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Iggy's Tea Party Rally Recap

Apr 15, 2010|

D&C Producer Iggy attended the Tea Party Rally and captured some of the sound and atmosphere from the event with a little help from Pete Gustin.

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Dennis and Callahan producer -- we send to that Tea Party rally in downtown Boston on April 14 to observe. And the report was an answer my -- this and that's Callahan morning yes I do you know years yeah -- -- -- Yeah I'm here saying his first -- to find out with the Tea Party -- are all about. I'm upset about the way the government spending so much money I do believe them my right to -- intent -- and I believe that I need employees sign. Pretty upset with the way the spending is going in the country and then he went to find out what the protesters after this today hello this is sexist at. So again the Tea Party years. Concerns and we want less government -- taxes fiscal responsibility and the concerns of the protestors. Unplugged cheneys Boston surveillance when. Explain to me with that means machines in place a -- tags are Boston. -- meant to be used to torture people. -- McLean Virginia where Cheney lives whereby he can. I'm torture people here in Boston. I read where you were tortured by chaining him. I am -- 1247. Surveillance and torture the Tea Party people are carrying Chichi little signs like -- and charity we here yet. It is. Play on a donkey from track while the protesters were a bit more blunt house. People your. Got here the Tea Party people those Palin and had good reason -- well I like her values like her family like the way she -- -- what she believes she doesn't like anybody scare her for the protesters -- Sarah Palin but have no idea wise we just think gas. -- -- critic how are being ridiculous she's. Just the bases on the like other Republicans I sent directly in my can't. That it so that Tea Party people. Yeah. We'll let that one who stand up and and take America back we feel like we're just losing all the freedoms that we have in this country. And what the protesters want he is now. Health care plan covers everybody pulling it as a jobs program for everybody and it's hard to. Predict. -- Sailor Palin give everyone a job and free health care listened to the protesters you -- -- you never recovered that's why you think that's excellent thanks -- -- is being Huard Tea Party rally in Baghdad but is there room for. Her for a guy like me who's a Democrat in the Tea Party time here but we -- limiting government -- them. Controlled spending most of -- -- welcome to the others. -- year.

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