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Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach

May 20, 2010|

Doc joins D&C to recap the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals and previews Game 3.

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Let's see our conversation with Doc Rivers is brought to you by Lexus of watered down -- be more impressive and Alexis. Is the customer satisfaction you received from general manager VW's he and everyone at Lexus of watered down and the by readers guide doctor Ron Nickelodeon Framingham the dentist responsible for John -- -- beautiful. Blinding smile a blog under Framingham cosmetic Dennys dot com and see what doctor -- can do for you were smile good morning Doc Rivers how aria. We're doing very well. You gave your guys the day off yesterday and I'm sure before you hearted company you had some words of advice for them what what what was the swing thought you gave them as as they were walking out of wherever you got for gathered. I'm not just today but the -- forward with humility and and we have done nothing on two -- then we just gotta keep working and just point. But you know what human nature is right and you know what you're hearing from all their friends and family. Yeah yeah that's what would you go home -- ritual aren't. You know sort relatively good about yourself. But absurd that we still have a lot of work to do guys are pro which 222 winter games in the series Argo was struck -- -- -- Are we just have a lot of work to do Orlando won both games are places -- You I'm sure slipped in a little bit Monday may be didn't hear the show if you did you heard us discussing something that we can ask you know do you think that it'll be Paul ray -- Tony. Covering -- I call -- I thought I'm gonna be here to let that affect our equipment. We've actually moved on to the -- I know you're probably not to a a addressed any of the Laker stuff at this point. God I'm so far off -- them. You know did you did you and I know I'll give Orlando is and how good they were there are going into this series and we we we -- two exceptional -- that was. Actually more are not you were getting -- in game one because but we took one of their better shots and our. -- but we're gonna -- a bit when it gave three as well you know that there -- very -- they're they did appear twice and Warren. You can say that they -- the last three times they -- an -- build again. Also there are probably still a pretty jumped. And -- you you guys managed to wanting better than than Orlando better than any team you faced in the playoffs and that's maintain. The energy in the intensity on defense and I know you get veteran -- smart savvy guys how they they do that out of they keep up. That level of energy when other teams know I have to do that and can't seem to do. Well it's something we work on all year army and its we established earlier -- and obviously all year routed through their. But -- -- trying to Buchanan that is ridiculous to the wee we wanna be that that's who we are. We understand. As the crew that's who regard I think you know it's if you have alternative to in this impressive achievement. Things go wrong generally greater offense well we're -- exact opposite and our guys believe. We knew what to do watch the Western Conference game last night watch some. Why doesn't for example Phoenix play defense. Well -- they do a -- they tried to release him and last night the right -- inflation are all just say that. But they you have been an altered to basketball team they've been agreed often best to -- -- -- Ortiz. They try to get as many shots they can't in the game and sometimes that's almost encouraging the other team to play at its speed as well. -- shooters quote we have speed even if you are agree to succeed. You're gonna -- more more points. I've met so. You know some of it is there's another great because during the summer but is DDR. Quickness of their shots. Would you agree that defense is and we in the cliche you inherited at clinics when you're in seventh grade and its effort. And intensity and I think coaching is that what -- -- of those the main components and good defense. Army got to have some talented because players as well if you have all bad because players are you can be cured. To -- -- agree because the team. But I do our biggest opposite the divinity but also pickets and it takes a big complete. Player to be himself which I think you -- -- -- Are at a lot of ways when your helper nofziger died in our conservative bunch -- I've seen teams with five great individual because the players. -- that degree due to fatigue -- -- want to help -- they're so concerned about your band score. And you gotta be a great team future institute -- It got the final months of the regular season that 500 basketball. That you when your team were playing. Was not a conscious conscious decision by you and your staff to just concentrate on. Getting healthy monitor the minutes and hopefully that but that's which could be flip in the playoffs roll around and if the answer to that is yes. Where you sure that it was going to work. Well I'll Brokeback which although that was match you're obviously can't just did know. It was a charges separate the last month on before that we are struggling to it we are struggling for. There's stated they after Christmas and you know -- had a lot to do would increase and then when everyone got our return back. We just couldn't