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Zdeno Chara, Bruins Defenseman

Apr 29, 2010|

The Bruins captain talked about watching last night's Game 7 between Montreal and Washington and the great job in net by Jaroslav Halak, what was the key in the Bruins' series win against the Sabres, how Tuukka Rask always seems to make the right saves at the right time, the impact of Marc Savard's return to the team, how they will prepare for the Flyers, and what the home crowd has meant for the team

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T a better three G experience is the captain of the Boston Bruins today in a Chara. Brought to buy the all new became brunch menu with brunch the became way only at burger kings today and what's -- Michael how are yeah. We'll rent right well what did you watch the game last night to -- that Montreal Washington game. What did you think of that. A close -- MI. -- if you will surprised by a local with Montreal play I knew a Hollywood. Outstanding game. But I. And of a father awash with. Such a pain to really put the puck -- -- and and the announcement element of the the end but. Good and. He said he got nervous at the end where you rooting for for Montreal over Washington. Lower at that point when. Out of an armed it was the old game. They of -- -- two went. Oh. To all of its. 41 shots blocked by the Canadians last night I just looked it up a little while ago. In seven games the Canadians blocked a 182. Shots that's unbelievable. -- You know they Trulia and prize in the well you know. Well reasoned way Washington. Let's -- that's really scored because all the always a ore bodies. A lot in the it's a lot in the really well let them all the -- -- You played with a -- in the Olympics. I would guess you weren't surprised at how well he played in the playoffs. Mama I don't know life and always really quote always. Really coming -- big this year. Really fighting game. Moment. Those that put up an oil. Law and -- Leah Foley the uncle. I know that we're gonna be looking forward here in a couple days you're gonna be taken on the flyers the garden but let's look back just for a second. At the buffalo series. In your opinion what was the key. You guys are winning that series in six games. Well I think -- reveal all worked extremely hard. That 44. Really. Good team all. In the biggest difference and there's. The Rio. We don't allow them score in our political. Over but he. -- which they had in the there's. A court I was six our political power. When he won -- our chances so. I think part of that the social it is where. The bigger and obviously to go play play play the and you reload. And somebody really committed different. Somebody's that up. Ryan -- a vezina trophy finalist this year deserves to be he's a great goaltender. Did you feel going into that series that -- grass could could stand toe to toe with Ryan Miller and play with -- Yes it's of course we we have confidence in both political and obviously who is playing extremely. Well. In the you know force such uncle. He's -- lot of action and a lot of patience and into. Making all right they've for the right. They're pretty pretty soon Zdeno probably in the next fifteen or fifteen minutes or half hour. We're gonna play a clip from about a month and a half ago where we -- -- going at the Bruins I was going at the Bruins are callers were all down on the Bruins because of what happened. But the lack of response. Of what happened in Pittsburgh to Matt Cooke's hit. And I remember you -- in Pittsburgh came here. Saying some things to your teammates what did you say to your teammates in what did you feel like you had to say something to. -- -- It's a real well. You would like but as long name. There is no question about that when you look. Yeah who's the -- -- -- -- now and you want on an idea but at the same time. One game and really. Those two points. Of whose differences. Which was appalled at the locals. They probably would animate object to. I don't think. -- -- We were replaced with lots and when they examined -- respond that while we figure of the business and on view. You know. That in a -- back in game but to an impulsive now. -- -- -- -- -- Marc Savard hasn't been able to play for your -- sense that march 7 game. What does his return to the lineup mean for the Bruins in this series. Well we only only -- in the -- -- extremely. Good -- and or. -- -- Really. Plays that only you definitely can make -- is it and made. Oh for sure I think -- two and we've got ill. Who's our lineup right now. -- and knows partly. Other vehicle. You mentioned that the power play it was so effective against buffalo when obviously you're exactly right. Can Savard help but even more thirtieth thank. Of course of course -- mean you'll meet. Two. Strong -- and to have him back centuries. Uplift. Other unit and mechanism that -- so. Coming to have him no on the park place basically. He's not -- The old place. You're certainly familiar with Philadelphia it's in the Eastern Conference team there's there's there's no mystery really becomes the flyers. But how do you prepare for them going into Saturday's game do you just go with your. Your knowledge base its already. In place what do you go back to the to the to the video -- the film look at some other things in Philadelphia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to remember what would but. -- artwork. A lot of determination. And fortunately. And and of course to quote to do there there's the audience show us what they what the Israel. Last split level -- -- -- some clips from Oracle's -- I think it'll be accessible. It's kind of an analogy between the Bruins in the celtics' Kevin Garnett. At physical issues throughout the season as the as the Celtics were going into the playoffs he was as healthy as he's been all yearlong. You had some physical issues earlier this year beat you appear to be healthier than you've been all season it is that accurate. I mean. Obviously. Some -- there are those who use them. There were bothering me this is all Poehler who is in it's much that I feel really old in. It. That -- important and what you feel him in and you haven't issues should. We're -- with the affected by slowed down by Rangers. It Johnny boy chuck has become your defense partnering here with some injuries on the on the Boston blue line. He's got a great personality he's got a blistering shot what's it been like for you -- -- It was it was it it worked really well when so far don't on the news. I'm defensemen. Like that is that great personalities. I'm -- And policies going to be only getting better and better. Be getting more experience. But really it's they the suit -- to play with women well we've -- -- Don't wanna go back to the that the game you watch last night. And and it's been said that you match up very well with Ovechkin. One. Do you agree with that and if you do why do you think you match up so well with. We've both the lower -- in the game and -- report about. -- -- With bottles and we I think really personally I've played I like him. Those -- only as well recently. What I'd do it. -- -- Poland's foreign. Rules. I think -- really prestige. We'll. The lot of pride and and player whether in art. -- We all remember a year ago what the layoff did for the Bruins between the first and second rounds. You don't have a long delay off this series he had last year and I'm assuming that you guys are making sure that that same sort of issue doesn't come up next year Odyssey series I should say. I mean who was different this. Should be a month ago. Something over and over we. Prices. While the office and on planes that. Issue that was different re ready to basically -- -- expert. You know what. You read that -- -- more two more to what is currently flies but we were already written but it's very. So we we are ready and just gonna make sure that. We. Final question before we -- ago the the garden has been a pretty loud place for you guys in the playoffs what is the home crowd meant to your team here so far. Be grateful that who play on there. You know fellow building it. And I really love and and really getting. It's unbelievable feeling actually went went spent a churning on and supporting. Was all about them that we in the play out to that we support. -- -- -- -- -- Today in -- congratulations on the first round playoff win best of luck against the flyers and obviously on into the playoffs thank you. Can take care of Tikrit that is a Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara joining us right after they finished practice.

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