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Colin Campbell, VP and Director of Hockey Operations

Mar 12, 2010|

Colin joins us to talk about the Cooke hit on Savard

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline is Colin Campbell the senior vice president and director of hockey operations for the NHL. He as you know serves as the National Hockey -- sensible. Disciplinarian good morning mr. Campbell how are you shot -- Jerry here in Boston. Or going Jerry morning would it come as a shock to you to know you're not a fan favorite Boston these days -- based on your no punishment. For Cooke's hit on Marc Savard. Oh. Really -- idea. I actually like it does that mean cook has to play next Thursday and we thought you suspend them and we thought he would be on the ice now we will be that's good. Well you have to be careful. You know lines and or act justice. And we had a hit a few years ago in. -- in Vancouver in the right thing was. It's it would take -- and in this next thing you know he's gonna be real messed things and that is the pro -- neck so if at you have to be careful out and. Mr. -- split to be like them a five year old here you're line of thinking you're logic but that hit was not. And over the line cheap shot the by the way may have ended the bruins' best players season. Well I can and ambit Conant in in in what you questions you'd you don't agree no adult but I. Look at it's not my day. Line -- thinking. We we meet -- -- -- managers. We have criteria we we. Use. And cheat chart page. Is is now -- Stick. -- Shoulder checks are allowed now. I've I've suspended people before when they -- players and late. And we have great here of late this was late. We have criteria we of the players are hit by jumping. And he's in the heat and we have great view it as an unsuspecting. And that's -- there may be dumped the puck in its toward the bench expecting these yet. Markets just shot the puck. On areas -- -- inspecting -- we have examples of that before so. We have great Iraq is it certainly wasn't the proper decisions that. Can't do its job and be as good day apart. Is used criteria and be consistent. In in -- thinking it was right in not -- in that your. You mentioned the unsuspecting player the guy heading for the bench but was he not was he not blind side it was he not vulnerable he certainly didn't see. Well we don't you know. Neither did a lot of places that -- that. And and Adobe has ventured oppose you on the issue there would suspect can -- as. They need in -- can be yet. That they weren. And suspecting you're driving art here if market -- We have. -- in in part to vote them out the past we have to weather plays where Carter has them now -- would and now from. Actors ejection rockets scored. And and sort of play at problem of rule of law is that last year he's from Chicago. Team and he's pretty if there's ice Stafford from buffalo. -- act is aimed at the plate where he's shooting and the outside as mark was. And use it is that communities that are currently. -- -- And he missed four games. Action in it but we would not in the -- it would work. Analyzing. Blows there at children's now we. Win this meeting before the of art that situation and meeting with him. In the it's time he'd be generated in the -- of players that we have look at. Now EU said -- of -- wronged you said you watched this for an hour and a half with eight people in the room. -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- We were. General measures mean is not -- not over the -- we just get together when you reviewed that we will let the clock on Savard hit. I know I know you're talking about. And -- That we went to -- meeting. These for the group of art it happened was with this in mind to it is -- children hit it. And they have a they took this into consideration. Win the the added to our 150. Its -- past -- five years addresses. I would note that I have -- that that people like games and then why is it. An -- when we devices. All agree my question is did they all -- did all seven and you'd you'll agree was a consensus. That it was clean our. That yes there's have to agree it was a consensus even though we -- like that we don't like a real lately plays. And it's something as that. You know we we we couldn't find criteria that was consistent with the spending. Let me ask you this how late Easley has Savard didn't have the -- Late. Late enough. Oh probably. You mean like split second and -- I'm just asking you -- obviously -- well the guy who knows you know them. The precedence you all -- they -- how -- does it have to beat completely in your mind. Okay we've had to hit in the past I've received cheers and then more than site. That we suspended in terrible but the same player and aunts and now with. I don't know like in. Remember it remembers that even his paltry in the finals. That was after the secondly. And and are changing in them in there let like that are out which as a back. That's what he means we -- -- it's in the area thirtieth ones that. When people see this yet very few have seen that motion used and it almost looked like the reports second place this one was eighteen and are there. More