trying to -- them. Problem we came into the last month of the season didn't you can look at two record in Antarctica and look at it. And you can -- well we're back -- the church Cleveland there what I gonna catch Orlando and -- we may be able to hold onto that receipt. But if we do we're gonna use stars. The bottom line is we need we need they'll have from mapped -- -- Yes that's how we we we played out to see. But it did it you know he just wanted. Unhealthy Rebecca -- and so I don't know we're healthy. We would -- or not I just knew it would give with the jets. I'm sure he'd be the first to say there's no such thing as a team playing a perfect game that said. Do you change or tweak. Anything this week getting ready for Saturday my guess is that Orlando's going to be trying to change tweak a few things pretty just look at your guys in the ninth state road war all the swing -- not repeat to -- more of the same police. How would you change some things. You know defensively. The drum and attrition and start to hurt us you know it did creep into. Offensively. We had to -- quarters and -- First reported in game -- urge you to scripted better the ball was moving. Everyone would involve their room sport we -- all -- and and in you know give Orlando credit they tighten down spoke to it that's what happens and wouldn't -- and it's slower. But we get to be more efficient. It's pretty clear oh. With your opponent so far who you concentrated on the interest everybody on defense but obviously when Dwyane Wade on the team LeBron on the team that's a focus of your attention I've asked everybody that we have on the program last week or two if you are in all of the defensive specialist on the other team staff. Where do you begin your defensive concentration on the Boston Celtics if you -- we're putting a game plan together that it to Beecher guys. How would you how would you begin where would you concentrate your efforts stock. Well identity where areas around there weren't in JG you know. -- the trivia of the ball treaty because he's supposed to wear. And then all would be to Mexico. Just Paula of one guy. Order RT it's capable born software -- number you know and so that particular you have to have you played -- You you obviously have a -- to guys who relish this moment to enjoy the post season the pressure of the attention. You have. I'd say for a five real clutch players. Who's the most clutch -- Well you know it's it's interesting I've got to -- of course and I would say to all and -- because they're want to get Obama McCain is that it remote Stearns. You know. But really all -- and have turned up there where Rondo. Where you're goal you'd unity one of -- the ball number stretch to guarantee you -- about. Now you can facilitate. Ulster institute the ball to right guys that's -- -- a huge bonus so -- we haven't had over the last two years. When nine Vince Carter missed those two free throws when JJ Redick called that. And bone headed timeout we we all said the next day that's not gonna happen to that the Celtics they don't have guys like that. We are we giving it too much credit. Yeah are you -- -- can happen it's just it was very rubber blob there if they that we talked about it if you are. Want to execute on our our team we talked quite execution every single day. Ever considered guys just never know are -- you think about last year in Chicago. Are we came out of the timeout which -- -- -- we're gonna -- We're gonna file and we're following. Temperature got to follow the floor right there have been Gordon got the three so it happened. It it would just -- you when it does happen. You don't JJ Redick just sort of smarter players -- so and an ultimatum is just an emotional game took charge can't control. It thus making a filing would you be unhappy if Rasheed baby and Perkins didn't use most of their eighteen. Files like fifteen be okay with you. Well we are we don't want to just due to solid defense which now gives you a prostitute and comply with federal and an apparent where it. We have enough do you. It's dangerous so guys with these files wonderland there was specially I would give it happened. Early in the fourth quarter Orlando was until we -- about eight minutes left. You know the rest of their guys really do shoot two free throws well. And so you know we have to be real careful where you control earlier quarters to put them internally to work. My guess at the were something you would want a tweak in that regard to what they're not an occurrence where Howard had the ball underneath and baby just let him walk and dumb we in the only ended up with three files my guess is you'll -- maybe take a fourth wanna play. There we had a couple of votes in both JP and they a game one where -- -- don't play the January double top. In that should have been filed the older ones where you know yes 2.2. If you wanna put more melodic but when he's in -- way to the basket and if -- didn't -- improbable or you wanna try to board. I'm sure you're standing -- approve the Rashard Lewis saved three files so he can he can use those this game right at 888. Daka. -- the game of the was third quarter Matt Barnes helped up Rajon Rondo. And the announcers van Gundy -- they couldn't believe that you don't do that you know watching you know what -- -- -- do that did you notice it and if that have been the other way around would you have been a problem when it. I didn't notice it and it it's always in the context of how it