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Mar 18, 2010|

NESN's Andy Brickley joins us to preview the rumble at the Garden set for tonight between the Bruins and Matt Cooke

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Our staff yes there's that agreed it was a consensus even though we didn't like that we don't like -- real lately plays and it's something as that. You know we we we couldn't find criteria that was consistent with suspending. That was the NHL vice president in charge of and discipline. -- Really careless really yeah. Yeah that's that's their setup to get to the preeminent Nelson hockey analyst and game analyst. Our pal Andy Brinkley and he joins us on AT&T outline AT&T a better 3 G experience morning Brent how are you area we're well -- -- let's get the -- -- the question we've been asking by the way the gladly answer. About twelve hours from now -- public whatever happens is gonna wait to the third period just my idea. More important the Bruins to make a point to the league tonight or to score some points against the penguins. No question they need point given situation that there are in Eastern Conference but that will be secondary tonight this. An opportunity for the brewers to respond something they need do at that time once art was hit by that -- and and they will take every opportunity to. To make sure that they characters no longer question. -- -- this manifest itself break in just taking the body all night long something we haven't seen the Bruins do very much this year or will there be a line of two or three -- tough guys lining up to drop the gloves and this guy. My expectation is that I was -- -- it's -- and that would make sure that cook starts tonight. Don't given a chance to continue to percolate we expert -- that -- -- the crowd and everybody else to get behind this which out of a month -- ship that I would expect Boston to. You know. Lot of guys like Jared. -- changed into it you know in and make sure that it's a very long night for that -- -- you -- elect also spent this -- they have the played the old game you take any ships rotten by the -- sixty minutes that might be the best. That's Richard fusion that you can plus. So he's dots Indy and the puck drops. What all does the -- not even drop in the in the take a run out of what happens. Well I mean this is just speculation but I think -- personal podcasts drop of election into more problems with weak but. You know just. You you -- -- its its very plain and simple and level winds up against him but they -- you wanna make it the longest night that he can possibly make him you know and the analogy is the inside of Mike Richards is the -- that is lightning rod has been all the discussion with it it's that it. All -- after that it and what -- After that it it did Florida respond was there 515 rule was that frontier -- the steel object it would play at back in. Happened but it was the ensuing game when when they needed to be. Address and they were addressed and Mike Richards went out on the ice he's expected you know to be challenged once challenged stood up from -- And once they get that things were settled you know everybody was was pleased with I would lose. What do you think there's any chance and we're sitting here tomorrow more accent boy. Nothing happened that that was a surprise nobody did anything. Now know that. What does Matt Cooke chooses not to fight would be clutches grabs. Or turtles what happens that. I'm not sure. That would not be this course of action netbook -- I don't expect that in the and I don't think I don't think that rule be allowed. It was a -- the plate on the edge these it repeat offender. You know it because a live look at the list of players that he's bought -- rear its its not a who's who the top guys in the NHL. Like -- there is that possibility I don't I don't think that's. Britain more than anybody else not in that locker room. I think you probably know the answer -- this the Bruins feel bad about their lack of response on the night it happened -- Savard. I think so I think so. If you go back to that made in Pittsburgh -- when it happened. And objected he would. I and so art out of court by -- own pot right I talked to other people broadcasting gain they -- latency Michael Ryder sought. Michael -- see it and any people allred in you know try to do what he did to Matt -- But if you talk to the players on the ice it was one of those situations wonderful game the points. Nobody really got a real good look at it outside of Michael -- Why will give them the benefit of the doubt that that that it. Didn't require. It required in. It didn't happen there was no immediate response and in brought up the Florida and in its -- its situation for that reason. Sometimes you just don't see when you're on the bright and she bought it on that. I don't the oldies while contact you play those it was immediate response that the weight gain one mount like that. The self policing rules have changed since you played a little bit elapsed yeah absolutely and they