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May 31, 2010|

John Ryder and Lenny Megs talk with Ted Green who wrote the Guide to Hating the Celtics for the LA Times about the upcoming NBA Finals.

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Mikey was off because he filled in for the big show so that means John Ryder here along with -- -- Magglio of them Angeles daily news and plenty of other outlets some interest countless. All over plays covering Boston sports and -- Now we're joined on the AT&T hot line eighteen TO better three G experience. By Ted green and that Ted is the senior sports producer for KT LA prime news and also. Writes for the LA times have from time to time attended said John -- along without -- -- -- Boston -- it. -- I'm good and you're obviously not gonna be too popular with Celtics fans here after you this column you -- Guide to hitting the Celtics. In which show you went out to every single player on the team and the franchise in in general. Well not hurt that your station was looking partly because I've been buried or. Right. The and I agree with that command -- why in the world would you mentioned the stabbing Paul Pierce it. And make a joke out of it. Well that Warren was probably. Something that actually. One close maybe not only to hold the -- may be over on. It's there are good but I think Paul Pierce's. Eric Eric Wheeler I mean all the -- caliber. And you know I probably shouldn't the stabbing color. But as for the car but thought was you know for -- -- -- probably. Yeah you're trying to be funny anyway a lot of the other stuff I understand the -- the other stuff but yeah and -- Paul -- obviously local guy from out there at Inglewood. Right -- got you know and let me know what's great about. The -- hypocrite like so. If you are a so called mainstream journalists like we're all supposed to be -- what particulate and first incarnation the business have been ESPN it. So unusual to be mainstream and yet if you grow up in LA with the lakers. Or you grow up in the Austin area with the Celtics. Are a lot. Who I mean is Bob Ryan objective is also in the projected as a great project but I have to put -- and sell the place. It's just so much what it's such great theater and such amazing Obama. That it's impossible these. Who want to be objective as much on you know potato. Ride the middle and in. Parents and not edit is about who better. And having fun I mean like I can tell by by reading this you know that it just them -- and the are you insulted that I re Allen's mom and it's actually slightly in the way you set it and -- and shake rattle. I mean I didn't I didn't initially read the Paul. This. Line or lines that I got scrubbed. Who what happened did get him and that at times by the evidently there was the editor the year on that. Well they what happened and by the way you know raised -- -- that the situation actually use the at least sandals. Are notion you know should she emission rate are the -- of course is that they. What apple what -- wrote the column went up -- and -- us. Literally flooded. Inundated with responses betting -- and lost. And it's been like that. It -- trip continental missile landing on the roof of my outlook -- electronically. And so the the times kind of like actual that in a little bit. -- -- and what they took the post now on the column. Then they'd reconsider like -- half hour later they excise the line about the stabbing. And put the column back up the -- back up again. British Open that the wanna read -- -- -- -- account but yup reference to what happened all. Rightfully probably not well developed. -- when you eroded its when you eroded Ted I mean did you you know as provocative obviously just by its nature. Now I mean did you expected this kind of feedback are you think we're just gonna fly. -- -- I'm a person like that -- on that and not malicious. Anyway. Apparently -- -- -- in real life but I have a pet they say about anybody. So I was just kind of music let's open the computer and an industry and blew up I will tell you guys. And -- that it in 2008. And so it's we're beating up the -- and I wrote a column and listeners consider letting wall -- was called win. I wrote a column about the difference between the Tutsis. And it was actually -- -- -- the Celtics and very insulting. The lakers are to be one example. In the column published in order but out I imagine that when you know Paul Pierce goes out at night. As bad things happen it's bad enough but what Sasha Vujacic goes out you just as a scholar. So. You know they I think that making the contrast between a -- hard even in that -- -- -- and thought that Hollywood so I'm. -- that was opposite cult would be you know the lakers are soft and the Celtics are up and and that's what is so it's. And it isn't funny it seems like the lakers have changed their image ever since the 08 that there is they don't wanna be viewed as the south team and they body and a defense. Well reasoned that that are that's the reason -- -- -- -- -- It had nothing to do it with reason and everything to. Not as they got let's face and the Celtics. Beat them up in the late finals PayPal was too soft and you know Perkins in and -- end. -- -- warm -- inside it was open it up their site so they went out and they do it Artest was not. You know. Phi beta apple when it comes to running an office like the trying to look -- to learn that'll instantly they knew in order to have live with. Some news you know