happened so obviously does I didn't see it. And you know I guess this is these old school ways you know we're not play Ferraro holes which we. You know currently if we helped to go to war without nullify. So I putted great in -- -- open one up. But I tell people up before area and took up jailed -- reputed -- to -- -- flavor. Has reached out quickly. Garbage -- we took them situations. Did you see marquee scandals that it pays and that it won't help him out. Don't know that's that's sad to hear you know obviously I don't have a lot of comments about it. But you know it's tough situation is not too awful -- -- Because you have to do over. Leo we heard the announcers talk about this and other people's well don't bitch about calls that are legitimate against you and it happens all the time in the NBA. Is that part of working the ref because van Gundy said the -- go back and look at it at film. And if you have a legitimate gripe they may believe you down the road. But if you bitch about something is not legitimate then you lose credibility player -- and you can kick and Kendrick Perkins might not be get the calls. Are you talk about virgin. America is there any validity to that -- well -- the validity is it you know you're not -- up posture -- but. The things everyone dozens especially trojans. What you know that there are doing something. I travel let's say you've -- regard trouble three or four times. You would say guys after the date. Please look at it on chip yeah. Because they are a bit that'll do people understand what are officials throughout the decades in there up later give us. They have to break down the -- Play by play. Are exactly like the -- just. And then they're graded so there are just latest -- and they don't see it. When that mistake of spirited debate courage necessary in oh such as such certainly got strapped right you're sharp. Then deny it goes a long way. Our ultimate -- here how many lane violations are there and free throws percentage wise do you think doc only -- you guys get in there through them they should. Oh I would say probably due to -- at a time not to tell formed because. You know the rule is with a -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people think the rulers went aboard history now and it's not so. It's all a timing thing and you know what happens a lot of times it's it's the -- got. You know if you don't June 1 in the inside guard has feels should I have to go and -- you know and so it's like Julia. You know an effect so but I would say that's that talks. Is it including one or go to our went in early. Which led to turn -- Nelson's tip. You know we took to start with the but it is a tough got a problem. Whatever she just focused on court time it is kind of block looked like it was a pulling garden just took -- out of the play and Jameer said thank you very -- much who went in for the for the client. Perfect mr. government over the plated a rare. They're good at that miss in those terms. -- duck duck -- -- as a column today we re that we talked about this the last couple weeks is this team this. 2010 version of your Boston Celtics better. In the 08 version god knows you've had to work -- you know gonna on the road and one more. And that team did that teams struggled in the first two rounds could be better analysts hadn't done. Well I don't know that. And that's something we'll have to wait and see Tom. You know Kevin Paul prayer or two years removed two years older public injuries you know -- -- ready accredited. Are so I don't know restroom not but less -- find out that's where I'd look at. If I do so that Howard is gonna play more like game to then he did in game one in game number three who. Wearing a magic uniform scares me the most is going off and joining in at thirty point range. We're -- and always wears because I really do when he plays well. They -- it means power plays well and someone else you know and so. He's the biggest concern who's probably the biggest concern we had going into here but over our. Because he's there are so. It would happen if van Gundy employed the three guys on one defense on on Rondo -- three at once but your use and all your files up in his much you know this -- as you can with Howard. With the Perkins and and in Rasheed in. And -- and baby. What do they put Jameer Nelson and whoever else their backup please artworks Jason Williams -- another -- the -- -- -- -- the last couple games Johnson right exactly and and just tried to beat the crap out of responded every instance and take all -- 1516 console. Well it would take to -- out of the gangs -- would be off for. But -- -- -- -- You know week we have enough guys that deposition is that we can afford to do. At the point guard position that would be difficult to do. I do Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels. Complain and all we've been talking about Terry Francona is job what tough job it -- -- Mike laws that David Ortiz trying to keep everybody happy veterans who want to play who. Have to play. These guys are playing and do they come to you quietly say coach aka -- get in the game. Well they did earlier and and -- and you -- -- in our I'd rather have a guy that's on at least that's sitting did it happy. But they understand that it's what's good for the team and and that's the decision -- -- all the time. And sometimes you know. You have to play -- god because of that that. Overall our got a pretty good with it they're not happy inept