have to revisit this oh you're right. Until they change that nothing will change in Italy has some black guys they -- to address in and this is definitely won it in hopefully they will because they got it wrong. Plain and simple you know call -- got the -- this blind side him to a defenseless player. You know in a position where he had no idea it was coming it was predatory in the Egypt target their -- in -- repeat if and how not suspend its. And in and I don't understand you know the logic we needed at an opportunity. To make a difference and make the right all they did do it again reference -- -- on Blu-ray when that. App that they should we have to take a look at this and they'd -- in his been his for the after that we -- there was no penalty on the way. No priors by the and it. You know I'll use hers and -- it -- and there's. Yet no priors. Yet they suspended in -- news it was it's it's something we have to address. And now they have a perfect example really late -- changed the rules incident that injured in the. But then -- Brinkley the perverse irony of that night would be if Michael Ryder had taken a stick off his knees and gone after. Matt cook more likely Colin Campbell suspends him enough Matt -- for retribution. Extra that's true that's that's well you know it that's why -- said this is. -- normal life jacket that would yeah there's no there's no logic and reasoning. Sufficient for me to be able to understand the rules they come down from. Office in York and quote it was going to be -- and you know. In and the two teams will be addressed in these warnings out or they created this culture right they created. And now they wanna manage and I think it's after the. Edit any chance Andy bit Sidney Crosby or mall and pays the price for this. You know Jerry that's that's the other layer that's you know we've already talked about you five point five while that might have been some years ago. I know what I've broken in the -- in the early eighties you know when when you're good players were targeted. You know okay you might wanna go after the guys that. That the targeting your good guys but you would after the skill that that's the way at work and I think that's part of the message that had to be sent in Pittsburgh that. You know if that could not be suspended and everybody wants to focus their attention on Matt -- the other layer is let's let's focus on -- -- skilled guys. Apparently it's okay to go predatory nature. And and target if it's on skilled guys because the leaks -- it's okay. Maybe this question Andy overstates the case but when Savard walks back into that locker room again. Will there be a chill between Savard and rider will they -- will will ride or not -- a look at many are all that dynamic -- you suspect. Nothing will change -- will be very good teammates they understand the situation. That will not be a problem. I think it is it's which wage in fiscal two weeks night and it is no. Response by Boston as a team. Then you would have all -- that. If the Bruins choose to do absolutely nothing tonight and I know you don't believe that's going to be the case but just play along your if they do nothing tonight I think that sends a message what does that say for them and the viability. With twelve games left to go in the regular season and the playoffs looming behind that. Well it says that they would be eighteen. Is that you know that they don't have each other's backs. That that you can do what you want to Ohman nobody will respond that we're weak team and it would bury all bull. And you know. In scenes like that don't exist they don't last very the only place deeply. You know a -- on John but that's not gonna happen it's it's number on this team -- time they have good convictions. These these -- one another when they play physical when they play there there are good teams in the east have some skills. That makes them makes some might think of threatening Eastern Conference and I know there's been a lot of talk about the Dallas game last year elements that brought that group together when things that TO -- they've read separate but. This an opportunity for them tonight and they will cease. They so if he fights. Andy -- you fight. Well as -- was in earlier my expectations weren't one is it we're gonna go hard on mobile will relish the opportunity. Certainly changes -- on the roster. March -- in the mix it into. -- shall there. Your music -- In guys in the situation. To be the -- list but it could be anybody. This is it's the ultimate team sport is twenty guys have been. What -- that Michael Ryder to be one of those guys actually yeah. That we don't. You know like our idea -- taken the cue from the Red Sox sign Nomar for one day they -- LB for one day it is a good handle on why don't LP. You final one would one more fight and let's face it he's heavyweight now. Yeah that might be that might be a couple of guys like seven to eighteen in the. That's right there -- and they get it all yeah and O'Reilly after a pay Claude -- Julian was. Uncomfortably comma after