group -- on the court in the the bad reviews and jovial by shots in the other players at a point spot on the court were exposed to go in the middle actions. But they've got ample worries. And it was to guard. -- -- Carmelo Anthony that in Florida. And and possibly you know all -- And now engines that -- want to -- right and that's right and so that that's why they got our best that's why in LA and now it it's -- -- question it's going to be brought in Portland. And it Abby. You pay to see that and that's just that's awesome match. -- Ted there was this sense that saved five weeks ago amongst LA fans send an obvious that lake is in new south. That's. There's no way I mean the grooves that are given at the lakers who would be in the finals. But -- the way they finished the season 2727. And there was so there was an uneven season all away. And also may find in south and -- us but we do know that. Right to request. You kind of surprised and it is there a sense and on the lakers but you know once they get through you know the second round and and beat Cleveland probably change your attitude but any surprise overall with the -- decision I mean the Celtics -- here actually. Yes I picked Paris. Because. Anyone who says that for the Celtics would be in the semifinals. Those people are revisionist historians that or -- and I thought the umpires got it. Yeah I ice at the Celtics were to all sort of -- but in retrospect. I expecting 21 of the benefit of going back and looking at with the Celtics really all you're talking about three. Legitimate all the same place. And you know beat the up and coming young point guard in the lead and a truly. Strong top might need. That center they have a very good they are all water and it's true. They don't -- and -- together and it's it's going to be you know vote going to be ample collectors I think lot of people Belichick. Could it be lakers in 6% and I'm -- of them. I didn't going to be seven. Federal court because opium because of the met you know like Mozart opera now because they have -- test. You're probably local law who did in the finals and -- -- I do think that Austin is not. In. I don't think -- -- -- Celtics fans say that the hatred is there but I don't think they take either team lightly now wouldn't you say and I know you're lakers guy Ted that'd be pretty easy to write. A guide to heeding the lakers as well I mean that it's not like -- a bunch of we run our test Kobe Bryant there's a lot of gas is here that might now wanna have or for dinner on their team. Our job let's go to Israel. With the lakers with -- to Colorado -- our best market square reap the parts. What you. -- Well mark -- always part yeah that's an easy layup and -- built action yet if that's a not so unguarded let. And Phil Jackson dating Gilbert thought elective. Where it's got an obvious thing to marry that broad. -- -- -- Instead by the way you know we've nicknamed were were Mikey items does the show on the basis nickname how Gasol the llama as we all think that he looks like a -- That's on -- you know in the column. In the -- that up now that was spoke out about and Austin. I caught -- probably shouldn't redundancy in retrospect I called. Called Perkins let that reminds me of its cerberus. These three headed dog that guards the gates of apple as. -- you're so -- how the Lama and and Perkins is cerberus and everybody's got -- -- -- While -- the last that you're Glen Davis line. -- ought to Krispy -- Shia Stanley Roberts yep. Well in it in I can understand it's a lot of target chic you probably wish you didn't mention that of appears. -- or do I mean how do you feel about that now in retrospect. Where. Prospective buy it certainly is via com for the extent that I may have offended anybody. With that. I'd do. I'd and mean certainly didn't need it to people out way it was like -- that pregnancy and parity and exaggeration and out and -- you know. Even the best comedians not all their jokes work. And they beat out the el pub did you work but. I do I respect here's a lot and I like our respect -- party -- -- integrity that he plays with electors flopping that much but -- a lot of that is because it is so. Well we committee that do you credit squeeze that it is there a lot of flopping that goes -- the lakers semi solid and dog for that has been a lot of -- -- -- at church. The -- Your -- acts like he's been hit by a Japanese bullet trade every package that we got the -- not even I get it -- He's an actor he's you know that that is not LA backgrounds for you from here. It'll all those Hollywood -- acts acts as well let me. And Kobe Bryant and analog who's won the dirty as players in the league. I guess so I can't argue you know not that's definitely true he says -- his -- -- spirited but Raja Bell biblical. Every -- issues. Yeah ultimately get courtside -- here bellows. Almost the opera -- draw attention to the -- The power out how the band without the topic commitment but. You know these guys are masters dot collectors and -- and you know -- that's why they didn't birdie. The masters and make it galactic central -- think that the game because. They're geniuses. At. Draw attention to. It would you know it's it's is that I I do this show the post game I -- the host to the post game for the Celtics after other games and you'd be surprised that here's in this town for whatever reason. Gets crushed on a lot of nights. I mean -- and I find that does surprising considering. He seems like the typical -- gathered Boston fans would love that you know he doesn't miss games he works hard every game night plays hurting senator. Is there a guy like that on the lakers that is that catches a -- heat from their fancy and replace that team said you know -- He's -- has a ton of fans but -- a lot of people that are frustrated with them as well now there -- pedestrians out there. -- that's really good questions on the answer is -- yeah that we're. But the reason it appears that the reason is in a large cases because these things that. -- -- X GameStop doesn't travel very well -- played better at staples and it does on the road and you know you have. Get eighteen and fifteen from more and he could be look like when it's outwardly. -- you get six and four and -- Literally in my -- so I think the lakers. They can't have always been. Both apple does rise the supported. By LaMarcus inability. It would got a -- in all market as career but you know I don't understand what appears predict patched in Boston. You know I go back and so are we shall I go back to balance and almost wrecked a -- very -- and to meet peers as OPEC. So he used a bonafide. Old school I -- sort out. He plays like Allen isn't like like -- Andy always plays and always place certainly always played well and you'd never never be -- no quarter -- -- no quarter and me is equipped. I agree with the -- I don't understand it myself about it under stick sort of thing too I agree I mean I've always thought in his previous stabs the sky is all the makings to be a hall of Famer if he tried. You -- you guys should see. It. Not not talk about high profile well there are games where in the middle of December. In in the middle of nowhere reviews he looks like he's one of the top three players but he's so cute he solo. You know he's he's got -- Shoot the three. And drive around anybody's ball at least -- Almost particulates that at nearly 611. And yet there are those nights were like where as well mark what what. And you get looked frustrated with them but he's going to be one of the he's he's to the final. -- Iowa side you know following his you know pretty NBA career that this guy would be. For number years one of the top ten poison for all the reasons you just described the should've had a Korea. Bomb on those nights that you just pointed out when he squandered -- templates and -- they should -- -- a lot more Los nights and they should have been in that realm of talk and talk. -- proper place in in the league and I just too much talent and for that size and you know we just threw some much of it away. But you know it's it's really a motor issue -- player -- motors in Okobi. -- presence. A stupid motor muted it to -- that it is always -- the highest RP announced. -- large motor is like you know sometimes it's for orient -- -- to Kia. And you don't know which motor which which -- an -- the lakers hope obviously -- the -- in a -- they get the Ferrari in the final. And and not you get test. Through god PS. To me that's huge yeah that's that's. -- -- I don't know I don't really know -- Personally I'd love him and course and where. But I'm. You know you heard a lot of things he's been great with the lakers mean you've been a really great teammate he's taken his lumps and -- -- frustrations in his. -- -- -- You know -- one perspective from three against Oklahoma City he's taken that was you know. Always dealt with the press he's always available he doesn't -- And you know he's played just horrific -- report. 25 and you know he did a great job is to -- he -- director. Unbelievable. -- he and career network. Ran averaged you know five or six points or eight or less -- usually doesn't shot 38%. Instead of 46%. And and you know he's gonna -- it appears -- that's going to be a battle. Pierce is not as quick and that's quite as quick and that used to be there was but used -- a master using screens in his body is very against. But so what art and there about the same side of the court as -- -- -- -- one. And it's going to be terrific aka. -- have a hard time watching the ball on the B note that the watch them -- Yeah absolutely good stuff today and we appreciated to here in Boston. What I want thank I was gosh brothel but as I you went down the less than -- yet he made a common and every Celtics player. Except one and this is the guy that's gonna beat you. Nate Robinson so do you ought to take a shot at a little night while you hit that save -- include mated -- in in the column which is too late no it's earlier by the way he's not going to be you instead it's going to be all right things don't have as a throwaway line in my iPod -- -- -- idea -- they don't have doubted me that's not go ahead. Made -- not let me at at this sport in the exercise I can not afford -- a little people America. That's an exit the -- and announced yeah. Ballot bow out Michael on copper I'll reach. You definitely did to people here in Boston that's for sure thanks but that's. Ted green senior producer at tech KT LA and also -- race for the LA times including the Senate controversy Iowa. Kind of tongue in cheek stuff but at Telus you know about -- rip the Celtics in the Los Angeles Times it's John Ryder -- meg well I hear up until eleven your reaction that are ready to yells we're talking Celtics lakers won again in the Red Sox it's 9617. 7790850. Toll free 8885250850. -- you know send -- text. At 85850. Quick break back after this.

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