group which it on the bench are. But they do their jobs and -- give a lot of credit that's been made especially who has played all the time. You know -- -- now running any all the promise and he's not playing he's been very good marches and artists. To tell us nowhere as it is Derek you can ever want. In this situation he's going to be a freeagent he had a lot of things right it. -- employing. Our management center. Did you say that sometimes you have to play them because they. They want a player that. Don't don't let did you play them legitimately. Amplitude of them you know the red embassies. I would use the -- Between some -- -- -- -- while we were gonna need every dedicate his rhythm. And and so -- that way you'd be happy yes. There and that's what you -- -- the regular season in the playoffs it's it's all about. That moment that you don't worry about it this marked the -- -- -- Lucy craft movement. You know at some point. Mark Jesus and and they were born to play it had deployed to do you play more guards. And so you definitely want the usual charges objective injects. I'm guessing Scalabrine came do you sent coach I have six files I would -- anymore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is if you're gonna have a -- When you're bridge. Infringement Bryant celebrated w.'s -- and it's about. We should have done is wear the uniform to -- back in uniform but kept continue to wear those white shoes. We didn't that this guy he got a lot of talk about don't quite true. -- you know locker room as well the -- Up church started the trend already our bottom -- -- I think get through this this is sort of obvious that even more to a that we think coaching 101 a little page out of that the philosophy and the rationale a short in the rotation the playoff is it -- the simplest more playing time for your best 5678. Guys. It's just that -- you -- want to maximize their time in never wanna be left for the most part. With the guard. Our start off the bridge you know you don't want all five Serbs all the toward the same time been. And you can do it as well because there's not as mitigate there's less travel -- our guys did. Arrest in an ever burn you if you need them in a particular situation but they haven't stood up for like three weeks. -- You know. We always worry about that that's why our products is even with our starters have to practice we we really worked with the other guys because an -- -- expect to Dylan page. In particular there'll be a game. Somewhere in this playoffs there we're gonna need a minute ago when credential you know that we don't know when their game is but he has stood ready. -- -- -- wonderland logistically when you guys are traveling to Orlando I assume you go home to your house sleeping your own bedroom does what does bed check who makeshift. But the guys are behaving. Bill Lynch expects a -- -- don't we don't probability that they could. That's only -- football I -- Dick dutrow fewer. Their church in -- weird in baseball there really is no curfew you'd there's trust and you double restored order of Nevada were about -- adored midnight on the by default playoff -- That we got the wrong done. Yeah do you worry when you go home to your home and they stay in the hotel. No I don't I don't work but our guys at all we've we've got a pretty good group. It -- a final question for me if you're LeBron James what factors will make you decide where you're you're gonna play the next course of your career. Boy that's a tough question I'd be effective as of optimism when he. That it I don't think financially yes worry about it right definitely we don't know that. Our but I do Sergio just look at Tibet situation now. I'm for everybody always stayed in Russia -- try to get -- in the quote but. I just think. If you have a postal -- aware that the best fit for you to win as quickly as possible and in the Lisovicz wristed. Situation doctor. Do you think for a second he would consider the fact. That if you went to Chicago he'd have to win six championship before they'd stop compares comparing him to Michael Jordan. No ability to doesn't matter where -- -- if you're the top player early marriage to compare them Mike McNamee told replays of LA. In every time I hear Colby Michael. You know also I'd just think that's the burden. Of the in the best -- early hours because you have to be compared to Michael Jordan and by the way that's not a bad guys up to be compared to. If you're going to be compared to someone that did you turn to do. While he's already made it clear that he will consider Chicago under one condition Doc Rivers comes with. The -- door -- bit because the. I thought -- my last question but I got a quick follow up is it more or less likely. You spend time with your family next year and not coached the Celtics if you win a championship this year. Auto but it matters on -- does is now midnight. I just don't think about it much of -- way to over the middle of a suburb by two -- attributed to get out of here. I appreciate the time good luck. Right Doc Rivers brought to you by Lexus of watered down you'll think more impressive than a Lexus is the customer satisfaction. You'll receive from general manager Billy using and everyone Alexis a watered down and by the -- OG. In Framingham the dentist responsible for metres beautiful smile log in Framingham cosmetic Dennys dot com to see what doctor Kay and his who has your smile.

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