrain from -- here too much of it already has. Stopped distant -- fisherman I'm telling you he might be old he he you know he's not as skilled as these other guys but he is so smart. And don't dismiss him. Had -- -- Derek Fisher thing are those guys I was just talking about talking about Derek Fisher over the weekend somebody as a he'd let those guys to TP. All for five during game over six. Andy's not here for a 3435. Minutes he kind of forget about a -- set up on my board about him where's Kobe right now with Gasol doing and then all of -- sudden. There's a look it's an open three open twenty footer and Derek Fisher has the bond he's popular he's that guy and those guys are very day lenders can't he can't be. -- rattled. You know been around forever isn't a great shooter I can make summer -- little -- that -- I'm just gonna say he's like you know I was -- -- -- compares -- but I but. But DJ so much better -- -- economic -- -- in my career like a junior varsity. I'm curious your your guys take on this Michael brought this point up and I think it was in the Cleveland series. Where again LeBron was clearly the best player in the series but Michael made the point the next four guys would be sell button which is why the Celtics were better in Cleveland. I had this discussion with Cedric Maxwell on Sunday. And we all agree that Colby is clearly the best player in the series. How do you rank them after that the next four. Now it's tricky because casals in the mix there well that's the question and max had Gasol higher than idea I think already happened to. I think he had and three he had Rondo to. While CI I'd still go KG three because. KG is so important to with the Celtics what they do not talking defensively and we forget. When we talk only play this game no one wants to everybody forgets about defense nobody wants to factor defense into this and you know there is no comparison -- defensively between Paul Gasol. And Kevin Garnett. And I'll say this is no comparison offensively right now either -- far superior offensive player to Kevin Garnett at this point their careers and an out of always venture but defensively are you kidding me. Garnett is what makes everything go. It's all about him so I I don't see how you. I put him number two in terms of importance in the series and if I hadn't -- you've got Kobe I'd -- KG next. Did you print -- and after that what that has Gasol. For Iran. To Iran don't know about Ronald pop up for pol. Yeah 900 forget about Paul. -- what's the point I was making in max said he would put Gasol ahead of he had Rondo second. But that he had Gasol I have -- they usually tell Paul and a -- and had a brain. He's probably right about Rhonda that product and I just still don't know. Is greatest he's been any has been and he's on and he can MVP pace here in the post season. It's still not why the Celtics when I go back to what why the Celtics here. They're here because of their defense it's very simple you look up at the scoreboard at the end of the first quarter and you say okay they're on pace to lose because the Cleveland Cavaliers have scored. Thirty points you look at the scoreboard and Antonio Orlando Magic has nineteen points and you say good they are on pace to win. Hilly it is right that simple without and act while Rondo plays great defense the defense begins and and like it always has been. Kevin Garnett and is his great off the ball skills and the way that the whole rest of the -- tips in in place teen -- You know and in -- back to call. I'm hoping never to its credit. Because I think he I think -- fires them up we get the Golan. He keeps him focused the fact that he will never be described just want. Never be described as one of those. Elite players of that because you're. No no no describes if you say don't not thought of that way in hell why I totally -- again go as they say okay what three would you take what -- last three would you take on your team. -- in a big game. -- you have Dwyane Wade would come up. LeBron James -- come up. Kevin Durant would come up we're talking three to three 23 -- obviously hope we -- mean look at these guys. Paul Pierce is got to come up eventually in the conversation but it was going to be five or six guys -- 45 guys were mentioned before -- -- That argument with people on the station before guys don't even think about anymore. But four years ago arguing with people about Shawn Marion versus popular -- Shawn Marion. On outsell. All kinds system also helps -- -- he's not gonna get that credit. He's in the unique score one of the most incredible scores that are -- because he can create his own shot he can shoot off the dribble he can shoot. You know from all over the floor he can drive to the hole he's strong he's a wonderful wonderful score I wish she was a better passer. Michael I think I I think he is not a very good passer truthfully. He can make some great passes. But he doesn't see the -- quite the way I wish she could. I think he's an underrated rebounder but it two guards deal agreed to slash three cuts -- separate greater question outside of the one we saw here for many years 33 yeah he was pretty great passer but. Lot of guys. A lot of big time scorers you don't see them be big time I've stretched it cracked not a lot of now that's an -- they are there Alina like LeBron and -- right and here's a thought what he proved in 2000 he -- a much better defender than people give him credit forming what he did and that 2008 finals. The way -- LeBron from LeBron to Kobe right on down the way -- -- those guys down to me was was incredible.

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