than half a second leg. A little bit -- looked it over -- to. And that's not late enough to qualify as late. Not not fit the criteria we use then again we've we've we've. We've debated this with the general manager's time and investment here at this situation where. Neil hit very. Three years four years ago when very was playing for buffalo and and and that it. He was pointy one which was the need three quarters of the second and area and we still think them permanently. We'll talk with the senior vice president of hockey operations for the national luckily Colin Campbell. Are based on the general. Managers' meetings recently mr. Campbell and their resolution. Of head shots would what happened to Savard the other night be illegal and suspend -- next year. -- While this is bad timing -- some large part. Why can't they just change the rule. Instantly -- occurred here on these -- its shots these are legal or. Yet it it. -- -- We're in the midst of trying to do that process normally is when you make the rules changes that manages we have this mean -- absolutely mean in in in every march. Is bingo it the petition committee that was established. In the last year in which has five players. And we we you know. We give the competition committee while we have fortunate men -- and -- we give them recommendations that we what we'd like to do. And we need it seven. And all we need to players of that many people with you know managers they don't then. We can't take it the board we ratified so I. Cock is of people that the PA. Some I -- this little victory you'd be in we have it in again. And word -- a -- hopefuls recently in the week after week because there's a process in place. Apparently agrees. We need to we need to address it. Right now because you know -- players like mark of art or anybody. Laying at home dealing with concussion symptoms and and headaches that are so. Didn't you change the rule immediately when Sean Avery did the thing with the stick. No that's that's where where the PA said who went leading change ruled that -- and -- over during the game is over as a ranger bench and he says this is unfortunately and what you can't do that. Of course the competitiveness of their our coaches I got three or four halls. That night in the morning we do this is this is -- legal during the last week said no it's not we -- -- mammals have been alone with no display is not legal. The -- Isn't sportsman like the refereeing in the game went over and that is that assistance unfortunately annaly and that the players association. Read their process and we can't do that we have to. I'll up by the competition committee it psychic column I've I've in the -- our our our teams have plane that night. We have to address this right now and not a rule changes is that we're interpreting it so if it wasn't a rule change treatment of but he's. Mr. Campbell to you and your staff at all wonder or worry about. The fact that you may be giving carte Blanche to -- to an undermanned or less talented team in the playoffs taking on a more talented team with a superstar. And they realize they're only chance to win would be -- can -- You know you -- on the superstars name early in the early in the series and get him out of there and thus increase their chances and do it in a way that's -- with a shoulder. I mean if if if I'm an undermanned team I think it might get Crosby or or or it's some superstar out of there have a better chance to win are you worried about people. Taking advantage of this if you wanna call a loophole with the way the rule is currently written. I worry about any instances of -- and then you mean. Worry about -- there. -- -- with a check late at night I worried all along about that it is not something that you know I think. -- -- you make the rules change you're not sure exactly with them and the play. We change the rules during the when you lock we took the Red Line -- We we we. Late in holding it events we generated a lot of -- in the game and for example Clijsters play out in the Washington. It's very series that may be one of the best there is not that long time in the files those rate by. Having said that he'd be generated of the contact. It it is happening there now if it is this is which and now we have to address that. -- back let guys go and that's play. -- -- you have no all all of her about the use of body check. Stick he can't -- that would you know apparently has opened and now there's the water so the -- bodies to stop these. Which was the result is. But but a body check to the shoulder body checked even the backcourt in the chest is much to write that a black -- of ahead. Exactly and that in and that is it was a legal it was illegal before. Usually shorter and a players. Sort -- yeah. Outlook as jumping as -- children like shores and in which look at what we change Israel eventually hopefully later as you'll get them. You'll get some. Players. And Balanchine that they in it's apparently had laid down that we that that we let in from behind and they've returned to of the via a vote in -- shortly down while try to extract the -- in the game. That's another using the game when you make these remote. Let