the since then and we played the -- -- -- as -- -- hopefully legal take care but. It got way behind closed doors with his team locker room is -- that. Level headed that come. -- Now. You know -- your audience tried. Try to yet certain results in Utah to. What do white -- out of the situation what might -- act you know he's he's real smart that way but. You definitely don't who's bought shall there -- firm hand. He knows when the team needs to swift kick. In that. He try to controlled motions. And he did hope as it as did everybody that we would handle it properly and they did so my anticipation is that -- No problem with his team's emotions tonight. So as in most media. Declarations. What they say in public. Doesn't have a lot of relevance to what they say in the locker room and the reason I bring that up Lucic was quoted as saying where a dog fight to stay in a play opposition. Right now that's what's on our minds to make sure we. I think that the only thing that's on our mind for the rest of these games savvy would be a lot happier if we just get a win against Pittsburgh you sort of have to say that doesn't -- Well I think that's been the message coming from the Rose Law operatives is in expert telling doesn't mean that they'll. Well you know read between lines and I think actions speak a whole lot louder than words and and and I can appreciate that sentiment coming from sitting it's total points and I'll be retribution. I think we better. Because they get introduced the big bad Bruyette. -- before the game click wacko little com. Cool in the place that that'll get the blood lust -- moment. Johnny higher castle just grab Coke smack them. -- it is -- -- to get things go pretty good so let's do it over under here this this does this start to unfold. Drop the puck. First shift first period or somewhere in between. I'm hopeful that that -- expects the game I think it's it's much that Pittsburg in. Can you may think that's in about would do. That is my expectation. There that it would happen -- generally don't wanna try to get it out of the way. And not let it -- to a Francies. And I think. That would be the smartest and an -- Pittsburgh you know they -- -- picture -- -- slipping in the standings and I think this situation has also been. On their rate ever since the code in some -- in I think they want to get beyond it as quickly -- -- That'll make you nervous brick but everyone's going to be watching tonight I'll give us this'll be the TV -- it's a tiger at the masters but it will be pretty good on Barack. Yeah. My check out first. -- -- that but the Iraqis step up pretty comfortable well needless to say any will be watching tonight. All right at any critically Bruins analysts and game analyst with the -- and joining us on the AT&T -- AT&T a better three GX. It happens the first ship ride a stick with the double what -- I don't know. You're not a yes -- it is happening get it right it's not lineup different guys suck and I still think some intrigue and how well they treat Crosby and Malkin. There are old school guys as Andy points used to be yeah -- -- -- locked into -- well that's true yeah right foot injury. You assaults you know what that means that means more focused on -- yeah yeah. And my doubts opted to know anyone. Else back fight him mobile did you Estrada whack them but I mean smack of a lot of adrenaline into the boards meanwhile -- Blagojevich -- did that Campbell meet its two games get two games. In the news. Does that line between clean and dirty he has no one knows word is in hockey record polls now I mean. We 100% convinced I mean -- convince at least to get what he did right was over the line at what he did would earn a suspension next will be. Maybe later this year faster and not only. Not only did he not spent -- monus explain why did yeah and to me made it matters worse. Made it even worse when he came and tried to rationalize or justify. I think it'll be fascinating from the start to finish tonight I'll -- -- before that they bring Cashman and and it was going to be there. MacKenzie yeah and oddly I would assume Bobby opened -- phone says it'll achievers aaron's all those guys are invited the most fascinating that might be. When the crowd finally spot exactly -- what press box. Colin -- sitting. Yeah but that could be funny yeah that's true you get who and a turnaround -- -- little you know breakfast right now you know at some whatever hotel and somewhat -- He's -- a moment's peace. While he's in this in the criminal ways here. I think that's gonna make you can I -- -- -- it is like he's gonna give warnings -- the media -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- does that matter -- He can't do that without. And each locker room so beliefs -- and warned them about. About keep going wanted to sell well you know call before you got here we will take cheap shots but now that you wanted us and we'll be honest -- the vehicle he will take a break right after 9 o'clock Doc Rivers joins us.

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