me ask you this we'll take a step beyond that particular play I -- Michael Ryder. Decided not to just stand there and watch what happened he was really the only brewing on the ice and had a good view of what happened was teammates Savard. And had gone after cook. And and -- fight it and soon communal smacked him in the back of head noble him and and and took his revenge. Immediately like by the way most people in hockey and most people Boston thinks he should have done think he should have done. Would he then be subject to fines were disciplines from your office mr. Campbell. It depends what he did he did something illegal yet. You've suspended. Cook if he wanted to mean you could say it was an elbow intent to injure you could say it was intent to injure you could say it was like you said you suspend the guy before for a half a secondly it. I mean it wasn't so he ever in this objective about it. We have it that the guys. You'd think -- like what happened in my heart I coached in my it was his first vote for your range mark broke in and and you know. -- didn't like what happened Marc Savard -- might. And you would like it is something in the you -- at stake in -- can't make up. A rule. -- a play. And in this case and make he says. That is there happens. We've worked our visit of the happen the day's news -- make -- -- like it and make them up in it and then. Real like you know. You know we think he does so it was. In after doing it. We we looked at everything right when you saints and injure it that'd be her. Match -- -- and injured -- her for elbowing him match -- and injured were pressed to match and injured Britney providing. There are -- shot a hunch that it's over but you have to have a reason that acts in and injured. And an elbow was not always the executive and your little point of your elbow sometime and elbows and upper arm I mean I -- call that an album. Yet but it. It -- let -- -- what was the shorter fortunately we we look we've looked at everything. We had he has been lecturing. Normally have to make this decision. Between. And thirty at night and in 11 o'clock that morning as a policy is make the decision was seen is that gain in this case. We -- from Sunday until there's. Rarity. In this area on its. We have lots of time to make up thing that we couldn't make up. -- I wish that we put. Mr. Campbell judges in the court of law health far less tolerance for -- -- repeat offenders. Those cook's track record not give you more leeway to do something in the sky I mean he's not a lady being candidate. Only when we find it the act he is wrong then -- in -- in jump -- hard the have to find any if any he was constantly get. Final question for me will you and your office. Be on high alert on the eighteenth when the Bruins might exacts revenge from the penguins when they. -- you'd you'd blue violet first statement. What happens on the having Marc Savard -- the way Israel deeply is you'll like those -- and that that was means for a actions we have we use as that game even though we realized gains and if it's 6000. It registered its year intervals it probably ten to fifteen Leo like that one -- in action. Having said that what happened to it -- the war in Bertuzzi. Incident court cases which are still on going. A licensee uses. I'd going to losses registered. Or ship managers coaches players to broaden the court. You have to be careful when. You're in this situation like this it in them are bigger than what we have now. Colin Campbell the national hockey league's senior vice president of a director hockey operations thank you for the time appreciate the information. Thank you Colin Campbell doesn't cal handled AT&T -- and AT&T a better three G experience based on a text messages to the AT&T -- -- -- Not exactly winning hearts and minds here in New England -- I think it was subjected reacts like that he had no choice he had a choice mean you could say it was an elbow or or intent to injure or a late hit he said he suspended again for. One half secondly it so there was a lot of leeway than I'm glad he didn't suspend them. As much more intrigue to Thursday's. Matchup right degree right Brett and us with the Bruins get find suspended and that's where the ultimate -- -- -- Michael -- would -- not -- to suspend the big gun and smacked cook in the back pedal and don't know we. We talked Lyndon byers -- LB and once jumped out of the penalty box and went and Monica. So what was the punishment that's at ten games and 101000 dollar us in the day most days it was more than he made a year I think I mean if you can't help. The only sheer. You know Sidney Crosby -- the highest -- guy -- can in the and and this year Macon 710 million a year. You can't help but think. This in do I really need to really want this a minute -- Michael Ryder. He currently has regrets he probably should have been little more vocal maybe you know shy of the guy may be. Tried to get -- entice look into one on one right where there would be no. You know ten game suspension but if you -- snow cross check and a pro I was open and he might have been looking at ten grand or more.

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